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How deep is your love?

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Selden 2020 - LEADERBOARD

Volvo Ocean Race Leg 2, Lisbon to Cape Town, day 13, on board MAPFRE, Pablo Arrarte, Xabi Fernandez and Blair Tuke laughing - photo © Ugo Fonolla / Volvo Ocean Race

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Some will know this as a Bee Gees or Take That song, and those of a younger generation will know it as a Calvin Harris track; either way, it is vital to making sailing a life-long pastime.

Sailing - both literally and figuratively - is a journey, and sailors go through many stages in the types of sailing they do. Keeping the love of the sport throughout is what fuels the desire to get out on the water as much as possible.

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GWA Wingfoil World Cup Lanzarote day 2 - photo © Svetlana Romantsova
GWA Wingfoil World Cup Lanzarote day 2 - photo © Svetlana Romantsova

I've often said it before, but feel more than happy to reiterate it: we are incredibly lucky to be involved in such a diverse sport. The range of activities we can take part in on the water is so wide, and the options seem to grow day-by-day. Wingfoiling is one of the latest disciplines to enjoy an explosion of popularity on one hand, and then at the same time shorthanded keelboat sailing is also continuing its meteoric rise.

Disko Trooper Contender Sailcloth heads to sea in the 2021 Sydney Hobart Race - photo © Bow Caddy Media
Disko Trooper Contender Sailcloth heads to sea in the 2021 Sydney Hobart Race - photo © Bow Caddy Media

Cyclops 2022 May MPU   Colligo Marine 2022 - Seahorse MPU

Even in the same type of boat, the options available are manifold. Take the Merlin Rocket class in the UK as an example, where the fleet enjoys racing nearly every weekend in their Silver Tiller Series, using river, lake and sea locations throughout the country for their venues, has a Nationals with conventional championship courses, yet also has Salcombe Week, where the courses are anything but standard and the fixed startline can be described as 'unpredictable' at best!

A busy startline on day 4 at Sharps Doom Bar Salcombe Merlin Week - photo © David Henshall
A busy startline on day 4 at Sharps Doom Bar Salcombe Merlin Week - photo © David Henshall

For the youth there are so many choices. The keen, and those who are pushed, can go the squad routes, qualifying through their regional events to try and get in their local and national teams. For these sailors, and their parents, weekends are mostly spent getting up early and heading off for the next regatta with the boat on the back of the car, completing a series of six or so races, collecting a trophy if the event goes well, packing up and trying to get some rest before the school week starts, whilst dreaming of taking part in the Olympics.

Volvo 29er European Championship - Day 5 - photo © Mogens Hansen
Volvo 29er European Championship - Day 5 - photo © Mogens Hansen

Zhik 2022 Choice of Champions MPU   McConaghy 2022 - MC63p & MC75 MPU

There are of course only so many places in National teams, and only one team in each class can go on to represent their country at the Games, so there are inevitably those who drop out of competing at the highest level - this is where their love of the sport is essential. If all you know is competition, then the feeling of failure can be all-pervading, leading to leaving the sport altogether. Those who grew up loving sailing, messing about in boats while gradually being introduced to the competitive element, understand how not 'making the grade' isn't failure, it's reaching your own pinnacle, which then leads to so many other of the routes which sailing can provide.

WASZP Pre-Games on Lake Garda - photo © James Tomlinson
WASZP Pre-Games on Lake Garda - photo © James Tomlinson

The foiling WASZP class is a great newer example of one of those alternative routes that competitive sailing can provide. It still has the high-level competition at some stunning venues, but has a more relaxed vibe and ethos. Right now, over 170 of them have congregated at Lake Garda, Italy for the WASZP Games. The fleet is colourful and truly international, and the racing is contemporary, starting off with slalom sailing, as well as the more usual windward-leeward courses.

The class is also a great feeder to the International Moth, where the chance to race with the very best is plentiful - including Olympic champions and America's Cup winners- showing that sailors' routes can converge as well as diverge.

