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The Great Gig in the Sea - USA newsletter


The Great Gig in the Sea

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Whitbread Race legend Sayula II, winner of the 1973 edition sailing alongside Translated9 former ADC Accutrac of the 1977 edition and entrant in the 2023 Ocean Globe race - photo © Carlo Borlenghi

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We're suffering from an embarrassment of riches in offshore sailing at the moment. Not that it's a bad thing, but it does make keeping up with everything that's happening in the yacht racing world a bit of a struggle.

The Rolex Fastnet Race continues after the brutal start in winds of up to 50 knots. Huge congratulations to Max Klink's team on the Botin 52 Caro who have been crowned overall winners to lift the Fastnet Challenge Cup.

Max Klink (right) and tactician Adrian Stead (left) plus the Caro crew with the Rolex Fastnet Race overall winner's trophy - the Fastnet Challenge Cup - photo © Paul Wyeth /
Max Klink (right) and tactician Adrian Stead (left) plus the Caro crew with the Rolex Fastnet Race overall winner's trophy - the Fastnet Challenge Cup - photo © Paul Wyeth /

We saw an outstanding performance from François Gabart and his team on the giant 32m flying trimaran SVR Lazartigue; they smashed the outright record, completing the course in 1 day 8 hours 38 minutes 27 seconds. Charlie Dalin and Pascal Bidegorry on MACIF Santé Prévoyance (the brand-new IMOCA which we have talked about in the past couple of months in both 'The Next Generation' and 'Can you still judge a boat by its lines?') secured monohull line honours.

Charlie Dalin's IMOCA MACIF Santé Prévoyance - photo © Maxime Horlaville / disobey. / Macif
Charlie Dalin's IMOCA MACIF Santé Prévoyance - photo © Maxime Horlaville / disobey. / Macif

Henri-Lloyd 2023 Freo Jacket - SW MPU   MPU July August September

On the horizon is the Ocean Globe Race, the next brainchild of Don McIntyre, the founder and Race Chairman of the Golden Globe Race, and it has attracted fourteen yachts to the start line.

The Ocean Globe Race very much goes back to the routes of the original 1973 Whitbread Round the World Race and marks the 50th anniversary of the original event. The race will depart from Southampton on Sunday 10th September, and we spoke to Don to find out more...

Mark Jardine: You've got 14 teams, and whilst it could have been 30-40 teams, you must be extremely pleased.

Don McIntyre: Yes, I am. I mean, when you look back at the original race, I think it was 17 teams. This is an inaugural race, so there's an unknown element there, which is the meaning of a true adventure: the outcome is unknown. That's what we're trying to achieve, and bring it back to ordinary people, ordinary boats.

The market for potential entrants is huge, because this is ordinary sailors in yacht clubs that think, yes, they're doing a Sydney-Hobart, they're doing a Fastnet, then what's the next step? To race through the Southern Ocean around Cape Horn and do a circumnavigation; and every sailor dreams about that. Well now it's game on, there's no excuses, you can get together with your mates, get out there, buy a little boat, medium boat, big boat, and just do it.

The other key element is that it's not about speed and money. For example, we've done what we can to keep a cap on the number of sails on board, whether it's a production boat or ex-Whitbread boat. It's about the adventure, it's sailing well, and it's just got all the elements.

Catheryne Langford and Patrick Bodiou enjoying the sun on board Explorer AU (28) (OGR2023 Sayula Class Entry) - photo © OGR2023 / McIntyre Adventure
Catheryne Langford and Patrick Bodiou enjoying the sun on board Explorer AU (28) (OGR2023 Sayula Class Entry) - photo © OGR2023 / McIntyre Adventure

Selden 2023 CXe   Zhik 2023 May SW MPU

Mark: Just like with the Golden Globe, though slightly modified, you have made it so that the technology is limited on these yachts.

Don: Exactly. It's easy to shut off the GPS side of it. But the simple reality is that I know every boat will totally enjoy using a sextant and paper charts; they will enjoy the idea of having to think about weather, learn about weather, read barometers and get their weather faxes when they can, and actually get a forecast off VHF radio (which is possible, it's not perfect, but it's okay).

