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Build, deliver, repeat

by Nova Luxe Yachts 16 Jun 2021 05:54 PDT
Aventura A14 © Nova Luxe Yachts

In partnership with Aventura, the Nova Luxe electric team will be integrating a parallel hybrid system into hull #3 of the Aventura A14. The backbone of this system is a Transfluid clutch which allows the captain to engage the electric motor at low speeds < 10 knots, engage a diesel motor for extended cruising at high speeds (10-20 knots), engage both for extra power or engage the electric motors as high power generators (30kw+ an hour!).

This system has four motors which can all act independently or together. It's high level of redundancy and overall power make this system perfect for rough and difficult passages. As always with Nova Luxe, we pair this system with a large solar array, capable of generating more power than the house uses in a 24-hour cycle. The propulsion batteries do not sit idle while at anchor and the captain can pull power to run AC / washing machine / etc., making this yacht far more enjoyable on the hook as well as under way. Delivery is slated for May 2022 and perhaps Europeans will catch a glimpse of her in Italy before she is packed up and shipped to Brisbane, Australia.

In partnership with Ocean Renegade, we will receive a 54', carbon fiber sailing catamaran with the Torqeedo Deep Blue electric propulsion system (Dual 25kw motors upgradable to 50kw). It is slated to arrive in Tampa early August and is available for sale. This is a Gunboat or HH quality build and heals towards the racing side of the cruising catamaran market. Are the carbon fiber bunk beds for children or 300lb men? You decide. You will overtake power boats on this yacht! It is a remarkable yacht which is why we are bringing it to the States as pictures cannot do it justice.

In the same vein, Scape (now Nova Luxe SA) and Ocean Renegade have selected a new factory purpose built for catamaran building. From this factory we have the scale and expertise to compete with the "Big Boys" who have not yet figured out why using electric motors on a sailboat is a no-brainer. We are offering this model in three sizes, 44', 54', 64' or simply put R4, R5, R6 respectively. In addition, the ELIGHT 44 power catamaran will be produced from this yard. While we have the R5 in Florida come take a look if you are interested in any of these sizes!

Last year, after New York was shut down we had to close the office in the City and work from home like so many others around the world. I really couldn't complain as it was summer and the beach was a stone's throw from my home. It was the year of the long staycation. This year will be very different, to properly integrate the electric system into the A14 we will be in Tunisia, the top of Africa in the heat of summer. Just typing those words make me thirsty. It's a slight thirst, nothing like thirst to build the worlds most advanced autonomous yachts.

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