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The big end of town

Pantaenius 2021 AUS Seagull LEADERBOARD

Zhik 2021 Medal Mania LEADERBOARD

Kialoa II: Third in Division One - Great Veterans Race 2021 - photo © Andrea Francolini

Dear Recipient Name

Yep. That would be 60 to 100 in the old language. So that means feet, and whilst some will be 20-30 tons, quite a few will be double that or more. How come? Well it is because there will be three divisions for the inaugural Australian Maxi Championship that will be held ahead of this year's Sydney to Hobart race. There will be the 100s, the mini maxis, and then the cruiser/racers, many of whom are from yesteryear. What a show!

It will be comprised of the Cabbage Tree race, passage racing in the intervening days, and then culminate with the SOLAS Big Boat Challenge on the Tuesday. Note that the C/R Div will not be doing SOLAS. Maritime have ruled that one out for now, but they will start in the Harbour and come back in about the same time as SOLAS finishes, so that everyone can mingle and mix together.

Well it's all rather terrific, and it is good to see it all fall into line with certain overseas scenarios. It will also offer additional incentives to come for the Hobart race, and or Pacific Cruising.

Harken AUS 2021 - MPU   ALT Composities 2020 West System 3 - 300x250

Fidelis: Fourth Division One - Great Veterans Race 2021 - photo © Andrea Francolini
Fidelis: Fourth Division One - Great Veterans Race 2021 - photo © Andrea Francolini

Cruising Yacht Club of Australia Commodore, Noel Cornish AM, said, "The Australian Maxi Championship will offer an enthralling week of racing this coming December, and will provide an opportunity for both spectators and online audiences to experience some of the world's greatest yachts competing over three different formats: blue water, passage and harbour racing.

"We anticipate a strong line up of entrants across all three divisions, and hope to see many of the interstate and international teams that will be competing in the Rolex Sydney Hobart join us for the Championship."

CDI 2021 / 600x500   Webasto AUS 2020 MPU 4

Making progress on Scallywag - 2019 RSHYR - photo © Mitch Pearson / Surf Sail Kite
Making progress on Scallywag - 2019 RSHYR - photo © Mitch Pearson / Surf Sail Kite

"The CYCA is thrilled to be involved with the event as its host for the inaugural year, and looks forward to working with Australian Sailing to create a series that will no doubt become a highlight of the sporting calendar."

Given that the Gold Coast race has been postponed, and the other feeder events to get boats up to the Whitsundays for IRC Championships will likely have smaller fleets, even if the Victorians escape lockdown first, as is likely, now more than ever a bright kind of star is required.

Race Yachts 2021 600x500 v2   Flagstaff 2020 - Oceanis Yacht 54 - MPU

Triple head on Whisper - SOLAS Big Boat Challenge - photo © Crosbie Lorimer
Triple head on Whisper - SOLAS Big Boat Challenge - photo © Crosbie Lorimer

David Griffith, the owner of the J/V62 Whisper, looked to how it will inspire the younger bracket of sailors to be involved in it all. "This will encourage more boats to do Hobart, especially from overseas, when all of that is possible again. It will increase the buzz, increase the use, and increase the fun. A lot of Aussies have been buying high quality boats, and rebirthing them, such as URM, and Stefan. We are getting a good fleet of them, and Sydney is well suited with the deep water required to cater for the 7m draft of some these vessels. I'm just keen to see it all come to pass.

"December's a bit further away from the current Covid crisis: let's hope vaccination takes off, as it is great to have this to look forward to, seeing as we're out of luck at the moment. There is a lot of interest about it all, due to so many things being cancelled."

MIA 2019 300x250 2   Ensign 2021 Sail MPU

URM making headway on the super maxis in Rolex Sydney Hobart - photo © Rolex / Kurt Arrig
URM making headway on the super maxis in Rolex Sydney Hobart - photo © Rolex / Kurt Arrig

In closing Griffith said, "The smaller boats are just as important, but it is easy for people to get attracted to the sport by the larger craft. There are not many places in the world where the boats are enclosed like they are, here in the Harbour. The finish at the Opera House says it all."

