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September 2022
Class Mini 5.80

Class Mini 5.80

Show news Introduction to Offshore Sailing Recap
A great turnout for event run by Ireland's Offshore Racing Academy
Posted on 26 Mar 2022
Etienne wins the Globe 5.80 Transat 2021
Jim Schofield from Ireland expected to close the fleet in time for Boxing Day
Posted on 15 Dec 2021
McIntyre Adventure Globe 5.80 Transat leg 2 update
First 1000nm completed for and another 2000nm to Antigua
Posted on 29 Nov 2021
Globe 5.80 Transat leg 2 start
Jim Schofield and Don McIntyre first on the gun on Lanzarote start line
Posted on 19 Nov 2021
Globe 5.80 Transat to start a day early
Due to a weak weather forecast
Posted on 16 Nov 2021
Skippers of Globe 5.80 Transat sail into Lanzarote
All are celebrating the start of an adventure which began just over a year ago
Posted on 11 Nov 2021
Oceanic flying machines
The Atlantic is buzzing with racing in November
Posted on 2 Nov 2021
McIntyre Adventure Globe 5.80 Transat underway
Amateur built minis depart from Lagos, Portugal
Posted on 2 Nov 2021
McIntyre Adventure Globe 5.80 Transat delayed
Now set to start at midday on Monday 1st November
Posted on 30 Oct 2021
McIntyre Adventure Globe 5.80 Transat preview
The first event for the new amateur build plywood class starts on Sunday
Posted on 29 Oct 2021
Boss is on holidays, the "A" team is taking over
Don McIntyre is about to go sailing!
Posted on 28 Oct 2021
Boat in a box
The Globe Mini 5.80 is taking off around the world
Posted on 2 Nov 2020
ClassGlobe 5.80 Mini in 23 countries!
Huge global interest in "build it yourself" Mini Ocean Racer
Posted on 10 Jul 2020


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“I did not sleep much in the last three days, it's been intense but I'm very happy to be here in Antigua.” Said Etienne on his arrival
© Alison Sly-Adams
Michal Krysta and Etienne Messikommer have been pushing each other since day one. Picture taken on Lagos start day
© G580T
“It's been a tough battle and exhausting to steer that much falling asleep on the tiller, I went through the whole emotional spectrum and now can't wait to go on land and discover Antigua!” Said Michal on arrival
© Aïda Valceanu
Lanzarote start day, Etienne Messikommer (Switzerland) with his colorful Numbatou (Hull 88)
© Eli Team / G580T
If no surprise, Class Globe 5.80 founder Don McIntyre (Aus) will be in podium. Picture taken on Lanzarote start day
© G580T
Globe 580 founder and Transat competitor Don McIntyre is especially pleased with the boat, and he always compared this small boat journey with his 2010 Bounty Boat Expedition which with very little food and no toilet paper. And this time he has plenty
© G580T
Severin Hummer will bring his race-ready 5.80 #98 on display on the McIntyre Adventure stand in Boot Dusseldorf. The 25 year-old from Switzerland decided not to participate in the 3000 nm leg after successfully completing the 600 nm qualifier
© Aïda Valceanu / G580T
With less than 2000 NM to go, the sailors have completed one-third of the voyage. Picture taken on the first leg start day in Lagos
© G580T
Today November 19 looks like the western option paid off with Etienne (in the picture) and Michal sneaking in the lead of the fleet once again
© Eli Van den Broek
Unbeknown to all of us in Lanzarote, four Spanish 5.80 builders teamed up, printed t-shirts and had booked to arrive in Lanzarote to watch the scheduled start on the 18th and meet the skippers see the boats?
© Globe 5.80 Transat
Michal (in the picture) and Etienne - the leaders of the first leg - sailing the shorter course west of Fuerteventura
© Eli Van den Broek
They arrived at the dock at 1pm on the 17th exactly before the Globe 5.80 Transat Entrants about to leave for their 3000 NM journey! What a magic!
© Globe 5.80 Transat
he 3000nm 2nd leg, 5 entrants left from Rubicon Marina in Lanzarote to Antigua, Caribbean on the 18 of November 2021
© Bram Suijs
Jim, Don and Peter chose the east side of the island to towards stronger winds along the West coast of Africa
© CG5.80T
Entrants and the organising team in Lanzarote - McIntyre Adventure's Globe 5.80 Transat leg 2
© Don McIntyre
Departure Press Conference in Lanzarote with all entrants (L-R: Michal, Etienne, Don, Peter and Jim) - McIntyre Adventure's Globe 5.80 Transat leg 2
© Don McIntyre
First time ocean racing for Peter Kenyon in McIntyre Adventure's Globe 5.80 Transat
© Don McIntyre
Severin Hummer has decided not to continue with leg 2 of McIntyre Adventure's Globe 5.80 Transat
© Don McIntyre
Jim Scofield of Ireland built and set up his Globe 5.80 with all required safety gear ready to go, for under 30,000EUR and is living a long held dream
© Don McIntyre
600 nm qualifier leg won by Numbatou, from Swiss entry Etienne Messikommer
© Don McIntyre
TREKKA arrives Lanzarote after sailing through 45-55kt storm with 5mtr seas
© Don McIntyre
All skippers and yachts in Lanzarote, now preparing for the Nov. 18th start of the second 3000 nm leg to Antigua
© Don McIntyre
The Czech entry Michal Krysta (Hull 07: Menawan) here pushing to the finish line with it all up! a few hours behind first place
© Don McIntyre
Late starter Jim Schofield from Ireland arriving safely in Marina Rubicon Lanzarote on the 10th of November
© Don McIntyre
Severin Hummer (Nº98: Shrimp, Switzerland) at 25 is the youngest entrant and took a few days to settle into this solo challenge and then come to terms with how best to handle the boat. The windvane was challenging so used an electric autopilot
© Don McIntyre
The UK entry Peter Kenyon (Hull 47: Origami) came 3rd
© Don McIntyre
McIntyre Adventure Globe 5.80 Transat start: Compulsory mast pull down for Globe 5.80 Class registration to confirm 150 Degrees AVS holding an average of 50KG with the mast at 90 degrees
© Globe 5.80 Transat
McIntyre Adventure Globe 5.80 Transat start: Nº88 Etienne Messikommer (33) – Numbatou – Switzerland
© Globe 5.80 Transat
McIntyre Adventure Globe 5.80 Transat start: 88 and 07's battle
© Globe 5.80 Transat
McIntyre Adventure Globe 5.80 Transat course
© Globe 5.80 Transat
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