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Selden 2020 - LEADERBOARD

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The big question

Pantaenius 2021 AUS Seagull LEADERBOARD

Zhik 2021 Medal Mania LEADERBOARD

The first new flying IMOCA launched with the Ocean Race in mind - One of two boats entered by 11th Hour Racing - photo © Amory Ross / 11th Hour Racing

Dear Recipient Name

And that would be, 'Who will win?' Now for the moment we are not talking Olympics, but rather World Sailing's 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award. So it could be you, your club, class, federation, company or your regatta that gets the nod. The trick is that you have to get your nominations in by September 10, 2021. N.B. It's August now... (so do get a wiggle on please).

Now the award has only been around since 2018, and has already attracted over 100 entries in total, so you're kind of in with a one in 33 chance, which is not so bad in this type of thing. It is all built around World Sailing's Sustainability Agenda 2030 and you can download that here.

It's all about celebrating the effective execution of high-impact, highly replicable sustainability initiatives aligned to that agenda, and it is all about the achievement itself, not the scale of the programme undertaken. Last year Starboard won it for reclaiming 1.1kg of plastic for every board produced through their Plastic Offset Program. The previous year was The Green Blue/RYA, and the inaugural year went to the Corpus Christi Yacht Club (Texas) for the way they delivered the 2018 Youth Sailing World Championships. So as you can see the recipients are as wide and varied as the very problem this award is taking aim at.

Ensign 2021 Sail MPU   CDI 2021 / 600x500

RYA wins World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award in Bermuda - photo © RYA
RYA wins World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award in Bermuda - photo © RYA

An expert panel of World Sailing officials, 11th Hour Racing staff and sustainability experts will assess the nominations and decide on a shortlist of four. Just last year a public vote section was included in the calculations, and this will open on 1 October 2021, and the winner will then be announced at the 2021 World Sailing Awards.

This is something definitely gaining more than traction, as people realise it is mission critical. 350 sailors from 65 nations assembled at Enoshima for the Olympic Games and all understood the importance of ensuring a sustainable future for our sport via protection of the world's waterways. What benefits our sport also provides better options for future generations of sports men and women.

One who is very keen to see single use plastic removed from our daily lives is 2012 Silver Medallist and 2016 Gold Medallist, GBR's Hannah Mills. "Protecting and preserving the world's waterways, the oceans, rivers, lakes, dams, everything is incredibly important. The ocean in particular sustains all of us. It sustains all life on Earth and produces 50% of the oxygen we breathe, and it's a massive carbon sink. So, all that CO2 we're producing, it absorbs a lot of it, but it's struggling, and our actions are essentially killing it. And without the ocean, we won't be here. So what more is that to say? It is it's imperative to human life."

38 South - Sun Fast 3300 - MPU   Colligo 2021 MPU

Marlow pioneers in using Recycled-based Dyneema for 11th Hour Racing Team Grand Prix Ropes - photo © Marlow Ropes
Marlow pioneers in using Recycled-based Dyneema for 11th Hour Racing Team Grand Prix Ropes - photo © Marlow Ropes

"I think sport has a huge role to play in terms of accelerating the change we need to combat climate change. And I think sailing is really well positioned to do that through ocean racing to inshore racing at the Olympics. Encouraging more people to start their journey in terms of understanding the sustainability challenges would be an amazing thing." QED me thinks... Key date to remember, September 10, 2021.

Who's open? Who's not! And when will they be???

Ah yes. Mighty big question the latter. As for the former ones, well that is a lap of the gods sort of thing. Sydney no, Melbourne sort of, and Brisbane not right now... Prior to Brisbane and SE Queensland having a snap lockdown, I had been reviewing the whole migratory boats and crew thing, and impact that this could have on Race Weeks like Airlie Beach and the ubiquitous Hamilton Island, and then discussing it with people like Rob Mundle.

