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2019 Wetsuit Outlet UK Moth Nationals at Castle Cove SC Day 3

by IMCA UK 14 Sep 2019 13:07 PDT 12-15 September 2019

Who would be a Race Officer? Thankfully there are volunteers willing to take on the role and Bill Barker is the Castle Cove Sailing Club member who is running the racing this week for the foiling Moths.

It's not been easy. Day one was brutal, and since then it's been a case of using the best of the wind whenever it's available, and today, working around the Bart's Bash event in Portland Harbour. This, and the nature of the Moth itself, presents several challenges as Bill explained:

"We have to consider the speed which the Moths are travelling around, which is quite dramatic. The main challenge is the scoring, as when you're foiling you're doing a minimum of 12 knots and when you're not it's a maximum of 5, so if you drop off the foils at any time you go to the back of the pack. Some people are doing two laps, some people are doing three, and the rest are doing one - trying to sort that out does take a bit of doing.

"Also, here we have a gate at the windward mark, which is exceptionally unusual, and also the gate at the bottom of the course which is quite normal. The mark rounding isn't too bad, providing you know who's rounding when. Keeping an eye on who's leading is a full time job; we're recording at the top and have two sets of recordings going at the leeward marks and I'm keeping my eyes open just to make sure that we've got the right people in the right places."

Dylan Fletcher logging over 31 knots on day one, it highlights how the technology is moving on, but some competitors are in previous generation boats, contributing towards the massive variance in speed, causing more headaches for the race team:

"The speed differentials are just crazy. Also, the windspeeds at which they can foil become a real issue and we hit that problem this afternoon. I was hoping we could get something in after the Bart's Bash race, it looked hopeful, but we were right on the verge of no foiling and it just wasn't going to happen, so we had to bin it and come home. To be fair, the wind did exactly as it was forecast to do - down to the hour."

While it wasn't a perfect day for Dylan Fletcher, he still managed to record two victories, one by the narrowest of margins over French sailor Benoit Marie:

"Benoit and I had a super-close first race. He had a great start and lead, but I was niggling into it all the way round and just got him by a foot on the finish, but also good that he won the next race. I knew that I was right on the edge and he could be in my dirt, so I had to really work it down over him to take him right on the line. I'd done everything I possibly could on my boat with the controls to help me soak down to him."

"It was exactly as forecast, making it a really big call as to what sail to use this morning, and I think most of us went with the big rigs. I was really happy with my speed, but just hit a bit of weed in the second race and didn't deal with it very well - wondering do I capsize now or maybe it'll fall off? Overall, I think it was three really good races."

Andrew Friend is a home-build Moth sailor who came to the 2018 Nationals at Thorpe Bay with the boat that he'd built - so new that he was still screwing fittings onto the boat an hour before launching. This year he's refined the control systems and is continuing to learn how to bring his design up to top speed:

"It's been time consuming! It's getting there, and the boat has a lot of potential, but we still haven't reached that yet. When it's working, it's just as fast as an Exocet, which is the benchmark, so really it's just a question of getting the foils at the right angle and making all the systems work properly."

It has been noticeable that Andrew's boat has been absolutely flying at times, and this must be an incredible feeling for him as the builder:

"Doug (Pybus) and I built a pair of boats which we launched at Thorpe Bay, and that's what keeps us going! We built these boats at a studio and a garage in London and yet we're racing with boats that are built professionally and sailed by professional sailors - it's a nice feeling!"

Paul Williams, Managing Director of Wetsuit Outlet had these words to say about their title sponsorship of the event:

"Wetsuit Outlet is delighted to return this year, growing our sponsorship to be the lead sponsor of the Moth Nationals. As the largest online retailer of premium performance sailing brands, such as Zhik and Gill, it's a perfect association to be involved in the all-action Moth class.

"Over the last 14 years Wetsuit Outlet has grown to be Europe's biggest dinghy and yacht sailing retailer, supporting everyone from the leisure sailor to the serious racer, by offering the best customer service and next day delivery from our extensive stock."

IMCA UK (the UK Moth Class Association for those not into acronyms) is fortunate to have the support of some key sponsors who we'd like to thank individually below:

  • Noble Marine Insurance have been involved with the class for many years and probably provide the best service to Moth sailors when things don't go as smoothly as planned. A quick chat with the sailors in the dinghy park will reinforce this.

  • Allen Brothers have been designing and manufacturing high quality deck hardware in the UK for many years. Their XHL blocks are in use in many of the kicker systems across the fleet thanks to their extraordinary load-bearing capabilities - it does no harm that they look the business as well.

  • Maguire Boats are the builders of the market-leading Exocet Moth but have supported designs of every flavour during class events. Simon and his team work tirelessly to ensure that every sailor spends as much time as possible during a championship on the water.

  • Shock Sailing are based just around the corner from Castle Cove SC at Portland, servicing high-performance boats at the WPNSA and around the world. This is a company which is always innovating, and they are loaning a RIB for the Nationals.

  • The Rutland Moth Squad are a growing band of competitive sailors who are notching up some top international results. They take the phrase 'loyal to the foil' to new levels and the class are actively looking to add Rutland to the Grand Prix circuit.

High Resolution Photos:

Available to download from flickr here...

