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December 10: A tsunami of Challenges hits Auckland


Sail-World NZ e-magazine - Dec 10: America's Cup Challengers - a nice problem to have

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Royal Malta Yacht Club gets underway in 36th America's Cup - photo © Rolex / Carlo Borlenghi

Dear Recipient Name

Welcome to's New Zealand e-magazine for December 10, 2018

We've started this editorial three times, and every time there has been a significant story on the America's Cup which has made it redundant.

As well, we had an arrangement for an exclusive worldwide interview with the Team Principal of Malta Altus Challenge,which was supposed to have been out last Friday week or earlier. And we'd decided to hold the newsletter for that as the lead story. But it got delayed and delayed again.

Backing up the truck, the flurry of Late Notices of Challenge for the America's Cup caught everyone by surprise.

As Emirates Team New Zealand's Chief Operating Officer Kevin Shoebridge told the Auckland Council's Governing Body on Thursday afternoon, they all came in on the last day [November 30], and three came in within the last five minutes of entry time - late or otherwise.

Not sure why they were all left so late. Maybe they had forgotten there can be unintended consequences - such as when the 2013 entries opened and RNZYS jumped the gun by a few seconds. They had to re-send and got to be second in the queue behind Artemis Racing - and lived to regret that snafu for the remainder of the 2013 America's Cup - where ETNZ and Luna Rosa found themselves locked against Oracle Team USA and the replacement Challenger of Record Artemis Racing.

As the proverbial Actress said to the Bishop "timing can be everything".

Shoebridge also said that Emirates Team NZ and Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron had been working with six of the eight late challenges for about six months. So those were of no surprise. By definition, the other two came out of left-field. Interestingly, none are from Australia.

Lake Whakatipu - the America's Cup  will benefit the whole of New Zealand - photo © Emirates Team New Zealand
Lake Whakatipu - the America's Cup will benefit the whole of New Zealand - photo © Emirates Team New Zealand

As mentioned two came from teams of whose interest ETNZ were unaware. Shoebridge also added that the quality of all the Challenges was high and they came from respected yacht clubs. That offsets the common misconception that a bunch of flakey teams/clubs woke up on the last day of November, saw that entries for the Cup close that day and thought they'd better throw in a Challenge - see if it got accepted- and then decide if they would go ahead or not..

Minor Protocol changes likely

At the time the Challenges closed, of the eight only one was unconditional (i.e. it accepted all the conditions in the Protocol). That was the Malta Altus Challenge, and at the Council Meeting, Shoebridge announced that another Challenge had gone "unconditional".

We're expecting a public announcement on that sometime this week.

Of the remaining six, Shoebridge said two of those were "possible" in that their Challenge had some conditions attached that could be acceptable to the Defender RNZYS and Challenger of Record. Those changes are expected to be relatively obvious and minor in the grand scheme of things.

The new Challengers are all expected to be single AC75 teams, complete with Surrogates and simulators.

Fans in Auckland will get close up views of the America's Cup racing - photo © Scott Stallard
Fans in Auckland will get close up views of the America's Cup racing - photo © Scott Stallard

That being the case, there is no way that they can have a Challenge accepted in early December, and be on the start line in October 2019 for the first of the America's Cup World Series event set down for Cagliari, Sardinia. So expect to see that Protocol requirement adjusted for the single AC75 teams.

Expect also to have the 380 days residency rule softened for teams who have competitors involved in Olympic programs, and similar. Ultimately it is to the advantage of the America's Cup regatta to have current Olympic champions and competitors sailing in the fleet. They add credence to the Cup.

Expect some of the Entry Fee, Late Fee and Performance Bonds to be paid on a deferred basis or a changed date - but not eliminated altogether. Sail-World has raised the issue of the Late Fee previously with two of the teams that are either accepted - Malta Altus Challenge, and the next expected Challenger - Team USA21.

Both have said the Late Entry Fee is not a significant barrier to entry. The second Entry Fee, due on November 30 can be put onto a time payment - with the final instalment due in August 2019.

Other than those three changes, there is not a lot of others possible without impacting strategy decisions already made by the initial Challenger group. The Challenger of Record, Circolo della Vela Sicilia is unlikely to agree to any major Protocol changes.

