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Salcombe Gin Merlin Rocket Salcombe Yacht Club Week - Overall

by Tim Fells 13 Jul 10:32 PDT 9-14 July 2023

Thursday dawned sunny with another South-Westerly, F3 to start with but forecast to increase again.

RACE 9: GREEN v BLACK Flights, COURSE 1,3,1,7,2,3

The morning race pitted the top four against each other in what would be the last race of their series. Chris and Sophie needed to put four boats between themselves and Tom and Rachael.

With the start of a light flood against, the fleet were able to use the width of the Estuary.

Initially, those in the middle were lifting on Starboard with Taxi and Olly, Caroline and Peter, and Chris and Sophie showing well. Tom and Rachael, who looked pinned down on the Portlemouth shore by starboard tackers, pulled an outrageous port lift out of the bag to escape and then lead up the Biddle Rocks.

Chris and Sophie who were travelling fast picked up some starboard pressure to round Blackstone on Tom and Rachael's transom with Caroline and Pete close behind. These three were tightly bunched on the run to Crossways.

On the next beat to Blackstone, Chris and Sophie took the lead with Taxi and Olly joining the tacking battle as the leaders worked the Portlemouth shore. Ian Dobson and Ally Potts together with Will and Rob Henderson were not that far adrift from the leaders.

Turning onto the long run to Gerston, Chris and Sophie had the lead from Caroline and Peter with Tom and Rachael in close attention. These three had made a break from the chasing pack, putting Tom and Rachael in a strong position at this stage.

By the return to the harbour, Tom and Rachael had climbed into the lead and were able to keep a loose cover on Caroline and Peter and slowly extend into a comfortable win, their fourth of an excellent series and easily enough to lock in the Merlin Rocket week title for another year.

Caroline and Peter came home in second which was enough to secure fourth overall. Taxi and Olly jumped up to third at the line ahead of Will and Rob, and with Chris and Sophie falling to fifth, this was enough to lift Taxi and Olly into second overall. Ian and Ally rounded out the top six.

RACE 10: RED v BLUE Flights, Course 1,3,2,4,6,2,3

Conditions for the afternoon race were absolutely perfect. A SW Force 4-5, clear skies and top of the tide. The fleet were again away first time - possibly a record for the Merlin fleet to complete a major event without a single general recall. Although the tide was slack, those playing the Portlemouth shore got the better shifts to take the early advantage. Mike Calvert and Emma Clark were again flying and led to Blackstone. Close behind coming in on the starboard lift at the top were John and Katy Meadowcroft ahead of Christian and Sam, and Tim and Fran. Sadly, John and Katy dismounted in a strong gust near the fuel barge.

On the loops of the harbour and down to Yalton, Christian and Sam put the pedal down and took the lead, Mike and Emma were chasing with Alex Jackson and Pippa Kilsby storming up to third. These places remained unchanged on the blast down to Frogmore and back, with Christian and Sam taking their third and rueing being trigger happy in race three as they clearly had the pace to take the fight to Tom and Rachael. Second place for Mike and Emma completed a strong end to the series and they in turn were rueing a capsize in race one which spoilt their final score. Alex and Pippa had been consistent front runners all week and their third secured fifth overall. On the final beat Jon Gorringe and Matt Currell got the better of Tim and Fran to complete the top six overall. Roger and Jane Gilbert were sixth to finish on the water.

So ended a week of strong wind sailing where we have witnessed a masterclass of dinghy racing skills from Tom and Rachael. With Tom taking his third title in a row, the worrying thing for his competitors is that not only has he got tremendous starting, boat speed and boat handling but he also looks to have worked out the Salcombe Estuary play book!

Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelmCrewClubFlightFleetR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10Pts
1st3759Thomas GillardRachael GraySheffield Viking SC/Staunton HaroldGreenPlatinum1  11  41 8
2nd3805Andy DavisOlly MeadowcroftSouth StaffsBlackPlatinum 7 2 13 3 16
3rd3803Chris GouldSophie MackleyLymington Town Sailing ClubBlackPlatinum 2 3 42 5 16
4th3820Caroline CroftPeter GrayLymington Town SCBlackPlatinum 3 4 65 2 20
5th3795Alex JacksonPippa KilsbyShoreham SCRedPlatinum2 8  5 8 326
6th3791Jon GorringeMatt CurrellParkstone YCBluePlatinum 106 5 4  429
7th3691Mike CalvertEmma ClarkeAxe SCBluePlatinum 224 3 1  232
8th3764Tim FellsFrances GiffordSYCBluePlatinum 19 13 7  535
9th3726Will HendersonRob HendersonSYCBlackPlatinum 4 5 166 4 35
10th3683Arthur HendersonTom BallantineSYCRedGold17 5  3 3 836
11th3703Richard WhitworthJemima ScroggieParkstone YCBlackPlatinum 5 7 218 7 39
12th3812Tom StewartRob AllenSYCRedPlatinum6 2  10 7 1439
13th3722Roger GilbertJane GilbertFrencham Pond SCRedPlatinum5 7  12 10 640
14th3775Chris JenningsPete NicholsonBurghfield SCBluePlatinum 63 14 9  1345
15th3787Chris MartinSamuel BaileyMidland SCBluePlatinum 1110 4 8  1245
16th3678Stephen CrookSally TownendHollingworth LakeGreenGold8  88  158 47
17th3611Jenny DoddsChris DoddsRYAGreenGold9  66  1116 48
18th3802Simon PottsOliver HatleyBurghfield Sailing ClubRedPlatinum7 11  8 6 1648
19th3645Steve HallCharlotte StewartRoyal Corinthian YC/Waldringfield SCRedPlatinum11 12  7 9 1049
20th3687Matthew GreenfieldHannah GreenfieldChew Valley LakeBlueGold 916 9 10  1559
21st3694Steve TylerAlly TylerParkstoneBlackSilver 12 10 1413 10 59
22nd3727Mark StockbridgeJames GiffordUpper ThamesGreenGold14  1211  1412 63
23rd3788Christian BirrellSam BreareyParkstone YCRedPlatinum3 1  (BFD) 1 165
24th3784Ian DobsonAlly PottsBurwain SC/HISCGreenPlatinum4  (WAY)2  26 73
25th3746James WellsAnna AylwardRYARedGold16 18  21 20 782
26th3676Antony GiffordJo GiffordRoyal Tay YCGreenPlatinum13  1122  2613 85
27th3738Simon BlakeMolly BlakeRoyal BrightonGreenPlatinum21  1312  1235 93
28th3796William WarrenMegan PascoeShoreham SCBlueGold 1328 15 14  2393
29th3679Nick HeginbothamRory GiffordHollingworth Lake/South CaernarvonshireRedGold31 14  13 21 1897
30th3757Tim ParsonsAndy ServiceLyme RegisBlueSilver 1422 21 24  1798
31st3793James GoodfellowRick CornesWeston SCRedPlatinum(WAY) 13  11 5 1199
32nd3753David ConlonSarah ConlonBrightlingsea SCBlueGold 1915 19 27  22102
33rd3666John MeadowcroftKaty MeadowcroftUpper ThamesBluePlatinum 2125 10 21  26103
34th3641Mark WaterhouseIsobel StewartSYCBlueGold 1724 24 16  25106
35th3749Colin AndersonSean AndersonBartleyRedSilver24 17  26 18 21106
36th3804Mary Henderson‑WhiteRupert Henderson‑WhiteSYCGreenGold28  2216  2714 107
37th3702Duncan SalmonRuth HanstaterSYCGreenGold22  1820  2225 107
38th3735David WinderAnna BlakeHollingworth LakeBlackPlatinum 16 15 9(BFD) 9 108
