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The Wetsuit Outlet UK Moth Nationals at the WPNSA - Overall

by Mark Jardine / IMCA UK 12 Sep 2020 02:45 PDT 5-11 September 2020

A week of highs in Weymouth - high flying, high spirits, and high-quality racing. In a difficult year for so many reasons, the Wetsuit Outlet UK Moth Nationals at the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy has been a highlight.

At the top of the fleet Dylan Fletcher's performance has been nothing short of outstanding. He's regularly seen topping podiums at events around the world, but rarely has he put in such a commanding performance, continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible in a Moth:

"In the circumstances and times that we're in, just to be out racing with 70 boats feels amazing. Last year I just snuck the win, so this year it was great to be a bit more dominant in my Rocket. Even though the conditions were tricky at times, and the fleet were having up-and-down results, I managed to stay consistent so I'm really happy."

The USA's Brad Funk, who pushed Dylan all the way at the 2019 Nationals, took second place overall in his Beiker-designed Moth. Brad's high foiling style, fly-bys and laid back but hugely focused approach to sailing is always a joy to watch.

Enjoying a strong end to the event was local boy Alex Adams, who won the final race to leapfrog Chris Draper and claim his place on the podium. In the end he finished just a single point behind Brad, and had all his counting results in the top five:

"I think it's been thirteen years since I last won a race at the Moth Nationals! I couldn't have asked for a better finish to the event. There are some great sailors around with great bits of kit, so it feels incredible! After being unsure as to whether we'd get an event at all, 70 boats racing is very good for the British fleet moving towards the Garda Worlds next year and it's given us a lot of focus on what we need to work on - what kit is working and what isn't - it has solidified what I want to do."

Another sailor who is showing top form is Brightlingsea's Eddie Bridle, who won race 11 on the final day and finished fifth overall, just 5 points behind Chris Draper:

"It felt great to bang out a win in that race and show the speed of the Thinair and how far I've come from last year - I seem to have found some good pace! When you round the top mark with the likes of Chris Draper behind you, you try not to let the occasion get the better of you, and keep it all together. It's amazing to be with those guys in this fleet. I've had no lows this week, the team at White Formula have worked hard on the boat and I'm really happy with what I've got!"

Two regular competitors at Moth events are Josie and Paul Gliddon in their Exocets. Josie wrapped up another Ladies Nationals win, while Paul took a second in the penultimate race. Paul was delighted:

"It's been a fantastic week and we've had great racing on four days, and it was actually really nice to have a day off on Thursday! My racing got better throughout the week and I borrowed a new main foil today which really helped me out, grabbing a cheeky second place. There were some really big gains to be made downwind on the final day if you stayed on the right side of the course and in the gusts - staying in the pressure really helped as well. Definitely the new foil made a difference and I've just ordered one for me and one for Josie!"

Top first-time competitor was Rhos Hawes, one of the British Sailing Team's Podium Potential Pathway 49er sailors, who finished 16th overall:

"I'm really happy with my result! I got a Moth six months ago and I've chartered an Exocet this week which was awesome. It's fantastic racing with so many boats. I've been down in Weymouth training (as out of lockdown we weren't allowed to sail double-handed), so I thought I may as well sail single-handed in a Moth, and then when restrictions were relaxed I did it in the evenings after 49er sailing. There are so many high-calibre sailors out here racing and to even be within touching distance of them out on the course is great fun."

For organiser Kyle Stoneham, getting the event to happen at all has been a challenging rollercoaster. It's not the Worlds, but he's a happy man nonetheless:

"It's been the next-best thing and has to be one of the regattas this year in the world. We've been lucky with the conditions as a week before it looked like there would be hardly any wind, but it came good in Portland Harbour. It helps having such an experienced race officer and team in CJ, the WPNSA staff and volunteers. We lost one day to the weather, but four days out of five is has been ideal. The event has shown the depth we have in the UK fleet, but also the huge advances the front-runners have made in the lighter conditions.

