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Six minutes from cash to cutlery—Sailing in North America & beyond


The latest sailing news from Canada and the world.
 19 Jun 2017

Six minutes from cash to cutlery—Sailing in North America & beyond

Team Pure and Wild/Freeburd in the 2017 Race to Alaska  Pure and Wild / Freeburd
While the America's Cup is offering viewers an amazing look at what happens when the world's best sailors, designers and engineers conspire to create the world's fastest multi-hulls, there's something downright predictable about two teams meeting each other on flat waters and with enforced wind ranges. Of course, this makes sense in the context of the America's Cup, where boats are fragile and all extra weight is stripped from the vessel in the design phase, but to remove a lot of the question marks that make sailing an adventure also removes some of the event's magnetism. Place it in Bermuda, with its sky-high, exclusive pricing, then place it on hydrofoils that are driven by high-dollar airplane wings, and the event quickly becomes something that makes for a hell of a spectacle, but that is also well outside of the mainstream spectrum. Don't be too surprised when eyes start glazing over.

Anyone who has read this newsletter for a while knows that I am a huge fan of the Race to Alaska (R2AK), a high-adventure, run-what-ya-brung affair that starts each year in Port Townsend, Washington, and crosses the Strait of Juan de Fuca (or, as it's known locally on many of its rough-hewn days, the “Straight of Iwanna Puka”) to the charming city of Victoria, British Columbia, a distance of 40 nautical miles that serves as a qualifier leg to ensure that the brave-hearted are not in fact the foolhardy.

From Victoria, and following a two-day rest to repair boats and confidence levels (Victoria is home to many great pubs), the R2AK then punches 710 bold miles north to Ketchikan, Alaska, where the first boat in rings a bell and collects a $10,000 cash purse.

Team Pure and Wild/Freeburd in the 2017 Race to Alaska  Pure and Wild / Freeburd

Sound easy? Be sure to factor-in the Johnstone Strait, where the wind seems to always blow hard from the north during R2AK windows; Seymour Narrows, where the tide can run 15-16 knots (literally forcing whales to time their passages; this has historically been a significant gatekeeper in this race); Queen Charlotte Sound, where the waves can be huge, and the water temperature, which perpetually hovers around 48 degrees Fahrenheit, and which doesn't do wonders to the body's core temperature over long hauls.

Oh, and don't forget-no engines are allowed. Period.

Instead, teams can row, peddle or sail, and they can stop ashore for repairs or sustenance, but they are only allowed to use publically available resources (read: the chandlery or the local watering hole, not a team van), and any time spent ashore is time that their competitors can be making pure VMG towards Ketchikan.

Grizzly bears frequently patrol British Columbia beaches, glaciated peaks stand sentinel in the sky, and all traces of civilization largely linger south of Campbell River (or, as the libation-loving locals call it, “Scrambled Liver”), meaning that in the R2AK, sailors are striking-out on a real adventure, outcome unknown, survival anticipated-but-unknown, with no wind limits, no umpire boats and certainly no television cameras nearby (although the R2AK does employ a tracking system and offers fantastic updates on their website).

Team Pure and Wild/Freeburd in the 2017 Race to Alaska  Pure and Wild / Freeburd

True, the wind machine can shut off for lengthy spells (welcome to the Pacific Northwest!), making the R2AK a human-powered endeavor rather than a pure sailboat race, but accounting for the light, sticky stuff is an important part of the pre-race experience. Get it right, as the past three winners have done, and the race seems marginally sane; get this choice wrong, as I experienced in the R2AK's 2015 inaugural race, and those 40 miles from Port Townsend to Victoria can feel downright nautical, especially as you're bailing like mad to keep your boat afloat.

While each edition of the R2AK has been unique, 2017 was one for the record books. Not only did the fleet experience near-biblical winds on the qualifier leg, but multiple boats made it through Seymour Narrows at the first reasonable tide window (rather than years past, when only one boat made it through and then enjoyed a private ride to Ketchikan), making the entire northern section of the course a serious fight. This culminated in two boats-Team Pure and Wild/Freeburd, an eight-meter customized trimaran sailed by the brothers Burd (Chris, Trevor and Tripp) from Marblehead, Massachusetts, and Team Big Broderna, from Anacortes, Washington, which included the brothers Strandberg (Nels and Lars), as well as Sean Huston and Marshall Lebron, aboard a Corsair F-31R-finishing within six minutes of each other.

