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Horning Sailing Club's 75th Anniversary Regatta Week

by Holly Hancock 11 Aug 2013 23:39 PDT 5-9 August 2013

It was a lively start on Monday to Horning Sailing Club's 75th Anniversary Regatta Week, with a brisk breeze and vicious gusts providing exciting sailing conditions. The morning dinghy fleets saw a large turnout with over thirty boats on the water. Racing throughout the day continued to entertain, with strong gusts passing though on almost every start. It was particularly windy at the start of the mid-morning series where the Yare & Bure fleet of eleven boats was joined by the Wherry Olive passing through on the start line, and the Southern Comfort leaving at the same time. Despite leading from the start, John Means sailing Painted Jezebel took the final buoy to the wrong side meaning that Paul Howes sailing Purple Emperor could go through to take line honours, just seconds ahead of Mark Harris in Blue Wings. Racing was similarly close across many fleets, with one second separating George Whitefoot's and Geoff Stubb's Yeomans in the morning race.

In the increasing wind and rain the dinghy fleets became somewhat diminished during the day, with several juniors providing a third (or fourth or fifth) crew in keelboats, many of which opted to reef. The winds also resulted in a depleted Cruiser fleet, being over the line proving costly for some. It was eventually won by Mike Reilly helming Cygnet. By the evening Officers Race the weather had settled again, and the wind dropped. A mixed fleet of Rebels, YBODs, Yeomans and Reedlings took part and, despite several taking the wrong course, first on handicap and taking the trophy was Dick Angier sailing Thistledoo, although Stuart Bailey sailing Reedling Jaws was first over the line.

Tuesday saw a marked change in the weather, with the lack of wind at times proving as much, or perhaps even greater, challenge than the breezy conditions on Monday. With the line run by Snowflake Sailing Club, the morning dinghy races again saw a good turnout with the lighter breezes favouring the Optimists, a pattern which was to continue throughout the day. Meanwhile entertainment was provided in the Allcomer's B fleet where Ezra and Joel Bailey's Enterprise lost its tiller extension, capsized and promptly sank after having won the first race of the day.

In the Cruiser lunchtime race for the Avis Tankard, ten boats came to the line, resulting in a split start. Mike Reilly continued to be on good form, not only taking line honours but also winning on handicap, adding to his two previous wins on Monday, and a further win on Tuesday afternoon. Other single race trophies included the First Trophy, won by Andrew Gallant sailing Yeoman River Mist and the Mira Tankards won by Kevin Saunders and Rodney Lake sailing Reedling Cockatrice.

One of the most hotly-contested races was for the postponed junior helm race from Monday for the Delves Challenge Cup. Sailed for in a variety of boats from an RS Feva to Enterprises, Yeomans, Rebels and Reedlings, it was won by Will Penny sailing Rebel H crewed by Anna Bunn.

Wednesday began overcast and much cooler, although this did not diminish numbers on the water, again with over thirty dinghies starting the morning series, and good turnouts across the Keelboat and Cruiser fleets. With the line run by Norfolk Broads Yacht Club, during the morning races the holiday cruisers and competitors were greeted with the sight of a solid wall of Lasers across the river to negotiate, followed by another of Rebels, and then Yare & Bure One Designs. Throughout the day fluky winds and a strong tide created problems for competitors and forced some retirements, it being particularly difficult upriver past the Broad entrance and around the buoys!

The conditions paved the way for mixed results across the fleets - in the morning Allcomers B race it was a dead heat between the Lasers of Jack Pritchard and Paul Edwards, with a different winner in every other race, including Anna Bunn, Jonas Osborn and Roger Hannant. It was a good day for the Rebel fleet, with nine taking part in racing, and living up to their rebellious reputation by disappearing in the afternoon race for their now traditional annual cruise to Salhouse Broad. Despite being over the line at the start of the morning race, Simon Means managed to use this to his advantage, getting into clear air and eventually finishing first by a considerable margin. Later in the day, he also added two further firsts with a win in the Mixed One Design fleet, despite taking a penalty, and the Braithwaite Cup for Services and Ex-Services. The evening race for the Junior Trophy was sailed for in a variety of dinghies and keelboats, and was won by Alex Storey helming Rebel Rascal ahead of Jonas Osborn sailing Rebel Queen.

It was a warm and slow start to Thursday's racing for the Horning Town Open Regatta, with little breeze and brilliant sunshine. The morning dinghy series saw the biggest turnout yet, with forty dinghies filling the entire river! The wind remained light for the keelboats morning races, resulting in boats rounding marks together and finishing very closely, just seconds separating some competitors.

By the afternoon the wind had swung 180 degrees and filled in, and by the evening provided perfect conditions for one of the highlights of the week, the race for the Second Water Babies Challenge Cup for helm under 18 and crew under 21 in Keelboats. Closely contested with eleven junior helms and crew coming to the line in craft from Rebels to Yeomans, Yare & Bures and a Reedling, it was won by Laura Galloway crewed by Jo Moore sailing Fire Opal, against all the odds, Laura having suffered a dislocated knee earlier in the week but refusing to let it stop her. This, combined with her determination to sail earlier in the day, crewing a Rebel, earned Laura the Horning Challenge Cup awarded for outstanding performance on Horning Town Open Regatta Day, presented by Regatta President Alex Humphris. Second overall in the Water Babies race, winning the newly awarded Trophy for Rebels Helmed by Juniors, in memory of Richard Page, was Jonas Osborn crewed by Charlotte Hammond, sailing Lucky Rebel. Just seconds later on corrected time were Ezra Bailey and Curtis Drew sailing Reedling Jaws.