"It was of course disappointing the Worlds didn't happen, but psychologically bouncing back and making this event as good as it possibly could be was made so much easier by the unwavering support of the sponsors. Seeing everyone get out on the water and enjoying themselves has made all the effort so worth it. The ethos of the class is all about pushing the technological limits while having fun, and our sponsors are with us through the entire journey. I don't think anyone didn't enjoy themselves this week!"

Race Officer David Campbell-James can look back on the event with great satisfaction:

"I'm really pleased. Three glamour days to start off with, a short delay on the final day waiting for the wind, but then four races in 14-15 knots of wind, which was tough for some, but the sailing has been great, the sailors have been great and I can't say enough for the race team, safety team and the organisation here at the Academy. It's been a great week, particularly in the circumstances we've had this year."

2021 sees the World Championships scheduled to take place at Lake Garda, and many of the British sailors have their eyes set on the event to show what they can do at a global level. For Dylan Fletcher, competing at the Worlds has proved difficult with commitments in the 49er and the SailGP getting in the way, but he's hopeful he will be able to take part:

"I'd like to hope that next year in September I'll be in Garda. It's just post-Olympics and my wedding's a week before, but we're already talking about little areas we need to be pushing in development, so I'd love to line up against the likes of Tom Slingsby, Paul Goodison and Peter Burling. I'm sure they'll be hard to beat, but I'd hope I'll be a bit stronger if it's lighter conditions. It would be a perfect honeymoon!"

IMCA UK would like to say a massive thank-you to the event sponsors, who have been so good to the Moth class, especially during these times.

  • Wetsuit Outlet - title sponsor for the second year in a row, they are experiencing a record year partly due to the huge amount of stock they hold on-site ready for next day delivery.

  • Noble Marine - continued support has allowed IMCA to subsidise entry fees for this year's championship, the support we receive is directly linked to the policies they provide Moth sailors with a discount for class members.

  • Blueteq - as well as hosting the online entry system, they are sponsoring an evening meal during the event.

  • Allen - over the past few seasons have become the preferred manufacturer for many high load applications, they have their finger on the pulse with the Moth and continue to support our nationals for the third successive year.

  • Maguire Boats - Simon and the team will be on site for the whole week providing support for their four-time World Championship winning boats.

  • Provela - the home of winter foiling in Mar Menor are putting on #FoilFest weekends throughout the off season, together with transport arrangements for your boat.

The class encourages Moth sailors to support our sponsors wherever possible, since they are so good at supporting us.

Find out more about the class on the their Facebook page at

Overall Results:
If you finished in the top ten at the International Moth nationals then enter your Gear Guide information here