Grant Wharington, one of the owners of the Botin 80, Stefan, said, "We're excited about it. Everyone rocks up to the Hobart, and it has been an effort to then just appear for the one inshore race. If we have everyone there for training, why not race? Offering up more offshore races ahead of the great race is such a good thing."

Marine Auctions 2019 600x500   Navico 2020 fun MPU AUS

The Botin 80 Stefan screaming out of the Brisbane River. - photo © Photo supplied
The Botin 80 Stefan screaming out of the Brisbane River. - photo © Photo supplied

"We have all done nothing for 12-18 months, so having this regatta will mean it is a real bonus ahead of making a charge at the big one. Hopefully everyone else will be sorted, such as Black Jack with a new mast. Bring it on."

The President of Australian Sailing, Daniel Belcher, commented, "We're incredibly excited. We see it as the start of the much larger series in the years to follow. It'll be a proof of concept and buy-in, if you like."

Vaikobi 2021 FlexForce - MPU   ABRW 2021 - MPU

Naval Group)foreground) passing the Iron Pot at the mouth of the River Derwent, with the Maxi72 URM to windward - photo © Andrea Francolini
Naval Group)foreground) passing the Iron Pot at the mouth of the River Derwent, with the Maxi72 URM to windward - photo © Andrea Francolini

"There is a strong link between Australian Sailing and the owners; this is one of the fruits of that. Co-ordinating a schedule for them to be involved in takes time, but this kicks us off well. Thank you to the CYCA for hosting the regatta.

"The maxis provide such a visual element. The sounds and the feelings you have when you see them are amazing, and I can still remember all of that from back when I was a kid watching the Hobart."

Zhik 2021 Medal Mania MPU   Colligo 2021 MPU

Burning Palms - Bird Island Race 2020 - photo © Crosbie Lorimer
Burning Palms - Bird Island Race 2020 - photo © Crosbie Lorimer

"The Australian Maxi Championship is the first step in creating a reason and meaning over the course of the year. We'll have this Championship, the Hobart, and maybe two or three others. It just makes sense to do it: to offer more opportunities to put these machines to work for the owners and crew.

"It all helps grow the profile of the sport, and the industry as a whole, as well as being another touch point for Joe Public with our sport, which all helps to build participation and membership," said Belcher in closing.

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R/P100 Black Jack - SOLAS Big Boat Challenge - photo © Crosbie Lorimer
R/P100 Black Jack - SOLAS Big Boat Challenge - photo © Crosbie Lorimer

As the Skipper of the supermaxi, Black Jack, Mark Bradford commented, "This is all about brining owners of great boats together in what will be a world class event on Sydney Harbour, at a time when everyone has gathered ready for the big race. It just amplifies sailing in December."

As the head of North Sails Australia, Bradford also said how the Sydney Loft would have all hands on deck to support their global armada of clients that can make it here, and North Sails will also take a sponsorship position with the event to ensure its success.

Team Windcraft 2021 - Dehler - MPU   Sailing Raceboats 2016 RS Aero 300x250

Kialoa II: Third in Division One - Great Veterans Race 2021 - photo © Andrea Francolini
Kialoa II: Third in Division One - Great Veterans Race 2021 - photo © Andrea Francolini

Paddy Broughton has taken the maxi ketch Kialoa II all over the place, and said, "Big boat racing is fun to do. One of the concerns for us in normal racing is the start line. New boats don't quite remember how much room we need to manoeuvre. This will be great fun, and we're really looking forward to it." Broughton's entry was in the very next day after the NoR came out.

"A regatta to hone you ahead of the big race; it's just like the old days. Having not been able to get out means we are chomping at the bit. The few training days we have managed is just not the same thing. As we say on board: Mizzen staysail up, and life is good on K2."

Thanks for segue Paddy. I'll now go out on a limb by saying that I'll make a prize for anyone game enough to give me a blooper... (Paddy says they don't even have one in the wardrobe BTW).

J Composites 2020 - MPU   38 South - Sun Fast 3300 - MPU

Maxi Ragamuffin - originally Bumblebee IV - sails downwind under spinnaker and blooper at the inaugural Hamilton Island Race Week in 1984. The yacht will celebrate its 40th birthday at Race Week this year - photo © Sandy Peacock
Maxi Ragamuffin - originally Bumblebee IV - sails downwind under spinnaker and blooper at the inaugural Hamilton Island Race Week in 1984. The yacht will celebrate its 40th birthday at Race Week this year - photo © Sandy Peacock

The inimitable, and always hilarious, Andrew Plympton could easily be identified by that wonderful old saying: He's a card. Yet upon reflection that is probably somewhat of an injustice, for Plymo is actually more like the whole deck. Always a pleasure to speak with him...