Several trophies were raced for during the day, including the morning races for the Yeoman Landamore Open Regatta Trophy, the Ranworth Salver, the Cockshoot Salver, the Onyx Barometer, the Bath White Trophy, the Rebel Lion Trophy and the Cruiser Crystal Salver, which were won respectively by Paul Clarke, Henry Smith, James Percival Cook, Kevin Saunders, Paul Howes, Rodney Storey and Mario Tinge. The Second Horning Challenge Cup for Fastest on Handicap Overall during the lunchtime race was won by Q Stewart sailing Yeoman Maybe 2, whilst the Yacht Builders Challenge Cup was won by Clive Gardner sailing Hairstreak.

The rain didn't quite hold off for Friday's sailing, and although the clouds threatened all day, the sun broke through and turnouts were still strong across many fleets, with attendance up 20% on last year. With a number of series trophies to be decided on the final day, racing was just as competitive as at the start of the week. A strong tide in the morning made returning back to the Clubhouse difficult, and as the breeze dropped over lunchtime this became yet more of a challenge. It also resulted in boats becoming very closely gathered together, with an abundance of green flags flying and in one instance almost the whole of three separate fleets finished within a one minute margin.

The afternoon series provided quite a sight when the majority of the Laser and Enterprise fleet decided instead to sail in Optimists and Teras. Several capsizes later it was the true Oppie sailors that showed the older sailors how it should be done – even beating them over the water! One of the most consistent fleets has been the Rebels, which has regularly seen a turnout of eight boats, more than half of the boats in existence.

Particularly strong performances over the week came from the Means family, sailing a variety of boats including Yare & Bures, Rebels and Optimists. Andrew Gallant, crewed by Thea Keller, steadily worked his way up the Yeoman fleet finishing with two first places on the final day's racing. Mike and Sally Reilly sailing their Cruiser Cygnet and Paul Howes sailing Yare & Bure Purple Emperor with his very young crew alternating between James Pettit and Grace Pank, also sailed well. It was also encouraging to see a number of visiting young sailors from NBYC join in with the racing.

Horning Week 2013 Trophy Winners:

Single Race Trophies

The Shields White Admiral – Purple Emperor (Paul Howes)
Officers Trophy – Thistle Doo (Dick Angier)
Delves Challenge Cup – Rebel H (Will Penny)
First Trophy- River Mist (Andrew Gallant)
Bosun Trophy – Flame (Rob Jakob)
Junior Trophy – Rebel Rascal (Alex Storey)
Braithwaite Cup – Rebellious Lady (Simon Means)
Fleet Trophy – E22142 (Charlotte Hammond)
Landamore Open Regatta Trophy – Two C Sons (Paul Clarke)
Rebel Lion Trophy – Rebel Rascal (Rodney Storey)
Bath White Trophy – Purple Emperor (Paul Howes)
Onyx Trophy – Cockatrice (Kevin Saunders)
Ranworth Salver – Laser 178023 (Henry Smith)
Cockshoot Salver – Oppie 5354 (James Percival Cook)
Yacht Builders Challenge Cup – Hairstreak (Clive Gardner)
Crystal Salver – Melbourne Lady (Mario Tinge)
Second Horning Challenge Cup – Maybe 2 (Q Stewart)
Second Water Babies Challenge Cup – Fire Opal (Laura Galloway)
Rebel Junior Trophy – Lucky Rebel (Jonas Osborn)
Horning Challenge Cup – (Laura Galloway)
Meadow Brown Trophy – Painted Jezebel (David Means)
Benson Cup – Cygnet (Mike Reilly)
Phiz Trophy – Rebel Rascal (Tom Storey)
Bullard Cup – Laser 172284 (Lucy Drew)
Mary Cup – Comma (Lydia Good)

Series Trophies

Ernest Oakes Challenge Tankard – Laser 146436 (Jack Pritchard)
Top Hat Trophy – Apache (Ezra Bailey)
Cadet Trophy – Juniors – Oppie 4553 (Joshua Means)
Ernest Woods Memorial Trophy – Painted Jezebel (David Means)
Robert Moore Memorial Trophy – Rebellious Lady (Simon Means)
Original Horning Challenge Cup – Laser 146436 (Jack Pritchard)
Flight Trophy – Cockatrice (Kevin Saunders)
Fisher Trophy – Juniors – Oppie 4553 (Joshua Means)
Ramuz Challenge Jug – Cygnet (Mike Reilly)
Hermes Trophy – Rebellious Lady (Simon Means)
Longmynd Trophy – Laserblade (Jonas Osborn)
St Benets Tankard – Apache (Ezra Bailey)
Visitors Tankard B – Pank Panther (Will Pank)
Judith Paris Trophy – River Mist (Andrew Gallant)
Partridge Trophy – Aquaholic (Natalie Stiff)
Badger Trophy – Shiwana (Chris Thomson)
Mike Evans Coronation Regatta Medal- Milo (Lucy Drew)
Yare & Bure OD Centenary Trophy – Brimstone (Hugh Tusting)
Cruiser Captains – Cygnet (Mike Reilly)

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