PosNatSail NoHelmClubCategoryBuilderDesignR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12R13Pts
1stGBR4635Dylan FletcherWPNSA AardvarkR211221111112(DNC[71])(DNC[71])14
2ndUSA6Bradley FunkWPNSA MaguireExocet266142‑925(UFD[71])43439
3rdGBR4546Alex AdamsCastle Cove SC AardvarkRocket SSD‑944453‑852354140
4thGBR4718Chris DraperWPNSA MaguireExocet3‑7‑11324534537746
5thGBR4721Eddie BridleBrightlingsea SCJuniorWhite FormulaThinnair‑10‑145536247616651
6thGBR4386Simon HiscocksPMSMasterMaguireExopensive4377‑149‑12731068367
7thGBR4716Stu BithellHLSC / PYC AardvarkRocket R2751121918‑2418‑22291597
8thGBR4509Jason BelbenStokes Bay SCMasterMaguireExocet12‑151281177‑16128111111110
9thGBR47Ross HarveyHayling Island SC AardvarkRocket R2152366858(DNC[71])(DNC[71])4852117
10thGBR4715Billy Vennis‑OzanneWPNSAJuniorAardvarkR25(DNC[71])1410‑2320496919149119
11thGBR4766Mike LennonHayling Island SCMasterWF /LennonThinnair17‑18181481166816718‑45129
12thIRL4676Alistair KissaneHowth YC MaguireExocet‑1981518‑2212168117121012129
13thGBR4637Paul GliddonNetley SC MaguireExocet81291716‑2511111613(UFD[71])216131
14thGBR4636Dan WardStokes Bay SC MaguireExocet2738‑5311713313(UFD[71])12231510172
15thGBR4780James PhareQueen Mary SC Lennon PerformanceThinnair13161016202122‑241515‑272114183
16thGBR4277Rhos HawesPMSJuniorMaguireExocet11171615121533‑44‑4329151717197
17thGBR4765Jeremy HartleyStokes Bay SCMasterMaguireExocet21‑33‑292717171312920222518201
18thGBR4705Kyle StonehamThorpe Bay YC AardvarkR261081958(DNC[71])1745‑59111398204
19thGBR4544Matthew LeaRutland Water SC AardvarkRocket SSD14913‑3635223628(DNC[71])18101213210
20thGBR3980Ed RedfearnBSC MaguireExocet201920‑37‑282721221328182320231
21stGBR4673David JessopHayling Island SC MaguireExocet2830(DNC[71])201023303114222613‑46247
22ndGBR43Alister RichardsonPoole YCMasterWoof 38322126211614(UFD[71])(DNC[71])23161925251
23rdNZL4534Jason RussellHISC / QM MaguireExocet‑37‑362725153225151930252424261
24thGBR4717Dominic HuttonStokes Bay SC MaguireExocet24‑48322232281920‑3924242219266
25thGBR4050Andy JeffriesEastbourne Sovereign SCMasterMaguireExocet16244223(DNC[71])(DNC[71])26143638142926288
26thGBR4577Doug PybusQueen Mary SCMaster Homebuild30212233‑53(DNC[71])35413426201615293
27thGBR4522Josie GliddonNetley SC MaguireExocet312928323130181925(DNC[71])‑393128302
28thGBR3386Jack HawkinsWPNSA  Mach23437‑41‑38273123262332283222315
29thGBR4602James RossNetley SCMasterMaguireExocet2322263133194237181452(DNC[71])(DNC[71])317
30thGBR4525Ben CleggBrightlingsea SC MaguireExocet(DNF[71])1119995101032(DNC[71])DNC[71]DNC[71]DNC[71]318
31stGBR4545James SainsburyRutland SC James SainsburyValkyrie323135342534‑40‑423119292821319
32ndGBR4562Craig BurltonNetley SCMasterMaguire 252324211814152317(DNC[71])(DNC[71])DNC[71]DNC[71]322
33rdGBR3979Paul HignettLoch Lomond SCMasterMaguireExocet332731‑44‑423932352925212629327
34thGBR4492Nic StreatfeildRutland SCMasterMaguireExocet2942392429352932213334(DNC[71])(DNC[71])347
35thBER4483Emily NagelWPNSA AardvarkRocket SSD‑4435‑4343243627272636333030347
36thGBR4010James GrummettWPNSAJunior Mach 2352634(DNS[71])(DNC[71])2941392435312727348
37thGBR4589Adam GoldingHayling Island SCMasterMaguireExocet‑42403342394237‑463734323534405
38thGBR4411Christian HamiltonNetley SC MaguireExocet262830283433393028(DNC[71])(DNC[71])DNC[71]DNC[71]418
