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Marine Resources 2022 Salary Survey

Gul Fireball Irish Nationals and Pre-Worlds at Lough Derg Yacht Club - Overall

by Cormac Bradley 20 Aug 05:40 PDT 18-26 August 2022

The Pre-Worlds phase of the GUL sponsored Fireball World Championships started off yesterday morning in much the same way as it had concluded the day before - with lots of breeze, from a broadly similar direction - 240 degrees. However, early on in the morning it brought in rain as well but by race time the rain had disappeared leaving us with the odd short. sharp shower.

A reduced fleet came out to the race area and maybe by way of being a smaller fleet, the starts got off that much smoother, though they were all under a "U-flag". The majority of the fleet decided that left was the way to go on the beats, though conventional wisdom in these parts apparently suggests that "when it comes from Hare, go to Clare", Hare being an island in the racing area and Clare being the right-hand shore of the Lough. Certainly, in one of the latter races of the day there was a noticeable difference in angle of sailing between the solitary boat who worked the Clare side of the course and the rest of the fleet.

In the first race of the day (Race 4) wind speeds in excess of 20knots were being regularly recorded on the committee boat's anemometer, getting as high as 26knots is some of the more severe gusts that came through. That would explain some of the two-sail reaching across the top reach of the course after a 1-mile beat. However, the same three red spinnakers of Messrs Marsh & Davenport (15162), Paruzek & Kosvica (15141) and Bateman & Chaix (14750) dominated the occupancy of the leading bunch. Further back we could see the green spinnakers of another Czech boat and Barry McCartin & Conor Kinsella (15093). At the leeward mark for the first time the sequence of rounding was, 15162 (Marsh & Davenport), 14750, (Bateman & Chaix), 15141 (Paruzek & Kosvica), 14941 (Derian & Andy Scott), 15061 (Noel Butler & Stephen Oram), 15152 (Heather McFarlane & Chris Payne), 15093 (McCartin & Kinsella) and in eighth, 15091 (Martin Kubovy & Roman Rocek). The approach to the second beat was mixed, some when right for a short period before heading left, others tacked immediately at the mark.

The downwind leg of the sausage was high speed stuff, some flew bags, others didn't, deciding that discretion was the better part of valour.

The finishing order for the race was 14750, 15162, 15141, 15019, CZE 15163 (Milan & Matej Snajdr), GBR 15112 (David Sayce & Gareth Edwards), 15093, AUS 15152 (Heather McFarlane & Chris Payne), 15061, GBR 15145 (Steve & Tom Goacher).

Race 5 saw a slight abatement in the wind with less of the 20+ knots being registered though still in the high teens. Again, the favoured approach to the beat was to go left and the same three red spinnakers were broken out after the weather mark - Marsh, Paruzek and Bateman. Again, the action was fast and furious, even under two sails on the off-wind legs. The latter half of the race saw a further drop in wind strength but it had little impact on the placings on the water. The same three boats occupied the podium places with the finishing order being Paruzek & Kosvica (15141), Bateman & Chaix (14750) and Marsh & Davenport (15162). McCartin & Kinsella took 4th, ahead of Snajdr & Snajdr (15163), Butler & Oram, Kubovy & Rocek, Frank Miller & Conor Flynn (IRL 14915), GBR 15096 (Michael & Adam Whitehouse) and tenth, GBR14753 (John Cowper & Martin Mills).

By Race Six, the pace of the race started to become positively pedestrian compared to what had got beforehand. Wind readings on the committee boat were getting down to the mid-teens by mid-race but the high-octane and physicality of the preceding two races had taken its toll on the fleet and the start line length was halved for an 18-boat fleet. Yet again the fleet favoured going left and Marsh & Davenport revelled in the conditions building an insurmountable lead by the weather mark. Instead of three red spinnakers at the head of the fleet we could only see two followed by two green spinnakers and again some boats two-sailing the top reach. At the first rounding of the leeward mark the sequence was; 15162, 15141, 15093, 14750, 15061, 15163, 15019, 15145, 15096, IRL 14637 (Tiarnan Brown & Oisin McAllister), FRA 14950 (Charles LaCalves & Eloise Maussio), 14915 and IRL 14213 (David Evans & William Draper). For the downwind leg of the sausage the fleet favoured middle and (their) right and the pace of execution of this leg dropped with the reducing wind strength. It had a minimal impact on the occupancy of the podium places on the water which had been dominated by Marsh, Paruzek and Bateman, with Bateman & Chaix dropping out and McCartin & Kinsella getting into third place.

And thus, the Pre-Worlds and Irish Nationals were concluded, finished under a substantially blue sky and moderating winds, though they came back before the afternoon was out.

