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Vaikobi 2019 - Leaderboard 2

Down below in the M.A.T 1070 - photo © M.A.T

Dear Recipient Name

Collection. Agglomeration. Assemblage. Cumulation. Medley. Yes, the moment I realised I had a small gathering of bits for this editorial I was immediately thinking of Drax the Destroyer from the movie whose title is our headline today. More specifically, it was the comment by Peter Quill in the 'walking thesaurus' scene you can watch right here.

So with that segue completely built, herewith is our first little instalment. It is the M.A.T 1070. More than an interesting boat, although a 10.7m LOA with 9.55m LWL was enough to get one thinking. However, it was the CNC machined, 2,250 kilos of lead, fin only keel, as well as the full, vinylester resin-infused hull, deck and bulkheads programme, that got me pretty intrigued. Tiller or wheels is up to you, and you can even have the super sexy carbon stick and prodder if you like. BTW, there is just the right amount of furniture below to make you go 'yes', and not feel like you're stepping down into a cave. Be warned, the bag police will be on duty, so leave all extraneous elements behind...

New M.A.T 1070 ready for shipping to her owner. - photo © M.A.T
New M.A.T 1070 ready for shipping to her owner. - photo © M.A.T

Race Yachts 2019 RIO 100 600x500   Whitsunday Holidays 2018 MPU

Structurally she's a winner then, and comes from a yard with a not only a pedigree, but a world-renowned, and quite enviable reputation, for making proper boats. French Naval Architects par excellence, Bernard Nivelt, and Alexis Muratet, who have the Teasing Machine(s) to their credit, and have done well here in Australia previously, just made it all the more compelling. The M.A.T 1070 is also super close in design to the winner of the last Fastnet, so there is both pedigree, and provenance on offer here.

Deck layout for the M.A.T 1070 - you choose - tiller or twin wheels - photo © M.A.T
Deck layout for the M.A.T 1070 - you choose - tiller or twin wheels - photo © M.A.T

Nanni Diesel 2019 MPU   North Sails 2019 - Helix - 600x500

Looking at her you would think she would be an easy boat to sail, and be rewarding without being too demanding, like a Fast40. The fin keel will help her rate very well, and is also easier to drag around across the breeze or downhill. That deep rudder means you will be in control at all times, and there is plenty of space for your crew to work up top, and get some rest down below when doing overnights or further.

If you are in Australia, and looking for a great boat to do well in windward-leewards, as well as make an impact during passage racing, then contact Jamie MacPhail on 0408 114 477. Think mid 300s with the black stick and so on, ready for you to put your preferred rags aloft, electronics suite in situ, and you are there.

Profile of the M.A.T 1070 - note the rocker and also fin keel - photo © M.A.T
Profile of the M.A.T 1070 - note the rocker and also fin keel - photo © M.A.T

Rolly Tasker Sails 2019 728x90 MPU   Zhik 2019 AUS Sale - 300x250

It has also been really good to see that what might be referred to as the lesser known clubs have been making contact of late. Thank you. Please keep it up. Our latest is the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club in Mooloolaba, Queensland. Rear Commodore, Heinz Seeberg, wrote in to inform us that, "July in the Sub-tropics - beautiful one day - perfect the next!"

Seeberg had been encouraged to contribute after reading Sticks and Stinks, commenting, "It was great to see the recognition for the relatively young, but dynamic NCYC. You went on to speak of the middle ground between our Summer season winding down, and the Northern hemisphere cranking up. You are right to highlight the Southern tropics and that the masses will be there soon enough."

Sunshine Coast Ocean Regatta 2019 - photo © Sunshine Coast Yacht Club
Sunshine Coast Ocean Regatta 2019 - photo © Sunshine Coast Yacht Club

Click&Boat 2019 MPU   Icom AUS MPU 2019

"In between the 'Southern summer', and the Southern hemisphere tropics, is the Queensland Sub-tropics, where July is perfect for sailing. Another dynamic and even younger club, the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club, is in its sixth year of reviving the iconic Sunshine Coast Ocean Regatta. SCOR ran for 20 years through the 80s and 90s, when it attracted such greats of our sport as Hugh Treherne."

