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A Class Catamaran European Championships in Warnemunde - Overall

by Gordon Upton 14 Jul 02:38 PDT 10-13 July 2018

Manuel Calavia was today crowned the 2019 European 'A' Class Champion, without having to sail another race. Glenn Ashby was the Regatta Champion, with four bullets and a third.

On a windy, and above all wavy morning, the race was delayed for one hour until 11am as the sea state was above the limits set out in the Championship Rules. 1.5 – 2 m waves were rolling in from the Noreast driven by a brisk 18kt wind, with some 23kts gusts hidden within it. But by 11am, the PRO deemed it suitable to let everyone off the beach. Probably three-quarters of the fleet launched, with some of the more cautious sailors, seeing the amount of breakages taking place on a previous day, decided discretion was the better part of valour.

They needn't have worried, as no sooner than most of the fleet had assembled in the race start area, a good 30 min hard sail away, they were all sent back to the shore again. Questions were asked as to why on earth the officials insisted on strictly sticking to the designated regatta area after most of the other fleets had gone home two days before beats me. Far better to have the race area much closer inshore, where the sea was flatter and the winds less gusty is something that the organisers need to address with all seriousness.

As the fleet sailed home, past our spectacular spectator/press boat, a beautiful Catana 47 Catamaran, which was offered to us by a keen armchair 'A' Cat fan, Detlef Andreovits, president of the German Catamaran Association, who read between the lines of a previous report an jumped to our rescue. Something that we are all grateful for. A few passing boats started to hotdog shamelessly around us, particularly Mischa Heemskerk what has an unnatural ability, for a male, to do the splits on trapeze.

In the end, racing was cancelled as because the SIs said that 3pm was the last start time for the final day. This was a great pity, because, as expected, the sun then shone and a few sailors went out to experience a fantastic sailing period. Think what would have happened if that rule had been altered? They would have got possibly a couple more races in, with the discards that would have brought too, as Saturday was scheduled to be the last day and a spare in case there wasn't a championship (five races). Rules rules rules.

It is often not fair to blame people for events for which little control is available, but in this case, it was generally felt that the Race Committee let the sailors down badly, losing the best sailing afternoon of the regatta by their rigid rule adherence. Many people travelled many hundreds, if not thousands of miles to this event, and in their spare time is valuable. They came to sail, at least give them the opportunity to do so by being flexible, rather than worrying about someone possibly protesting them on some technicality. Earlier in the week racing could have been brought forward rather than sticking to the 1pm start times, missing some decent winds and righting off another day yesterday. We had sailed more in the weekend of the UK Nationals than they did in all of Warnemunde week.

Top woman was Katrin Brunner. Junior champ was Robin Maeder. Classic champ was Marek Zebrowski. Third Foiling Maciej Zarnowski, second Foiling Manuel Calavia, first Foiling Glenn Ashby.

The next major European event is the 2019 Worlds at WPNSA, Weymouth. This place is a flat water foiling paradise and is very rarely unsailable. Fingers crossed!

Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelmut STUMHOFERClubR1R2R3R4R5Pts
1 AUS 111Glenn ASHBY10062111137
2 ESP 11Manuel CALAVIARCMB2482117
3 POL 17Maciej ZARNOWSKIUKS Navigo Sopot3624621
4 SUI 1Sandro CAVIEZELYCAs83431634
5 POL 1Jacek NOETZELUKS Navigo Sopot12855535
6 NED 7Mischa HEEMSKERKWvbraassemermeer427131541
7 GER 14Bob BAIERSCFF239361253
8 FRA 2Emmanuel DODÉSR Vannes912929463
9 DEN 1Thomas PAASCHSKS171410111971
10 POL 31Robert GRACZYKMKZ151811181173
11 GBR 57Adam MAYWPNSA11192172381
12 POL 111Michal KORNESZCZUKYCG51527142182
13 ESP 16Marc VERDAGUERClub Nautic L'Escala22720191785
14 AUS 51Paul LARSENWPNSA24112292995
15 AUS 1065Tom JOHNSON 252016271098
16 ITA 3Paolo PENCOANS1822262613105
17 GRE 1Konstantinos TRIGONISN.C.Thessaloniki105173344109
18 NED 95Roeland WENTHOLTHellecat144832177118
19 GER 39Andi LACHENSCHMIDASC1917132057126
20 POL 7Marcin KAMINSKIUKS Navigo Sopot204025368129
21 SUI 87Nils PALMIERI 2734191237129
22 FRA 207Benoit MARIESNO Nantes13299682148
23 ESP 74Abdón IBÁÑEZRCNV696151022149
24 SUI 9Daniel CAVIEZELYCAs291364063151
25 POL 15Piotr BARYZEWSKIUKS Navigo Sopot3530233827153
26 POL 2Marek ZEBROWSKIUKS Navigo Sopot5728282518156
27 GER 85Guido SCHULTEMSV4432352126158
28 FRA 7Jean-Louis le COQSN du Roi Port Camargue3842383214164
29 FRA 410Jean DARNAUDEEV Rochelaises5526372324165
30 GER 27Alexander MEISTERYSTM1621962228183
31 SUI 7Robin MAEDERCNB3725304846186
32 POL 3Jaroslaw BETKOWSKIRJKP3045243752188
33 SUI 65Bueche CHARLESBT5341334132200
34 DEN 20Peter BOLDSENKBL2851295440202
35 ESP 7Micky TODD 503196249210
36 GER 37Johannes KEMLERTSG-W4724464461222
37 GBR 599Oscar LINDLEY-SMITHWPNSA4239344964228
38 AUS 1064Kyle LANGFORD280001796125560230
39 GER 20Florian HENNIGSLRV5852455125231
40 GER 21Marco GÖTZBYC3337963039235
41 GER 57Martin BACHMSV7049444630239
42 GER 76Helmut STUMHOFERSCC2116149696243
43 AUT 96Michael MÖDLHAMMERSCSW2044964541246
44 NED 111David van AARTZVN4153395658247
45 GER 5Klaus RAABSCFF3235369649248
46 SWE 59Alberto FARNESILBS4538406859250
47 AUS 31Scott ANDERSON5300153610189696256
48 ITA 86Michele PATELLIH2O 1514027965750270
49 GER 40Manfred SYROWYYCN5443416765270
50 GER 15Katrin BRUNNERBSF6658426253281
51 BEL 19Wim DECARNSYC7136963547285
52 DEN 13Lars SCHRØDERFS9623963936290
53 GER 75Jörn KNOPBSV4950965343291
54 BEL 9Michel WARLOPRBSC6847965031292
55 SUI 33Heiko MAIERSCU6154964338292
56 ESP 5Enrique CORNEJORCMB5996963120302
57 POL 18Jakub SOBALAClub Port Mechelinki6259486967305
58 ITA 777Marco PUPPOCNUC7464436370314
59 ITA 110Stefano TACCHIUVM6096962835315
60 GER 80Andreas GRÜNENWALDSVBb4646319696315
61 DEN 111Morten KOHLENBERGSYC7261477071321
62 GER 10Jörg HORNSTS6462965954335
63 POL 100Karol KWIATKOWSKIUKS Navigo Sopot9696961533336
64 ESP 48Oscar QUIRANTERCMB9696961634338
65 SUI 22Hermann WALLMERSCMd7360965262343
66 GER 61Gerian KÜHLBORNE.S.V7565966056352
67 CZE 1Vladislav PTAŠNIKALT F20T3496965869353
68 GER 3Matthias DIETZSLRV3933969696360
69 NED 44Wiro ZIJLMANSHellecat5157966196361
70 GER 81Maren ODEFEYMSV7796964255366
71 POL 101Andrzej SENKUSUKS Navigo Sopot9696963445367
72 GER 86Alexander ZYLKASCH4896966666372
73 NED 96Gert Jan KOSHellecat9696964751386
74 GER 6Rainer BOHRERTSVU5255969696395
75 GER 34Jan KREUTZMANNYCN6596969648401
76 SWE 2Ulf TJERNBERGLSS7696966568401
77 GBR 22Tom PHIPPSWindsport2696969696410
78 FRA 101Hervé LEDUEC.N.Portes en Ré6756969696411
79 ITA 101Andrea FERRARIUSC3196969696415
80 GER 38Thorsten LORENZBSV5696967196415
81 NED 1Piet SAARBERGHellecat6963969696420
82 POL 197Maciej TROCHAUKS Navigo Sopot9696966472424
83 POL 21Ewa GÓRSKAUKS Navigo Sopot9696969642426
84 AUT 98Ronald van der VALKYCZ7866969696432
85 GER 2Georg REUTTERTSVH6396969696447
86 ESP 42Mariano MARTINEZCAR MURCIA9696969673457
87 SUI 70Darius GOLCHAN 7996969696463
88 ARG 21Sergio MEHLAGUILA9696969696480
88 DEN 17Frank LAVRSENES9696969696480
88 ESP 9Juan Antonio LADRÓN de GUEVARACAR9696969696480
88 NED 14Rutger KRIJGERWSVW9696969696480
88 NED 28Pieter Jan DWARSHUISWV Flevo9696969696480
88 NED 41Caroline van BEELENcatclub zeeland9696969696480
88 NED 911Juppe HEBLYRoerkoning9696969696480
88 SUI 81Nicolas BORGHETTI 9696969696480

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