It's taking it back to those real skills of a seaman, and the best thing about it: we don't compromise on safety. We've got the world's best safety levels across everything. All the electronics are there, but they're undercover. So if something goes wrong, you just pull the covers off. It's a beautiful way to sail because you actually experience this feeling of wholesomeness; you're having to use your own body and senses to work out what's going on. And that's enjoyable.

#OGR2023 Flyer Class “L'Esprit d'Équipe“ FR (85) looking race ready after some tender loving care - photo © L’Esprit d’Équipe
#OGR2023 Flyer Class “L'Esprit d'Équipe“ FR (85) looking race ready after some tender loving care - photo © L’Esprit d’Équipe

Mark: There are some boats with incredible heritage taking part: ex-Whitbread boats, and other yachts which have a storied history. Which one are you most excited about?

Don: That's one of the real elements to it as well: giving all these boats a second life. When I was sailing, and I followed all the Whitbreads; Conny van Rietschoten was one of my heroes. The day I got the video in the mail about 'Flyer' it was just electric! To see Pen Duick VI out there, even ADC Accutrac - I remember it so well, all these different times. We're going to relive a lot of that fun. It's nice now to look back at the history and say, "Wow, we got a race winner as well".

MPU E6 question mark animated   Race Yachts 2023 v3

A lot of fun when Don onboard OGR2023 Adventure Class Finnish Entry: Tapio Lehtinen Sailing Team's SWAN 55 (HULL NO. 2) GALIANA - photo © Tapio Lehtinen Sailing
A lot of fun when Don onboard OGR2023 Adventure Class Finnish Entry: Tapio Lehtinen Sailing Team's SWAN 55 (HULL NO. 2) GALIANA - photo © Tapio Lehtinen Sailing

Then you go to look at Tapio Lehtinen - I mean, Tapio is just crazy. He had a beautiful boat and then he just rebuilt it! It's just pristine. It's like the most pristine vintage car you've ever seen in your life. You'll be gobsmacked. They are just beautiful, stunning boats, and they are going to race them hard around the world.

Note: Sadly Tapio Lehtinen's Swan 57 Galiana WithSecure was dismasted in the Rolex Fastnet Race so the clock is ticking for him to get to the Ocean Globe Race start line.

Galiana WithSecure FI (06) passing HMS Queen Elizabeth after dismasting in the Fastnet Race. Down but not out - photo © Rob Havill / OGR2023
Galiana WithSecure FI (06) passing HMS Queen Elizabeth after dismasting in the Fastnet Race. Down but not out - photo © Rob Havill / OGR2023

Allen 2022 - TiiTAN MPU   Marskeel 2019 600x500

Mark: Like taking a classic Aston Martin rally driving?

Don: Absolutely. It's just nuts. As you know, we've got our own boat, a Swan 57 which was a beautiful boat - to own a Swan is just fantastic. I felt really bad doing some of the things I had to do to get it ready for the race! We took the cabin soles out - kept the good ones, put plywood down. There's just this sense of having production boats that are real classics. I've got a real reason to own a Swan now, you know, for the first time in my life, and it's like, oh, wow, it's a Swan, and it's going to race around the world, which is what they're designed to do so. So a lot of exciting fun stuff going on. And the other part of this is that at the end of the race, you can actually sell your boat. The biggest expense is to buy the boat, and the refit, but it's not a wasted racing refit. You're just reconditioning beautiful boats. And so at the end when you sell your boat, the cost of doing the race is not as big as what people are thinking.

Join the Steamship Shieldhall for #OGR2023 race start and the chance to be part of the action - photo © Will Faulkner
Join the Steamship Shieldhall for #OGR2023 race start and the chance to be part of the action - photo © Will Faulkner

Mark: The Whitbread had a huge association with Ocean Village and Southampton. So having the race start here must be a huge boost for you. Plus, with Maiden taking part, the connection, and the appeal to the British public to come along for the start, must be massive.

Don: I'm putting it out there loud and clear. Listen, guys, I'm talking to everyone in the UK: get behind this! As you know, the history hasn't been strong, with the UK losing events recently. Fair enough, the whole world's depressed with the economy and stuff but you don't need money to come and watch the start. We want to see millions out at the start, and to the sailing community: we want to see you get behind it. You know, fly the flags, all that stuff. It took us a long time to get the original course going - to get Cape Town and get Auckland and get Punta - so to have Southampton and MDL here supporting us in Ocean Village is fantastic.

