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Henri-Lloyd 2022 December - SW LEADERBOARD

Watching sailing's magic unfurl offshore - Canada newsletter


Watching sailing's magic unfurl offshore

McConaghy 2022 - MC63p & MC75 LEADERBOARD

Sea Sure 2021 - Transom Fittings - LEADERBOARD

Mountains to port, humpbacks to starboard - photo © David Schmidt

Dear Recipient Name

One of the greatest pleasures of offshore sailing is the chance to experience nature in all of her moods and forms. I recently had the fantastic opportunity to help deliver Dark Star, the boat that won the 2022 Race to Alaska (they were racing as Team Pure and Wild) home from Ketchikan, Alaska, to Seattle, Washington, by way of Vancouver Island's west coast after the racing team's walk-away victory (it was measured in entire days).

While we had champagne-like weather for almost the entire 96-hour delivery (read: no rain, following seas and downhill wind angles), one particular evening stands out.

We left Ketchikan on the penultimate Wednesday in June, sometime around noon, and by late Friday afternoon we were somewhere off of Vancouver Island's Brooks Peninsula. This stretch of water has a well-earned reputation for delivering big conditions, but we spent the afternoon sailing in 10-12 knot, rolling seas that were a couple of feet tall and coming from our quarter, and fog.

While this made for a comfortable ride, the boat - a Paul Bieker-designed Riptide 44 - is an apparent wind machine. We were carrying a full mainsail and a cruising asymmetric kite, and the angles, the air pressure, the sea state, and Dark Star's impressive speed meant that it was easy to outrun one's apparent air.

We rifled through drivers (mea culpa: I wasn't doing a very good job of keeping the kite filled without a lot of cross track error), before Erik and Paul (Bieker) settled in for prolonged helm sessions. Our VMG spiked, our cross-track error vanished, and things felt good.

I can't remember who turned on the stereo and the cockpit speakers, but soon the tunes were flowing, bars of dark chocolate were making the rounds, and there was plenty of post-dinner coffee and tea to be had. While it was getting late, evening hadn't yet spilled over to night (remember this was at 50 degrees north latitude, roughly 96 hours after the summer solstice), and the whole crew was hanging out in the cockpit, watching Erik and Paul taking turns coming darn close to matching boatspeed with windspeed.

The fog parted to reveal Vancouver Island's jagged skyline - photo © David Schmidt
The fog parted to reveal Vancouver Island's jagged skyline - photo © David Schmidt

June July August MPU 2022   Aquaventures 2021 Nov - SeaAngel - MPU

That's when the clouds parted.

Suddenly, grand expanses of saw-tooth like peaks, still white with their coats of winter and spring snowfall, appeared off of our port board. We always knew that there were huge mountains around, but - given that we had spent the greater part of 36 hours in a fog bank - we were suddenly true believers.

A comfortable silence spilled over the cockpit, as we each took in the scene.

That's when someone noticed a whale's tail. Then, many.

Erik Kristen and Erden Eruç watching the fog clear off the Brooks Penninsula - photo © David Schmidt
Erik Kristen and Erden Eruç watching the fog clear off the Brooks Penninsula - photo © David Schmidt

Selden 2020 - Furlex electric - MPU   Allen 2022 - PSH Cam Cleat MPU

While I suspect Erik, our skipper, had been focusing on finding better wind pressure with his weather routing, he had expertly guided us to the perfect place: To port lay the expanse of Vancouver Island; to starboard (and, soon, ahead and astern) were whales. I lost count, but I'm guessing that I saw at least a dozen animals, maybe more, all swimming a northerly course.

I can only imagine what the humpbacks thought of Dark Star's slippery undercarriage and appendages, but we had plenty of time to contemplate their graceful bodies, the sheer size of their pod, and the fact that these beautiful creatures make this lonely stretch of sea their home for part of the year.

While we all knew that we needed to settle into our nighttime watch schedule, everyone stayed on deck to see the last of the dorsal fins and tails vanish.

That's when the evening stars began populating the darkening sky.