Sea Sure 2021 - FLO - MPU   Selden 2020 - SMF - MPU

Salcombe Gin Merlin Rocket Week Day 3 - photo © Lucy Burn
Salcombe Gin Merlin Rocket Week Day 3 - photo © Lucy Burn

Going back to the Merlin Rockets, the same convergence happens. Take a look down the results sheet and you'll see Olympic medallists aplenty, such as Luke Patience and Stu Bithell, mixing it up with mates they grow up with and weekend warriors alike.

What if all you've known is squad racing and you haven't been brought up on throwing seaweed at your friends and seeing how many times you can capsize in a minute? You can find that love for sailing at any point, so don't give up just because someone else made the cut for the Youth Worlds (which also happens to be going on this week at The Hague). Try some of the cornucopia of other opportunities sailing offers us, and find what brings you joy.

The Ocean Globe Race is scheduled to start in September 2023 from Europe - photo © Ocean Globe Race
The Ocean Globe Race is scheduled to start in September 2023 from Europe - photo © Ocean Globe Race

Moving to the world of offshore sailing, we've seen an explosion of interest in amateur round-the-world sailing with events such as the Golden Globe Race 2022, starting on 4th September, and the Ocean Globe Race 2023 which will set sail on 10th September next year. Both of these races have had no shortage of entries, although some of the Golden Globe Race competitors have been forced to retire before actually reaching the start line.

Vaikobi 2021 Boots - MPU   Rooster 2020 - Impact BA - MPU

Steinlager 2 - Finish 1989/90 Whitbread Round the World Race - Southampton - photo © Barry Pickthall / PPL
Steinlager 2 - Finish 1989/90 Whitbread Round the World Race - Southampton - photo © Barry Pickthall / PPL

The Ocean Globe Race marks the 50th anniversary of the Whitbread Round the World Race, and very much goes back to the roots of what the original event was all about. The Whitbread became more and more professional, subsequently becoming the Volvo Ocean Race, and was the pinnacle of fully-crewed offshore sailing, but now without a headline sponsor just 188 days before the start, The Ocean Race as it is simply known seems to be a shadow of its former self. The website proudly lists fourteen IMOCA teams and seven VO65 teams who have paid the 5000 Euro entry fee, but bar a few teams, news from the event has been scant.

I hope I'm wrong on this, and that the event is a roaring success with all these teams competing and more, but the signs are ominous, particularly with the situation the world is facing right now. The Ocean Race is important for sailing and during its high points has provided incredible exposure to the wider world.

Upffront 2020 Foredeck Club SW MPU   RS Sailing 2021 - MPU

Jérémie Beyou's new Charal 2 IMOCA is launched - photo © Eloi Stichelbaut
Jérémie Beyou's new Charal 2 IMOCA is launched - photo © Eloi Stichelbaut

Are sailors and sponsors falling out of love with fully-crewed professional offshore sailing? Is the success of the Vendée Globe taking the limelight? Quite possibly yes to the first question and most definitely the second. You only have to see the effort that goes into the launches of the latest IMOCA designs, such as Charal 2, ahead of the 2024 Vendée Globe to see just how popular the event is, particularly in France.

Sailing is peaks and troughs, highs and lows, ecstasy and agony, as well as a smorgasbord of everything in-between. You can love it at times, and hate it at others, and sometimes just seconds separate the two emotions, but ensure that you have that deep love of sailing which comes from just being out on the water and taking in how lucky we are.

Mark Jardine and Managing Editor

Lennon Thermalite 300x250 1   North Sails 2021 Innovation - MPU

Reflections on the 5.5 Metre World Championship in Hankø
Jean Genie has become the first British boat in history to win either of these major events and the first boat that was not a Sebastien Schmidt designed and Wilke built boat to win the world championship since 1998.

WASZP Pre-Games at Fraglia Vela Malcesine
The preparation is now complete for an event three years in the making, excitement is at fever pitch on the ground in Malcesine on Lake Garda as 170+ WASZPs prepare for battle at the International WASZP Games.

Ten Hove & Millen the top Canadians with a 7th-place finish at 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 Europeans
Ali Ten Hove (Kingston, ON) and Mariah Millen (Toronto, ON) were the top Canadian team in the 49erFX class with a 7th-place finish at the 2022 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 European Championships which ended Sunday in Aarhus, Denmark.