Coast Guard Foundation 2023 MPU   Vaikobi 2023 Gloves - MPU

Tracey Edwards, skipper of Maiden, one of the entries in the Ocean Globe Race - photo © Ocean Globe Race
Tracey Edwards, skipper of Maiden, one of the entries in the Ocean Globe Race - photo © Ocean Globe Race

Mark: Having Maiden involved must be another massive plus for the event when it looked unlikely.

Don: It's great. I mean, we needed an English entry. We're so excited to have all the women of Maiden involved with the race and I can't wait to see who's going to win it. There's a lot of things going on in the background in the Flyer class, let alone the whole event, and Maiden is a hot boat. It's going to be such a great race!

Maiden Makes a triumphant return to Southampton in 1990. And she's back for the OGR - photo © OGR2023 / Team Maiden
Maiden Makes a triumphant return to Southampton in 1990. And she's back for the OGR - photo © OGR2023 / Team Maiden

RS Sailing 2021 - MPU   Upffront 2020 Foredeck Club SW MPU

So there it is, mark your calendar for 10th September and be sure to watch The Ocean Race start. If you're in the area then why not visit the Race Village in Southampton? This is a fantastic race to get behind and follow.

Some may be wondering as to the title of this newsletter, and those who've listened to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album will see the link to the song The Great Gig in the Sky immediately. This track was written by the late, great Richard Wright, who owned the Swan 65 Evrika, which has been acquired by French sailor Dominique Dubois and will be competing in the Ocean Globe Race. As a massive Pink Floyd fan, I cannot wait to see this yacht racing.

Evrika - photo © Ocean Globe Race
Evrika - photo © Ocean Globe Race and are both bursting to the seams with news at the moment, from the leviathan Ultim trimarans, down to the smallest of dinghies, so be sure to check in regularly to keep up to date with all that's going on. Please do also keep us posted with your event news via!

Mark Jardine and Managing Editor

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Translated 9 reveals official racing crew for the Ocean Globe Race 2023
Translated is set to make waves in the sailing world as it joins the epic Ocean Globe Race 2023 on Whitbread's fiftieth anniversary.

Caro wins the 50th edition of the Rolex Fastnet Race
Max Klink's Botin 52 Caro has been crowned overall winner of the Rolex Fastnet Race. After being confirmed as winner of IRC Zero yesterday, no other boat still racing on the 695 nautical mile course can catch the Swiss boat for overall honours.

Spectacular OK Dinghy World Championship fuels further growth and enthusiasm
The recent highly successful OK Dinghy World Championship at Lyme Regis is another step in the ongoing growth of the OK Dinghy Class worldwide.

Rooster 2023 - MPU   Cyclops 2022 November Load Pin MPU
Typhoon UK 29er Nationals & Open Championships Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy Day 4
The sun welcomed everyone for a perfect skiff sailing day on Tuesday, with a consistent wind ranging between 15-18 knots. The fleet was split in two, Gold and Blue, with 45 boats in each and four races were completed within the harbour.

Keep your boat smart with Rooster
We've all been there, it's looking like a glamour day on the water, you're rigging up and something breaks - session over, that glamorous day has gone to waste... :( Prevent this by making sure all parts of your boat are in tip top condition!

Irish Sailing Legend to compete in Chicago this weekend at the Independence Cup
This weekend, not only will Twomey compete in the Independence Cup for sailors with disabilities taking place July 27-30 at Burnham Harbor, he will also serve as Guest Speaker at the 33rd Annual Independence Gala on July 28.

MPU May to September 2023   North Sails Performance 2023 - MPU
The international jury for the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award 2023 has been selected
Nico Martinez (ESP), Alexandra Rickham (UK), Laurène Coroller (FRA), Scott Dougal (UK), Tatiana Pokorny (GER) and Nicolas Mirabaud (SUI) will select the best sailing photos of the year.

Magic Marine RS Feva World Championships at GV L.N.I. Follonica - Day 2
The Magic Marine RS Feva World Championship 2023 encountered challenging weather conditions on day 2 resulting in limited racing. Only one race was completed for all three flights.