"SCOR 2019 is July 13 and 14, and is perfectly timed as a short course regatta, as preparation for boats entering feeder events to take vessels further up the coast. One of Australia's best PROs in open waters (Cat 4) will be in charge, and we are suited to racing and cruising yachts, as well as multihulls. Racing is off Noosa to Caloundra, with details, NOR and Entry for SCOR residing here..."

Mat Belcher and Will Ryan sail through extremely light air - Genoa World Cup Series - photo © Sailing Energy
Mat Belcher and Will Ryan sail through extremely light air - Genoa World Cup Series - photo © Sailing Energy

Gul 2018 October - Code Zero AUST MPU   MIA 2019 300x250 5

Are they Masters of the Universe, about to star in their own Marvel movie? Belcher and Ryan could be, you know. The Kings of the 470 certainly are good at it - like that wasn't known already - and coach Victor Kovalenko is quite possibly a demi-god, characterised by that beaming smile, and unequivocally brilliant statements about drive, enthusiasm, and performance.

A trio of bullets on the first day at the 470 Europeans in San Remo was an emphatic signal, and backing it up again on Sunday with another is more than cool. I would hate to put the hex on them, so instead let's see what they have to say about it all, courtesy of the great Iain Murray.

Reflecting on it, Mat Belcher commented, "12-16 knots made for a great day. We probably were a bit beaten up during the course of the earlier events, so it was good to change it around and step it up. We have been trying a few things during those regattas, so it is not all bad. Obviously it is about preparing for next year, and unfortunately we have to use some of these events to put ourselves in the best position."

"So yes, those early wins help with confidence, and get us into a good rhythm for the rest of the week."

Mat Belcher and Will Ryan in the 470 Men's Medal Race - Princess Sofia Trophy - photo © Sailing Energy
Mat Belcher and Will Ryan in the 470 Men's Medal Race - Princess Sofia Trophy - photo © Sailing Energy

Will Ryan spoke of the lighter winds experienced over the weekend, saying, "These are not the sorts of conditions I like in this boat. It is better with more wind so I can be on the side (instead of crouched down in the boat). It's called the doghouse, and it means Mat gets to do most of the work. We did a great week in Genoa thanks to World Sailing where we looked at light weather sailing. So that practice is certainly going to be useful over these next few days, and they were great lessons."

"One more qualifying race will get us into the final series, then the six race completion, and ultimately that medal race."

Victor would talk about the abrupt wind increases on the Saturday, and then also the Sunday, "We saw up to 20 knots on the horizon. There were three winds in the sky. It was amazing vision, like fireworks. Mat and Will were leading, but the Germans took a risk by hoisting their spinnaker on the reach, and could not make the mark. Mat and Will did much better with their observations, and did not hoist, gaining all the way, as it dropped from 22 back to four knots only, and they continued to lead the regatta."

Victor 'the medal maker' Kovalenko to be inducted into the Australian Sailing Hall of Fame - photo © Australian Sailing Team
Victor 'the medal maker' Kovalenko to be inducted into the Australian Sailing Hall of Fame - photo © Australian Sailing Team

Vaikobi 2019 - MPU 1   Jeanneau AUS 2019 SO410 MPU

Whilst waiting out some of the blow, before being sent ashore, the crew were under the side of one of the mountains and received a massive 90 degree flick, which capsized them, so a swim was greeted with smiles back ashore, and a change of wetsuit, as well. Gold Fleet racing is certainly close, tough and intriguing. In closing it looks like Will Ryan summed it up, "The extra wind and the waves means the boat surfs a bit on its own. Off the start there is always a bit of flapping around trying to get an edge over the others around you, but once we are on the course it is clear, and great close racing with the top six boats."