Glenn Bourke manages the island, and said to me, "Our ambition has always been to hold it if we can. We can all do with the fun. We've been looking for Queensland based race management to help out with the load, but a final decision has not been made. We want to offer a low key regatta in context of 'if you can make it, we'll run it', so we'll see how it pans out."

Flagstaff 2020 - Excess 12 - MPU   Vaikobi 2021 FlexForce - MPU

Glenn Bourke during the 2019 Australian Sailing Awards Dinner at the Soffitel, Darling Harbour - photo © Gregg Porteous
Glenn Bourke during the 2019 Australian Sailing Awards Dinner at the Soffitel, Darling Harbour - photo © Gregg Porteous

Just like any good, close race with a photo finish, you can take it all as, Decision Pending! If the Queensland thing goes well South, then all bets could be off. If it the lockdown works, then they'll keep rolling.

Glenn Bourke is also the spiritual grandfather, or esteemed deity of the Laser squad here in Australia. I spoke with him immediately after Matt Wearn's success at Enoshima. "It is great inspiration on many levels. To think that the competition we had back in the day has set the tone for things to come is terrific. When I look at the boats, their beauty and simplicity, and how that makes it all become a true test of the sailor - I love that."

Webasto AUS 2020 MPU 1   Zhik 2021 Medal Mania MPU

2020 (21) Olympic Games - ILCA7 Gold Medallist - Matt Wearn AUS - photo © Sailing Energy / World Sailing
2020 (21) Olympic Games - ILCA7 Gold Medallist - Matt Wearn AUS - photo © Sailing Energy / World Sailing

"It is wonderful to be a part of the dynasty, and I am delighted the competition has kept rolling for all this time. Wearn was fun to watch, and the coverage on the boat, on the course, the graphics, and to see the decisions being made real time just makes me want to go back and sail again. I have real passion rekindled by these guys. Simply brilliant for Matt and the country. So delighted for him and his team. How proud are you as an Australian?"

"Winning helps your confidence for sure. This sort of thing opens up so many opportunities all across the board, and will be just one of many great things to come for Matt."

Harken AUS 2021 - MPU   Marine Auctions 2019 600x500

Matt Wearn wins Gold at Tokyo Games - photo © Sailing Energy World Sailing
Matt Wearn wins Gold at Tokyo Games - photo © Sailing Energy World Sailing

"What a joy, and all credit to him to be able to sail the final the way that he did. Hopefully young kids saw it, and get inspired to be the next generation to come. I have been watching them all on Pittwater this week, and I know why they're out there..."

Actually it's no question

Wearny has really done something special here after a less than auspicious start to his regatta. A broken vang and the odd turn makes for lowly places in the fleet racing. After securing a 22 point advantage I was asked by non-sailors what it all meant, and I said to them, to be where he is now is the equivalent of showing up to the pool for the final, and all he has to do is get to the other end and collect the Gold he so thoroughly deserves. WOW!

Navico AUS Zeus3S MPU   North Sails 2021 MPU

Michael Blackburn - photo © Beau Outteridge
Michael Blackburn - photo © Beau Outteridge

As we just saw, the legacy in this class for Australia goes back to Glenn Bourke, the super sharp and determined Michael Blackburn (who is Matt Wearn's coach now), then the legendary Tom Slingsby, and the ultra-talented Tom Burton. Matt Wearn joins a very, very special class of sailors and Australians. Hats off to him and the Australian Sailing Team for making it happen again. Respect.

Rolly Tasker Sails 2021 v2 - 600x500   Vetus-Maxwell 2020

AST Laser representative, Matt Wearn, giving it his all during training - photo © John Curnow
AST Laser representative, Matt Wearn, giving it his all during training - photo © John Curnow

You could say that it is only possible because of all the sailors underneath who elevate the named sailor to go on to do their best, and one day may get their turn at the top.... So take a bow Luke Elliott, Mitch Kennedy, Finn Alexander et al.