56th Governor's Cup at Balboa Yacht Club - Day 1
A betting man would have picked Jeffrey Petersen (USA) as a favorite in the 56th Governor's Cup International Youth Match Racing Championship hosted by Balboa Yacht Club and presented by Disc Sports and Spine Center and the Call of the Sea Foundation.

Barton Marine 2019 600x500   C-Tech 2021 (Spars-QFX Racer) 300x250
Cup Spy July 25: Dramatic day in fresh winds for Italians and Kiwis
Dramatic day for Italians and Kiwis, with the Italians executing a low speed capsize in a fresh breeze. In Barcelona, Emirates Team New Zealand was the only team to sail in a fresh breeze recorded as gusting over 20kts.

Cup Spy July 24: American Magic exploit testing rule
Three America's Cup teams sailed using various strategies. American Magic exploited a provision in the rules which allows development kit to be switched between AC40 hulls - they carried carrying a test wingfoil on two different AC40s on successive days.

ILCA 4 Youth World Championships at Nautical Club of Volos & Argonauts, Greece - Day 1
Today was the first day of racing at the 2023 ILCA 4 Youth World Championships, hosted by the Nautical Club of Volos & Argonauts. Two races were completed in a southeasterly breeze, averaging 7–10 knots with gusts up to 12 knots.

Mackay 250   Hyde Sails 2022 One Design MPU
Lyman-Morse hosts the Camden Classics Cup this week
We're kicking off the 7th annual Camden Classics Cup this week!

Rescued in Southern Ocean! Dismasted in Fastnet - Tapio Lehtinen Ocean Globe Race countdown, 46 days
Whitbread and GGR veteran Tapio Lehtinen sailing his beloved Swan 57 "Galiana WithSecure" in the Rolex Fastnet Race was dismasted 12 hours after the start.

The Charlie Dalin's masterstroke in the Rolex Fastnet Race 2023
This 50th edition of the Rolex Fastnet Race was a signal for play to begin for the IMOCA fleet in what proved to be a particularly thrilling ride for the 29 competing duos.

KZRaceFurlers   Hellamarine-Apelo-A3-@2x_600x300
Marine Resources latest jobs: Expand your horizons
The marine industry is a vast ocean of opportunities, just waiting to be explored. Dive into our newsletter and discover the diverse career paths, job roles, and growth prospects in this dynamic industry.

An interview with Aaron Hale on the Whidbey Summer Classics Regatta
Sail-World checked in with Aaron Hale, Oak Harbor Yacht Club's sail fleet captain, ahead of the 2023 Whidbey Summer Classics Regatta, via email, to learn more about this exciting regatta.

Entry list grows and sponsors sign up for 75th Dragon Edinburgh Cup and UK Grand Prix
With just three weeks to go until the start of the International Dragon 75th Edinburgh Cup and UK Grand Prix, the entry list has now reached 40 boats with 11 nations from across Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and Australasia confirmed to participate.

Armstrong-FG-6 300x250   SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_52-SS_300X250
50th Rolex Fastnet Race David Maynard photo gallery
More stunning photos from the brutal conditions at the start of the 2023 Rolex Fastnet Race, this time from David Maynard.

America's Cup: INEOS Britannia begin sailing operations in Barcelona
The team's Barcelona base is already fully operational and, with equipment and people arriving daily over the past few weeks, the buzz and excitement has been building towards this moment; as the team took to the water at the AC37 venue.

Huge win for MACIF in the 50th Rolex Fastnet Race
With the next Vendée Globe taking place next year, so the IMOCA turn-out for this year's special 50th edition of the Rolex Fastnet Race featured an impressive 29 boats, including much new hardware.

T Clewring J-Class   Doyle Sails 2020 - Pure Brilliance 300x250
Cup Spy July 22: American Magic bring their Youth Sailors into regular Cup team practice.
American Magic repurposed AC40-8 as a LEQ12. Flight controller Michael Menninger also outlined the typical daily routine for the sailing crew, and some specific issues relating the awkward three-way seaway, coming from 100°, 160° and 180°.

12 Metre World Championship: A live-action history lesson
The year 2023 marks exactly 40 years since the U.S. lost the America's Cup to Australia on the world stage of Newport, R.I.

America's Cup: An inside look at preparing and stepping the AC75 rig
Emirates Team New Zealand has been stepping AC75 masts since the launch of Te Aihe in early September 2019. Here we get a rare insight inside the boat shed as the shore and rigging crews take Cup fans behind the scenes for a look at mast preparation.

