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Salcombe Gin Merlin Rocket Week - Day 2

by Tim Fells 4 Jul 08:44 PDT 3-8 July 2022

Monday morning dawned cloudy, which was not what was wanted to swing the NW breeze to the SW. Initially it looked like a repeat of Sunday's chaotic start line, but the breeze started to pull round to the SW just as the start sequence got under way. So too the tide which started to ebb, leading to some interesting starts.

RACE 3: RED v BLUE Flights, COURSE 1,4,7,1,3

With all starts under black flag there was a lot of jeopardy from lining up early in the light breeze with tide under but occasional puffs that could accelerate the fleet over the line. And so it proved to be. With two general recalls before a start got away a total of 18 boats were caught under the black flag.

On the third start, with much more consistent pressure up the harbour, those who got to the right at the top of the beat prospered, with Caroline Croft and Faye Chatterton rounding with Christian Birrell and Luke Patience. Both of these headed down the Portlemouth shore, while Chris Gould and Rob Allen in third gybed across to the town side.

Though this initially looked good, they ran out of pressure at the Ferry with the pack speeding down Fisherman's in good pressure.

Christian and Luke extended their lead on the beat back from Yalton and out to Gerston but Caroline and Faye had considerably narrowed their lead on the beat back up the harbour, with James Wells and Anna Aylward battling with Alex Warren and Jonty Freeman for third.

On the run back to Crossways, Caroline and Faye ran deeper than Christian and Luke to take control of the beach and the tidal relief down Fishermans. With some expert gybes, they extended a comfortable lead at Crossways and with tide under them were able to cover Christian and Luke to the line for a well-earned first bullet at Salcombe Week.

James and Anna took an excellent third with Tim Saxton and Mary Henderson escaping from a tight fight for fourth from Alex and Jonty in fifth and Dave Winder and Anna Blake in sixth.

RACE 4: GREEN v BLACK Flights, Course 1,7,1,3,1,3

By the afternoon start, the F3 wind had settled in the South West to give a fair beat to Blackstone. After the morning shenanigans, the fleet where a bit line shy. George and Sophie Yeoman, for the second day running, nailed the start, were able to tack and cross the fleet to the town side and pick up the right hander into Blackstone to have a significant lead.

They headed for the Portlemouth shore to get out of the tide but unfortunately ran out of breeze.

The following pack gybed in the hope of picking up the breeze coming out of North Sands and while they initially died, the breeze did come in, allowing James Goss and Chris White to accelerate down the town side before gybing back across the harbour to comfortably cross all those who had taken the customary route but had hit the hole off Biddle Point. Heading into the Bag, James and Chris led from Mike and Jane Calvert followed by Will and Rob Henderson.

On returning to the harbour, Tom Gillard and Rachael Grey had worked their way into a narrow lead from a group of four who all exchanged places on the beat back to Blackstone. James and Chris, Stu Bithell and Katherine Kimber, Taxi and Pippa and Mike and Jane Calvert were almost inseparable.

The run back to Crossways saw the leaders shuffle again. James and Chris, and Taxi and Pippa both gained by standing out into the last of the ebb to find more breeze while Tom and Rachael lost out by keeping out of the tide on the Portlemouth shore.

James and Chris led around Crossways and covered the chasers all the way to the line to take their first bullet. They missed the Sunday race as James was getting married at the weekend, so this was a perfect honeymoon celebration!

In a very tight finish, Mike and Jane just got their nose ahead of Taxi and Pippa with Stu and Katherine just behind. Tom and Rachael had to settle for fifth with Will and Rob rounding out the top six.

Results after Day 2:

PosSail NoFleetFlightBoat nameHelmCrewClubR1R2R3R4
1st3735GoldGreenLasagne dishAndy DavisPippa KilsbySouth Staffs1  3
2nd3788GoldBlueBlue my mindChristian BirrellLuke PatienceParkstone 22 
3rd3759GoldBlackRed MistressThomas GillardRachael GraySheffield Viking 1 5
4th3811GoldGreenBruceStuart BithellKatherine KimberParkstone2  4
5th3691GoldBlackQuick FixMike CalvertJane CalvertAxe 5 2
6th3803GoldRedBlack SwanCaroline CroftFaye ChattertonLymington Town10 1 
7th3746GoldBluePoint n squirtJames WellsAnna AylwardRYA 93 
8th3795GoldBlackGoonSimon BlakeAlex JacksonRoyal Brighton 6 8
9th3799GoldGreenSimply ScrumptiousPaul RaysonChris HillSalcombe7  7
10th3679GoldRedDaddys boatNick HeginbothamRory GiffordHollingworth Lake5 13 
11th3812GoldRedMaumaharaChris GouldRob AllenSalcombe11 8 
12th3645GoldGreenBlue VelvetSteve HallSimon HaightonRoyal Corinthian9  10
13th3807GoldBlueBalooTim SaxtonMary HendersonItchenor 164 
14th3726GoldBlackArwenWill HendersonRob HendersonSalcombe 15 6
15th3775GoldBlackNight FuryChris JenningsPeter NicholsonBurghfield 8 13
16th3696GoldBlueTiger TigerAlex WarrenJonty FreemanShoreham 175 
17th3802GoldGreenKhalesiSimon PottsHolly McArthurBurghfield13  9
18th3730SilverBlueBlood Sweat and BeersPaul HollisBen HollisBlithfield 139 
19th3700GoldBlueBrazilianRob KennaughAndrew ProsserMidland 1210 
20th3777GoldBlackMockingjayGeorge YeomanSophie YeomanItchenor 4 20
21st3781GoldRedThe Force AwakensDavid WinderAnna BlakeHollingworth Lake19 6 
22nd3709SilverBlueWild at HeartJack NortonDave RoyceRanelagh 187 
23rd3791GoldGreenDidley SquatJon GorringeMimi GorringeParkstone18  11
24th3676GoldBlueHot TottyAntony GiffordJo GiffordRoyal Tay YC 1415 
25th3687GoldGreenMellow YellowMatt GreenfieldHannah GreenfieldChew Valley Lake8  24
26th3787GoldGreenQuicksilverChris MartinSamuel BaileyMidland14  19
27th3727SilverGreenFragileMark StockbridgeJames GiffordUpper Thames16  17
28th3773SilverRedNo. 34Alan WarrenWilliam CarrollShoreham20 14 
29th3625SilverRedCarbon AdventuresAndy HarrisSara WarrenTamesis Club28 11 
30th3731SilverBlueMayhemAndy JonesMaddie JonesBurghfield 2020 
31st3647SilverRedLiquid DreamsHywel Bowen‑PerkinsLucy PenwardenSalcombe24 18 
32nd3768GoldBlueHulla BalooRob CageHatty CageThames 2717 
33rd3790SilverGreenPointerColin BrockbankVana VlastakiWembley22  22
34th3539GoldBlueGangsta ParadiseDan AlsopJennie KingLyme Regis 2916 
35th3690SilverGreenGeneral LeeLucy HarridgeAndrea DownhamHampton31  15
36th3756GoldGreenRobertSophie MackleyJames WardShoreham34  14
37th3749SilverBlueStanleyColin AndersonSean AndersonBlithfield 3912 
38th3659GoldGreenZenoJulian ParryLeise ScottHollingworth Lake35  16
39th3806SilverBlackBlue TitBen JonesHelen HilditchShoreham 23 28
40th3684SilverBlackKeyser SozeTom LowEd LowWest Hoe 25 27
41st3715SilverBlackTruly ScrumptiousRichard CookeRussell HallWembley 21 32
42nd3745SilverRedOutnumberedPaul DeanHannah BurtWembley32 21 
43rd3711GoldGreenSylviaChris KilsbyTom MorrisUpper Thames21  33
44th3789SilverBlackOff‑pisteNick ScroggieEdward ScroggieParkstone 31 23
45th3648SilverRedBang TidyAntonia WrightJamie WrightShoreham30 24 
46th3665SilverGreenStill not overRoss JacksonDave ReidShoreham25  30
47th3748SilverBlackWhite TigerNigel BrookeSuzie BrookeLymington Town 26 29
48th3598SilverBlueBar HumbugRobert SmithSuzy BroughSalcombe 3719 
49th3740GoldGreenWhy askPatrick BlakeJill BlakeCookham Reach26  31
50th3518BronzeBlueSmoked SalmonTimothy HarmsAmelia LittleHampton 3027 
51st3714SilverBlackKevinAlan MarkhamSue MarkhamLymington Town 24 37
52nd2663SilverRedTyrrannosaurus RexChristopher HaworthJo HaworthBlackpool & Fleetwood27 34 
53rd3602SilverBlueAmbienceMartin EvansChris EvansHampton 3328 
54th3814GoldGreenAfter youJames GossChris WhiteSouth Staffs DNC 1
55th3671SilverGreenSnakey BPiers LambertAndy BinesBrightlingsea SC37  25
56th3761BronzeRedBeast QuestDavid BurseyFrances BurseyParkstone40 23 
57th3801GoldBluePokeyMatt BiggsBecca JonesBartley 3 DNC
58th3784GoldRedStrung upIan DobsonAlly PottsHayling Island3 BFD 
59th3697BronzeRedToo Dark and StormyRichard PageNicola ScaddanHampton42 22 
60th3611GoldGreenThe Phantom MenaceJenny DoddsChris DoddsRYA4  DNC
