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505 World Championship at Fremantle Sailing Club - Overall

by Rick Steuart 7 Jan 22:28 PST 2-7 January 2019

The sea breeze was already in as we moved onto the course and the 505 fleet was making good time up to the race area. Racing started at 1100 hrs with a breeze of 9 knots and out of the south west. USA's Mike Martin and crew Adam Lowry had elected not to sail today as their lead was unassailable and that opened up the scoring for the rest of the fleet.

To dispel any doubts about the fact that wing marks were a novelty, PRO Robyn Olsen gave us another one this morning. The rather surprised Aussie pair Daniel Keys and Daryl Roos looked back at the top mark and found out that they were first. By the time that the fleet had returned to the top again, sailing became a dash to the wing when the breeze suddenly strengthened and yesterday's last race winners, Jan Saugman and Marcus Cooper found themselves well to the fore and rounding the wing first. Close behind them were the South African team of James Largier and Richard Hutton-Squire with West Australians Peter Nicholas and Luke Payne trying to pass them. It didn't happen and that was the order over the line for the finish.

The second race was a traditional 2 lap windwardleeward that started out at 1.3 nm and as the breeze grew, found itself extending out to 1.5 nm for the last lap. West Australians Pete Nicholas and Luke Payne were relishing the burgeoning breezes. Staying up right and ahead of Julian Steuckl and Johannes Tellen was all that was required of them. In third place Mike Holt and Carl Smit of the USA had had a good race and had ensured second place in the world championships ahead of fellow Americans Parker Shinn and Eric Anderson.

The 2019 505 Worlds were an all American affair this year with Mike Martin and Adam Lowry taking the win with a nett of 24. In second place Mike Holt and Carl Smit showed that consistency will get you a long way (nett 38) and Parker Shinn and Eric Anderson were working very hard to beat their fellow Americans and managed to snaffle third place with a nett of 42.

Standout sailing over the regatta, where do we begin? The Americans really showed us how it's done and they covered it in both light and heavy breezes. The German crews were pushing all the time and would have been happier with the lighter breezes, but still showed their commitment. The local boys and girls really played their part. From the senior members through to the 125 sailors who have stepped up, they worked to keep their boats going and the way they generally handled the conditions was a credit to them.

The 2019 Worlds regatta was sailed in testing conditions for the first three days and then champagne sailing for the next two days. Light to moderate breezes and an easy swell made it great sailing through out the fleet on Sunday and Monday.

Fremantle Sailing Club and their race teams of volunteers helped by the FSC staff, kept the regatta moving and fed well. The morning coffee stall was very much appreciated by all, as was the work by the canteen ladies who fed the masses with the help of the clubs cheerful bosons who grilled and cooked every day.

Until the next 505 worlds in Sweden.

Farewell from the water off Fremantle where the Doctor resides.

Overall Results:

PosBoat NameNatBow NumberSail NoHelm NameCrew NameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10Pts
1Mike's BoatUSA599106Mike MartinAdam Lowry101121144(DNC)(DNC)24
2IO IntegrationUSA149072Mike HoltCarl Smit4‑233448‑1257338
3N = 1USA739004Parker ShinnEric Anderson8(DNF)8585134‑1142
4The FishAUS258801Peter NicholasLuke Payne‑259‑201262063148
5Nine One Six OhUSA279160Howard HamlinJeff Nelson‑1564‑30547910550
6n.n.GER98992Wolfgang HungerHolger Jess55‑14‑16712829452
7Easy TigerGBR69190Ian PinnellReeve Dunn33‑2113133686‑1455
8TBAGER339198Julian StuecklJohannes Tellen27‑29146‑3021521269
9FrankenjessAUS179059Christopher PatersonThor Schoenhoff‑16‑3311811135128775
10Ovington BoatsGBR59203Nathan BatchelorHarry Briddon‑261710‑259292512892
11Hawaii five oAUS118946Sandy HigginsPaul Marsh‑2213962091313‑301093
12TBAGER549121Jan‑Philipp HofmannFelix Brockerhoff14‑241214‑39177231896
13NoneAUS39210Michael QuirkJoel Castle1721515‑272031414‑32100
14TBADEN/AUS19209Jan SaugmannMarcus Cooper29‑3561921(DNC)111113101
15WhiskeyTangoFoxtrotAUS789191Malcolm HigginsNick Johnston6285183‑33‑38191524118
16White BoatCAN729207Robert TennantSteve Bourdow‑37187101673016‑4721125
17Alarm InnovationsAUS539061Kevin CameronSam Heritage915(RET)‑3810232422139125
18IntergalacticAUS758760Daniel KeysDaryl Roos‑27211721171814‑27515128
19IBIPCYHIUSA189208Edward ConradsBrian Haines711‑261119191526‑2820128
20RNSAGBR378970Penny ClarkRuss Clark1812‑2332222231022‑35132
21TBAGER229070Stefan KoechlinAndreas Achterberg338233‑42‑451024256141
22IrisRSA809063James LargierRichard Hutton‑Squire(DNC)2422‑3526101611230141
23Sailingbits.comAUS819115Dean SouterBradley Clarke3026(DNF)71814‑33202616157
24TM‑RacingGER719035Timon TreichelMorten Roos‑47251392416‑37233422166
25Alvin Rides AgainAUS798794Michael BabbageJames McAllister‑49311617121519‑403228170
26Little Blue Ringed OctopusRSA448725Alexander HamJonathan Ham24102834‑37(DNC)18172417172
27PanicUSA389102Douglas HaganPaul Von Grey21‑3012‑28252527281126175
28gehalt.deGER169169Tim BogerFinn Boger1116‑4226‑462822351725180
29SoakedAUS619167Nigel LottBob Franks‑322227292924252118‑36195
30TBAGBR369124Terry ScutcherChristian Diebitsch42143320(DNC)(DNC)26331612196
31Le vent/vin nous porteraGER429182Alexander HolzapfelAron Tellen121918‑37232935‑473133200
32LELORSA669094Peter FunkeThomas Funke‑3634(DNF)31281728182723206
33MiracleUSA829082Jeff MillerPat Diola203619‑42153636‑423319214
34Rammel IVGER289133Lena StuecklWolfgang Stueckl3129‑5432‑453229322027232
35PrawnbrokerAUS29192Mark StowellConall Hansford1320‑43413534403038‑43251
36Tensing NorgayAUS158817Michael DuffieldAnthony Gaunt5141(RET)223411‑68293529252
37Magic MarineSWE328974Malin BrobergJohan Rook353232‑68‑442631374239274
38Yeah BuddyAUS588893Ryan MenziesLachlan Hornsby2338344036414446‑51‑47302
39KRAKENAUS348644Ayden MenziesGrant Rose38‑4931‑58404045411949303
40ASAPAUS838920Jeffrey RobinsonAdam Wyatt53‑6725233921‑71505340304
41Epileptic OctopusAUS698855Nicholas MarianiAlex Thomson1440‑47464747393944‑55316
42Legia Warszawa / Spojnia WarszawaPOL579118Jakub PawlukMarcin Jozefowski34375039‑54(RET)34384342317
43Crimson AutographAUS88811Matthew HansenChris Whyte40434048‑613832‑533941321
44Bikini Atoll 2GER639197Nicola BirknerAngela Stenger19(DSQ)5351‑584341432952331
45DoobAUS879047Noah TaylorDavid Mole55‑734143‑603548344631333