I have been afforded marvellous access to the AST in the lead up to these Games, for which I am so utterly grateful. They are a Class Act throughout the eight boats they competed in, and there is no doubt that this is a direct result of the esprit de corps created by the Big Fella, who has the title, Tokyo Olympic Campaign Director, and is named Iain Murray.

Race Yachts 2021 600x500 v2   Sail Exchange 300x250 2

Australian Sailing Royalty - John Bertrand AO and Iain Murray AM at the 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 World Championships - photo © John Curnow
Australian Sailing Royalty - John Bertrand AO and Iain Murray AM at the 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 World Championships - photo © John Curnow

Right oh - there is plenty of information on the group's sites for you to review when you can. Please avail yourself of it.

Now if your class or association is generating material, please submit your material. Got this newsletter from a friend? Would you like your own copy next week? Just follow the instructions on our newsletter page. Whilst there, you can also register for other editions, like Powerboat-World.

Finally, many thanks for making Sail-World your go-to choice. We're always here to keep pumping out the news. Stay safe, and enjoy your time on the water.

John Curnow
Editor, Sail-World AUS

Pantaenius 2021 AUS Sailing MPU   Team Windcraft 2021 - Dehler - MPU

Cowes Week 2021 Day 2
Competitors had an easier second day at Cowes Week, with shorter courses and predominately wind with tide conditions giving a dry ride.

Tokyo2020: Images from Day 8 - Laser, Laser Radial and Nacra 17
Images from Day 8 of the Tokyo2020 Olympic Regatta featuring the Medal Race for the Mens Laser and Womens Laser Radial, plus the Nacra 17's finish their qualifying.

Finns keep it tight into final medal race showdown at Tokyo 2020
Six sailors will go into the Finn medal race at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on Tuesday with a shot at a medal after the final day of the opening series on Sunday.

Boat Books Australia   ALT Composities 2020 West System 1 - 300x250
Tokyo2020: Enoshima was a happy hunting ground for the Kiwis at '64 Olympics
Just under 60 years ago, New Zealand won its second ever sailing Gold medal in the 1964 Olympic Regatta staged at Enoshima. Tomorrow, we will know if New Zealand sailors are able to emulate this feat.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition - Day 8
Great weather returned to Enoshima for Sunday, with sunshine and moderate winds for the sailors to really stretch their legs and put some physicality back into their racing after the light-wind stress of the past two days.

Australia's Matt Wearn wins Laser Gold at Tokyo Olympics
Matt Wearn has maintained Australia's Olympic dominance in the Laser, today winning the nation's third consecutive gold medal in the class.

J Composites 2020 - MPU   X-Yachts Xp50 300x250
Fremantle sailor Matt Wearn wins Gold at Tokyo Games
Fremantle Sailing Club are immensely proud and pleased to join in the announcements and congratulate Matt Wearn in winning Gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in the Men's Laser Class.

2021 ILCA 6 Youth World Championships at Circolo Vela Arco - Overall
After a short delay to allow the Lake Garda thermal wind to develop, two races were competed for the Gold Fleets for the final day of the 2021 ILCA 6 Youth Worlds.

Denmark wins gold in Women's Laser Radial at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition
Anne-Marie Rindom (DEN) has won gold in the Women's One Person Dinghy - Laser Radial with Josefin Olsson (SWE) taking silver and Marit Bouwmeester (NED) bronze.

upffront2021 Summer Offers MPU   11th Hour Racing 2021 - MPU
Australia wins gold in Men's Laser at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition
Matt Wearn (AUS) has won gold in the Men's One Person Dinghy - Laser with Tonci Stipanovic (CRO) taking silver and Hermann Tomasgaard (NOR) bronze.

Colligo Marine Spinnaker Furler Systems
Top Down style spinnaker furlers use a torsionally stiff "Torque Rope" to transmit torque up from the lower drive end of the furler to the head of the sail allowing the sail to be furled from the top down.

