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Salcombe Gin Merlin Rocket Week - Day 5

by Tim Fells 7 Jul 2022 10:15 PDT 3-8 July 2022

Competitors were greeted with warm sunshine and a Northerly breeze which was blowing all the way down through the harbour raising expectations of a much more even start line.

At the top of the leader board, with a discard, three boats were tied for the lead on 5 points with two more within two points. Thursday was therefore likely to be a pivotal day in the fight for the title.

RACE 3: GREEN v BLACK Flights, COURSE 7,3,7

The start was clean with many boats hitting the line at full speed, spread evenly across the harbour. Those in the middle prospered by getting onto port and getting a lift in pressure up the harbour. At Snapes, the leading group was Simon Potts and Holly McArthur, Mike and Jane Calvert (overnight leaders) and Simon Blake and Alex Jackson.

These leading three were joined by Stu Bithell and Katherine Kimber at Crossways, with Tom Gillard and Rachael Grey in close attendance. Taxi and Pippa were outside the top ten.

On the beat back to Gerston in a lightening breeze, Tom and Rachael came through to lead from Matt and Hannah Greenfield onto a very light run to the finish. Places remained the same, although Mike and Jane almost took second place at the line. Stu and Katherine jumped two places on the line for fourth ahead of Simon and Holly, with George and Sophie Yeoman taking sixth. Taxi and Pippa's title challenge suffered from a 10th place, meaning they have to count an 8th.

RACE 4: RED v BLUE Flights, Course 1,5,1,3,1,3

The wind had completed its switch to the South by the afternoon, the sun was out and all was set for a glamorous sail. After a clean start and a fast beat up to Blackstone, the leading two teams of Christian Birrell and Luke Patience, and Ian Dobson and Ally Potts rounded ahead of the pack.

With a well-established F2-3 sea breeze, there were few passing places. Christian and Luke continued to control the race but Caroline Croft and Faye Chatterton came through to challenge them for the lead, passing Ian and Ally.

All the top places looked locked in until the final stages. As the leading pack ran down passed the Ferry landing the breeze began to break up. Richard Whitworth and Jemima Scroggie, followed by Matt Biggs and Becca Jones, crossed the tide to the Batson side and came blasting in with new pressure to take third and fourth at Crossways.

There was still some drama to play out. On the final beat to the line, Christian and Luke, maintaining a strong cover on Caroline and Faye, clipped a moored boat. Well, not any moored boat, a 50ft motor yacht. They had to complete a 360 penalty and this was all that Caroline and Faye needed to grab the lead and take their second bullet of the week. Christian and Luke came in second ahead of Richard and Jemima, and Matt and Becca. Dave Winder and Anna Blake had been holding a top six position all race and came home in fifth ahead of Jon Ibbotson and Robbie Stewart having their best race of the week. Ian and Ally's title challenge hit the rocks with a 12th which they have to count.

So going into the final day, when the discard will come into play, the fight at the top is between three teams. Christian and Luke have 1,2,2,2 but a bad discard of 27th. Tom and Rachael have 1,1,3,3 with a good discard of 5th. Mike and Jane have 2,2,2,3 with a discard of 5th. Tom and Rachael are in the morning race and will then have the excitement of watching their main challengers battle out in the afternoon.

The forecast is for light airs with the possibility of a sea breeze.

Results after day 5:

PosSail NoFleetBoat nameHelmCrewR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10Pts
1st3759GoldRed MistressThomas GillardRachael Gray 1 5 33 1 13
2nd3691GoldQuick FixMike CalvertJane Calvert 5 2 22 3 14
3rd3735GoldLasagne dishAndy DavisPippa Kilsby1  31  810 23
4th3803GoldBlack SwanCaroline CroftFaye Chatterton10 1  13 5 130
5th3802GoldKhalesiSimon PottsHolly McArthur13  92  45 33
6th3788GoldBlue my mindChristian BirrellLuke Patience 22 27 1  234
7th3811GoldBruceStuart BithellKatherine Kimber2  418  64 34
8th3795GoldGoonSimon BlakeAlex Jackson 6 8 75 15 41
9th3726GoldArwenWill HendersonRob Henderson 15 6 66 8 41
10th3812GoldMaumaharaChris GouldRob Allen11 8  18 3 1151
11th3777GoldMockingjayGeorge YeomanSophie Yeoman 4 20 914 6 53
12th3676GoldHot TottyAntony GiffordJo Gifford 1415 7 9  954
13th3799GoldSimply ScrumptiousPaul RaysonChris Hill7  721  139 57
14th3696GoldTiger TigerAlex WarrenJonty Freeman 175 12 21  863
15th3775GoldNight FuryChris JenningsPeter Nicholson 8 13 1613 17 67
16th3700GoldBrazilianRob KennaughAndrew Prosser 1210 6 17  2368
17th3687GoldMellow YellowMatt GreenfieldHannah Greenfield8  2426  92 69
18th3679GoldDaddys boatNick HeginbothamRory Gifford5 13  8 22 2270
19th3727SilverFragileMark StockbridgeJames Gifford16  1722  216 73
20th3709SilverWild at HeartJack NortonDave Royce 187 5 18  2573
21st3807GoldBalooTim SaxtonMary Henderson 164 13 12  3075
22nd3791GoldDidley SquatJon GorringeMimi Gorringe18  1125  714 75
23rd3784GoldStrung upIan DobsonAlly Potts3 (BFD)  1 1DNC1278
24th3703GoldFaithlessRichard WhitworthJemima Scroggie 10(BFD) 4 4 DNC382
25th3801GoldPokeyMatt BiggsBecca Jones 3(BFD) 9 7 DNC484
26th3787GoldQuicksilverChris MartinSamuel Bailey14  1911  1228 84
27th3730SilverBlood Sweat and BeersPaul HollisBen Hollis 139 16 15  3790
28th3645GoldBlue VelvetSteve HallSimon Haighton9  103  (BFD)11DNC94
29th3814GoldAfter youJames GossChris White   18  1412DNC96
30th3539GoldGangsta ParadiseDan AlsopJennie King 2916 20 8  2699
31st3756GoldRobertSophie MackleyJames Ward34  1415  1625 104
32nd3781GoldThe Force AwakensDavid WinderAnna Blake19 6  14 (BFD)DNC5105
33rd3683GoldBluebirdArthur HendersonOlivia Bell (BFD) 12 1110 13DNC107
34th3764GoldFancy LiqourTim FellsFrances Gifford12 (BFD)  4 10DNC21108
35th3710GoldParadigm ShiftJon IbbotsonRobert Stewart17 (BFD)  12 18DNC6114
36th3746GoldPoint n squirtJames WellsAnna Aylward 93 34 (BFD) DNC10117
37th3731SilverMayhemAndy JonesMaddie Jones 2020 39 20  18117
38th3684SilverKeyser SozeTom LowEd Low 25 27 2123 21 117
39th3690SilverGeneral LeeLucy HarridgeAndrea Downham31  1530  2023 119
40th3796GoldRobertaWilliam WarrenMegan Pascoe23 (BFD)  10 11DNC16121
41st3666Gold…ted…John MeadowcroftOllie Meadowcroft15 (DNF)  15 17DNC15123
42nd3711GoldSylviaChris KilsbyTom Morris21  3331  1920 124
43rd3753GoldAppetite for DestructionDavid ConlonSarah Conlon 11(BFD) 29 11 DNC13125
44th3725SilverIsland GirlAndrew SquireLaura Squire RDG 21 2627 26 125
45th3625SilverCarbon AdventuresAndy HarrisSara Warren28 11  19 36 33127
46th3745SilverOutnumberedPaul DeanHannah Burt32 21  23 24 29129
47th3702SilverSalmon en crouteDuncan SalmonRuth Hanstater 7(BFD) 17 19 DNC27131
48th3749SilverStanleyColin AndersonSean Anderson 3912 36 28  17132
49th3659GoldZenoJulian ParryLeise Scott35  1619  3331 134
50th3773SilverNo. 34Alan WarrenWilliam Carroll20 14  33 23 45135
51st3790SilverPointerColin BrockbankVana Vlastaki22  2214  (DNF)18DNC137
52nd3647SilverLiquid DreamsHywel Bowen‑PerkinsLucy Penwarden24 18  29 28 39138
53rd3789SilverOff‑pisteNick ScroggieEdward Scroggie 31 23 3216 37 139
54th3678GoldNoraSteve CrookSally Townend6 (BFD)  5 BFDDNC7140
55th3761BronzeBeast QuestDavid BurseyFrances Bursey40 23  34 25 20142
56th3766GoldThe BearAndy DalbyMark Oakey (BFD) 18 1729 19DNC144
57th3748SilverWhite TigerNigel BrookeSuzie Brooke 26 29 3030 32 147
58th3768GoldHulla BalooRob CageHatty Cage 2717 43 42  19148
59th3615SilverEdgarStuart BatesLouisa Archer 22(BFD) 10 32 DNC24149
60th3671SilverSnakey BPiers LambertAndy Bines37  2524  2935 150
61st3598SilverBar HumbugRobert SmithSuzy Brough 3719 41 24  31152
