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Can we learn from F1 and Group 5? - Australia newsletter


Can we learn from F1 and Group 5?

Pantaenius 2022 - SAIL & POWER 1 LEADERBOARD AUS

38 South / Jeanneau AUS SF30 OD - LEADERBOARD

V and B - Monbana - Mayenne - photo © Gauthier Lebec / V and B - Monbana - Mayenne

Dear Recipient Name

No doubt the origin of the proposition came from the latest IMOCA statement. The Class voted, and T-rudders (foils) are out (for now). Clearly, Not a 205 T16 was still playing in my mind to some degree, and based on the readership, with a lot of you as well. Many thanks for that, BTW… Always appreciated.

So as I pondered and digested it all, firstly the Turbo F1 era came to mind. I mean 11,000RPM of screaming metal under 4.0 bar of boost is enough to get any petrol head inspired. 1400hp for qualifying and around 1000hp plus in race tune from just 1.5 litres is pretty mesmerising.

J Composites 2022 - J45 v4 MPU   XBrand 2023 MPU

Yoann Richomme's IMOCA Paprec Arkea, on the approach to the Fastnet Rock, finished a close second to MACIF in the 50th Rolex Fastnet Race - photo © Rolex / Carlo Borlenghi
Yoann Richomme's IMOCA Paprec Arkea, on the approach to the Fastnet Rock, finished a close second to MACIF in the 50th Rolex Fastnet Race - photo © Rolex / Carlo Borlenghi

To think that the blocks of the engines that were used to help propel the great Nelson Piquet to an F1 World Championship for Brabham (other teams also used them) were from super humble BMW E21 315s and 316s is still a magnificent mind bend. It’s as trippy as watching Keanu Reeves dodge out of the way of bullets, should you be able to remember back that far. Perhaps it is even like watching Predator for the first time and seeing the invisible cloaking in the trees.

None the less, BMW got these blocks from said little cars coming in for engine transplants after 300-400k kilometres out on roads of Europe. The cast iron nuggets were X-Rayed, and those with no cracks were sent off to Motorsport HQ for just a little bit of enhancement. Just a little bit mind you, for the standard 75 to 90hp was not going to win you an F1 race, now was it.

MIA 2021 DEC MPU   Marine Auctions 2019 600x500

E21 BMW 315 - who would have thought such humble beginnings would empower an F1 Legend? - photo © BMW
E21 BMW 315 - who would have thought such humble beginnings would empower an F1 Legend? - photo © BMW

Towards the very end of the era, Megatron laid the inline four flat to lower the Centre of Gravity, and they still won races, especially on the faster, sweeper corner style circuits. BMW and Porsche owned the turbo era, but the writing was on the wall, and the whole thing died even before the 80s petered out.

Just a little ahead of all of this, the touring cars got very inspired with what you might call the zenith of Group 5 (often called Gen IV). Snow plough air dams up front, rear flares as wide as a kitchen bench with part of the original bodywork still underneath to show you just how much it had stepped out to handle dragster width type rubber. Induction vents akin to an F-14 Tomcat, and slats above guards for brake cooling, are almost as memorable as the big rear wings that were dragged around in the fresh air, mostly high above the car itself.

Navico AUS Zeus3S MPU   Pantaenius 2022 - SAIL & POWER 1 MPU AUS

More muscle than you care to think about and only driving two wheels. No wonder the front of Porsche's 935 always lifted up under heavy acceleration - photo © Porsche
More muscle than you care to think about and only driving two wheels. No wonder the front of Porsche's 935 always lifted up under heavy acceleration - photo © Porsche

935 Slant Nose, 3.5CSL, and even M1 are model names that would be as incendiary to little boys’ blood as the 110+RON fuel the cars burned. Oh. One other thing. They sounded REALLY good, too. They could develop say 1100hp for qualifying, but you know, two laps and you were done (most often with the obligatory puff of smoke). Expensive business that… And for God’s sake, do not wave a Catalytic Converter anywhere near them… No. No. No.