GC32 Lagos Cup 2 - Day 3
Even before everyone arrived in the Algarve for round 2 of the GC32 Lagos Cup, forecasts were predicting big conditions for Saturday. Anticipating this, yesterday the race committee made the call to start racing three hours early at 1000.

Predictwind - Iridium 250   Cyclops 2020 - Dec2020 - MPU
2021 Governor's Cup International Youth Match Racing Championship at Balboa Yacht Club - Overall
Balboa YC's Petersen, Brennan, and Mais prevail at the 54th Governor's Cup 3-2 over Emil Kjaer's Royal Danish YC team — including one of the best match races in memory.

Matt Wearn's Olympic Medal Race to be broadcast at 1530 AEST
Australia's Matt Wearn will sail into Olympic history this afternoon. The Western Australian just needs to complete the Laser Class Medal Race to be assured of the gold medal, as he comes into the race with an insurmountable 22-point lead.

Tokyo2020: Dutch win third successive Gold medal in Mens RS:X
Kiran Badloe's (NED) Gold medal win in the RS:X - was a third Gold medal for his coach Aaron McIntosh (NZL), and sits well alongside his 2000 Olympic Bronze medal, in the Mens windsurfer.

C-Tech 2020 C-Tech 300x250   Rooster 2020 - Impact BA - AUS MPU
Junior wins the day while Scott extends on fickle day in Sagami Bay
Double America's Cup winner and 2019 Finn World Champion, Josh Junior, from New Zealand, made the best out of the extremely fickle fourth day for Finns at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Australians sail into medal contention at Tokyo Olympics
Australia's Nacra 17 team of Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin will hit tomorrow's final fleet races knowing that another set of strong results will set them up to secure their second consecutive Olympic Medal.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition - Day 7
We thought the three-way battle for the Women's Windsurfing - RS:X medal was exciting but then there was perhaps one of the craziest, most unpredictable Medal Races of all time in the Men's division.

Saffier 300 x 250px SE37 Lounge   Sailing Connex - Sailor Sunscreen - MPU
The Netherlands wins gold in Men's Windsurfer at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition
Kiran Badloe (NED) has won gold in the Men's Windsurfer - RS:X with France taking silver and China bronze.

China wins gold in Women's Windsurfer at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition
Yunxiu Lu (CHN) has won gold in the Women's Windsurfer – RS:X after a tense three-way battle in the Medal Race.

North Sails J/70 Worlds Webinar - You're Invited!
The 2021 J/70 World Championship starts next Saturday at California Yacht Club, and the North Sails Class Experts invite you to join our live, race-prep webinar on Tuesday, August 3rd, at 8:00 PM ET.

Selden 2020 - SMF - MPU   Doyle Sails 2020 - By Sailors For Sailors 300x250
Tokyo2020: Plenty of difficult questions asked on Day 6
While in a couple of situations, sailors have secured Gold medals, overall there was a levelling of the leaderboards - potentially making for a tense round of Medal racing

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition - Day 6
Matt Wearn has wrapped up the gold medal in the Men's One Person Dinghy - Laser at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition, making him the third consecutive Australian to have achieved the feat.

Finns at the half way stage in Tokyo 2020
After six races the Finn fleet is having a day off at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition. Racing resumes Saturday with early forecasts showing some light winds for the next few days, which could introduce some new elements to the competition.

Get My Boat 2021 MPU   HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-solaris-68
2021 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race surpasses 50th entry milestone
The 2021 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race has reached its first major milestone, with more than 50 boats already part of a growing fleet for the return of the Great Race.

Tokyo2020: Two 49er crews disqualified from two races after spot measurement check
Two crews sailing in the 49er class were disqualified last night, after being found to have trapeze belts that were slightly over the allowed weight.

