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30 knots in a 40-footer

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MW40OF - New Foiling Offshore Sailboat Concept - photo © Wilson / Marquinez Naval Architecture

Dear Recipient Name

Lower attrition than normal cannot disguise the fact the Vendée Globe has been utterly captivating. Extremely close racing with what seems like daily lead changes have been key to it all.

Another irrefutable fact in the whole thing is just how much the Vendée and the America's Cup have been sought out and read across the Sail-World and group. Foiling, and the pace increase on offer, have been pretty hypnotic. Yet it is when applied to the venerable monohull that we have seen a kind of carnivorous appetite, and it is for this reason that items like, I feel the need... and then, Speed = Smile on the Dial, have had terrific readership.

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Boris Herrmann on Sea Explorer - Yacht Club de Monaco during the Vendée Globe - photo © Jean-Marie Liot
Boris Herrmann on Sea Explorer - Yacht Club de Monaco during the Vendée Globe - photo © Jean-Marie Liot

One item that had a real go at melting the servers when it first hit was the MW40OF - New Foiling Offshore Sailboat Concept. It is from the pens of Argentinean Naval Architects Laureano Marquinez and Nahuel Wilson, who also brought us the 69F, which is being used for the Youth Foiling World Cup this February.

Laureano Marquinez wrote back to us at the time confirming it all, and said, "We had quite a bit of response about the boat in general." He was also good enough to make time to respond directly to our questions about the boat and the project, which is what follows on now.

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Persico 69F Grand Prix 3.1 in Malcesine - Day 1 - photo © Persico 69F / Studio Borlenghi
Persico 69F Grand Prix 3.1 in Malcesine - Day 1 - photo © Persico 69F / Studio Borlenghi

Sail-World: If a client pushed the button now, how long would it be to get to production?

Marquinez: "The boat is thought of as a custom-made, and one-off design. For sure there should be some time to adjust the big variables, but being a custom boat and hull shape influenced by the fact foiling is one of the primary objectives, the hull mould could be started relatively quickly. Probably between a month and two. Then more time would be spent to go into the details related to foils and systems, which must be set to some degree before allowing to define deck shapes, and a detailed hull laminate."

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MW40OF - New Foiling Offshore Sailboat Concept - photo © Wilson / Marquinez Naval Architecture
MW40OF - New Foiling Offshore Sailboat Concept - photo © Wilson / Marquinez Naval Architecture

Sail-World: It is very challenging to meet all the issues around the multitude of variables that exist: rating, wave height, low rider performance are just some, as are static stability and overall mass, as well as the entire aero package? How many man-hours went into your calculations?

Marquinez: "Yes, it certainly is. Foiling doesn't let you leave anything to chance although nowadays non-foiling grand prix vessels are very much like that too. Still, foiling is a further step into design complexity as management of variables/decisions and building timeframes gets pretty intricate."

"Especially so if you want to end up with a tidy, nicely packaged design. We have spent probably a good two months of work to put the concept together, whilst studying the main variables we had, and to check what such a boat was capable of doing."

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MW40OF - New Foiling Offshore Sailboat Concept - photo © Wilson / Marquinez Naval Architecture
MW40OF - New Foiling Offshore Sailboat Concept - photo © Wilson / Marquinez Naval Architecture

Sail-World: As 40-footers are becoming more interesting again, due mainly to rule changes, what sort of price premium will an owner have to pay?

Marquinez: Maximising foiling capacity comes at an expense, obviously, as you must push all the way into weight savings. Plus you have the extra cost of foils, systems, and the associated big righting moment. However, we made an effort to place this particular boat as a terrene possibility in regards to foiling options. The idea is to be around USD1m, although quotation is currently ongoing."

MW40OF - New Foiling Offshore Sailboat Concept - photo © Wilson / Marquinez Naval Architecture
MW40OF - New Foiling Offshore Sailboat Concept - photo © Wilson / Marquinez Naval Architecture

Sail-World: What sort of performance advantage can the owner and crew expect - either straight line, or elapsed time for key passage races?

Marquinez: "Focusing in on our performance when foiling, a reference against a current 40' offshore non-foiling racer is as follows. At 12kts TWS we start to foil reaching almost double the speed. Also, at 12kts TWS, but 120 TWA we should still be up on the foils with a speed delta (bonus) of about 6kts."

"Then as the wind increases it will expand foiling speed figures towards more closed TWA, and more downwind TWA. For instance, at 16kt TWS and 75 TWA we should have transitioned into upwind foiling with deltas of 10kts against the reference boat."

"Under the same wind strength, but at 125 TWA the potential speed delta is already at 14kts with our boat doing 25kts+. The further the wind increases these figures expand and at 20kt TWS we should do 21kts+ boat speed at around 65 TWA, thus with a speed delta of more than 10kts. Finally, at 130 TWA and with boat speed near 30kts, speed delta goes out as far as 16kts."