Results after Day 3:

PosSail NoBow NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Pts
1463522Dylan FletcherWPNSA1411‑51‑519
2424Bradley FunkWPNSA2‑11‑72142213
3749Benoit MarieSno Nantes(DNS)3‑4216321328
4453352Jim McMillanStokes Bay SC9(UFD)534514(UFD)40
545095Jason BelbenStokes Bay SC57‑194106‑13941
6450119Dan EllisYealm YC810‑11‑252931143
7458447Mike LennonHISC10‑15412‑36341346
8455743David KenefickRCYC‑20(DNC)3513147850
9873Dan WardStokes Bay SC‑139‑1313678750
10438636Simon HiscocksCastle Cove SC‑18(RET)21417816562
1141498Eddie BridleBrightlingsea6620‑3918116‑2667
12459940Danny InkyovKSSS‑315189913(UFD)1468
13452512Ben CleggBrightlingsea4212‑302026‑32670
14463734Ross HarveyHISC16(DNC)10(UFD)1212101272
1546592Arthaud AymericAntibes‑29141422(DNC)1012476
16431221Conway FionnNational Yacht Club121691019‑28‑461783
1745461Alex AdamsCastle Cove SC‑2213151815‑22221093
18430929Paul GliddonNetley Sailing Club11G1‑29111417‑232394.3
1945803Sam BarkerCastle Cove SC719161525‑31‑311597
20408048Max LutzKieler Yacht Club14822‑40271518‑28104
21452438Ollie HoldenHISC24.5‑25‑252016181520113.5
22449370Ricky TaggHayling Island SC27(RET)31218(UFD)1721125
23449268Nic StreatfieldRutland Water SC26(DNC)366212021‑38130
2445817Stu BithellHollingworth Lake SC312644(DNS)35‑4534134
25453463Jason RussellHISC/QMSC38(DNC)‑44728231922137
26452256Tim PenfoldHISC‑3024282372929‑32140
27454854Tom OfferRock24.518824(DNC)(DNC)DNC140.5
2839416Menno BerensVW Braassemermeer‑403227241119‑3529142
29470567Kyle StonehamTBYC152121‑583433‑4818142
3045629Craig BurltonNetley Sailing Club2317‑4036‑49242519144
31439010Cian ByrneRCYC/UCCSC3535231731‑48‑5016157
32398059Ed RedfearnBrightlingsea4323(DNC)‑553821927161
33467342David JessopOMSC‑5118342726‑373324162
34454133Jeremy HartleyStokes Bay SC33(DNS)‑392933302425174
35455466David SmithwhiteHISC3628‑3726‑41272831176
36409628Josie GliddonNetley Sailing Club(DNS)(DNC)471922362739190
37404935Paul HirtzmannSNL‑42(DNS)383223383036197
38460262James RossNetley Sailing Club‑3933‑413330343830198
39466257James PhareQMSC17(DNC)24(RET)291639UFD200
40454446Matthew LeaRutland Water SC193017523745(DNC)(DNC)200
41449939Dominic HuttonStokes Bay SC32343542(UFD)3920‑56202
42420845Tom LambertWilsonian SC(DNS)(DNC)433439441133204
43457823Andrew FriendNorfolk Punt SC21(DNC)264542‑535235221
44457758Doug PybusQMSC3720‑543745‑564242223
45463318Luka DoganJK Split(DNS)(DNC)324848402637231
46452111Madeg Ciret‑Le CosquerASNG5326304347‑5437‑57236
47362372Roald VerschuureFrisia(DNS)(DNC)503535324444240
48448974Chris WhiteRestronguet SC282745‑51(DNC)505149250
49458931Adam GoldingHISC(DNS)(DNC)524732433445253
50316927Brad GibsonMYA413746464441‑47‑48255
51406171Billy Vennis‑OzanneWPNSA4729(DNC)(DNC)46514343259
52423020Mark EmmettHISC(DNS)(DNC)483154474946275
53452330Greg GoodrumStokes Bay SC50(DNC)5549(UFD)424041277
54392225Paddy GambleHayling Island SC4631(RET)(DNC)DNC494147289
55373055John PeatsCCSC44(DNC)5353‑55555350308
56454564James SainsburyRutland SC48(DNC)332852(RET)DNCDNC311
57429360Alex ReidQMSC45(DNC)51385358(DNC)DNC320
58387026Eddie GatehouseHISC52(DNC)‑575751525454320
59407269Morgane SuqartASNQ(DNS)(DNC)58544046RET51324
60397961Ian RenilsonDalgety Bay SC(DNS)(DNC)DNSDNCDNC253640326
61447913Adrian CoatsworthRYA493659(DNC)(DNC)5955DNC333
62378717Mark DickerRORC(DNS)(DNC)565650DNC5752346
63467751Ewan McMahonHowth YC3422(RET)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC356
64441132Christian HamiltonDatchet Water SC(DNS)(DNC)495043DNCDNCDNC367
65394814Neil CooneyCarsington Sailing Club54(DNC)60(DNC)DNCDNC5655375
66362953Thomas MehewAYC(DNS)(DNC)DNCDNC5657UFD53391
67470215Gareth DaviesBlackwater Sailing Club(DNS)(DNC)DNC41DNCDNCDNCDNC416
69=444241Paul JenkinsEastbourne Soverign SC(DNS)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC450
69=467644Alistair KissaneHowth YC(DNS)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC450
69=465665Graham SimmondsHayling Island SC(DNS)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC450

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