An earlier view of the America's Cup Bases in Auckland - photo © Emirates Team New Zealand
An earlier view of the America's Cup Bases in Auckland - photo © Emirates Team New Zealand

In or Out - your choice

The remaining six Challengers have to make a decision to accept the Conditions as they now stand, or drop out of the 36th America's Cup. The decision is in their hands.

The Defender, under the Deed of Gift, is not allowed to "cherry pick" Challenges, and is obliged to accept all who meet the Protocol conditions. Hypothetically the remaining six could all accept, and that would put the Challenger numbers at 11 from what is expected to be 10 countries, which would be an outstanding outcome.

As America's Cup Events Ltd Chair, Tina Symmans told the Auckland Council: "The more Challengers we have in the Regatta, the better the event from a spectator point of view; the more countries that will be broadcasting; and the more economic benefit arises from each team that joins".

That daisy chain of relationships seemed to be lost on a minority of Councillors, who insisted that the America's Cup was a game played out between self-indulgent billionaires. After about the third comment in that line, the always quietly spoken Kevin Shoebridge stepped in, and with a very hard edge on his voice told the group that the people involved were not billionaires, but most were working folk - the ones the Councillors claimed to represent. But that fell on deaf ears.

They ignored the fact that the Council was spending its money, on its asset (Wynyard Point). It was not spending a cent of its money on the Hosting fee ($40million) which was all covered by the Government. And that in fact, the America's Cup staging had led to some Government investment into an Auckland Council asset which the Government didn't own.

The Government's view seems to be that the event is largely cost neutral for the Council, in that they are either spending money on deferred maintenance, or on rectification work for which they were liable before the America's Cup was won, or on an asset that should earn them revenue in the years to come - superyacht berthage fees, for instance. Again that point seem to escape the minority of Councillors.

America's Cup 36 - Base layout - December 2018 - photo © Panuku Developments
America's Cup 36 - Base layout - December 2018 - photo © Panuku Developments

Previously some Councillors had questioned how much of the benefit of the Event would go to industries in the South, West and SE Auckland, they were supplied with a list of those industries and companies. One Councillor (Alf Filipaina) had contacted some of those companies and got very favourable references for the benefits they had received from the America's Cup. He read these out to little effect on the so-called "B Team".

The 36th America's Cup is projected to generate employment for 8,000 people, many of whom live in the areas of interest to some Council members.

Instead of lauding the team, the opposed group turned to the economic benefit of the Council being asked to invest a further $14.5million into the project.

The Government's contribution of $22.5million offsets some of a $100million project underestimation - caused largely by Council/Government indecision over which of eight proposals it favoured. Part of that rushed estimation process included the aborting of the first Resource Consent application - due to yet another politically inspired change of plan. But of course none of the current Council had any responsibility in that process - instead going after the consultants who had done the estimates under massive time pressure.

Interestingly in the economic benefit argument, the opposed Councillors all decided to quote from the marginal economic benefits of the Cup in San Francisco in 2013, which as anyone who followed that event knows had numerous flaws in the way it was structured - triggered by a Board of Supervisors intent on pursuing a political agenda.

British Challenger for the America's Cup, INEOS TUK has launched its first test boat in the Solent T5 is a 28-foot foiling monohull, and has been significantly modified to match the fundamental parameters of the AC75, the class of boat that will contest t - photo © Harry KH / INEOS Team UK
British Challenger for the America's Cup, INEOS TUK has launched its first test boat in the Solent T5 is a 28-foot foiling monohull, and has been significantly modified to match the fundamental parameters of the AC75, the class of boat that will contest t - photo © Harry KH / INEOS Team UK

More relevant was the last America's Cup in Bermuda - an event much closer to the Auckland model. That showed a return of $5.25 for every $1 invested. However, that didn't rate a mention. Neither did it include the industry expenditure of the likes of Southern Spars having to build 13 masts for the Challengers and Defender at the cost of $1million each.

Neither did the opposed-Councillors consider the fact that there was such a shortage of staff in Auckland, that most of the companies were engaging apprentices to cope with the shortfall.