The brothers Burd: (from left) Tripp and Chris, Trevor, winners of the 2017 Race to Alaska  Pure and Wild / Freeburd

After 710 miles of British Columbian and Alaskan coastlines, countless deadhead logs, likely a few bear and whale sightings, no wind limits (but plenty of air!) and full dry suites (mandatory).

(Full editorial disclosure, I'm proud to call the brothers Burd friends, so it's possible that I was glued to the R2AK's website for days, hitting refresh and-towards the end- praying that the wind machine would shut down and turn the race from a waterline contest to one that was determined by peddle and oar strokes, as there was simply no way that Team Big Broderna-with all due respect to a fantastic bunch of competitors-were going to touch the fitness level that the brothers Burd brought to the fight...and I speak from personal, ego-humbling experience here, as Chris Burd is a frequent hiking partner of mine, and one who has hiked me into the ground on many an occasion on Washington State's glaciers and trails.)

The brothers Burd: (from left) Chris, Trevor (center) and Tripp, winners of the 2017 Race to Alaska  Pure and Wild / Freeburd

In all, Team Pure and Wild/Freeburd covered 710 miles in four days, three hours and five minutes, slower than Team MAD Dog Racing's 2016 record-setting time of three days, 20 hours and 13 minutes, but six critical minutes faster than I>Team Big Broderna, who is now the proud owner of a set of R2AK steak knives (no kidding) for their troubles.

“We finished in half the time as year one with twice as much work,” reported Tripp Burd after claiming the purse money. (N.B., Chris and Tripp Burd sailed a 22-foot, “vintage” beach cat in 2015's inaugural race and finished in fourth place after nine days, seven hours and 24 minutes.)

Louis Vuitton America's Cup Match Racing Day 1. Emirates Team New Zealand vs. Oracle Team USA races 1 & 2.   Richard Hodder/Emirates Team New Zealand

As for Bermuda, yes, there's an America's Cup on, and the racing has been fantastic, with Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) claiming the first two wins on Saturday, followed by another two back-to-back wins on Sunday, bringing the scoreboard to read three points ETNZ, zero point Oracle Team USA (yes, you read that right). Racing now pauses until Saturday, June 24, giving Oracle Team USA time to make their boat faster (we've seen this before, but there's no denying that the Kiwis look fast this year).

While it will be fascinating to see if Oracle can conjure the same juggernaut magic that propelled them to one of the biggest comebacks in sports history during the 34th America's Cup (2013), I personally will be spending these days between racing hitting refresh on the R2AK's website, as there are plenty of great teams out there, and plenty of adrenaline left to vicariously enjoy.

May the four winds blow you safely home,

David Schmidt, Sail-World USA Editor

Greenings International to debut in Clipper Round The World Ocean Race
Julia Fry / Clipper Ventures,
Founded in 1999 by Andrew Greening, a pioneer in international executive resourcing, Greenings International has enjoyed 29 years of trusted, cross-border partnerships with some of the world's leading corporates, private equity, regulators, and governments.... [more]

52 Super Series – Platoon marching on seeking new gains
52 Super Series,
Second in Key West in January, runners up again in Miami in March and then world championship victors in June in the first of two Italian regattas, the team, which races under the German flags, must rank as narrow favourites among the 11-strong fleet... [more]

Kieler Woche – Balancing act through the weather systems
SVG Verlag,
In the evening, the Head of Organisation of the Kiel Week, Dirk Ramhorst, could announce the fulfilment of a full program with only one race for the keel boats on course Foxtrott, two races for the Europes, Contenders and OK-dinghies... [more]

Rio Vista Grand Slam - Day 2
International Windsurfing Tour,
At the 8am Skippers meeting the wind was looking like it might just fill in for some Slalom racing. However, by 9am after a flurry of rigging, it was apparent that the wind would need a little more time to gain enough strength for competition.... [more]

America's Cup - Burling, Kiwis win two more to take 3-0 lead
Bernie Wilson, AP,
Jimmy Spithill and his mates with Oracle Team USA might need to start tapping out an SOS from the Bermuda Triangle. The two-time defending America's Cup champions are foundering badly against hotshot young helmsman Peter Burling and Emirates Team New Zealand, who are threatening to sail — and cycle — away with the oldest trophy in international sports.... [more]