"Of course, all these figures are ideal, and sea state will affect at some point the capacity to get the full potential out of the boat. Yet there's clear potential to do what we aim for, not forgetting the idea of doing all these with a relatively small and simple boat."

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MW40OF - New Foiling Offshore Sailboat Concept - photo © Wilson / Marquinez Naval Architecture
MW40OF - New Foiling Offshore Sailboat Concept - photo © Wilson / Marquinez Naval Architecture

Sail-World: Given that IRC and ORC don't really rate foilers as yet, how is the political scene for you in trying to get this on the table?

Marquinez: "Being such a novelty, we don't know how it's going to be managed, although we know they are already working on it. Still, it's our belief that there will be a growing interest, and then along with that, the will from the rules to incorporate it."

"It's a challenge of course that likely won't go in the direction of the foilers in terms of rating, due to the exigencies to keep up with a rating that very likely will see this boat as a potentially impressive performer. However, we think the interest in such a boat goes beyond winning on corrected times. One that incorporates a new way of sailing on mid and long-distance races, thereby allowing crews to compete in the races they used to do with a potentially much faster boat in the water than the fleet of their size range, all with the additional thrill of foiling."

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MW40OF - New Foiling Offshore Sailboat Concept - photo © Wilson / Marquinez Naval Architecture
MW40OF - New Foiling Offshore Sailboat Concept - photo © Wilson / Marquinez Naval Architecture

Sail-World: The docking variable precluded an AC75 style over the IMOCA style, but what other variants did you review?

Marquinez: "Apart from the docking requirement we imposed on ourselves, we wanted simplicity beyond anything else, and to avoid hydraulics and flaps, as long the foiling range we intended to have was achieved."

"We also wanted to make sure the configuration was forgiving to ride in waves. A round foil is a proper compromise for all this, we did study variants to such a foil, but the answer to this particular project was pretty straightforward."

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MW40OF - New Foiling Offshore Sailboat Concept - photo © Wilson / Marquinez Naval Architecture
MW40OF - New Foiling Offshore Sailboat Concept - photo © Wilson / Marquinez Naval Architecture

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John Curnow
Editor, Sail-World AUS

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RHKYC Team Agiplast on the 69F at the Persico69F Revolution Cup - photo © Studio Borlenghi
RHKYC Team Agiplast on the 69F at the Persico69F Revolution Cup - photo © Studio Borlenghi

Vendée Globe - photo © Jean-Marie Liot
Vendée Globe - photo © Jean-Marie Liot

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Persico 69F Grand Prix 3.1 in Malcesine - photo © Persico 69F / Studio Borlenghi
Persico 69F Grand Prix 3.1 in Malcesine - photo © Persico 69F / Studio Borlenghi

Persico 69F Grand Prix 3.1 in Malcesine - Day 1 - photo © Persico 69F / Studio Borlenghi
Persico 69F Grand Prix 3.1 in Malcesine - Day 1 - photo © Persico 69F / Studio Borlenghi

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Vendée Globe Day 78: Tumbling Dice
Less than 1000 nautical miles to the finish of the ninth edition of the Vendée Globe in Les Sables d'Olonne and it is still too close to call, not least as the Saint Malo maverick Louis Burton seized the race lead from Charlie Dalin.

18ft Skiff Australian Championship on Sydney Harbour - Races 2 & 3
The recently crowned NSW champion tech2 18ft Skiff team totally dominated a great day's racing in races 2 and 3 of the Australian 18ft Skiff Championship on Sydney Harbour today.

Vendée Globe Day 78 morning update: Tunnel Vision, cutting out the noise as the finish beckons
As the leaders pass the Azores the leading skippers are starting to play different options. Behind the top group Yannick Bestaven and Damien Seguin were first to gybe and are heading north in search of the stronger breeze.

Boat Books Australia   Cyclops 2020 - Dec2020 - MPU
RPAYC and Virtual Regatta team up for virtual Sydney to Auckland Ocean Race 2021
Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, in conjunction with the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, have developed a race between two great southern hemisphere sailing cities, Sydney and Auckland.

Prada Cup: The View from North Head - Final of Round Robin - Day 4
For those who want to watch a commentary free, unedited and uncut version of the final race of the Round Robins - that is not geo-blocked, and shot from a single vantage point close to the action - this is it.

Vendée Globe Day 77: Heading towards the closest victory margin yet?
The margin of victory on this Vendée Globe may be down to minutes rather than hours.

AMS 2020 ROCNA 600x500   MIA 2019 300x250 4
America's Cup Rialto: January 23 - British make history in the Prada Cup
INEOS Team UK made America's Cup history on the Waitemata harbour Saturday evening when they qualified for the Finals of the Challenger Selection Series for the 36th America's Cup.