Short one and in now. Yes it is utterly commercial, but the reality is that they did provide the pathway for the material that we all LOVED to come off the boats, especially in the Southern Ocean. So you kinda get Inmarsat was going to be mentioned a few times in this video, but it did serve as a good aide-mémoire to go and surf the web for a few of my favourites from the last Volvo.... It was also more than enough for them to get a BT Cutting Edge Sport Award.

Mariette of 1915 closes on the Faraglioni prior to claiming round one of the Schooner Cup Series - Capri Classica 2019 - photo © Gianfranco Forza
Mariette of 1915 closes on the Faraglioni prior to claiming round one of the Schooner Cup Series - Capri Classica 2019 - photo © Gianfranco Forza

Right oh, here today there are some gems for you to review. We have information about the IMOCAs, the Clipper, Star Sailors League, Classics in Capri (just about anything is good in Capri as long as you're not talking Roman times), Finns, Golden Globe Race, Dragons, Phuket, Jeanneau SO319 at SCIBS, OZ Sailing has a word on the World Sailing mid-year meetings, GC32s, AC naturally, sales from the impending Marine Auctions event, 11th Hour continue to keep our focus on the environment, SailGP, and certainly there is much, much more.

Remember, if your class or association is generating material, make sure we help you spread your word, and you can do that by emailing us. Should you have been forwarded this email by a friend, and want to get your very own copy in your inbox moving forward, then simply follow the instructions on our newsletter page, where you can also register for different editions.

Finally, keep a weather eye on Sail-World. We are here to bring you the whole story from all over the world...

John Curnow
Editor, Sail-World AUS

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Mariette of 1915 and Naema are schooner winners at Capri Classica 2019
For their final day of racing, the four schooners, ranging in size from 85ft Orianda to 138ft Mariette of 1915, once again started in the Gulf of Naples bound for a turning mark off Punta Campanella, at the tip of the Sorrento Peninsula.

Giles Scott expects to say 'Sayonara' after Tokyo 2020
The defending Olympic Champion in the one man Finn class says Tokyo 2020 is likely to be his last Olympics. There will be no place for heavier men in Paris 2024, due to the rigid application of a gender equality policy by World Sailing.

Clipper 2019-20 Race Crew Allocation Day
Nearly 700 Clipper Race Crew members have found out their team and Skipper at Clipper 2019-20 Race Crew Allocation Day.

Rooster GETSEASMART 300x250 AUS   X-Yachts AUS X4 - 1
Maserati makes it three from three at MC38 2019 Season Act 2
Over six races in very mixed conditions Neville Crichton's Maserati team posted their third regatta winning performance of the MC38's 2019 season, which drew seven of the sexy one design fleet to Sydney Harbour.

69th Argo Group Gold Cup at Royal Bermuda Yacht Club - Overall
Just when it looked like Sweden's Johnie Berntsson was going to even the score in the final of the 69th Argo Group Gold Cup and send the match to a fifth and deciding race, Ian Williams of Great Britain sailed across his bow and snatched away the victory.

Belcher and Ryan lead in to Gold Fleet at 470 Europeans
A second in Saturday's only race to complete the qualification round means Mat Belcher and Will Ryan hold onto their solid margin in the overall Open standings, which includes non-European teams, at the 470 Europeans at San Remo, Italy.

RS Sailing 300x250 AUS   Ensign 2019 C45 Style 600x500
Bermudes 1000 Race: Sébastien Simon escapes, the leading pack battle it out
This Saturday, the competitors in the Bermudes 1000 Race Douarnenez-Brest have each rounded Fastnet, to the South of Ireland, in turn. Sébastien Simon led the way this morning, followed by Sam Davies and nearly all the fleet of 17 IMOCAs

North Sails Weekly Debrief - #NSVictoryList, New ClubSwan36, 3Di NORDAC
An exciting finish to the Caribbean season in Antigua where clients win honorable awards and recognition.