Emirates Team New Zealand told the Governing Body that the construction of the team's first AC75 was already underway, in a facility on Auckland's North Shore and was employing 40 people. "We're not only employing highly skilled labour, but we are also trying to bring a new generation of young people through to teach them the skills as well. We have just signed up the youngest guy we have ever involved in the team - the other day he came in his school uniform to sign his work contract, which was nice."

Tina Symmans, Chairman of America's Cup Events Ltd  - photo © Hamish Hooper
Tina Symmans, Chairman of America's Cup Events Ltd - photo © Hamish Hooper

"We're also running an apprentice program, along with all the other suppliers, who are actively involved in the Cup," Shoebridge added.

The real issue for Auckland

Of course, the most serious issue is if there are more teams than bases. Currently, there are six bases for Challengers. Three were taken before late entries were made - all were double bases which go in the order of acceptance to the "Super Teams" (USA, the British and Italians).

That leaves three single bases - two of which have gone to the Late Entry teams whose Challenge has been accepted. That leaves just one single boat base. There are six Late Challenges on the hook - and able to go unconditional at any time - bases available or not.

The popular misconception is that once all bases are gone the Defender is entitled to hang up the "No Vacancy" sign on Wynyard Point, but that is not what the Protocol provides.

"...RNZYS shall allocate, at a reasonable commercial fee, a temporary space to each Challenger on which they will build at their own expenses their Team Bases," says Article 43.1. Of course, that can be changed by CoR/D - but currently, the hosts have to find a space for the teams to lease and build their own bases.

It's a situation that is yet to unfold, but the obvious point is that far from being involved in a grandiose scheme, with the benefit of hindsight, there will not be enough space. That may trigger the redevelopment of the whole of Wynyard Point - with the second stage ready for occupancy and base construction in mid-2020.

Entirely how that plays out with a Council which says it has no more money, will be interesting to see.

But at this stage, the Council are in the Challengers hands.

In this edition, we have covered here and here here

Kevin Shoebridge addresses the Governing Body of the Auckland Council with Tina Symmans on his right - photo © Todd Niall,
Kevin Shoebridge addresses the Governing Body of the Auckland Council with Tina Symmans on his right - photo © Todd Niall,

And for all the latest news from NZ and around the world see below.

Between newsletters, you can follow all the racing and developments in major and local events on by scrolling to the top of the site, select New Zealand, and get all the latest news and updates from the sailing world.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

The Flying Ant has been re-launched in New Zealand as a one design sail away class - photo © Adam Beashel
The Flying Ant has been re-launched in New Zealand as a one design sail away class - photo © Adam Beashel

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2018 Sir Peter Blake Regatta - Sunday  - photo © Lissa Reyden
2018 Sir Peter Blake Regatta - Sunday - photo © Lissa Reyden

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2018 Sir Peter Blake Regatta - Sunday  - photo © Lissa Reyden
2018 Sir Peter Blake Regatta - Sunday - photo © Lissa Reyden

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2018 Sir Peter Blake Regatta - Sunday  - photo © Lissa Reyden
2018 Sir Peter Blake Regatta - Sunday - photo © Lissa Reyden

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2018 Sir Peter Blake Regatta - Sunday  - photo © Lissa Reyden
2018 Sir Peter Blake Regatta - Sunday - photo © Lissa Reyden

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Asko Appliances' crew celebrate a last minute victory in 18ft Skiff NSW Championship race 3 - photo © Frank Quealey

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The America's Cup Defender, Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron has advised that they have accepted a fifth Challenge for the 36th America's Cup.

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The NZD held up reasonably well considering, softening to 0.6870, while the AUD fell to 0.7200. The AUD has been adversely effected by the recent downgraded growth data and the health of the consumer.

Malta Altus Challenge accepted as challenger for America’s Cup
The first ever challenge for the America's Cup from the Royal Malta Yacht Club has been accepted by the Defender, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.

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Malta Altus Challenge accepted for 36th America's Cup
One week since the close of the 36th America's Cup entry period, the Defender and the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron have completed the required checks and accepted the Royal Malta Yacht Club challenge for the 36th America's Cup.