Paul Bieker driving Dark Star as the sun vanishes from the evening sky - photo © David Schmidt
Paul Bieker driving Dark Star as the sun vanishes from the evening sky - photo © David Schmidt

Hyde Sails 2022 One Design MPU   Upffront 2020 Foredeck Club SW MPU

While I live in Bellingham, Washington, a place that prides itself on its inky dark skies, my backyard has nothing on the heavenly scene that revealed itself.

If you're not familiar with this stretch of coastline, this is one of the West Coast's most desolate stretches, with no visible onshore lights, cities or towns, and not even other nearby vessels. Basically, zero light pollution.

Standing in the cockpit, looking aloft, felt like peering through our own private version of the James Webb Space Telescope... just with our bare eyes.

The sky was soon pure blackness, punctuated only by the light of so many distant stars, and we reluctantly slid back into our watch schedules.

May the four winds blow you safely home,

David Schmidt North American Editor

Vaikobi 2021 Boots - MPU   Colligo Marine 2022 - Seahorse MPU

Brian Lockwood on the 45th Annual Montana Cup Regatta
I checked in with Brian Lockwood, vice commodore of racing at the North Flathead Yacht Club, which is hosting the 45th Annual Montana Cup Regatta, via email, to learn more about this exciting Rocky Mountain regatta.

29er World Championships 2022 at El Balís, Spain - Day 1
On Monday 1st August, the 29er World Championship opened under the spanish sun in the clear waters of the Club Nàutic El Balís, Sant Andreu de Llavaneres.

Golden Globe, todos a Gijón, Spain
Sailors and their team managers are heading to the Asturian capital for the Prologue of the GGR from August 6 to 14, when they set-off in the "SITraN Challenge" to Les Sables d'Olonne, and the start of the 2022 GGR on Sept 4th.

Cyclops 2022 May MPU   Zhik 2022 Choice of Champions MPU
Global Solo Challenge - unconditional mutual support among participants
When it comes offhore yacht racing, competition itself is a challenge that can be affected by many factors, personal or external.

11th Hour Racing sets off from Newport, Rhode Island to Concarneau, France
11th Hour Racing Team has set off from its homeport of Newport, Rhode Island bound for France, after two months of community engagement and racing in the State.

WASZP - SailGP Inspire Plymouth
The UK Leg of SailGP in Plymouth turned on gorgeous conditions and huge crowds congregated on the Hoe to watch all the action. WASZP Sailors Duncan Gregor (UK/HK) and Eve Kennedy (UK) booked their spots in the Grand Final series in San Francisco.

MPU E6 question mark static   Lennon Thermalite 300x250 1
Cowes Week 2022 - Day 3
After a relaxed morning waiting for wind, Cowes Week competitors enjoyed a third successive day of glorious sailing and close racing in ideal conditions.

40th Copa del Rey MAPFRE Day 1
The Bay of Palma switched on a perfect 14kts sea breeze to open the 40th anniversary edition of the Copa del Rey MAPFRE. And though it built a little, there was more than enough going on with small shifts and changes in wind pressure.

Sam Davies - I am still getting better and am ready for the challenge of my first new boat
She has waited a long time for a new boat, but now she has it – a gleaming bright red Sam Manuard-designed flying machine, in the livery of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, and paid for by the same team of sponsors who funded her old one.

J Composites 2022 - J99 MPU   McConaghy 2022 - MC63p & MC75 MPU
Following up with Captain Donald Lawson about his Dark Seas Project
We love fast boats and cool people at Sail-World, and while the French horde many of the coolest multis, a few make it to the USA. Such was the case when Donald Lawson acquired Defiant, his ORMA 60, a pedigreed trimaran that's ready to rewrite records.

SailGP: Ainslie suggests that Chief Umpire should be "sent to the Tower"
A frustrated Sir Ben Ainslie Ainslie suggested, only half-jokingly, that the watching Duchess of Cambridge should “send him [Chief Umpire Craig Mitchell] to the Tower” after the Brits copped controversial penalty at the end of Race 5.

Henri-Lloyd Explorer shorts
The best shorts I have ever purchased" says Jonathan H. As worn by Sir Ben Ainslie and the GBR SailGP team.

Henri-Lloyd 2022 August Summer Sale - SW MPU   Marskeel 2019 600x500
Beginning a Winning
Could also have been winning from the beginning. Either way I was able to seriously consider all that it takes to get into yachting, and the very essence of the difference between being a participant, and taking home the silverware.