470 European Championships at Yacht Club Sanremo - Day 3
Perseverance was needed, but patience was rewarded with exciting racing on Day 3 of the 470 Europeans, organised by local Yacht Club Sanremo and Marina degli Aregai, in co-operation with the national and international 470 class.

Harken AUS Spinlock 300x250 2   Sailing Raceboats 2016 RS Quest 300x250
April 2019 edition of FINNFARE published
The first edition of FINNFARE in 2019 has been published with the amazing photo of Giles Scott bursting through a wave on the final reach during the medal race in Palma, brilliantly caught by Junichi Hirai of Bulkhead Magazine.

Cape Town to host Global Sailing Race as Seattle revealed as team entry
A trio of announcements have been made by the Clipper Race today regarding its upcoming 2019-20 edition including a new Host Port Partner, as well as a team entry and its Skipper.

2019 Star European Championship and SSL Breeze Grand Slam about to begin
There is now less than one week to go to the first ever combined Star European Championship and Star Sailors League Breeze Grand Slam in Riva del Garda, Italy.

BandG AUS Triton2 300x250   upffront 2018 Ronstan shock blocks MPU
Clipper 2019-20 Race: Wondrous Whitsundays completes Leg 4
In the first of many exciting announcements planned for the week leading up to Crew Allocation on Saturday, we can now reveal that the Australian Coast-to-Coast Leg 4 is complete, with the beautiful Whitsundays added to the Clipper 2019-20 Race route.

Hard decisions for World Sailing Mid Year Meeting
The Mid-Year Meeting of World Sailing is set to take place at the end of next week in the Chelsea Football Club, London. The Meeting will take place against a backdrop of controversy over the Olympic classes and events for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Middle Harbour Yacht Club Women's Regatta 2019
Three races were completed for the MHYC Women's Regatta in south-west to southerly breezes mainly 10-15 knots. Race Officer Elaine Fowler and the Middle Harbour Race Management Team had two short windward leeward races in the bag by 1pm.

Anyport 2018 eWincher 300x250   Raymarine AUS 2018 Aug - Axiom - MPU
Epic Europeans Finn fight ahead in Olympian arena
The symbolism of racing the Olympic Finn in the original Olympic city is not lost on the athletes, which is also the final major event for many before they head off to Tokyo for training and the test event in August.

Golden Globe Race, Day 312: Tapio Lehtinen sighted off the Azores
Tapio Lehtinen, the fifth and final placed Finnish skipper competing in the Golden Globe Race enjoyed an unexpected rendezvous off Faial Island in the Azores yesterday with the local representative of his Windpilot self-steering sponsor.

Yanmar Dragon Gold Cup attracts over 100 entries
First presented in 1936, the Dragon Gold Cup is one of the most prestigious trophies in yacht racing and is also widely regarded as one of the most challenging to win.

Far East Yachts 2019 SCIBS 28R - 600x500   Race Yachts 2019 RP63
Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek looks overseas for expansion
Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek organisers are looking to expand overseas and grow international participation in the award-winning regatta over the next five years.

Jeanneau to display the award winning Sun Odyssey 319 at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show
Don't be fooled by the size of this new Jeanneau yacht, the award winning Sun Odyssey 319 has been recognised across the world by customers and journalists as one that sets a standard in the small yacht segment.

World Sailing mid-year meetings
The agendas and papers will present the 2021 – 2028 World Sailing Events Strategy, and future Olympic equipment such as the windsurfer and kiteboard, and the two handed and one handed dinghy equipment.

Hyde Sails 2017 March 300x250   Predictwind - Iridium 250
A-list teams sign on for 2019 GC32 Racing Tour
Following lengthy tenures on the Extreme Sailing Series, both Alinghi and Red Bull Sailing Team have joined the GC32 Racing Tour, now it is the sole circuit offering competition on the high performance, fully foiling GC32 one design catamarans.

MarineShift360 signs new partners
MarineShift360, the collaboration developing a new Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool for the marine industry, has announced the first seven businesses to partner with the project.