America's Cup: Exclusive interview with Malta Altus team boss
"I'm not a sailor, " Mr Cataldi told Sail-World NZ. "So these past months have been a very accelerated education process for me to learn more about the intricacies of the America's Cup."

Gitana 17 bow section washes up in Cornwall
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Breeze arrives on day three at Sail Sydney
Australian Sailing Team's Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin tore their Nacra 17 mainsail horizontally during second race of day three, prompting a dash from their Sow and Pigs reef course area to Middle Harbour YC in a coach boat to retrieve the spare.

America's Cup: Bases filling as Challengers go unconditional
Emirates Team New Zealand dropped a bombshell at 6.15pm last Friday when they advised that eight new America's Cup Challenges had been received. Three came in the just five minutes ahead of the entry deadline.

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America's Cup: Auckland base development cost now $250million
Auckland Council and the NZ Government will chip in a further $37.5million to complete the infrastructure needed for the holding of the America's Cup in 2021. With eight late Challenges there is only room for the first three accepted by the Defender.

World Sailing: Voting irregularities claimed on crucial Olympic vote
Several members of World Sailing's Council have complained that their votes at the 2018 Annual Conference were recorded incorrectly. A re-scoring of the vote on a crucial Submission shows that it did not reach the 75% threshold.

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Symonite announced as title sponsor for 2019 OK Dinghy World Championship
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Extreme Sailing Series™ Los Cabos: Swiss foiling masters Alinghi crowned victors
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America's Cup: Luna Rossa test AC75 double mainsail
Italian sailing website reports that the Challenger of Record is testing the AC75 "Double Mainsail" on a test platform at their base in Cagliari.

World Sailing Presidential Newsletter: November 2018
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USA wins Musto International Youth Match Racing Regatta
Frankie Dair, James Jennings, Alistair Gifford and Niall Malone, have won the 2018 Musto International Youth Match Racing Regatta, defeating New Zealand's James Wilson 3-1 in a stellar Finals Series.

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Wet and wild for Day 3 of Musto International Youth MR Regatta in Sydney
Competitors in the Musto International Youth Match Racing Regatta experienced a blustery southerly breeze on Sydney Harbour for Day 3, producing epic sailing conditions as teams fought for the final four spots in the Quarter Finals.

Gladwell's Line: America's Cup - what happens next?
News that there have been a further eight Notices of Challenge for the 36th America's Cup, has left most pundits gobsmacked.

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America's Cup: Eight new Notices of Challenge received
The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and Emirates Team New Zealand can confirm there have been an additional eight Notices of Challenge received by the 5pm (NZT) deadline.

Zhik's new ultra-quick release T3 Trapeze Harness
Zhik continues to move a step ahead in the performance dinghy market, with the launch of the new T3 Trapeze Harness exceeding previous levels of quick release safety, performance and comfort.

America's Cup: First World Series event announced for Italy
Cagliari, Sardinia has been announced as the first round of the America's Cup World Series. The event will be held in October 2019. The Prada Cup has also been unveiled in a second America's Cup Overture event in Monaco

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International WASZP Games: Entries rising for exciting new class!
It has been a very busy few months at WASZP HQ with the northern summer now behind us and the southern summer ramping up we have seen significant growth in key markets.

Zhik are having two Late Shopping Nights in December
Zhik NZ's Auckland showroom will be open late for TWO late nights in December with key staff on hand to answer any enquiry, so you can get all your Christmas shopping done with ease. Plus some great in-store discount deals and more.

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America's Cup: $20million fund created to provide Cup legacy
A $20million Lottery Fund has been created to help communities throughout New Zealand benefit from the 2021 America's Cup. The Minister made it clear that yacht clubs were one group who would be able to apply for funding from the America's Cup fund.

Future Fibres expands and appoints new General Manager
Future Fibres has announced the signing of a long-term lease agreement for a new factory space. The new space will facilitate a significant increase in operational capability to support Future Fibres' strongly growing business activities.

Dock like a Pro with Lewmar’s new retractable thruster
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Record-breaking results from 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race
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