62nd3665SilverStill not overRoss JacksonDave Reid25  3033  3827 153
63rd3715SilverTruly ScrumptiousRichard CookeRussell Hall 21 32 4237 24 156
64th3555SilverSam BlocksidgeSam BlocksidgeWill Wilkinson 34 38 3122 33 158
65th2663SilverTyrrannosaurus RexChristopher HaworthJo Haworth27 34  25 44 32162
66th3648SilverBang TidyAntonia WrightJamie Wright30 24  44 27 46171
67th3657SilverRevolutionAnthony LoftsSophie Penwarden38  4228  3034 172
68th3724SilverSublimeJoe McLaughlinSean Roberts36 (BFD)  20 15DNC42174
69th3806SilverBlue TitBen JonesHelen Hilditch 23 28 2438  DNC174
70th3705SilverTwo pints of lagerGeoff WrightTom Gurney29 SCP  27 31 40174
71st3518BronzeSmoked SalmonTimothy HarmsAmelia Little 3027 35 39  43174
72nd3622SilverThe EdgeChristian HamiltonJacintha Hamilton‑Love41  2638  2149 175
73rd3794BronzeIcthysJulian HarmsRichard Adams 19(BFD) 37 33 DNC28178
74th3607SilverThe Fifth ElementSteve ConroyAnna Rayson33  3642  3730 178
75th3704BronzeFactory MaidJemma HorwoodNicola Bass 32 34 4336 36 181
76th3602SilverAmbienceMartin EvansChris Evans 3328 46 31  47185
77th3547BronzeMoondance AssasinPeter MaleTim Male52 25  36 40 38191
78th3771BronzeSkipAlex PauseyMatthew Percival 43 35 3541 38 192
79th3611GoldThe Phantom MenaceJenny DoddsChris Dodds4     DNCDNC7DNC194
80th3563GoldLeaderDavid HallIsobel Stewart46  (DNF)23  4322DNC195
81st3697BronzeToo Dark and StormyRichard PageNicola Scaddan42 22  41 42 51198
82nd3706BronzeMonkey PuzzleKevin AndersonSadie Anderson 3532 44 40  50201
83rd3815SilverThe KrakenTony JohnsonLouise Johnson (DNF)  32 34DNCDNC14202
84th3714SilverKevinAlan MarkhamSue Markham 24 37 39  41DNC202
85th3736BronzeMetachrosisJon BloicePhilippa Bloice 36 41 3843 45 203
86th3733GoldThe DarksideSteve MitchellJulie Nutall  30 45 35 DNC35206
87th3569SilverTime ZuluBen LulhamSam Lulham45 (BFD)  37 32DNC34209
88th3707BronzeMonkey BusinessStuart JenkinsImogen Jenkins48 35  40 39 48210
89th3816SilverWild HorsesPhil EmeryKaren Emery   40 4625 39DNC211
90th3740GoldWhy askPatrick BlakeJill Blake26  31   34DNFDNC213
91st3675BronzeWhite Sauce er erRob HatleyJoe Hatley 3831 49 47  49214
92nd3652SilverTime and tideJohn BellSuzi Bell     28DNC26DNC41217
93rd3621BronzeRaunchyTristram SquirePeter Slack 41 44 4751 40 223
94th3502BronzeShindigScott SmithChristopher Smith 4433 50 44  55226
95th3686BronzeIfKevin RoseEmily Charles43  3940  (F/way)46DNC229
96th3750GoldIndiscretionNeal LillywhiteFreya Lillywhite39 (BFD)  45 41DNC44230
97th3530BronzeSir TopazMike CollesGeorge Bender 40 43 5149 50 233
98th3805SilverNermalMark ReddingtonMichelle Evans 42(BFD) 51 45 DNC36235
99th3769SilverDiscipleGraham Cranford SmithFiona Cranford Smith     DNC26DNC29DNC238
100th3800BronzeBramblesRichard BramleyTony Cheal 47 47 5350 42 239
101st3599BronzeHarryNigel CooperJohn Hollands50  4553  4943 240
102nd3561BronzeSnortingJoe ShawPatricia Hickey54 37  50 47 53241
103rd3606BronzeTake it EasyJoseph WoodsJonathan Woods 4538 54 52  56245
104th3463SilverSmoke on the waterJon CowperAbby Freely47 (BFD)  49 35DNC54246
105th3813BronzePace MakerSteve HarlingEleanor Thomas51 26  48 (DNF)DNCDNC247
106th3333BronzePreciousJohn AdamsRosalind Warwick‑Haller53  5052  4844 247
107th2604BronzeSatisfactionJeremy SteinSarah Percival49  4648  45 DNC249
108th3368BronzeDebutantIan LaingAndrew Hunt   48 5446 47DNC256
109th3586BronzeShadowplayKieron MasonBelinda Mason 46 49 5548 (DNF)DNC259
110th3511BronzeHeaven SentAndrew MillsEllie Mills44 (DNF)   DNC46DNC52264
111th3809GoldEcstacyJon TurnerRichard Parslow     22DNCDNCDNFDNC266
112th3654BronzeTales of AcapulcoGeoffrey CoxMonika Papiez (DNF)36 47  DNCDNCDNC266
113th3670BronzeFilthy GorgeousMark McKeeverGracie McKeever 28(DNF)   DNCDNCDNCDNC272
114th3762BronzeRimonimMalcolm HyamsDan Barrett55   55  DNC48DNC280
115th3751BronzeNarniaHuw ReynoldsPhilip Scott (DNF)   52DNCDNCDNCDNC296
116th3589BronzeFat Bottom GirlJohn HollandsAlexandra Parker     DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC305
116th3672SilverBola BolaJohn CooperHilary Bradshaw     DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC305

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