46F 9RSA438789Ryan RobinsonWarwick Ham28‑696549‑73TLE21453645354
47No nameGBR489158Tom StivanoPaddy Lewis4548(DNF)50524242‑554937365
48MantaAUS629049Murray SmithDavid Gibson4144‑625231(DNF)50445846366
49Rock BeatGBR199125Roger DeaneJonathan Ward57543045(DNF)3761‑765634374
50Duck Duck Duck!GBR209105James McGillivrayJohn Mclean56‑7036605644‑64314053376
51Team PrimateAUS238781Chris GreggIan Gregg63426027‑67(DNC)46584144381
52Groove TrainAUS658890Martin PikeBrian Jones‑715237593046‑62366260382
53TBAAUS648796Adam Brenz‑VercaMatt Merchant‑68663924485260‑713758384
54SerendipityGBR469126Stuart TurnbullMike Priddle433956‑6649RDG5152‑5957386
55Angry DragonSWE918547Galen MackWilhelm Johannisson4827(RET)‑64555149495256387
56NoneUSA298937Tim MurphyAndrew Sutton‑75‑686836SCP2756605538396
57Card SharksAUS268785James RyssenbeekAndrew McCole52‑63514443485251‑6759400
58Hit the JackpotAUS399022Ian BurfordDavid Christie5055(RET)56‑703165565051414
59Devils HaircutAUS108968Andrew CawleyPatrick Atwell464558‑82575647‑686550424
60Farcical Aquatic CeremonyAUS848638Maggie BowdenMatt Bowden3950(DNC)72(TLE)5859634548434
61Cosmic ThingUSA559083Aaron RossRob Waterman5951(DNF)5338(DSQ)54646162442
62ThunderstruckAUS708886Ben SchulzDave Clayton78‑81355532(DNC)69545763443
63Bad HabitsAUS938173Brian PikeRiley Pike‑706149576449‑67486361452
64Earle Grey 2AUS609074Earle AlexanderRasmus Goerge65474569(DNF)(DNC)725748DNC493
65KE ATAO IVFRA509150Herve de KergariouGuillaume de Kergariou4460TLE657253‑8261‑8071498
66The WeekendAUS948557Neil LongDave Atwell64584670(DNF)(DNC)43RET6469504
67Black BoatAUS308894Tim WalkerMatt Summers6256664759(DNC)6659(DNC)DNC505
68EighteenAUS219018Brett BowdenTBA666267‑756857576266‑70505
69Dirty Old ScoundrelRSA908406Bronwen KlaasKobus Holtzhausen7765557151(DNF)‑83756054508
70JoAUS49205Sam (GA) CroninKevin Whitbread‑79534862696170‑826878509
71Dance Don't WalkAUS748739Steve HowdenTom Stuchbery6046387950(DNF)(DNF)DNC8167511
72NumeraireAUS518973Riley SkipworthEdmond Repsevicius‑835952‑84635955807865511
73Old TimersGBR569196David SmithwhiteNeil Fulcher5864576341(DNC)58(DNF)DNCDNC521
74The Surly MermaidAUS678891Sarah CooperDavid Ottaway72‑8563736650‑86737366536
75Red BaronAUS249071Richard HydeLindsey Gilbert7377696153TLE7765(DNC)‑79540
76LucyFurrAUT858783Adam SmithJulian Jobstl54(DSQ)(DNC)77TLE5463726977542
77White Wood Sailing TeamPOL79132Przemek Zag¢rskiMichal Olko8157(DNC)54(DNC)DNF536754DNF546
78Swing ShiftAUS768667Grant AbbottMatthew Till‑80715978(DNC)5574707272551
79String TheoryAUS139017Roger PellByron Mavrick67746476TLE60‑8074‑7768559
80TBAGER129037Anna HauschildJulia Achterberg6172706762(DNC)7877‑8274561
81Shore ThingAUS409048Robert FlemingMarcel Vos6976(RET)8165TLE756670(DNC)567
82ManaliveAUS688840Michael GallagherMatt Brooman768244(DNF)(DSQ)DNC76697964580
83ZigZagAUS318626Scott LidgettTony Wood‑8886617471(DNF)73787673592
84BoltAUS458797Xavier AgnewMichael Cook7475(DNF)86TLETLE79(DNC)7575605
85SophistGER529123Enno WiltsMartin Lietz8279(DNC)87(DNC)DNC84817176650
86LarissaGER358988Katharina MengeGeorg Mittermayer8478(RET)80TLETLE88(RET)DNCDNC651
87AliceAUS92984Murray MakinDanielle Makin8684TLE83TLE(DNF)87(DNF)8481653
88GoAUS778810Max HaymanChristopher Pearson8580(DNC)(DNS)DNCDNF85797480663
890GBR478867Patrick McGalePaul Pihl8783(DNC)85(DNC)DNC818383DNC682

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