Overall Results:

PosFleetNatSail NoHelmCrewR1R2R3R4R5R6Pts
1GoldGBR15162Isaac MarshOliver Davenport1‑722319
2GoldCZE15141Jiri ParuzekJakub Kosvica(DNC)1331210
3GoldIRL14750Chris BatemanThomas Chaix33112‑710
4GoldIRL15093Barry McCartinConor Kinsella74(BFD)74325
5GoldCZE15019Martin KubovyRoman Rocek‑135447525
6GoldCZE15163Milan SnajdrMatej Snajdr6‑11555425
7GoldIRL15061Noel ButlerStephen Oram‑109896840
8GoldGBR15145Steve GoacherTom Goacher‑12861011641
9GoldGBR15096Michael WhitehouseAdam Whitehouse‑16129119950
10GoldIRL14915Frank MillerConor Flynn‑2414131881265
11GoldGBR14753John CowperMartin Mills2520101310(DNC)78
12SilverIRL14637Tiarnan BrownOisin McAllister312114(DNC)141191
13SilverFRA14950Charles LaCalvesEloise Maussio3018(DNC)DNS1310126
14GoldGBR15151Martin LewisDaniel Lewis467(DNC)DNCDNC127
15GoldIRL14938Niall McGrottyNeil Cramer20191124(RET)DNC129
16GoldGBR15112David SayceGareth Edwards910(DNC)6DNCDNC135
17SilverIRL14378Ben GraffAlexander Farrell3422(DNC)2112DNC144
18GoldGBR15155David HallPaul Constable22(BFD)DNCDNCDNC169
19GoldRSA14877David LaingMark Dee2917(DNC)17DNCDNC173
20SilverIRL14740Imogen HauerHugo Micka441612(RET)DNCDNC182
21GoldAUS15152Heather MacFarlaneChris Payne15(DNC)DNC8DNCDNC188
22GoldIRL14969Ed Butler (jr)Fionn Conway1713(DNC)DNCDNCDNC195
23GoldAUS14798Nicholas ReesEvelyne Schotte18(DNC)DNC14DNCDNC197
24GoldSUI14863Laura MarkwalderTobias Frey4523( DNC)19 DNC DNC197
26GoldSUI14859Christina HaerdiCedric Landerer19( DNC) DNC16 DNC DNC200
27GoldIRL15167Alastair CourtGordon Syme2215( BFD) DNC DNC DNC202
28GoldCZE14820Michaela StruncovaMichal Skoda28( DNC) DNC20 DNC DNC213
29SilverAUS14814Susannah GillamAndrew Butler39( DNC) DNC15 DNC DNC219
30GoldCAN14547Richard QuinlanLiam Quinlan32( RET) DNC22 DNC DNC219
31SilverIRL14213David EvinsWilliam Draper43( NSC) DNC DNC RET13221
32SilverIRL14641Nick MillerCearbhall Daly42( RET)15 RET DNC DNC222
33SilverSUI14799Claude MermodRuedi Moser5( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC225
34GoldGBR15066Mark MaskellNigel Sheppard8( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC228
35SilverSUI14987Ralph LandererSimon Kohler41( DNC) DNC23 DNC DNC229
36GoldGBR14941Derian ScottAndy Scott11( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC231
37SilverIRL15156Daniel ThompsonHarry Thompson14( RET) DNC DNC DNC DNC234
38GoldFRA15001Christophe BrigaudeauTudi Cabillic21( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC241
39GoldIRL14775Neil ColinMargaret Casey26( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC246
40GoldIRL15016Louise McKennaHermine O'Keefe27( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC247
41SilverITA15054Fabio Palermiadriana curcio33( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC253
42SilverIRL14584Jim RyanDavid Tanner35( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC255
43SilverGBR14792Graham WilsonPeter Warne36( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC256
44SilverGBR14872Barbara NewsonGuy Newson37( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC257
45SilverIRL14865Owen SinnottGrattan Donnelly38( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC258
46SilverIRL14854Cariosa PowerMarie Barry40( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC260
47SilverIRL14663Clodagh NashGlen Fisher46( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC266
48 HKG14754Chris OwenAndy Service( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC275
48SilverIRL14934Leo HickeyMaurice Brice( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC275
48 TBA14676TBAMichael Keegan(     275
48SilverIRL14691Brenda NashUna L''estrange( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC275
48 GBR15157Keith WalkerMichael Keegan( DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC275
48 GBR15164Graham ClowAnthony Wright(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC275
48 FRA14959Patrice OlivierJean‑Francois Nouel(DNC)DNCDNCDNSDNCDNC275

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