So what does it all mean? Well, without it, there would be no ground effects and adaptive suspension, to name just two. Your Grandma’s shopping trolley would not be powered by a 900cc turbo three-cylinder donk. Without it we would not have GT1 and 2 or Le Mans specials (like say Mazda's four-rotor Wankel 787B) as they are now. Adjustable wings, active damping, underbody panels, venturis, and diffusers would not be on road cars, to say nothing of traction or stability control, let alone PDK or DSG. So flappy paddle me that Batman.

Race Yachts 2023 v4   Vaikobi 2023 Gloves - MPU

Roberto Lacorte's Flying Nikka was able to foil away from the start and into the finish but otherwise had a slow race in the 151 Miglia-Trofeo Cetilar ultra-light conditions - photo © Studio Taccola
Roberto Lacorte's Flying Nikka was able to foil away from the start and into the finish but otherwise had a slow race in the 151 Miglia-Trofeo Cetilar ultra-light conditions - photo © Studio Taccola

Whatever, I hear you say.

Well. Take on reverse bows that were most commonly associated with ancient Viking boats and Capital Ships from the turn of the 19th Century. What about almost zero rocker, deck spreaders, chamfers, flared topsides, and hard chines. Can you see it? Are these not the nautical equivalent of all that has preceded in this here ditty?

Were you not as inspired as me when you saw the vertical tiller in Charlie Dalin’s new MACIF Santé Prévoyance?

Windcraft 2022 July - Dehler 46SQ - MPU   Vetus-Maxwell 2020

Charlie Dalin's IMOCA MACIF Santé Prévoyance - photo © Maxime Horlaville / disobey. / Macif
Charlie Dalin's IMOCA MACIF Santé Prévoyance - photo © Maxime Horlaville / disobey. / Macif

Have you too pondered how the crew have gone back into the pilothouse after decades of being exposed to it all? How about the wheelhouse now being ahead of the accommodation in the latest skimmers, which makes sense from both an observation, and also comfort POV?

The AC75 has donated off its ‘The Incredibles’ (created by Buddy Pine, a.k.a. Syndrome) machine style foils to vessels like the Flying Nikka, and delightfully magnificent Baltic 111, Raven.

Wichard 2023 - ProFurl Nexelite MPU   Webasto AUS 2020 MPU 5

Baltic 111 Custom foil-assisted superyacht 'Raven' sea trials - photo © Dan-Erik Olsen
Baltic 111 Custom foil-assisted superyacht 'Raven' sea trials - photo © Dan-Erik Olsen

Exciting times. Old is new, and new is new. The electronic wizardry to drive these boats, trim sails and Lord knows what else is awesome. To me, this is Group 5 and F1 and Group B all wrapped up together, and I could not be happier. It is both brilliant as a technological triumph, and artistic in a brute force over ignorance kind of way that spells out HEDONISM, and is that not pure wonderment in an era of PC that is so totally OTT.


Flagstaff 2021AUG - Oceanis Yacht 54 - MPU   Ensign 2023 Bavaria SR41 HT

The current record for the fastest solo non-stop circumnavigation is held by Frenchman François Gabart with a time of 42 days 16h 40' 3` set in 2017 aboard the 30m trimaran Ultim MACIF - photo © Jean-Marie LIOT / ALEA / MACIF
The current record for the fastest solo non-stop circumnavigation is held by Frenchman François Gabart with a time of 42 days 16h 40' 3` set in 2017 aboard the 30m trimaran Ultim MACIF - photo © Jean-Marie LIOT / ALEA / MACIF

OK. There it is. There is so much more on the group’s sites for you. Simply use the search field, or ‘edition’ pull-down menu up the top on the right of the masthead to find it all. Please enjoy your yachting, stay safe, and thanks for tuning into

John Curnow
Editor, Sail World AUS

IMOCA class - photo © Jean-louis Carli / IMOCA
IMOCA class - photo © Jean-louis Carli / IMOCA

Boat Books Australia   Colligo Marine 2023 MPU

Classic Rolex Middle Sea Race unfolding
The 44th Rolex Middle Sea Race is now over 24 hours old, and the picture is starting to develop. The fleet has spread out over the course, with the front-running multihull well on the way to Favignana and the slowest monohull still parallel with Etna.