Five out of five and into the PRADA Cup final for INEOS TEAM UK
With the Americans still in the shed getting ready for the Repechage, INEOS TEAM UK and LUNA ROSSA PRADA PIRELLI headed out onto the stadium course on the Hauraki Gulf for the penultimate day of the Round Robin stage of the PRADA Challenger Series.

John Bertrand AO joins Nic Douglass to chat about today's Prada Cup race
What a race! INEOS Team UK are into the final of the Prada Cup, the Challenger Series for the 36th America's Cup! This evening as our special guest we have none other than John Bertrand AO to join us to Chat & Wrap!

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PRADA Cup Round Robins conclude, repairs to PATRIOT progress
American Magic Skipper and Executive Director Terry Hutchinson provided updates on American Magic at tonight's press conference, which marked the conclusion of the Round Robins phase of the Prada Cup, the Challenger Selection Series.

PRADA Cup Round Robin Day 4: A close race right until the finish line
Another weekend of racing in Auckland for the PRADA Cup, the Challenger Selection Series that determines the first team to enter the PRADA Cup Final.

INEOS TEAM UK win the Prada Cup Round Robins
INEOS TEAM UK stays unbeaten after what was probably the closest race seen so far on the AC75s, with 9 lead changes throughout the nail biting race against Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli.

Sailing Raceboats 2016 RS Quest 300x250   Rolly Tasker Sails 2019 600x500 MPU v5
Casiraghi: Boris will push hard to the finish
One of the most interesting and impressive performances in this Vendée Globe has been by the German skipper, Boris Herrmann, on board Seaexplorer-Yacht Club de Monaco.

The best race of the PRADA Cup so far!
For those who got up early in the UK to watch the match-up between INEOS TEAM UK and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, it was nail-biting and agonising, with the anticipation only built by the repeated delays.

Fifty-one years earlier
I watched the dramatic events unfold in the early stages of the Prada Cup last weekend. I must admit that subconsciously i was hoping to dislike the whole event.

Marine Auctions 2019 600x500   Navico 2020 fun MPU AUS
The Big Boy - Allen's Biggest Block Yet!
Around the world, we are known as a company that produces small boat hardware, but this isn't strictly true. Let us introduce to you to "The Big Boy" just one example of what we can do for bigger boats.

Maxi Edmond de Rothschild abandons her Jules Verne Trophy record attempt
The men of Gitana Team were positioned at 48 degrees28 south at 11:00 UTC with a lead of over 860 miles over the record when they informed their shore team of damage to the giant's float rudder to starboard.

Young Guns line up for the 2021 JESS Match Cup
During these unusual times for sports competition, Swan River Sailing supported by the Warren Jones Foundation are hosting the WA Tour. It includes a series of five events, targeted to youth sailors, sailed over thee 2020/21 Season in Western Australia.

Pantaenius 2019 - AmRad - 300x250 - SW WEBSITE   Vetus-Maxwell 2020
Best time ever recorded to the tip of South Africa, by way of a tribute to Benjamin de Rothschild
After 11 days 14 hours and three minutes at sea, Franck Cammas, Charles Caudrelier and their four crew are attacking the Southern Ocean with a lead of more than one day seven hours and 19 minutes over Francis Joyon and the men on Idec Sport.

18ft Skiffs: Change of fortune needed for rookie team
As the championship end of the 2020-2021 Australian 18ft Skiff Racing Season moves toward the JJ Giltinan world Championship on Sydney Harbour in March, one team looking for a change of fortune is Birkenhead Point Marina.

Jon Sanders nearly home
I am currently anchored in Quindalup getting ready to finish my voyage next week, arriving at FSC on Sunday 31 January. I look forward to seeing you all and I hope many of you will be on the water or at FSC when I arrive.

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America's Cup: Regatta Director makes course area changes following capsize
Regatta Director Iain Murray has made several changes to the conduct of the Prada and America's Cups, following a review with all involved parties including the competitors.

Competition Spec Equipment - Sea Sure's new RED Performance range
As an equipment manufacturer we are always on the lookout for feedback and ideas from sailors so that we can make new products or changes to existing ones.

2021 WASZP European Championships set to fly in Norway
The 2021 European WASZP calendar has taken shape with a full card of events to be announced in the coming days. The flagship event for the season will be the 2021 WASZP European Championships.

Selden 2020 - Carbon Masts - MPU   SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-melges
Musto Skiff confirms September dates 2021 Worlds at Lake Garda
The International Musto Skiff Class Committee has today confirmed that the ACO 11th Musto Skiff World Championships 2021 will be hosted by Fraglia Vela Riva at Lake Garda, Italy, from 25th September to 2nd October 2021.