39thGBR3605Chris TaylorWPNSA  Mach 222202529(DNC[71])(DNC[71])201710DNC[71]DNC[71]DNC[71]DNC[71]427
40thGBR4279Andrew JarvisOxford SC AardvarkRocket50‑54‑5139384044333540383832427
41stGBR4764David SmithwhiteHayling Island SCMasterMaguireExocet(DNC[71])2523352624282530(DNC[71])DNC[71]DNC[71]DNC[71]429
42ndGBR4336Arran HolmanHollowell SCJunior Mach 236(DNC[71])(DNC[71])40UFD[71]26382120273053DNC[71]433
43rdGBR4749Nic AsherWaveney & Oulton Broad YC MaguireExocet181317131310(DNC[71])(DNC[71])DNC[71]DNC[71]DNC[71]DNC[71]DNC[71]439
44thGBR3169Brad GibsonMYAMaster Bladerider/modified4347‑484837413447‑5739373631440
45thGBR4479Adrian CoatsworthRYAMasterAdrian CoatsworthHascot Mk14039364641‑53‑62524050354242463
46thGBR4150Ian SouthworthHamble River SCMasterMaguireExocet International(DNC[71])3440303037312927(DNC[71])DNC[71]DNC[71]DNC[71]471
47thGBR4669Steve McLeanHayling Island SCMasterMaguireExocet48454741464548‑55‑5041414036478
48thGBR4036Paul MyerscoughDerwent Reservoir SCMasterMaguireExocet414344‑494347‑53404146464743481
49thGBR4489Chris WhiteRestronguet SC AtomikUKAtomik DooVoo494438555244‑61‑564737433440483
50thGBR4208Tom LambertWilsonian SC AardvarkRocket SSD52(DNC[71])(DNC[71])58DNC[71]DNC[71]45363817363333490
51stGBR3944Phil BevanGrafham Water SCMasterAardvarkNinja‑5950‑5252444949504442454435504
52ndGBR4447Paul BeardQueen Mary SCMasterMaguireExocet45(RET[71])(RET[71])4540524338333140DNC[71]DNC[71]509
53rdGBR4100Alex BaroneBewl Valley SCJunior Chopper475350‑5449‑5452434545514639520
54thGBR4779Orkun SoyerDraycote Water SCMasterShock ‑585555‑56515150544243474338529
55thGBR3730Jonathan PeatsCastle Cove SCMaster Mach 25456494747(DNC[71])515851(UFD[71])423937531
56thGBR4442Paul JenkinsEastbourne Sovereign SCMasterMaguireExocet394145593643473448(DNC[71])(DNC[71])DNC[71]DNC[71]534
57thGBR3787Mark DickerRoyal Ocean Racing Club  Mach 25149465745(DNC[71])(DNS[71])DNC[71]4648443747541
58thGBR4758Eddie GatehouseHayling Island SCMasterMaguireExocet57(DNC[71])(DNC[71])53484655535644494841550
59thGBR4524Jon BennettNetley SCMasterMaguireExocet55(DNC[71])(DNC[71])51615546515249484544557
60thGBR4760Gareth DaviesBlackwater SCMasterAtomikUKLithum346463761574859(DNC[71])(DNC[71])475041DNC[71]563
61stGBR4729Ollie HoldenHayling Island SCMasterMaguireExocet(DNC[71])(DNC[71])DNC[71]DNC[71]DNC[71]DNC[71]DNC[71]DNC[71]DNC[71]21172023578
62ndGBR4493Brian PalmerDerwent Reservoir SCMasterMaguireExocet6259(DNC[71])‑64605754575352535048605
63rdGBR4745Charlie EllseRestronguet SCJuniorHomebuild 535258625038574855(DNC[71])(DNC[71])DNC[71]DNC[71]615
64thGBR4179Philip ReesMumbles YCMasterMaguire ‑635856‑63555860595855555250616
65thGBR4184David CoadyDerwent Reservoir SCMaster Bladerider605757‑656259‑64616154545149625
66thGBR4656Graham SimmondsHayling Island SCMasterLennon PerformanceThinnair61(DNS[71])(DNC[71])50565056494951DNC[71]DNC[71]DNC[71]635
67thGBR3629Thomas MehewAYC  Mach 25651546054(DNC[71])(DNF[71])DNC[71]DNC[71]DNC[71]UFD[71]49DNC[71]679
68thGBR3959Kay MyerscoughDerwent Reservoir SCMasterMcConaghyMach 265(DNC[71])(DNC[71])DNC[71]DNC[71]60UFD[71]636056575451679
69thGBR4778Rachael JenkinsBowmoor SCMasterShock 66(RET[71])(DNC[71])6663DNC[71]6360545356RET[71]DNC[71]694
70thGBR4384Rob CageThames SCMasterMaguireExocet6460596759566562(DNC[71])(DNC[71])DNC[71]DNC[71]DNC[71]705

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