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2022 505 World Championship at the Royal Cork Yacht Club - Overall

by Jordan Spencer 13 Aug 2022 09:12 PDT 3-13 August 2022

Finally, after all the frustration the 505 Worlds finish in brochure conditions...

The final day again dawned with no wind and again the wind filled in from the NE out to sea. Today the conditions were even better than yesterday with the wind filling in slightly stronger and holding for longer. Nearly all racing was conducted in 10-12 maybe 14kn of wind. Late in the day it did move slightly right and start to fade, but by then boats were turning onto their last upwind of the final race.

Three races again were conducted today allowing seven races in total and bringing a discard into play.

The first race of the day (R5) looked like there could be some movement ahead for the leader board. McNay & Payne were seventh and Batchelor & Pascoe third. The winners were Jan-Philipp Hofmann & Felix Brockerhoff in a tight battle with Roger Gilbert & Ben McGrane. Peter Nicholas & Luke Payne were part that trio, but on the last run they went furthest to the left when a little righty came down the centre of the course dropping them to sixth. The German pair of Hofmann & Brockerhoff looked like they could move up to third overall.

The second race of the day (R6) was a return to form for McNay & Payne, but Batchelor & Pascoe were a little deep. Nicholas & Payne were again near the front and this time would make no mistake finishing second. Former champions Mike Holt & Adam Lowry emerged from the forest they had been lost in all regatta to give us a flash of brilliance to pick up third.

And the final race (R7), well it was an exhibition really. McNay & Paine just sailed away from the fleet. It was impressive! In second was the other form boat Batchelor & Pascoe with third going to Mike Martin & Adam Lowry.

In the post-race interview, (see the 505 website) McNay & Paine shared their glory with their coach.

The two lead boats were identical packages. Brand new Ovington V2 hulls, Pinnell and Bax sails and Superspar M2 masts.

Next year the Worlds return to the US West Coast in Santa Cruz and given the size of the US fleet here in Cork, it should be a great success.

Results, race highlights and updates can be found on the event website.

Overall Results:

PosNatSail NoHelmCrewR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Pts
1stUSA9245Stuart McnayCaleb Paine1121‑7117
2ndGBR9240Nathan BatchelorSam Pascoe43123‑7215
3rdAUS8801Peter NicholasLuke Payne‑843762527
4thGER9121Jan‑Philipp HofmannFelix Brockerhoff6106518‑1236
5thUSA9106Mike MartinAdam Lowry‑222119517347
6thUSA9080Morgan PinckneyGarrett Brown319124109‑4257
7thGBR9238Ian PinnellCarl Smit51871386(DNC)57
8thUSA9091Andy BeeckmanReeve Dunne2155‑31175659
9thUSA9153Howard HamlinJeff Nelson‑1817810916464
10thGBR9215Roger GilbertBen McGrane21215‑342182271
11thGER9241Wolfgang HungerHolger Jess231523‑2444776
12thIRL9039Ewen BarryCharles Dwyer17828620‑471190
13thAUS9191Malcolm HigginsNick Johnston‑411140319121095
14thUSA9004Nic BairdEric Anderson122020‑22211019102
15thRSA9063James LargierRichard Hutton‑Squire166‑4116311529113
16thGER9198Lena StücklJohannes Tellen‑5273914232016119
17thGBR9232Steve IrishNorman Byrd94613181221‑49119
18thGER9070Stefan KoechlinAndreas Achterberg203427‑35141314122
19thUSA9102Douglas HaganPaul VonGrey1526‑3415162921122
20thSWE9181Malin BrobergJohan Röök730412‑503733123
21stFRA9220Philippe BoiteMarin Carnot13‑501617243023123
22ndUSA9072Mike HoltRob Woelfel45‑48183218315131
23rdDEN9055Fabiola WonterghemMichael Wonterghem32‑55942131917132
24thGBR8935Michael SimsCarl Gibbon282322‑54222325143
25thCAN9200Alexander MellerFiona Collins1038252326‑3930152
26thGBR9214Andy SmithStewart Mears2514174036‑5520152
27thUSA9208A.J. ConradsBlaine Pedlow34‑362926113618154
28thFRA9147Heeve de KergariouTristan Le Jeune‑31312611273128154
29thGER9169Tim BögerFinn Böger3529‑4825382213162
30thGER9182Alexander HolzapfelArne Wittemer11243330‑432839165
31stAUS9210Michael QuirkTim Needham‑5632455515118166
32ndIRL8857Chris BatemanPaul O'Sullivan14‑564620352431170
33rdGBR8991Nicholas MeadowJames Read‑37213628373227181
34thGER9185Stefan BoehmGerald Roos3622‑544942269184
35thGBR9180Mark Upton‑BrownIan Mitchell261338‑46283544184
36thGBR9178Chris LewnsJack Kilburn24‑453021403337185
37thUSA8786Luke IngallsJohn Ingalls3325322739‑6940196
38thAUS9204Chris GreggIan Gregg‑70413729331446200
39thIRL8987Peter ScannellJohn Dunlea44‑494419253436202
40thAUS9225Earle AlexanderAngus Higgins‑4939478452738204
41stRSA8955Peter FunkeThomas Funke303324‑48444034205
42ndGBR8963Martin HodgsonAdrian Miles392842392941‑54218
43rdUSA8864Miles JohannessenPaul Pihl4247194441‑5026219
44thUSA9237Bruce EdwardsRichard Mundell4016‑5541344353227
45thAUS9110Mark StowellJake Bessen474321‑51493835233
46thGER9231Stefan GieslerFrank Böhm48373553‑554424241
47thIRL9011John DowneySandy Rimmington2935433848‑5752245
48thIRL9093Alex BarryHarry Briddon199535932(DNS)DNC251
49thIRL8929Colin BarryRonan O'Driscoll‑59511045525241251
50thUSA9228Craig ThompsonPaddy Lewis512758603025‑62251
51stUSA8930Duane DelfosseMike Hull‑68534933594932275
52ndSUI9060Catherine HourietGil Donzé5754145256‑6243276
53rdGBR9105James McGillivrayMatthew George‑65403136476165280
54thUSA9142Mike PunnettKeahi Ho385761434642(DNS)287
55thGBR9229Michael WilsonPhil Hardisty434452375360‑61289
56thFRA9218Commeil BertrandPierre Goremanns27425761‑696747301
57thSWE9187Jonas BerntssonMagnus Lundberg50‑625047584551301
58thFRA9219Elisabeth NeidhartPierre Jean Gallo‑60585650545148317
59thAUS9134Jeffrey RobinsonAdam Wyatt‑62526257574659333
60thUSA9083Aaron RossRob Waterman61‑716356615345339
61stUSA8753Ryan NelsonMichael Bishop5463‑6766665450353
62ndFRA8895MICHEL NicolasMichel Laurent466559‑71645664354
63rdGBR8510Dylan WellsHarry Clarke‑71615165606656359
64thAUS9071Richard HydeLindsay Gilbert586460626258‑66364
65thAUS9221Ian BrownTom Olsen53(RET)DNS675148DNS377
66thGBR8306David BatchelorBen Batchelor55‑696569656360377
67thFRA9164Jacques DechauffourSabine Dechauffour66‑686458636858377
68thFRA9150Valentin DechauffourPierre Gendry(TLE)607170685955383
69thIRL8905Charles McCarthyBarry OConnor64‑707064707063401
70thIRL7771Brian JonesGary Frost63(DNC)DNCDNC676557410
71stIRL7875Ian O'LearyMatt MerchantTLE666672(DNS)64TLE412
72ndGBR8708Martin GoultTim OctonTLE596863(DNC)DNCDNC424
73rdGBR9036Martin WedgeGraham Elliot67676968(DNC)DNCDNC429
74thGER9123Enno WiltsMartin LeitnerTLETLE7273(DNC)7167432
75thIRL8552Michael O’BrienSandy O’Brien69(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC464
76thGBR8867Patrick McGaleSam BirdTLE72(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC464
77thIRL7440Denis O'SullivanJan Van De Puil(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC474
77thGER9197Nicola BirknerAngela Stenger(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC474

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