Aquaventures 2021 Nov - SeaAngel - MPU   Barton Marine 2019 600x500
2022 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 Europeans - Day 6 - Medalists decided
Racing has concluded in the weather disrupted combined European Championships for the 49er, 49er FX and Nacra 17 classes at Aarhus, Denmark. Tokyo2020 Gold medalists Ruggero Tita & Caterina Banti (Nacra 17) turned in an outstanding performance.

Allianz Youth World Sailing Championships in The Hague - Day 1
The Youth iQFOiL lit up the race course for the first time in the 51-year history of the Allianz Youth World Sailing Championships in The Hague today.

Project Speed: Wet lake causes programme to slide back by a few weeks
It would come as no surprise that a lake would normally have water in it. But what is surprising is that Lake Gairdner, the usually bone dry salt lake in South Australia, currently has a somewhat inconvenient amount of water in it.

Hyde Sails 2017 March 300x250   Allen 2020 - A.597 - 600x500
18ft Skiffs: Fisher & Paykel - A successful 18 footers return for a familiar name
Over the years, the Australian 18 Footers League has had a number of wonderful relationships with many of its sponsorship supporting companies and their individual owners and representatives, and the recent 2021-22 season produced the latest situation

Global Solo Challenge: What do you have to do when crossing the equator?
Crossing the equator per se is not a difficult task, stable trade winds make the moment joyful. Tradition has it that an alcoholic drink is offered to Neptune to secure a safe journey ahead.

SSL Gold Cup goes live on Twitch and virtual with the e-SSL Gold Cup
The SSL Gold Cup, the Football World Cup... in Sailing, will be now be accessible on Twitch from Tuesday, July 12th, to become one the first Sailing events to be present on the fastest growing live broadcast and gaming platform.

MPU E6 question mark static   J Composites 2022 - J99 MPU
Sponsors come aboard as entries surge for Gul Fireball Worlds 2022 at Lough Derg YC
A surge in entries before the main closing date for the Gul Fireball Worlds at LDYC on Thursday saw entries reach 75 boats. Earlier in the week additional sponsors GUL and Failte Ireland came on board, joining Carrickcraft and Tipperary Co Council.

Race 14: LegenDerry Finale - Scoring Gate victory for GoToBermuda
As the temperature drops for the fleet sailing across the North Atlantic in the penultimate race of the global circuit, the hunt for points has heated up in Race 14: LegenDerry Finale.

2023 RORC Transatlantic Race - Entries open and Notice of Race available
The ninth edition of the race will once again be supported by Calero Marinas, with the fleet setting off from Marina Lanzarote in the heart of Arrecife, Canary Islands where competitors will experience the usual warm welcome and superb send-off.

Sail GP GBR x Henri-Lloyd 2022 SW   Predictwind - Iridium 250
Pieter-Jan Postma lifts Finn World Masters title in Helsinki
Just two months after winning his first ever Finn Gold Cup, Pieter-Jan Postma, from The Netherlands, has become the first person in history to also win the Finn World Masters in the same year.

All set for summer...
With the weather heating up, Henri-Lloyd have put together a selection of favourite styles so you can make the most of the sunshine in style and comfort.

Interview with Gilles Chiorri - Rupert Holmes talks to the Pro Sailing Tour race director
Rupert Holmes talked to Pro Sailing Tour race director Gilles Chiorri as the fleet set out from Cowes on the final 950 mile race of this year's championship.

SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_52-SS_300X250   Armstrong-FG-4 300x250
A new boat and the force driving Jérémie Beyou back to the Vendée Globe
Having started four Vendée Globes and finished two of them, once on the podium in third place, once after starting a second time nine days late, you would think that Jérémie Beyou had done enough. But not so.

Letter from the Antipodes: Kiwi's COVID time-out ends OK..Cup base shift.. Youth and Womens AC
The effect of a nearly three-year exclusion from the international racing scene has been answered over the past few days, with strong performances by Kiwi sailors, in several World and European championships.