America's Cup - Emirates Team NZ wins two more races in 35th Match
Hamish Hooper, Emirates Team NZ,
Steady as she goes for Emirates Team New Zealand with two more wins over Oracle Team USA putting them 3-0 up in the first to seven series. Once again the Kiwi boat was faster right around the track and that speed allied to impeccable tactics and boat-handling proved irresistible.... [more]

Balboa Yacht Club Team wins 2017 U.S. Youth Match Racing Championship
US Sailing,
Sunday marked the conclusion of a successful and fun five day event at the Fort Worth Boat Club, host to the 2017 U.S. Youth Match Racing Championship for the Rose Cup. This US Sailing Championship was exceptionally special for David Wood (Corona del Mar, Calif.) and his Southern California based team comprised of Max Brennan, Catherine Reynolds (Costa Mesa, Calif.) and Jeffery Petersen... [more]

America's Cup - Daniel Forster's view of Day 2 of the 35th Match
Daniel Forster,
Top international photographer, Daniel Forster was on the water of the Great Sound, Bermuda and filed this gallery of images of racing on Day 2 of the 35th America's Cup Match with Emirates Team New Zealand and defending Champion Oracle Team USA... [more]

America's Cup - Finals Day 2 - Paul Cayard reports from Bermuda
Paul Cayard,
Races three and four were run today on Great Sound and the result was the same. Kiwi dominance in this wind range is impressive.... [more]

America's Cup Match - Day 2 action-shots by Studio Borlenghi
Carlo Borlenghi,
Studio Borlenghi provided this gallery of images from America's Cup Match - Day 2.... [more]

America's Cup - Can Oracle Team USA stage another Comeback-
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World NZ,
After the first race in the 2010 America's Cup in Valencia, Alinghi tactician Brad Butterworth when asked to comment at the media conference on Oracle Racing's 120ft trimaran's blistering performance, put it simply - 'That's Speed with a capital 'S'. The same phrase seemed appropriate to describe Emirates Team New Zealand's performance over the first two days of the 35th America's Cup Match.... [more]

America's Cup Finals – Sunday's match action-shots by Ingrid Abery
Ingrid Abery,
Ingrid Abery was on water at 2017 America's Cup Finals and provided this gallery of images from Sunday's action.... [more]

Burling and Emirates Team march on but Spithill vows to fight back
America's Cup,
Battle resumed on Father's Day in the America's Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, with Jimmy Spithill's Oracle Team USA looking to seize back the advantage gained by Peter Burling's Emirates Team New Zealand on day one.... [more]

Spithill - 'These are the most important five days of the campaign'
Oracle Team USA,
Oracle Team USA skipper Jimmy Spithill sailed out to Bermuda's Great Sound race course with a different set of foils on Sunday, looking to change things up with a forecast for more wind.... [more]

America's Cup - Emirates smash defenders with speed - Now 3-0
Nic Douglass,
The Challengers have now won four races in a row, and again the defenders find themselves on the back foot in the early days of this regatta.... [more]

America's Cup - Emirates Team NZ score two wins but plenty to improve
Hamish Hooper, Emirates Team NZ,
Emirates Team New Zealand had a perfect start to the America's Cup match with two wins over Oracle Team USA, but they're kicking themselves for a far from perfect performance overall. The most pleasing aspect for the Kiwis was the speed of their boat in the light conditions of seven to ten knots, Aotearoa New Zealand consistently quicker than the Americans.... [more]

Dream start for the Kiel Week
SVG Verlag,
A full program for the first day of the international boat classes at the Kiel Week. Head of Organisation Dirk Ramhorst could look back at an opening day after five hours, which is really random indeed. Despite late start, all 14 classes did sail the planned races. And on top of that, 18 crews of National German Sailing League 'Bundesliga' did sail a match day for the first time at the Kiel Week.... [more]

America's Cup - J-Class on Parade on the Great Sound
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World NZ,
The J-class fleet stage an exhibition sail on the Great Sound today. The J-Class were used in the America's Cup from 1930 to 1937 - now ten of the large yachts gave been massively restored - making a magnificent sight when they gather as a fleet and race together.... [more]

USA Worlds wins TOTE Team Race, Optimist Regatta starts in VI
Carol Bareuther,
Staying focused, putting new start tactics into practice and accurately sizing up the shifty wind conditions were the skills junior sailors on Team USA Worlds used to win the TOTE Maritime Team Racing Championships. The Championships are one of a trio of events sailed this week out of the STYC, and were prefaced by the three-day TOTE Maritime Clinic and followed by the 25th Int'l Optimist Regatta... [more]