Plymo commented on sailing aboard the Frers 61, Margaret Rintoul V, "It's great fun with all the children. What a pleasure. It's a bit of a balancing act with the other boats I also sail on, but I get to do the tactics, and nurse the dog on my lap as well; a baby-sitting exercise in every sense."

Boat Books Australia   North Sails 2021 MPU

Margaret Rintoul V sailing on Port Phillip - photo © Dave Hewison
Margaret Rintoul V sailing on Port Phillip - photo © Dave Hewison

"I'm looking forward to it. We have wonderful personalities on board. There's some discipline required to look after them, but I am happy to put my hand up for that. We have new sails and heaps of determination. If I have to go on the foredeck myself in over 25 knots and show them how to gybe the pole, then I will!"

Margaret Rintoul V is now owned by World Champion sailor Damien King, and has a bunch of skiff, Cadet and Etchells stars on board like Eliza Solly, Andrew Henderson, and Jeremy O'Connell. There's also a bloke who hung around 470s a bit, and collected the ultimate bling in the process - Mark Turnbull OAM.

Pantaenius 2021 AUS Fleet MPU   Vetus-Maxwell 2020

Wild Oats XI making up lost ground - photo © Crosbie Lorimer
Wild Oats XI making up lost ground - photo © Crosbie Lorimer

Let's close with a note of encouragement and achievement for all the Olympians. Right oh - there is plenty of information on the group's websites for you to review when you can. Please avail yourself of it.

Now if your class or association is generating material, please submit your material. Got this newsletter from a friend? Would you like your own copy next week? Just follow the instructions on our newsletter page. Whilst there, you can also register for other editions, like Powerboat-World.

Finally, many thanks for making Sail-World your go-to choice. We're always here to keep pumping out the news. Stay safe, and enjoy your time on the water.

John Curnow
Editor, Sail-World AUS

Sea Sure 2021 - FLO - MPU   X-Yachts Xp38 300x250

Badloe to lead a stellar cast in Men's Windsurfing – RS:X at Tokyo 2020
Winner of the past three RS:X World Championships, Kiran Badloe (NED) is the clear favourite for Men's Windsurfing gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition and with Lilian de Geus in the women's division it could be a Dutch Double victory.

O'pen Skiff World Championships concludes
The only disappointment? The absence of major players such as New Zealand, Australia, India, Thailand and Japan, due to the ongoing Covid restrictions still in place in those countries. We hope to be back next year, with all of them at racing.

Tokyo2020: Double America's Cup champions have a tilt at the last Olympic Gold for the Finn
Josh Junior doesn't need to look very far to be reminded of how significant it was for him to earn Olympic selection, and have the opportunity to win the Gold medal in the last hurrah for the Olympic Finn class. 250 - 2014   Selden 2020 - SMF - MPU
What it takes to win the 420 Worlds
The chatter about the 420 Worlds kicked off in the North Sails offices on the second to last day of the regatta. The results coming from San Remo, Italy, looked good—so good that we spent the final day hitting refresh.

Maxi Edmond de Rothschild: Speed, flight and adrenalin
Four years ago to the day, the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, the pioneer of a new generation of oceanic maxi-trimarans, was first unveiled and launched into the salty water of the Gulf of Morbihan.

Third wave of fastest boats get fastest start in 2021 Transpac
Powered by the best breeze of the week - 10-15 knots at the start off Point Fermin - today's final 19 entries in four divisions vaulted off the start line towards Honolulu, 2225-miles away, in the 2021 Transpac.

Allen 2020 - A2031XHL - 600x500   C-Tech 2020 Tubes 300x250
Great Britain Sail Grand Prix at Plymouth - Day 1
Record numbers of fans turned out to watch the world's most exciting racing on water from Plymouth Hoe on what was the perfect British summer day both on and off the water.