Whitbread Round the World Race 1993-94 Official Film
By the 1993-94 edition, the Whitbread Round the World Race had already transformed from an adventure imbued with Corinthian spirit to a professional sport where food, bedding and clothing were being optimised for performance not comfort.

Cup Spy Oct 21: Kiwis and Swiss strike rare westerly breeze
Two of the six America's Cup Challengers Alinghi Red Bull Racing and Emirates Team New Zealand, sailed on Saturday, experiencing a breeze from a direction that is unusual in Barcelona.

Rolly Tasker Sails 2023 MPU   ALT Composities 2020 West System 3 - 300x250
18ft Skiff Club Championship Race 1
The first championship race of the Australian 18 Footers League's 2023-24 season was staged on Sydney Harbour today, when the League conducted Race 1 of the Club Championship, and resulted in an outstanding win for the Yandoo team of John 'Woody' Winning

2023 WingFoil Racing World Cup Cagliari - Day 3
On day three of WingFoil Racing World Cup Sardinia the riders were only returning to shore as the sun was setting over Poetto Beach after another challenging session of races in ever-changing offshore breeze.

2023 ILCA U-21 Sailing World Championships at Tangier, Morocco - Day 5
The day began with sunshine, warm temperatures, and a light south breeze, signalling that all the storms had moved on and the stable weather was back. Some scattered clouds and a lower sun angle continue to hint at the arrival of autumn.

38 South / Jeanneau AUS SF30 OD - MPU   Barz Optics 2023 SW 3
2023 International Masters Regatta at San Diego Yacht Club - Day 2
One look at the daily firsts will prove our invited skippers are truly Masters of this sport. After the second day of sailing we have completed nine races and each of those races has been won by a different skipper.

Sixty knot gusts, tears, OGR champagne and sea lion attacks!
It was a frantic 24 hours in the V&A Waterfront Marina, Cape Town, with three McIntyre Ocean Globe Race yachts crossing the finish line.

44Cup Alcaidesa Marina 2023 - Day 3
The Bay of Algeciras had a complete change of complexion for the penultimate day of racing at the 44Cup Alcaidesa Marina with the southerly wind initially non-existent, then slowly filling in to 8-10 knots.

Henri-Lloyd 2023 Freo Jacket - SW MPU   Selden 2023 CXe
Clean start heralds next chapter in Rolex Middle Sea Race
The 44th Rolex Middle Sea Race fleet was sent on its way today. The start of a 606 nautical mile adventure around Sicily and back to the finish in Malta.

Kiwi flyer Armit threatens Franco-Italian dominance
Six short-course qualifying races in offshore wind varying from 6 to 28 knots. Maddalena Spanu of Italy has yet to be beaten in the women's competition.

'Lenny' the new Beneteau First 44 Performance Yacht arrives Sydney Harbour
The 6th Beneteau First 44 Performance launched, Lenny's maiden race was the world famous Transpac from California to Hawaii, which she finished 2nd in her division.

Allen 2022 - PSH Cam Cleat MPU   MPU July August September
IMOCA Class votes against T-rudders & approves on-going work on reducing emissions in boat building
The IMOCA Class has re-affirmed its ban on introducing T-foils on its boat's rudders, and voted overwhelmingly in favour of introducing new restrictions on boat building to reduce carbon emissions.

New training videos launched for the Musto Skiff
The International Musto Skiff Class Association is pleased to announce the release of a new series of training video for the class.

Ensign Yachts October Update
In this edition, a walkthrough video of the highly anticipated Bavaria C46, feature another Nautitech 40 Open's adventures from France to Montenegro, highlight upcoming events and recap the successful Bavaria owner's event at Magnetic Island Race Week.