Lloyd Stevenson - Artnautica60 300x250px 250 - 2014
U.S. Junior Women's champions crowned
After three days of clinic with eight fleet coaches, the nation's top and emerging female sailors went head-to-head at the U.S. Junior Women's Championship presented by SouthCoast Wind, held at Roger Williams University and organized by US Sailing.

Rolex Fastnet Race: New record for François Gabart and his crew
At the helm of the Trimaran SVR-Lazartigue, François Gabart and his crew secured line honours in the 50th Rolex Fastnet Race on Sunday 23 July in 1 day 08 hours 38 minutes and 27 seconds.

Rolex Fastnet Race: Planetsail's view of the first 24hrs of the tough offshore race.
Join top international yachting commentator, Matthew Sheahan, as he picks up the action a day before the start of the 50th Rolex Fastnet Race.

2023 Formula Kite Youth World Championships Gizzeria - Overall
The always reliable Gizzeria sea breeze decided to take a break on the last day of the Formula Kite Youth Worlds, sadly making it impossible to complete the women's final.

WASZP European Games at the Ecole Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques - Overall
An incredible five days of WASZP action came to a head on the beautiful waters of Quiberon, with four races completed creating a seventeen race series. It has to go down as one of the most spectacular foiling events in recent memory.

Oracle Los Angeles Sail Grand Prix Overall
In his first ever event final, which took place at the Port of Los Angeles, Botin delivered a perfect start and was never caught to defeat Nicolai Sehested's ROCKWOOL Denmark and defending SailGP champions Tom Slingsby's Australia.

Rolex Fastnet Race outright record falls to SVR Lazartigue
Crossing the line at 21:38:27 BST on Sunday, SVR Lazartigue set a new record of 1 day 8 hours 38 minutes 27 seconds, breaking the time set by Franck Cammas and Charles Caudrelier on Maxi Groupe Edmond de Rothschild two years ago by 36 minutes 27 seconds.

Henri-Lloyd Extra 20% OFF Sale
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50th Rolex Fastnet Race start Michael Tambling photo gallery
From the top of Hurst Castle there was a great view of the front-runners powering through the Narrows. Michael Tambling was there to catch the action.

50th Rolex Fastnet Race start Tom Hicks photo gallery
It was a brutal start to the Rolex Fastnet Race, and the conditions were in no way camera-friendly, but this didn't stop a host of photographers from heading out on to the water. Here is Tom Hicks section of pictures.

Record-sized fleet sets sail on blustery 50th Rolex Fastnet Race
This afternoon the Solent shoreline was packed deep with spectators braving the conditions to witness the greatest assortment of offshore yacht racing hardware ever assembled.

50th Rolex Fastnet Race start Trevor Pountain photo gallery
The conditions were gnarly, with huge seas and 30+ knot winds, as the 450 yacht fleet entered the Hurst Narrows, departing the Solent in the 50th Rolex Fastnet Race. Trevor Pountain caught these incredible shots from Hurst Castle as they sailed past.

50th Rolex Fastnet Race start Ingrid Abery photo gallery
It was wet and windy today as the 450 yacht fleet set off on the 50th Rolex Fastnet Race. Ingrid Abery braved the elements to catch the action on the water.

O'pen Skiff World Championship 2023 at Club Nautico Rimini - Overall
An exciting O'pen Skiff World Championship came to an end in style thanks to the excellent organisation of Club Nautico Rimini. It was an intense week characterised by 14 races in total, very warm weather and light wind.

Cup Spy July 21: 'Probably one of our best days on the water so far here in Barcelona.'
American Magic continued their testing program today, in a choppy sea state with the swell coming at an awkward angle for the AC40. Terry Hutchinson discusses the significance of the seastate off Barcelona in his post-session interview.

Vaikobi launches new Sailing Hiker Suit developed alongside Laser Legend Brett Beyer
Over 18 months ago, Vaikobi lead designer Bart Milczarczyk and Founder Pat Langley set out on a mission to create the best sailing hikers in the world, joining forces with Aussie Laser legend Brett Beyer to provide expert advice.

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North Sails Performance 2023 - FOOTER

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