Lilian de Geus' Tokyo 2020 Windsurfing hopes fuelled by Rio disappointment
Few can relate to the agony of missing out on the Olympic podium like Lilian de Geus (NED). On Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro at the 2016 Olympic Games, the Dutch sailor missed the podium by just one point.

Santi Lange and Ceci Carranza starring in new feature-length documentary "One Extraordinary Year"
For thousands of athletes worldwide it was meant to be the last hurdle before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. A year to achieve peak performance, focus minds and chase dreams. Then the pandemic hit, the world stood still and sports with it.

Reverso Air 2021 MPU   upffront2021 Summer Offers MPU
A message for the ocean from Relay4Nature in Cascais, Portugal
Joana Pinto Balsemão, the Executive Councillor for the Environment and Citizenship at Cascais Municipality reveals her fears and hopes for the ocean.

Tokyo2020: Bronze medalist looks forward to racing after weird buildup
After months of uncertainty, the Olympics felt real again for Sam Meech yesterday when he walked into the boat park at the Enoshima Yacht Club.

LA-Honolulu Transpac second wave starts in perfect conditions
A second wave of 15 entries has started today in perfect breeze and sunny skies on their way to the finish 2225 miles away in the LA-Honolulu Transpac.

Highfield Boats - SW - MPU   AUS Fusion SG3_Classic_300x250px
Where Technical Meets Casual
From our bestselling Superlite Hybrid Jackets to our performance sweaters and hoodies, we have more Technical Casual back in stock items than you can shake a stick at!

Bazinga Girls are Mooloolaba regatta serious contenders
Brisbane's Bazinga Girls team are coming to the party fully geared up for the challenge of winning the annual Mooloolaba Women's Keelboat Regatta to held July 30 to August 1.

More new OK dinghies were built in 2020 than in any year since 1980 - July 2021 magazine reveals
More new boats were built in 2020 than in any year since 1980, and already in 2021 newbuilds are looking likely to be just as high. In fact, more new boats have been built in each of the last four years than in any year since 1980.

Cyclops 2020 - Dec2020 - MPU   Doyle Sails 2020 - Cruising Confidence 300x250
Sailors for the Sea is celebrating the 15-year anniversary of Clean Regattas!
Sailors for the Sea Powered by Oceana celebrates a milestone this summer with the 15-year anniversary of the Clean Regattas program. Clean Regattas is the world's leading sustainability certification for all water-based events.

Rolex Fastnet Race IRC Two: Friends and family from every corner of Europe
Among many hot boats in IRC Two will be the JPK 1180, big brother to the JPK 10.10 Night and Day and 10.80 Courrier Du Leon, which won the Rolex Fastnet Races in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

World record attempt - Dare to join Blair, degree by degree
Not satisfied with three world records, Australia's own Lisa Blair is once again heading off to better Fedor Konyukhov's 2008 solo and unassisted record sail around Antarctica of 102 days 56 minutes.

HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250 SHEARWATER   Sailing Connex - Sailor Sunscreen - MPU
Benjamin Dutreux raises his game for 2024 with the purchase of 11th Hour Racing IMOCA
Benjamin Dutreux, the French solo racer whose home town now is Les Sables d'Olonne, confirmed on Tuesday this week that his team have purchased the IMOCA 11th Hour Racing.

AST Coaching Chain Series - Mat Belcher
Our Olympic champions have accessed quality coaching from the time they learned to sail at their home club up to the work they are doing now with their Australian Sailing Team preparing for this year's Tokyo Olympic Games.

Nomination period open for the World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award
Nominations are now open for the 2021 World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award, the highest recognition of success in marine sustainability.

Auckland Boat Show 600x500 No.5   Henr-Lloyd BLU MPU
Team AUS SailGP partners with Parley for the Oceans
Slingsby's Australian SailGP Team Racing for the Ocean in New Purpose Partnership with Parley for the Oceans

U23 Finn World Championship at Lake Balaton, Hungary - Overall
Domonkos Ne´meth, from the host club, Tihanyi Hajós Egylet, has won the U23 Finn World Championship for the Jorg Bruder Finn Silver Cup at Tihany on Lake Balaton, Thursday, to become the first Hungarian to lift the title.

