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Global Solo Challenge: The Beaufort Scale in videos - from flat calm to storm on a Class40

by Global Solo Challenge 3 Jul 2021 08:24 PDT
Challenging upwind conditions in 50 knots of wind in the Indian Ocean © Global Solo Challenge

We all know and refer to the Beaufort scale. This article shows you in videos the whole scale up to force 10 as filmed during a circumnavigation on a Class40.

Images filmed from boats often do not give the real sense and scale of big seas which all disappointly look quite tame once we view the viedeos from home.

This sequence of videos is a genuine and accurate Beaufort scale based on actual measured wind strength. I refer specifically to wind strength as sea statate can vary in relation to the time the wind has been blowing from a certain direction and the fetch.

Sometimes the state of the sea can be relatively tame in a short lived blow and or on the other hand factors such as rising seabed, winds against currrent and cross seas can create horrible sea states out of winds that would not normally cause so much havoc.

Beaufort 7 under Spinnaker

Force 9 running downwind with storm jib and 4 reefs in the main just before Cape Horn

Watch all the videos here...

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