2022 ILCA 6 Youth World Championship at Houston Yacht Club - Overall
Three races were completed yesterday on the final day of the 2022 ILCA 6 Youth World Championship, due to the lack of racing on Day 5, and Eve McMahon of Ireland and Italy's Mattia Cesana claimed the ILCA 6 Youth World Champion titles.

Great Britain SailGP Team finish fourth in home event after controversial penalty in final cross
The thousands of home British fans lining the Plymouth Hoe and on boats out on the Plymouth Sound were treated to a spectacle today as a gradient wind contributed to thrilling SailGP racing.

Rooster 2020 - Impact BA - MPU   RS Sailing 2021 - MPU
Australia SailGP Team meet Duchess of Cambridge in Super Sunday at Great Britain Sail Grand Prix
Tom Slingsby and his Australia SailGP team have lost their winning streak, with their mates from across the ditch, New Zealand, claiming their first ever SailGP title at the Great Britain Sail Grand Prix.

Colligo Marine - Southern Ocean Tough
As many of you may know, Ryan Finn embarked on solo sail from New York to San Francisco in January of 2022.

2022 Great Britain Sail Grand Prix at Plymouth - Overall
Peter Burling breaks Australia's stranglehold on SailGP Season 3 with masterful display on Plymouth Sound after first battling the Duchess of Cambridge.

Barton Marine 2019 600x500   North Sails 2021 Innovation - MPU
Spithill remains committed to the "long game" coming out of Plymouth
The United States SailGP Team finished in seventh overall at the Great Britain Sail Grand Prix | Plymouth, but CEO and Driver Jimmy Spithill has faith that the early investment in strengthening the team's foundation will pay dividends over the season.

Highs and Lows for Team Canada in the Great Britain Sail Grand Prix at Plymouth
Challenging conditions in the third event of SailGP Season 3 put Phil Robertson and his crew to the test at the Great Britain Sail Grand Prix - Plymouth this weekend. The team was strong out of the gates with a win in Race 1.

Kiwis win first SailGP Final almost a decade on from their first Olympic Medal win.
The NZSailGP team won their first ever SailGP Final, dominating two of three tense races on Plymouth Sound. The Kiwis fought hard in difficult wind pressure as the F50's dropped on and off their foils, requiring careful boat positioning.

Sea Sure 2020 - MPU   SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-melges
Perfect tops for the summer
Low bulk and lightweight 2.5 layer technology make these tops breathable and yet waterproof as well. Both tops are perfect for those wet windy but hot days when you don't need an Aquafleece.

Convincing the winner - looking back at the 2002 and 2003 JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff World Championships
There were 'sail-off' races to determine the overall winner of the 1969 and 1978 JJ Giltinan World Championship regattas, but two contests held on Sydney Harbour in 2003 and 2004 produced the most amazing finales to determine the winner of each one.

Gladwell's Line: Have the Kiwis finally 'Cracked the SailGP Code?'
After failing to fire in a consistent way for Season 2 and the two events so far in Season 3 of SailGP. But on Day 1 of SailGP Great Britain the Kiwi team appeared to have turned the corner - and repeated the performance on Day 2, winning the Final 250 - 2014   Hella Dual Colour Floodlights - 300x250px - 001 gif
55th Governor's Cup Overall
New Zealand's Jordan Stevenson, Mitch Jackson, and George Angus Win 55th Governor's Cup International Youth Match Racing Championship 3-1 over defending champion.

"Whitecap": the Canadian sailing podcast - New episode now available with Tom Ramshaw
The 3rd episode of "Whitecap", the Canadian sailing podcast, is now available, featuring two-time Canadian Olympian and Canada SailGP Team member Tom Ramshaw.

Project Land Speed: Explaining the power of the pod
Emirates Team New Zealand's Tim Meldrum explains how the pod is used on Horonuku to optimise weight carried depending on the windspeed.

Armstrong-FG-1 300x250   Lloyd Stevenson Catalyst 45 300x250px3
Ready to Race in Plymouth
Henri-Lloyd are proud to support the Great Britain SailGP Team with a technical partnership built on the belief that performance doesn't need to be compromised by a commitment to delivering sustainable goals.