Seafood Industry Australia announces Resource Security Task Force
Seafood Industry Australia (SIA), the peak-body representing the Australian seafood industry, has announced membership of its Resource Security Task Force.

Boat Books Australia   Hooper Sails 300x100
2019 Lendlease Brisbane to Hamilton Island Yacht Race at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron
The inaugural Lendlease Brisbane to Hamilton Island Yacht Race is drawing interest from a multitude of boat owners and the TP52 owner group is backing the concept with two entered and more planning to be part of the first ever 530 nautical mile challenge.

America's Cup: Barker gives AC75 the thumbs up despite capsize
American Magic have released a video from the winter sailing base at Pensacola of their development boat "the Mule". Included is some video of the AM38 capsizing. The reason for the capsize is not entirely clear and almost happens in slow-motion.

Gun entries for 2019 Australian Women's Keelboat Regatta
A hot international fleet inclusive of Olympians, short-handed offshore sailors and a foiling Moth building sailor are among the 30 entries from Australia and New Zealand so far signed up to take part in the 29th Australian Women's Keelboat Regatta (AWKR)

Naiad 300x250px_Tourist   Protector - 300x250
Marine Auctions Forthcoming Online Auctions
Please find details below of Marine Auctions May Online Auction. The bidding for May Online Auction commences of Thursday 23rd May and will end on Wednesday 29th May 2019 at 2PM AEST. Extended bidding applies to this Online Auction.

Work in progress in Villasimius to deliver an unforgettable Melges 24 Worlds
The Melges 24 World Championship will by organized by the Marina di Villasimius and Lega Navale Italiana - Sez. Villasimius in cooperation with the Italian Melges 24 Class and International Melges 24 Class Association.

Registration open for International Optimist Regatta in St. Thomas
The spectacular week of junior sailing kicks off with the TOTE Maritime Clinic, June 10 to 12. Some of the best Optimist coaches conduct on-the-water training sessions instructive on-land debriefs for both Advanced and beginner (Green Fleet) sailors.

Resurgence of the Worrell 1000, SailGP foils on San Francisco Bay
If you've read this newsletter for a while, you'll know that Sail-World and its North American editor have a massive soft spot for sailboat races that involve a significant adventurous component.

National Sailing Leagues meet in Rome for official General Assembly
Last month the National Sailing Leagues met in Rome for the official General Assembly meeting and to discuss the current tasks in league sailing.

Race Yachts Premium Brokerage
Arguably Australia's best kept Farr 40 OD, she has had an extensive refit in 2019 including full topsides and cockpit respray, seadek foam fitted to cockpit floor, cabin floor boards resprayed, and the list goes on.

C-Tech Emirates TNZ 250   HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-battens
Australian Sailing Team: Next stop the 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 Europeans in Weymouth
From 13-19 May, members of the Australian Sailing Team (AST) will compete at the 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 European Championships at Weymouth, home of the London 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition.

Great Veterans Race 2019 at Cruising Yacht Club of Australia
Last Saturday was a day for wooden boats and nostalgia on Sydney Harbour as 24 former Sydney Hobart Yacht Race competitors and some of their original skippers and crew contested the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia's Great Veterans Race.

America's Cup: First components leave Southern Spars
Leading international sparmakers, Southern Spars, have posted a short video showing America's Cup mast sections leaving the company's premises in Rosebank Road, Avondale, under the cover of darkness.

Hella Dual Colour Floodlights - 300x250px - 002 gif   Doyle-Hugo-300x250 AUS site
America's Cup: DutchSail vows to push on with Challenge
The Dutch America's Cup challenge, DutchSail, have issued a media statement saying they are continuing in the 36th America's Cup, but realise that: "We are well aware that the time factor is starting to get really urgent, but giving up is not an option. "

Foiling SuMoth Challenge announces new 11th Hour Racing sponsorship
Foiling Week announced today a new sponsorship with 11th Hour Racing to support and promote sustainable boat building practices through the Foiling SuMoth Challenge.

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