39th3710Jon IbbotsonRobert StewartWaldringfieldBlackPlatinum 29 23 1717 22 108
40th3625Andrew HarrisMatty KeyTamesisBlackSilver 27 16 2526 15 109
41st3731Andy JonesMaddie JonesBurghfieldRedSilver18 19  23 29 24113
42nd3799Paul RaysonChristian HillSYCRedGold15 (DNF)  19 13 9115
43rd3715Richard CookeRussell HallWembleyBlackSilver 18 21 2225 33 119
44th3780Sarah RichardsNigel WakefieldLymington Town/ Netley SCBlackGold 15 (WAY) 1511 23 123
45th3684Tom LowEd LowWest Hoe SCGreenSilver20  (WAY)18  1611 124
46th3725Andrew SquireSimon EvansSYCBlackSilver 25 19 3129 29 133
47th3789Nick ScroggieClaire JohnstoneParkstoneBlackSilver 23 (DNF) 1815 19 134
48th3806Ben JonesHelen HilditchSYCRedSilver35 26  29 19 27136
49th3716Steven LeneyGill LeneyBlithfield SCGreenGold10  (DNC)23  2421 137
50th3769Graham Cranford‑SmithOliver WinderSYCBlackSilver 34 25 3220 30 141
51st3801Matt BiggsBecka JonesBartley SCGreenPlatinum12  97   DNC 146
52nd3794Julian HarmsGeorge BenderMidland SCRedSilver39 21  27 30 31148
53rd3732Ben HollisLewis FowlerBartley SCRedSilver33 20  24 17 DNC153
54th3659Julian ParryLivvy BellHollingworth LakeBlackGold 26 (BFD) 2035 17 157
55th3815Mark BarwellLou JohnsonLymington Town SCGreenGold25  1728  (DNF)28 157
56th3790Colin BrockbankVana VlastakiWembleyGreenSilver19  (DNC)29  2331 161
57th3709Jack NortonDave RoyseRanelaghBlackGold (DNC) 14  12 18 162
58th3781David HallEmilie HoodBlackwater SCGreenPlatinum26  (DNF)26  3220 163
59th3647Hywel Bowen‑PerkinsLucy PenwardenSYC/HamptonBlueSilver 2834 35 34  32163
60th3671Piers LambertSophie PenwardenBrightlingseaBlueSilver (PRP)23 27 22  33164
61st3569Ben LulhamSamantha LulhamBlakeneyBlueSilver 3830 36 31  29164
62nd3697Richard PageLizzy DalbyHamptonBlueBronze 3232 31 32  38165
63rd3773Alan WarrenWilliam CarrollShorehamBlueSilver 3029 25 28  DNC171
64th3696Alex WarrenPhil DalbyShoreham SCBlackGold 8 (DNF) 2819 DNF 173
65th3622Christian HamiltonMichael HamiltonNetleyBlueSilver 36(BFD) 17 23  39174
66th3677Timothy BarrChris MartinTamesisGreenBronze30  (WAY)30  3837 194
67th3692Steve ConroyAnna RaysonSYCRedSilver36 31  34 36  196
68th3766Andrew DalbyAimee DalbyBurghfieldBlackGold 31 24 (DNF)(DNC) 24 197
69th3768Rob CageHatty CageThames Sailing ClubGreenGold23  (DNC)(DNC)  3126 198
70th3547Peter MaleTim MaleBlithfield SCRedSilver40 (DNF)  35 28 37199
71st3705Geoff WrightKatie NkugwaBlithfieldRedSilver41 35  30 34 DNF199
72nd3463Jon CowperHannah HutchingsHuntsRedBronze44 36  40 37 43200
73rd3652John BellSuzi BellHamptonBlueSilver 24(DNF) 34 (DNC)  28204
74th3633Timothy HarmsAmelia LittleHampton SCRedSilver42 (DNF)  33 35 36205
75th3786Michael WilsonHelen WilsonIsle of ManRedSilver(DNC) 33  (DNF) 25 30206
76th3730Paul HollisLouisa ArcherBlithfieldGreenSilver29  2041  (DNC)DNC 208
77th3670Mark McKeeverEvan BaseMidland SCBlueBronze 3327 32 (DNC)  DNC210
78th3747Clive EplettRebecca VideloFrensham PondBlueGold 20(DNF) (DNF) BFD  19216
79th3816Phil EmeryPhoebe PaineWhitstableBlackSilver 37 (DNC) (DNF)30 32 217
