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SP80 boat touches water for the first time on Lake Geneva, Switzerland

by SP80 11 Aug 2023 03:41 PDT
SP80 hits the water for the first time on Lake Geneva, Switzerland © Guillaume Fischer

The SP80 sailboat, aiming to reach 80 knots (150 kph) solely driven by the wind, was launched on Lake Geneva for a first session of towed tests.

After one week of testing, the team took the boat to its French base (Leucate) to prepare for the first navigations with a kite. The optimisation campaign will end by getting the kiteboat back into the workshop to have it fully ready for a record attempt in 2024.

"We have deep roots in this region and it was important for us to launch the boat for the first time on Lake Geneva.", says Mayeul van den Broek, SP80 CEO and pilot. "These preliminary tests have confirmed that the boat can be very fast. Although she doesn't yet sail with a kite, her behavior on the water matches the team's expectations, giving us a very promising basis for the future. We now have a lot of work to do before we can claim 80 knots (150km/h), and the next few months of optimization will be decisive if we are to challenge Paul Larsen's record next year."

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