North Sails Performance 2023 - MPU   Rooster 2023 - Aquafleece - MPU
Hazard Button technology on TJV IMOCAs will help build our knowledge of mammals at sea
This month's Transat Jacques Vabre marks an important watershed in the IMOCA Class's commitment to try to mitigate the impact on marine mammals and on its boats, of collisions at sea.

PIC Coastal Classic: Melges 40 Clockwork wins handicap and unofficial category record
In the 41 years of PIC Coastal Classic history there are always many winners – but four winners stand out above them all: overall line and handicap winners in each of the monohull and keelboat fleets.

10 nations announced for 2023 World Sailing Youth Match Racing World Championship
In 50 days, twelve of the world's best youth match racing teams will descend on the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia for the 2023 World Sailing Youth Match Racing World Championship, from Saturday 9 December to Friday 15 December.

Upffront 2020 Foredeck Club SW MPU   SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-AGLAIA
Coastal Classic death confirmed by Police after crew member struck by boom
NZ Police have confirmed to Sail-World that Police were notified at around 11.30pm of a person sustaining injuries on a boat, and that a the person had subsequently died.

Spirit of Helsinki first across the line in Leg One of McIntyre Ocean Globe Race
There were emotional scenes as Spirit of Helsinki FI (71) crossed the finish line of the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race taking line honours for leg one.

Youth and female participation in sailing promoted as Sandy Bay SC 75th Anniversary Season commences
The Sandy Bay Sailing Club will commence its 75th Anniversary Sailing Season on Saturday. The season will be formally opened at a commencement ceremony at the club's Long Beach facility followed by sailing activities.

Armstrong-FG-4 300x250   PredictWind - GO! exec 300x250
Cup Spy Oct 19: Southern Ocean arrives in Barcelona
Alinghi Red Bull Racing was out for a session of three hours. The breeze forecast to increase later in the day, arrived early forcing the Swiss to stop training after one impressive sailing display. Luna Rossa sailed off Cagliari also in fresh winds.

How do sailors with a disability get into a dinghy?
Wheelchair users, and those whose ability to crouch or lean is impaired, need additional equipment to get into a sailing dinghy. Some clubs have been able to invest in slings and hoists to help sailors, and this article has many photos of them.

Coastal Classic: TP52 Wired first to finish
The Bakewell-White 52, Wired (Rob Bassett) has taken line honours in the 2023 PIC Coastal Classic, taking almost 10 hours for the 119nm shortened race, now in its 40th year.

RS Sailing 2021 - MPU   Cyclops Marine 2023 October - MPU
Lisa R wins Yachting Malta Coastal Race
The Yachting Malta Coastal Race took place in superb conditions today, 19 October. A building breeze and warm sunshine providing a perfect opportunity to get race ready for the forthcoming Rolex Middle Sea Race, which starts on Saturday, 21 October.

X-Yachts Aurum Cup 2024 announced
X-Yachts Australia is pleased to announce the inaugural X-Yachts Aurum Cup to be held from Middle Harbour Yacht Club on the 21st & 22nd June 2024.

Clipper Race 2: Hundred Years Cup - A true fiesta for Punta del Este prizegiving
A Punta del Este prize-giving extravaganza celebrated Race 2: Hundred Years Cup.

Hyde Sails 2023 SIBS   T Clewring One Design 250
Exploring Cam Cleats Part 4: Maintenance and Care of Cam Cleats
Welcome to the fourth and final chapter of our comprehensive blog series "Exploring Cam Cleats". In Part 4, we shift our focus from the uses and functionality to the equally important realm of preserving and optimising the performance of your cam cleats.

International competitors descend on Sorrento for WASZP Games
Sorrento Sailing & Couta Boat Club, in collaboration with the World Association of WASZP (WASZP), is thrilled to announce the upcoming WASZP Games, set to take place on the pristine waters of Melbourne's beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Australia's new America's Cup campaign announces 17 sailors for squad
A squad of 17 of Australia's top performing sailing women and youth athletes have been revealed by Team Australia Challenge Patron John Bertrand AO to spearhead the nations return to the America's Cup in the Youth and Puig Women's Regattas in 2024.