61st3704BronzeBlackFactory MaidJemma HorwoodNicola BassThames 32 34
62nd3678GoldRedNoraSteve CrookSally TownendHollingworth Lake6 BFD 
63rd3622SilverGreenThe EdgeChristian HamiltonJacintha Hamilton‑LoveItchenor41  26
64th3706BronzeBlueMonkey PuzzleKevin AndersonSadie AndersonSalcombe 3532 
65th3702SilverBlueSalmon en crouteDuncan SalmonRuth HanstaterSalcombe 7BFD 
66th3675BronzeBlueWhite Sauce er erRob HatleyJoe HatleyTamesis Club 3831 
67th3607SilverGreenThe Fifth ElementSteve ConroyAnna RaysonSalcombe33  36
68th3703GoldBlueFaithlessRichard WhitworthJemima ScroggieParkstone 10BFD 
69th3753GoldBlueAppetite for DestructionDavid ConlonSarah ConlonBrightlingsea 11BFD 
70th3555SilverBlackSam BlocksidgeSam BlocksidgeWill WilkinsonTamar River 34 38
71st3683GoldBlackBluebirdArthur HendersonOlivia BellSalcombe BFD 12
72nd3764GoldRedFancy LiqourTim FellsFrances GiffordSalcombe12 BFD 
73rd3666GoldRed…ted…John MeadowcroftOllie MeadowcroftUpper Thames15 DNF 
74th3705SilverRedTwo pints of lagerGeoff WrightTom GurneyBlithfield29 SCP 
75th3547BronzeRedMoondance AssasinPeter MaleTim MaleBlithfield52 25 
76th3813BronzeRedPace MakerSteve HarlingEleanor ThomasStarcross51 26 
77th3502BronzeBlueShindigScott SmithChristopher SmithUpper Thames 4433 
78th3736BronzeBlackMetachrosisJon BloicePhilippa BloiceWhitstable 36 41
79th3710GoldRedParadigm ShiftJon IbbotsonRobert StewartBurghfield17 BFD 
80th3771BronzeBlackSkipAlex PauseyMatthew PercivalUpper Thames 43 35
81st3766GoldBlackThe BearAndy DalbyMark OakeyBurghfield BFD 18
82nd3794BronzeBlueIcthysJulian HarmsRichard AdamsMidland 19BFD 
83rd3657SilverGreenRevolutionAnthony LoftsSophie PenwardenSalcombe38  42
84th3725SilverBlackIsland GirlAndrew SquireLaura SquireSalcombe DNF 21
85th3686BronzeGreenIfKevin RoseEmily CharlesUpper Thames43  39
86th3615SilverBlueEdgarStuart BatesLouisa ArcherHollingworth Lake 22BFD 
87th3707BronzeRedMonkey BusinessStuart JenkinsImogen JenkinsHampton48 35 
88th3606BronzeBlueTake it EasyJoseph WoodsJonathan WoodsTamesis Club 4538 
89th3530BronzeBlackSir TopazMike CollesGeorge BenderMidland 40 43
90th3796GoldRedRobertaWilliam WarrenMegan PascoeShoreham23 BFD 
91st3621BronzeBlackRaunchyTristram SquirePeter SlackSalcombe 41 44
92nd3670BronzeBlueFilthy GorgeousMark McKeeverGracie McKeeverMidland 28DNF 
93rd3733GoldBlueThe DarksideSteve MitchellJulie NutallPorthpean  30 
94th3561BronzeRedSnortingJoe ShawPatricia HickeyWembley54 37 
95th3800BronzeBlackBramblesRichard BramleyTony ChealShoreham 47 47
96th3599BronzeGreenHarryNigel CooperJohn HollandsSalcombe50  45
97th2604BronzeGreenSatisfactionJeremy SteinSarah PercivalUpper Thames49  46
98th3586BronzeBlackShadowplayKieron MasonBelinda MasonBlithfield 46 49
99th3654BronzeBlueTales of AcapulcoGeoffrey CoxMonika PapiezSalcombe DNF36 
100th3724SilverRedSublimeJoe McLaughlinSean RobertsTamesis Club36 BFD 
101st3750GoldRedIndiscretionNeal LillywhiteFreya LillywhiteSalcombe39 BFD 
102nd3816SilverBlackWild HorsesPhil EmeryKaren EmeryWhitstable   40
103rd3805SilverBlueNermalMark ReddingtonMichelle EvansBartley 42BFD 
104th3333BronzeGreenPreciousJohn AdamsRosalind Warwick‑HallerTamesis Club53  50
105th3511BronzeRedHeaven SentAndrew MillsEllie MillsHampton44 DNF 
106th3569SilverRedTime ZuluBen LulhamSam LulhamBlakeney45 BFD 
107th3563GoldGreenLeaderDavid HallIsobel StewartBlackwater46  DNF
108th3463SilverRedSmoke on the waterJon CowperAbby FreelyHunts47 BFD 
109th3368BronzeBlackDebutantIan LaingAndrew HuntHollingworth Lake   48
110th3762BronzeGreenRimonimMalcolm HyamsDan BarrettMidland55   
111th3815SilverBlueThe KrakenTony JohnsonLouise JohnsonLymington Town DNF  
111th3751BronzeBlackNarniaHuw ReynoldsPhilip ScottWhitstable DNF  
111th3809GoldBlackEcstacyJon TurnerRichard ParslowLyme Regis    
111th3589BronzeGreenFat Bottom GirlJohn HollandsAlexandra ParkerHampton    
111th3769SilverBlackDiscipleGraham Cranford SmithFiona Cranford SmithSalcombe    
111th3652SilverRedTime and tideJohn BellSuzi BellHampton    
111th3672SilverBlackBola BolaJohn CooperHilary BradshawWhitstable    

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