Four ways The Ocean Race is helping our blue planet in 2021
The Ocean Race has seen firsthand the devastating impact of pollution, plastic, climate change and industrial overfishing on the ocean.

World Sailing launches 2021 eSailing World Championship
Launched in partnership between World Sailing, the International Federation for the sport, and Virtual Regatta, the world-leading digital sailing platform, this year will be the fourth season following the launch of the inaugural Championship in 2018.

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Q&A with INEOS TEAM UK's David 'Freddie' Carr
Freddie is one of the more experienced members of the INEOS TEAM UK sailing team, having comped in four previous America's Cup campaigns going back to 2007.

Tour Card Skippers annoucned for the World Match Racing Tour
The World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) has announced the six skippers awarded WMRT Tour Cards for the 2021 championship season.

SailGP's Season 2 to feature eight global events from April 2021 to March 2022
SailGP - the sport's pinnacle league, and the first climate positive sports and entertainment property - has announced a full race schedule for its second season, which will feature eight national teams made up of the sport's best athletes.

Doyle Sails 2020 - Cruising Confidence 300x250 250 - 2014
New dates for 2022 ORC/IRC World Championship
After consultation between the Federazione Italiana Vela (FIV), the Unione Vela Altura Italiana (UVAI) and the Union Nationale pour la Course au Large, the ORC, the RORC and the YCCS, the dates for the 2022 ORC/IRC World Championship have been changed.

PlanetSail: What happened to Patriot
Round Robin 1 & 2 of the Prada Cup had delivered an explosive start on the road to the America's Cup. At the end of the opening stages, one team was up, another down and one in the middle.

Balboa Yacht Club posts NoR and RFI information for 54th Governor's Cup
Balboa Yacht Club has posted all the information necessary for requesting an invitation ("RFI") for the 54th Governor's Cup International Youth Match Racing Championship, July 26-31, 2021, on the event website.

Henri-Lloyd 2021 INEOS TEAM UK - MPU   Official-Collection-Red 300x250 NZ+AUS
New Windcraft sailing vessels 2021
New monohulls from Moody, and Dehler, as well as the Privilege 580 catamaran

America's Cup Rialto: January 17 - All teams work together to save Patriot
No two days are ever the same in the America's Cup. The final race of Round Robin 2 was no exception. Here's on the water impression, with exclusive images of a day that brought out the best in the America's Cup teams to save a fellow competitor's boat.

Parade of Sail 2021 route and start time announced
We are delighted to announce the official Parade of Sail 2021 route and start time. The AWBF wooden boat fleet are to follow the Motor Yacht Club Tasmania's Launch M.L. Egeria and Tall Ships – Windeward Bound, Lady Nelson, Rhona H and Yukon

HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250 cnb66   Hella Dual Colour Floodlights - 300x250px - 001 gif
As sailors we're incredibly lucky to have two events happening on the world stage which are able to take place in the Covid world.

Prada Cup racing, PATRIOT's near-sinking, Vendee Globe update
It seemed as though just a few weeks ago, most of the sailing community was beginning to sing dirges for Sir Ben Ainslie and INEOS Team UK. After this weekend, that crooning has clearly ceased.

Entry open for the Topsy D Passage Race
You may have read a few weeks ago, about the way the Classic Yacht Association of Australia has adapted the Cup Regatta to ensure that the 14th consecutive running of the event will proceed, working within Covid regulations and adapting to changing times.

Rooster 2020 - Impact BA - AUS MPU   Saffier 300 x 250px SE37 Lounge
International 5O5 European Championship to be hosted in Weymouth this July
Would you like a feel of what your first major event post Covid can be? Check out this short Event promotion video...

Servane Escoffier: We can't wait to give him a hug
You don't hear a lot about the home front during the Vendée Globe, but every IMOCA sailor trying to complete his or her dream on the world's oceans right now has loved ones waiting for their safe return and following their every move.

An interview with Shirley Robertson on her media role at the 36th America's Cup
I checked in with Shirley Robertson, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and an internationally respected journalist, via email, to learn more about what it's like to be part of the media team that's providing commentary for the 36th America's Cup.

ETNZShop-Merch-300x250   Smuggler 300 x 250px Strata 900
Flying 15 Regatta at Clayton Bay Boat Club, South Australia
Clayton Bay Boat Club is a small, friendly and welcoming sailing club on the banks of the Lower Murray River, mostly catering to trailer yachts the occasional dinghy and catamarans.

The aftermath of Patriot's massive capsize
The PRADA Cup so far has been enthralling and day 3 saw the drama ratchet up to 11 when a vicious squall hit Patriot as she went for a tack then bear away at the final mark, had an issue with the port runner, went for a leap, then crashed down hard.

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