80th3539Dan AlsopJennie KingLyme RegisRedSilver27 (DNF)  (DNF) DNF 20224
81st3706Kevin AndersonHamish KempSYCBlueBronze (DSQ)(DNF) 38 33  35224
82nd3627Ali WallaceCat WallaceSouth Cerney SCBlueBronze 39(DNF) 37 (DNC)  34228
83rd3707Stuart JenkinsNicola ScaddanHamptonGreenBronze(DNF)  (DNF)42  3341 234
84th3648Jamie WrightMimi GorringeShoreham SCBlueSilver 3538 (DNF) (DNC)  44235
85th3511Andrew MillsEllie MillsHampton SCBlueBronze (PRP)(DNF) 43 36  42239
86th3598Robert SmithSuzy BroughSYCGreenSilver32  (BFD)33  DNFDSQ 242
87th3587Henry MasonGeorge MasonBlithfield SCGreenBronze46  (DNC)40  DNC42 246
88th3567Martin SmithKaren BestonRedditchGreenBronze49  (DNC)39  DNC44 250
89th3748Nigel BrookeSuzie BrookeLymington TownBlackSilver 40 (DNC) (DNF)DNC 34 251
90th3621Tristram SquirePeter SlackSYCBlackBronze (BFD) (DNC) 36DNF 40 253
91st3686Kevin RoseJohn DonaghueUpper Thames SCBlackBronze (DNF) (DNC) 38DNC 38 253
92nd3675Rob HatleyJoe HatleyTamesisBlueBronze (WAY)37 (DNC) DNF  40254
93rd3813Steve HarlingEleanor ThomasStarcross YCRedBronze43 (DNF)  39 DNC DNC259
94th3368Ian LaingAndrew HuntHollingworth LakeGreenBronze51  (DNC)45  DNC46 260
95th3530Michael CollesLauren MorganMidlandBlueBronze 41(DNF) 44 (DNC)  DNF262
96th3809Jon TurnerRichard ParslowLyme Regis SCBlackPlatinum (DNC) (DNF) DNCDNF 27 263
97th3333John AdamsRos Warwick ‑ HallerTamesis SCGreenBronze(DNF)  (DNC)46  DNC43 266
98th3656Charlotte GoughDave GoughStarcrossRedSilver34 (DNC)  (DNC) DNC DNF270
99th3599Nigel CooperEllen Cooper‑De GrooteSYCGreenBronze48  (DNC)(DNF)  DNC45 270
100th3714Alan MarkhamSue MarkhamLymington Town SCBlackSilver (DNF) (DNC) DNCDNC 36 272
101st3771Alex PauseyMatthew Percival‑SteinUpper ThamesBlackBronze (WAY) (DNC) 37DNC WAY 273
102nd3740Patrick BlakeJilly BlakeLymington Town SCRedGold37 (DNC)  (DNC) DNC DNC273
103rd3733Steve MitchellJulie NutallTorpoint MosquitoRedGold38 (DNC)  (DNC) WAY DNC274
104th3589John HollandsHannah BridgerHamptonGreenBronze50  (DNC)(DNF)  DNC47 274
105th3672John CooperHilary BradshawWhitstableBlackSilver (DNF) (DNC) DNCDNC 39 275
106th3654Geoffrey CoxMonika PapiezSYCBlueBronze (DNC)(DNF) (DNC) DNF  41277
107th3650Gareth GriffithsKrysti GalpinLymington Town SCBlackBronze 43 (DNC)(DNC) DNC DNC 279
108th3561Joe ShawJulie CranshawWembleyRedBronze45 (DNF)  (DNF) DNC DNF281
109th3800Richard BramleyTony ChealShoreham SCRedBronze47 (DNC)  (DNF) DNC DNC283
110th3602Martin EvansChris EvansHamptonGreenSilver(DNC)  (DNC)(DNC)  DNCDNC 295
110th1079Richard HarrisMaddie HarrisTamesisBlueSilver (DNC)(DNC) (DNC) DNC  DNF295
110th381Huw ReynoldsPhil ScottWhitstableBlackBronze (DNF) (DNC) DNCDNC DNC 295
110th3586Kieron MasonBelinda MasonBlithfield SCGreenBronze(DNC)  (DNC)(DNC)  DNCDNC 295
110th3704Jemma HorwoodNicki BassWembleyBlackSilver (DNC) (DNC) DNCDNF DNF 295
110th3762Malcolm HyamsDan BarrettMidland SCBlueBronze (DNC)(DNC) (DNF) DNC  DNF295

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