Episode 3 of the World Sailing Show shines spotlight on the Para Sailing reinstatement campaign
Episode 3 of the relaunched World Sailing Show premieres on 29 July with an update on the campaign for the reinstatement of sailing to the LA28 Paralympics, and the importance of providing Para Sailors with opportunities to compete at the highest level.

RS Feva World Championship 2022 at Weymouth & Portland Sailing Academy, England
The RS Feva World Championship 2022 was a true roller-coaster of fabulous sailing, great socials and wonderful experiences for all involved.

RS Aero Youth World Championship at the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy - Overall
The final day of the RS Aero Youth World Championship dawned with a calm Harbour drenched in wonderful sunshine. After a short postponement the fleet was sent afloat for the last two races to decide the final positions.

Vaikobi Footwear collection 2022
The Vaikobi footwear range has been designed to support your feet with lightweight and flexible grip technology. Go further, perform better with boots and socks built for watersports.

New lines add to the Henri-Lloyd Summer Sale
New lines have been added to the Henri-Lloyd Summer Sale. Explore even more of your favourite Henri-Lloyd styles with up to 50% off.

Clipper Race - It's a wrap on Race 15
The final race of the Clipper 2019-20 Race is complete. Due to the slow progress of the fleet after it faced adverse race conditions, the Race 15 Course was shortened.

Adelaide Sailing Club to host ILCA World Championships in 2024
The Adelaide Sailing Club has been chosen to host the ILCA World Championships in January 2024, bringing one of sailing's most high-profile events to South Australia.

Chasing Tokyo documentary reveals rollercoaster journey of British Olympic sailors
The rollercoaster journey of the British Sailing Team and its Tokyo 2020 athletes is revealed in new behind-the-scenes film Chasing Tokyo, now released.

Swiss SailGP Team is gearing up to race at its first ever European event
Switzerland SailGP Team is gearing up to compete at the team's first European event, the Great Britain Sail Grand Prix in Plymouth, taking place July 30 and 31.

Nominations now open for 2022 World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award
Nominations are now open for this year's World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award, the fifth edition of the highest recognition of success in marine sustainability.

Planet Sail Episode 20: A Hell of a Start to Summer
After two years of uncertainty there is no doubt that this year the sailing season is well under way. It's been a very busy and exciting summer so far with a huge range of events filling the calendar to bursting point.

Debi Schoenherr on the 61st Annual Ugotta Regatta and One Design Series
I checked in with Debi Schoenherr, regatta chair of the 61st Annual Ugotta Regatta and One Design Series, via email, to learn more about this classic Lake Michigan keelboat regatta.

Bart's Bash 2022 Event Guide
The Bart's Bash 2022 Event Guide is now available to download! Inside you will find lots of great hints and tips on how to sign up and organise your Bart's Bash Race, along with inspiring stories and ideas to help you fundraise.

Marine Resources latest jobs: Curious to see what else is out there right now?
Curious to see what else is out there right now? Companies are currently hiring at record rates, so now is the time to keep your eyes peeled for your dream career. Don't stand on the sidelines. Get involved with your future now.

Zhik's Paddle Pants for a summer of watersports
The new Zhik Microfleece Paddle Pants are a multi-purpose legging for paddling, boards and are ideal for kite foiling. And, they are equally at home as a neat choice for dinghy sailing in a lively summer sea breeze.

Puerto Portals 52 Super Series Sailing Week - Overall
The Plattner family's South African flagged Phoenix laid to rest the ghosts of November past when they today clinched the third regatta title of the 2022 52 SUPER SERIES season which finished in perfect 17-20kts NE'ly offshore breezes.

Holly Paterson on the 2022 Camden Classic Cup
I checked in with Holly Paterson, event director of the 2022 Camden Classic Cup, via email, to learn more about this exciting classic- and modern-yacht regatta.

Through the eye of a needle
Saturday was a day which will live in the memories of many of the youth sailors at my home club of Keyhaven for a long time, for all the right reasons.

Selden 2020 - FOOTER

North Sails 2021 Innovation - FOOTER

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