America's Cup - Finals Day 1 - Paul Cayard reports from Bermuda
Paul Cayard,
The first two races of America's Cup 35 were held today on Great Sound in Bermuda. The conditions were on the lighter side of the spectrum with east winds at eight knots. This meant that the wind was blowing over the island before landing on the race course, which made for a few big wind shifts.... [more]

America's Cup Match - Day 1 action-shots by Studio Borlenghi
Studio Borlenghi,
Studio Borlenghi provided this gallery of images from America's Cup Match - Day 1.... [more]

America's Cup - Advantage Burling and Emirates Team New Zealand
America's Cup,
It is advantage Peter Burling and Emirates Team New Zealand at the end of day one of the America's Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton. The Kiwi Challengers to Jimmy Spithill's Oracle Team USA took back-to-back victories in the first two races of the final stage of the 35th America's Cup, putting them into a one - zero lead over the Defenders of the ‘Auld Mug' at the end of day one... [more]

America's Cup Finals - Opening day action-shots by Ingrid Abery
Ingrid Abery,
Ingrid Abery was on water at 2017 America's Cup Finals and provided this gallery of images from opening day.... [more]

Interviews with Spithill and Burling after day one, and a photobomb
Nic Douglass,
With the Burling and Spithill. The highlight today was getting a bit of banter caught on film as Peter Burling photo bombed my interview with James Spithill indicating two wins. Neither helm wanted to talk too much about the details of the racing as it is such early days, but we still covered the crux of the racing and where each team messed up.... [more]

America's Cup - Kiwis revel in light breeze to score two wins on Day 1
Richard Gladwell,
Emirates Team New Zealand opened their America's Cup account on the Great Sound, Bermuda banking two wins from the first two races. Conditions were at the light end of the scale - similar to the final race of the Challenger Finals where Emirates Team New Zealand showed their transoms to the Swedish Challenger, winning by almost a minute and taking the series.... [more]

Andy Beadsworth and Provezza win the Dragon Worlds in Cascais
Jonny Fullerton / Grand Prix Sailing,
Overnight the Russian team Annapurna skippered by Anatoly Loginov were given redress by the race committee for a collision on the penultimate days racing.... [more]

Joyous celebration concludes the Giraglia Rolex Cup
Yacht Club Italiano,
The final prize giving ceremony saw the Maxi 72 Momo win line honours, the J109 Chestress win the prize for best placed boat across all three events... [more]

IWT Rio Vista Grand Slam – Day 1
With an Ebbing tide throughout the day and 15-20mph winds, the day was declared optimal for some Slalom and Free ride action. Heats kicked off swiftly.... [more]

Giraglia Rolex Cup – Freccia Rossa's momentous display
A profound respect for tradition, a collective love of sailing and a genuine spirit of sportsmanship the qualities which shone through the event as a whole.... [more]

Dragon World Championship - Day 5
Jonny Fullerton,
The Dragon World Championship was close to climax today with superb sailing conditions that challenged some of the very best keelboat sailors in seas and winds worthy of a world championship.... [more]

America's Cup - Ken Read reviews the America's Cup action to date
Ken Read, North Sails,
The 2017 America's Cup has delivered thrills, chills, and spills – and also great quality racing. Recap two weeks of racing before challengers Emirates Team New Zealand face Oracle Team USA in the ultimate re-match. Since packing up their bases in 2013, New Zealand has not taken their eyes off the prize. Saturday, June 16th begins their final quest, the first team to win seven races will claim... [more]

America's Cup - Re-interpreting the Interpretation + Video
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World NZ,
In a plot that could have come straight out of 'Yes Minister', more has emerged on the curious Measurement Interpretation 93 which was re-interpreted to mean the opposite just four days after first being published. The interpretation was first published on May 20, after it was noticed that two teams were sailing with slack lower side stays - while the class rule requires these to be tensioned.... [more]

Dragon World Championships - Race six and seven images by Max Ranchi
Max Ranchi,
Max Ranchi was on water at Dragon World Championships and provided this gallery of images from races six and race seven action.... [more]

2017 Red Bull Youth America's Cup - Final eight confirmed
America's Cup,
Day two of the Pool A Qualifiers in the Red Bull Youth America's Cup once again belonged to Sweden's Artemis Youth Racing as they topped the tables with two wins.... [more]

