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New era for the X4.3

by X-Yachts 7 Jun 2021 10:27 PDT
The X4.3 © X-Yachts

One of X-Yachts' most popular models throughout history, the X4.3, is going through a serious makeover process. This boat was the first model in the Pure X Range and was introduced to the world for the first time in 2016.

Since then, more than 100 have been sold globally via X-Yachts international dealer network. You can find X4.3's in Australia, Argentina, USA and Canada throughout the whole of Europe and in Russia and China.

Director of Design & Engineering, Thomas Mielec explains: "What we are developing now can be described as a smaller version of the X56. The development of the X4.3 is considered to be a natural evolution incorporating the lessons learned and the visual appearance of especially the X46 and X40, and after having launched the X56, we saw some opportunities for the X4.3 that will lift her to an even higher level".

Redesigned hull and S-bow design

The redesigned hull shape features wider stern sections above the waterline with the Bmax brought further aft and with soft chines. This increases the downwind performance and allows for a much wider cockpit aft. Also, the S-bow design and integrated standard bow sprit as standard introduced by the X56 has been incorporated.

The mast height and hence the sail plan has been increased compared to the present model to add to the performance and keep her more in line with the other members of the Pure X Range. The longer bow sprit allows for bigger and more free flying gennakers.

Deck and sprayhood

The deck and deck liner has been completely redesigned. The appearance of coachroof and coa-mings is brought to the more modern styling of the other Pure X models - and beyond.

The deck layout features longitudinal jib tracks as standard, but a selftacking track recessed into the cabin top - as known from the newer Pure X'es - is available as option. However, when this option is not chosen, the recess will be covered, so that the aesthetic flush appearance of the cabin top is maintained.

The cabin side portlights are designed with the same type of openable sections as on the X40 and X46 allowing for better ventilation and a simpler aesthetic appearance.

The cruising sailor can look forward to a redesigned sprayhood layout - and apart from protecting the family from hard weather at sea, the shape of the sprayhood will be offering a sleeker visual appearance and a better forward view for the helmsman than on previous designs.

Spacious cockpit

The cockpit area is wider and more spacious and at the companionway the hinged acrylic doors and integrated rope storage at the sides - known from the X40 - are adopted.

The interior

The revised hull shape and slightly raised cockpit floor allows for enhanced width of the berths in the aft cabin/s and the tables and wash bassins in the heads have been improved and modernized, but apart from that, only minor features will be redesigned in the interior of the X4.3.

"There is no need to change things that work optimally, so for now, we decided to maintain the layouts of the interior. We expect to launch the boat in January 2022", Thomas Mielec concludes.

Price: Starting from €344,000 ex VAT.

For more information about the X4.3, please contact the X-Yachts yard or your local X-Yachts dealer.

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