North Sails LIVE with the Moth Class
North Sails invites all Moth sailors to this live, interactive webinar on Wednesday, July 21st at 14:30 CEST with North Sails Class Expert Rob Greenhalgh.

Armstrong-300x250-banner-Wing-sail   Rooster 2020 - Impact BA - AUS MPU
Vaikobi Partners with UKLA – UK ILCA Class Association
Vaikobi, the brand that has taken the Australian sailing scene by storm, has teamed up with the UKLA and the UK ILCA fleet as its official clothing partner as part of its sponsorship program that supports sailing at all levels.

2021 SheSails Training Regatta at Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club
Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club is pleased to introduce a new regatta to its annual sailing program. The SheSails Training Regatta is a fantastic opportunity for female sailors to participate in one-design race training onboard the RPAYC fleet of Elliott 7

SailGP becomes first sport to integrate positive impact into its global league
SailGP announced the launch of the Impact League - a world-first, integrated initiative designed to make sustainability action essential to the fabric of sport and to accelerate the transition to clean energy, in order to help mitigate climate change.

RS Sailing 2021 - MPU   Barton Marine 2019 600x500
Rolex Fastnet Race - French are the pace setters in IRC One
Runner-up to Pelletier in 2019 was outright race winner in 2017, Didier Gaudoux's JND39, Lann Ael 2. Gaudoux is returning with the same boat and much of the same victorious crew, who will be part family and part offshore experts such as Fred Duthil.

Star Class World Championship returns to Kiel
The Star Class World Championship returns to Kiel. After 1939, 1966, 1977 and 1993, the world's best keelboat sailors will compete in the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein to crown their world champions.

PlanetSail OnCourse Episode 13: Foiling Future - A new generation in build
It may look like an America's Cup boat, but this is the first of what could be the next generation of inshore/offshore foiling machines.

SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-melges   Lloyd Stevenson Catalyst 45 300x250px3
Mass exodus as boaties head to Airlie Beach Race Week
While Covid continues to wreak havoc in parts of Australia, WSC officials and members are looking forward to welcoming a record number of competitors and their supporters to the 33rd running of ABRW, to be held from 12-19 August in the Whitsunday islands.

Shirley Robertson talks with top skipper, professional sailor and sailmaker Mike Sanderson
Sailing maven, Shirley Robertson talks with one of the world's leading professional Mike "Moose" Sanderson, now heading up Doyle Sails International, who started a professional sailing career as a 22year old in the Whitbread Race.

51st Transpac at Transpacific Yacht Club underway
After over a year of careful planning, tremendous uncertainty, yet dogged determination to run this race, the Transpacific Yacht Club today unleashed the first wave of entries on their long westward journey to Honolulu in the 51st running of the Transpac.

Saffier 300 x 250px SC6.5 Cruise   Smuggler 300 x 250px Strata 750
CYCA opens entries for inaugural Australian Maxi Championship
The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia is delighted to be named as the host of the inaugural Australian Maxi Championship.

North Sails offshore sailing tool kit
When heading offshore, there are many things to keep in mind that can help you make it to the finish line in one piece. Planning ahead can contribute to your success and assure your crew and your boat is set up to take on anything mother nature can bring.

A strange Games at a strange time
In just twelve days' time the sailing competition will be under way at Tokyo 2020. While it's a year late, it feels like the build-up has crept under the radar.

Transpac 2021: Five boats to watch
The Transpac begins this week, with three staggered starts to keep the finish times close. This iconic bluewater classic always attracts a range of programs, from full-on professional teams to families looking for some cool downwind sailing.

Magnetic Island launches 'Charm Offensive' on Race Week entrants
Magnetic Island has turned heads for eons, but since SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week was added to the northern sailing regattas in 2007, competitors from far and wide have been captivated.

49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 Junior Worlds at Gdynia, Poland
Mikolaj Staniul with Jakub Sztroch (POL) capped a wire to wire Junior Worlds victory by winning the final four races in a row. The 27 point margin of victory is the largest ever for a Junior World Championship.

Predicting the winds & currents for the Tokyo Olympics
PredictWind is known for the best weather models globally and we have also been working hard to develop the very best tidal current predictions worldwide.

38 South - Sun Fast 3300 - FOOTER

Vaikobi 2021 FlexForce - FOOTER

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