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Merlin Rocket

Merlin Rocket

14 foot restricted class with clinker-style hull. Flared hull up to 7'2" beam to give equivalent righting moment to trapezes and wings. Unusual shape of mainsail with long top batten to give sail area high up useful for rivers. Moderate sized conventional spinnaker, and sophisticated rig controls for the string fetishist. Fleets sail on any size of water from open sea to small lakes and narrow rivers.

&copy; David Harding / <a target="_blank" href=""></a> © David Harding /
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Show news Merlin Rocket Mast Spreader Settings
How to easily turn your boat over and how to set up the spreaders
Posted on 6 Oct
Merlin Rocket Mast Rake Settings
Rigging Guide and Top Tips for setting up your mast rake
Posted on 29 Sep
Rocking the boat
John Fildes talks us through the design and build of Rockatross
Posted on 28 Sep
Tamesis Club Merlin Open
Sondown Cup, Southcott Cup, Elizabeth Bowl and Porteous Cup up for grabs
Posted on 21 Sep
Merlin Rockets at Upper Thames
Including the Spade Oak Bowl trophy race
Posted on 16 Sep
Merlin Rockets at Bartley
Wind, sun, great courses and some great sailors
Posted on 14 Sep
Merlin Rocket Downriver Race at Ranelagh
Putney Embankment to Chelsea Bridge
Posted on 8 Sep
Minima Annual Regatta
First club in this neck of the Thames to hold a regatta during COVID
Posted on 7 Sep
Merlin Rockets at Lymington
The spirit of the Merlin Rocket Sailor - what the pandemic hasn't changed
Posted on 2 Sep
Merlin Rocket Inaugural Itchenor Intergalactics
A four-day extravaganza for the class!
Posted on 16 Aug
Merlin Rocket Inlands Cancelled
It's all about 2021 (says hoping!)
Posted on 14 Aug
Merlin Rocket Silver Tiller 2020 announcement
Craftinsure Silver Tiller not to be awarded this year for the first time
Posted on 3 Aug
Gregory's Ghost
David Henshall's search for a rare 1960s dinghy has a happy ending
Posted on 3 Jun
Merlin Rocket eSailing Spring Series Championships
The first (and hopefully the last) eSailing event of the Merlin season
Posted on 1 Jun
Merlin Rocket 'Rockatross' Walk-Throughs
By Vangin' On! and Andy Rice at the RYA Dinghy Show 2020
Posted on 4 May
Fast Track Sailing in the Salcombe Estuary part 3
From Gerston to the finish line
Posted on 1 May
The latest ideas in the Merlin Rocket fleet
One member looks at how to bring his older boat up to the latest spec
Posted on 21 Apr
Fast Track Sailing in the Salcombe Estuary part 2
Getting into and out of the 'Bag'
Posted on 15 Apr
Fast Track Sailing in the Salcombe Estuary part 1
Upwind from the start line to Blackstone
Posted on 11 Apr
Olympians and UK dinghy champions clash
Bashes and banter in eSailing Demonstration Event
Posted on 2 Apr
Merlin Rocket Craftinsure Silver Tiller Round 2
17 visitors to Wembley despite the troubling world situation
Posted on 18 Mar
Itchenor Winter Warmer Series round 3
A breezy affair at the end of a weather-hit series
Posted on 15 Mar
Merlin Rocket Class Training 2020
At Parkstone Yacht Club on 2nd May
Posted on 13 Mar
Merlin Rocket Craftinsure Silver Tiller Round 1
The storms subside just in time at Burghfield
Posted on 10 Mar
Merlin Rockets; doing our bit
To make sure there continues to be a world of opportunity for sailors
Posted on 10 Feb
58th Hamble Warming Pan preview
More classes will race on 29th March
Posted on 10 Feb
Alton Water Frostbite Series week 5
A windy series so far, and this week was no exception
Posted on 7 Feb
Harken UK exhibiting at the RYA Dinghy Show 2020
Mk.5 Winder Merlin Rocket and Winder Mirror on display
Posted on 3 Feb
Alton Water Frostbite Series week 4
The Race Officer's intention was to start on time, but...
Posted on 29 Jan
Exe Sails and Covers Starcross Steamer
The accuracy of the Great Lakes handicapping was proved again
Posted on 22 Jan


Show photos from

Merlin Rocket racing at Hamble River Sailing Club
© Bertrand Malas
Merlin Rocket Spreader Settings
© Tom Chamberlain / RYA
Merlin Rocket Mast Rake
© Tom Chamberlain / RYA
© Rockatross
Making the plug for the internal moulding
© Rockatross
© John Fildes
Board gearbox that will let us find the right place in the new Rockatross
© Rockatross
Clean crew area with the jib and Kite controls coming out of the carlins and Jib tracks in the foredeck
© Rockatross
Control lines disappearing in to the carlin, the carbon access door in the side deck at top of pic
© Rockatross
The shrouds and lowers entering the deck with the Kite control at the front and the Jib behind exiting out of the carlin side
© Rockatross
Side deck angles
© Rockatross
Making the foredeck Plug, note the nice radiused chute mouth and recessed mast step
© Rockatross
Forestay in blue, halyard and cunningham hidden inside zip luff
© Rockatross
One string system now coming through the bow and on top of the front tank
© Rockatross
Jack Holt Merlin during the Cowes Championships - note the large decks
© Beken
New monolithic carbon stock
© Rockatross
Rockatross reverse bow
© Rob O'Neill
© Rockatross
Rear tank arrangement clean internals and adjustable hoop
© Rob O'Neill
Tamesis Club Merlin Open
© Carolyne Vines
Tamesis Club Merlin Open
© Jonathan Key
Upper Thames Merlin Rocket Open
© Tony Ketley
Upper Thames Merlin Rocket Open
© Tony Ketley
Upper Thames Merlin Rocket Open
© Tony Ketley
Alex Jackson and Arthur Henderson win the Upper Thames Merlin Rocket Open
© Tony Ketley
Bartley Merlin Open
© Debbie Degge
Bartley Merlin Open
© Debbie Degge
Bartley Merlin Open
© Debbie Degge
Merlin Rocket Downriver Race at Ranelagh
© John Pahl
Merlin Rocket Downriver Race at Ranelagh
© Gabriel Hill
Upffront 2020 Foredeck Club SW FOOTERGul 2020 FOOTERC-Tech 2020 Battens 2 728x90 BOTTOM