Marine Resources latest jobs: We believe it's always best to keep your options open
Did you know that you can look at new jobs, even if you aren't currently searching? We believe it's always best to keep your options open.

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Strong international line-up for next week's Lagos GC32 World Championship
Following on from mid-June's GC32 Lagos Cup, the GC32 World Championship, annual highlight of the GC32 Racing Tour and the only official World Sailing-endorsed championship for foiling catamaran 'yachts', will take place over 13-17 July in Lagos, Portugal

New Allen Product Range: DB Deck Organisers
Lead or divert control lines and halyards with minimal friction. The Allen DB deck organiser range is available in 20, 30 and 40mm sheave sizes. All feature two lightweight aluminium cheeks, three dynamic bearing sheaves, a becket and nuts and bolts.

ORC Double Handed World Championship at Royal Swedish Yacht Club - Overall
Here at the Royal Swedish Yacht Club at the first-ever ORC Double Handed World Championship three new World Champions have been crowned for each of the three classes competing in the KSSS's Gotland Runt race, the world's largest annual offshore race.

Sail Canada On Deck: Allan Clark
Allan Clark won a gold medal at the 2022 ILCA 6 Masters World Championship in Mexico and finished 6th at the ILCA 7 event.

J-Cup 2022: The Numbers Don't Lie
The dust has settled on another instalment of the UK's most competitive J-Boat regatta - the J-Cup. Two of the most hotly contested fleets, the J/70 and J/111 used the event as their National Championships, so racing was as hard-fought as ever

Beth Fleisher on the 51st world's longest Sunfish race
I checked in with Beth Fleisher, event chair of the 51st annual running of the World's Longest Sunfish Race, via email, to learn more about this adventure-minded One Design event.

In two months, the predecessor of the Vendée Globe will set off from Les Sables d'Olonne
Inspired by the first single-handed round the world race in 1968, the Golden Globe Race, a single-handed race with no assistance, no GPS or electronics on board, will set off from Les Sables d'Olonne on the 4th September.

Over 220 entries from 26 countries registered for the 29er World Championship
Just one month away, the championship has over 220 entries from 26 different countries and will be a spectacular assembly of the Worlds' best 29er sailors.

5.5 Metre World Championship at Hankø Yacht Club - Overall
Peter Morton's Jean Genie (GBR 42, Elliot Hanson, Andrew Palfrey, Sam Haines), designed by David Hollom, and built in Cowes, UK, has won the 5.5 Metre World Championship in Hankø, Norway, on Tuesday, after winning both races on the final day.

World Sailing reaches 'pivotal moment' with LA28 Paralympic Games bid
World Sailing, the world governing body for the sport, has reached a major milestone in its Paralympic quest by submitting the official application for inclusion in the Los Angeles 2028 Paralympic Games.

Helen Hodgson on the 2022 Sail Canada Women's Keelboat Championships
I checked in with Helen Hodgson, regatta director of the 2022 Sail Canada Women's Keelboat Championships, via email, to learn more about this exciting championship-level regatta.

Barton Marine Summer 22 Newsline
In the UK, the longest day of the year is upon us, and summer has officially begun. Sailing regattas are in full swing across the Northern Hemisphere and headline events, like the famous Round the Island Race, are back for all to enjoy.

Rolex TP52 World Championship Cascais achieves Clean Regattas Platinum Award
The recent Rolex TP52 World Championship Cascais 2022 which was the second regatta of the 52 Super Series 2022 season, achieved the highest Clean Regattas sustainability award ever to be presented in Portugal by Sailors For The Sea Portugal.

Shirley Robertson talks with three times America's Cup winner Tom Whidden
Tom Whidden's lighthearted and amicable style is wonderful to listen to, as he discusses his long sailing career. There are Dennis Conner stories aplenty, including his much talked about "plastic boat" quote of the 1987 Challenger Series campaign.

Vaikobi partners with Brett Beyer on dinghy product development
One of the world's most awarded ILCA / Laser sailors Brett Beyer has just claimed another victory, winning the ILCA Masters World Championship in Mexico for a record 14th time!

Vaikobi 2021 Boots - FOOTER

Cyclops 2022 May FOOTER

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