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CSA initiates comprehensive survey to strengthen dinghy sailing programs across the region

by Caribbean Sailing Association 17 Jan 11:04 PST

The Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) is pleased to announce the launch of a survey aimed at evaluating and enhancing dinghy sailing programs throughout the Caribbean. This initiative underscores the CSA's commitment to promoting and advancing the sport of sailing in the region.

The survey, which will be distributed to all Caribbean dinghy sailing programs, seeks to create a comprehensive inventory of the current active programs. The CSA aims to gather valuable insights into the various programs, challenges faced, and the overall state of dinghy sailing in the Caribbean.

Key objectives of the survey include:

  1. Program Overview: Obtain detailed information about existing dinghy sailing programs, including their locations, size, and key features.

  2. Challenges Faced: Identify common challenges and obstacles faced by dinghy sailing programs, with a focus on understanding the specific issues hindering growth and development.

  3. Inventory of Assets: Create a comprehensive inventory of dinghy fleets, infrastructure, and other resources available to sailing programs across the Caribbean.

  4. Community Engagement: Assess the level of community engagement and involvement in dinghy sailing programs, including the number of participants, volunteers, and supporters.

  5. Future Opportunities: Explore potential growth areas and opportunities for collaboration within the Caribbean sailing community.

The information gathered through this survey will play a crucial role in shaping the CSA's strategies to support and strengthen dinghy sailing programs. By understanding the current landscape and challenges faced by programs across the region, the CSA aims to implement targeted initiatives and provide resources to overcome obstacles.

All Caribbean dinghy sailing programs are encouraged to actively participate in the survey to ensure a comprehensive and accurate representation of the current state of the sport. The data collected will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and used exclusively for the purpose of improving and advancing dinghy sailing in the Caribbean.

"The success of dinghy sailing programs is integral to the growth and vibrancy of the sailing community in the Caribbean," said Saskia Revelman, Chair of the Sailing Development Committee and CSA Board member. "We are excited about the potential of this survey to shed light on the unique challenges and opportunities within the region, ultimately enabling us to better support and elevate the sport for enthusiasts of all ages."

Participate in the survey here:

For more information about the survey or the Caribbean Sailing Association, please visit or contact .

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