Tokyo2020 - Burling, Belcher and the Kiwi 470 crew reflect on a day of contrasts
Netherlands seem to be assured of their first Gold medal going into the Medal race, and their coach, his third. Peter Burling, Matt Belcher and the Kiwi 470 team give their thoughts on Day 5's racing, and why it paid to be greedy

Sea Sure 2021 - FLO - MPU   RS Sailing 2021 - MPU
Global Solo Challenge - Cape of Good Hope: the route to the Cape of Storms
The Cape of Good Hope was initially called Cape of Storms by the navigator Dias who first reached it, without being able to round it, arriving from Europe.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition - Day 5
There were tears of joy and anguish on the boat park on the fifth day of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition as Kiran Badloe (NED) put one hand on the Men's Windsurfer - RS:X gold medal.

New articulating blocks from Allen
Introducing a new concept for double and triple blocks from performance hardware manufacturer, Allen. The Articulating block range.

Henr-Lloyd BLU MPU   Highfield Boats - SW - MPU
Tokyo2020: British look set for another very good Olympics
The sight of the Union Jack at the front of the Tokyo2020 fleets is becoming more familiar with each passing day in the Tokyo2020 Olympic Regatta, being staged at Enoshima.

New J/45 undergoes sailing trials off the Brittany Coast
The new J/45 offshore cruiser offers freedom, comfort, and performance without compromise. She offers both unparalleled comfort and large interior volumes.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition - Day 4
Enoshima is famous, notorious even, for its big wave action, and that's what the sailors got on day four of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition.

Barton Marine 2019 600x500   Armstrong-FG-1 300x250
Tokyo2020: Day 3 - Typhoon's tail delivers a fickle breeze to Enoshima
Today the left-over typhoon breeze was as stated on the packet - hugely variable in strength, and direction.

Rolex Fastnet Race: A class apart
The fleet showing the biggest growth within the Rolex Fastnet Race is the Class40. Currently 39 of these mini IMOCAs are entered, a significant increase from the 19 that competed in 2019.

Bermuda Gold Cup to return in 2022
Organizers for the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club's Bermuda Gold Cup match racing tournament regret to announce that the 2021 regatta will not be held.

Auckland Boat Show 600x500 No.5   SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-MISSY
Tokyo2020: Late rules change on wind recording wrong foots many teams.
Two weeks ago, after two previous interpretations, World Sailing finally made a definitive ruling on the use of electronic devices - laptops, tablets and similar - for wind data logging on board coach boats for the Tokyo2020 Olympic Regatta.

Marstrand, Sweden to host International Dragon Gold Cup 2021 by Yanmar
When Pedro Andrade and his crew lifted the historic Dragon Gold Cup on the 14 June 2019, little did they know it would be more than two years before they would be called upon to defend their title.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition - Day 2
There was more wind than expected for the second day of racing at the Olympic Sailing Competition which was just as well as the lumpy, confused wave pattern made it hard to get into the groove.

Allen 2020 - A2031XHL - 600x500   Lloyd Stevenson Catalyst 45 300x250px1
Tokyo2020 - Day 2 - Snakes and Ladders on Sagami Bay
In contrast to the opening day, Day 2 of the Tokyo2020 Olympic Regatta was conducted under grey skies, possibly signalling the arrival of tropical storm Nepartak, in the coming days.

Hit Maximum Speed with Cyclops Polar Support
The "smart" range of wireless load sensors from Cyclops Marine — smartlink and smarttune — have been helping sailors learn and repeat their fastest settings with live and logged load data since the company announced their arrival last year.

Father-son sailing and Division 1 and 2 winners crowned at Transpac
By now the stories of massive waves, sustained high speeds, and record runs coming into the docks at this year's Transpac are starting to sound routine.

PlanetSail Great Britain SailGP Review Show
For the first time in SailGP's history a team was sent off for dangerous driving as the umpires issued a black flag, but this was only part of the action in Plymouth.

11th Hour Racing 2021 - FOOTER

Flagstaff 2020 - Oceanis 40.1 - FOOTER

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