C-Tech 2021 SnuffAir 300x250   Barton Marine 2019 600x500
Cup Spy Oct 18: 'Up Snorkels!' as five teams tested in top end racing conditions off Barcelona
Five America's Cup Challengers trained on Wednesday, in conditions that were the most difficult yet seen in the parallel period, one year out from the 2024 America's Cup. ETNZ were the only team that looked on top of their game in their AC75.

Manly16s Club Championships Long Course 2
Asked why he thought it had taken longer than expected to gel as a team so far this season, Moonen Yachts skipper Daniel Turner replied: "It took a bit of time for us to stop sailing like idiots - two weeks to be exact."

Relive all the action from Cádiz
Despite not winning a single fleet race and picking up a pre-start penalty in the Final, the Americans executed a light-wind masterclass, stealing the lead from the Danish and crossing the line with a 600m+ margin of victory.

HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250 SHEARWATER   Whangarei Marina Curious (300 x 250 px)
Brits in IMOCA: An experienced group with the Vendée Globe and The Ocean Race in their sights
If you look through the list of skippers and co-skippers for the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre 2023, you will discover that the biggest representation of any nation in the race, apart from France, is from Britain.

Star Class selects Paul Cayard as President
The International Governing Committee of the Star Class has selected Paul Cayard to perform the duties of the Star Class President under Class Rule 11.1.2 through 2025.

Cup Spy Oct 17: System reset in Barcelona as breeze and seaway return to 'normal'
Only two America's Cup Challengers were reported as sailing on Tuesday in changed conditions to the day before. Two other teams sailing AC40s in One Design mode were also out off Barcelona.

Lloyd Stevenson - SYA3 300x250px   Doyle Sails 2020 - By Sailors For Sailors 300x250
Emma Rankin: Academy graduate stars in her 18ft skiff debut
Twenty four-year-old Emma Rankin is 163cm tall and weighs just 62kg, but she showed everyone, on Sydney Harbour last Sunday week, that she is up for the challenge when she led her Shaw and Partners Financial Services 18ft skiff team into fourth place.

Entries open for Sail Melbourne and Sail Sydney
Entries have opened and the Notice of Race released for two of Australia's iconic off-the-beach regattas, with Sail Melbourne and Sail Sydney now open for business.

Nautilus Marine Insurance Sydney Short Ocean Racing Championship entries take shape
Entries in Middle Harbour Yacht Club's (MHYC) 2023 Nautilus Marine Insurance Sydney Short Ocean Racing Championship (SSORC), are taking shape, so far attracting past winners, regulars and new contenders.

Nominees for World Sailing Awards 2023 revealed
World Sailing is proud to announce the nominees in this year's Rolex World Sailor of the Year, 11th Hour Racing Sustainability and Team of the Year awards.

Second IMA Mediterranean Maxi Inshore Challenge victory for Wallyño
While it was close when International Maxi Association President Benoît de Froidmont's Wallyño won the first ever edition of the IMA's Mediterranean Maxi Inshore Challenge (MMIC) in 2019, this year it wasn't.

Cup Spy Oct 16: Cup teams 'get a reality check' - Paul Goodison
Three America's Cup Challengers sailed on Monday in a very difficult seaway which was in a contrast to the flat seas and champagne sailing conditions of the previous week

Up and down, inside-out SailGP
A criticism that is often levelled at Formula 1 motor racing is that it's too predictable. One team, or more often, one driver, dominates the racing. At first glance, SailGP could be regarded in the same way.

United States overcomes adversity to take remarkable first win of Season 4 at Spain Sail Grand Prix
Jimmy Spithill and the United States claimed an emotional and remarkable first win of SailGP Season 4 at the Spain Sail Grand Prix in Cádiz, Andalucía.

Zhik 2023 September Seaboot 700 FOOTER

X-Yachts 2022 AUS SAIL FOOTER 2

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