America's Cup Superyacht Regatta - Final day images by Ingrid Abery
Ingrid Abery,
Ingrid Abery was on water at America's Cup Superyacht Regatta and provided this gallery of images from J-Class racing on the final day.... [more]

‘Selkie' wins Marion Bermuda overall
Talbot Wilson,
Selkie', Chip Bradish's 1988 Morris Ocean 32.5 footer from Jamaica Plain near Boston, was the overall corrected time winner of Class D and the entire 40th Anniversary Marion Bermuda Race. She was the smallest boat in the race and was sailed using only celestial navigation.... [more]

Red Bull Youth America's Cup 2017 - Pool A Qualifiers, Day 1
America's Cup,
Artemis Youth Racing stole the early advantage in the Pool A Qualifiers of the Red Bull Youth America's Cup, with the Swedish team finishing the pool's first day of racing on top of the standings after scoring two first and a third in the day's three races... [more]

America's Cup - Will the Cyclors carry the day for the Kiwis-
Sail-World NZ,
The most obvious difference between the Defender and Challenger for the America's Cup is how they develop the hydraulic pressure necessary to drive the wing sail controls and daggerboard systems. Oracle Team USA uses the traditional arm-grinders. Emirates Team New Zealand has gone down the path of using the crew's legs and pedal power.... [more]

Meet the Clipper 2017-18 Race crew - Rachel Penny
Clipper Round the World,
To take on the challenge of the Clipper Race is a big decision. But for Rachel Penny, 45, from Dubai, it was one that was made for her.... [more]

America's Cup Superyacht Regatta - Day 2 action-shots by Ingrid Abery
Ingrid Abery,
Ingrid Abery was on water at America's Cup Superyacht Regatta and provided this gallery of images from Day 2 action.... [more]

America's Cup Superyacht Regatta action-shots by Studio Borlenghi
Studio Borlenghi,
Studio Borlenghi provided this gallery of images from America's Cup Superyacht Regatta.... [more]

Dragon Worlds - Day 3 - Superb racing and packed mark roundings
Jonny Fullerton,
Two more races were held in glorious sailing conditions on the Guia race course off the coast of Cascais in warm and hazy sunshine. The fleet headed out to the race course in steamy hot summer weather and a sea mist offshore which thankfully cleared to start race four of the championship in 15 - 18 knots from the NW in the now customary rolling waves.... [more]

A Few Rays- Calculate how long your sunscreen lasts.
Exposure to the sun is a serious issue for all those who venture on the water. Confused by SPF's? It's easy to calculate how long you will be protected by using the following process.... [more]

America's Cup - Hanuman wins light air race to open Superyacht Regatta
J-Class Media,
Hanuman bounced back quickly from starting too early to win the first race of the America's Cup Superyacht Regatta in Bermuda. Although they had to return and recross the line Hanuman were able to recover as the breeze filled from the right side of the first upwind leg.... [more]

America's Cup - Images from the J-Class racing Day - 1
Richard Gladwell, Sail-World NZ,
The historic J-class which last competed in the 1937 America's Cup, competed in the first of their series. On Tuesday they sailed with the Superyachts in a separate start. The racing was sailed in light winds with the crews working hard to eke the most from the breeze and confused sea. Six J-class are entered for the J-class regatta and five were racing today.... [more]

Dragon World Championships Cascais – Day 3 action shots by Max Ranchi
Max Ranchi,
Max Ranchi provided this gallery of images from day three... [more]

Gearing up for the GC32 Villasimius Cup
GC32 Racing Tour,
Last month in Riva del Garda at the first event of the 2017 GC32 Racing Tour, Realteam came out on top in an exclusively Swiss podium ahead of Team Tilt, which this week is one of the favourites in the Red Bull Youth America's Cup in Bermuda.... [more]

Volvo Ocean Race switches to 2-year cycle, 2019 start for 14th edition
Volvo Ocean Race,
Confirmation of the change will mean at least some race activity in every calendar year, from now on – meaning more action for fans of sailing's iconic race around the world, more continuous employment for the professional sailors involved, and even greater return on investment for the stakeholders backing the teams.... [more]

J-Class and Superyacht Regatta Bermuda – Images by Ingrid Abery
Ingrid Abery,
Photographer Ingrid Abery provided this gallery of images... [more]

Amanda Callahan wins first New England Regional of 2017
Sunfish Class,
On a beautiful Rhode Island weekend, Amanda Callahan managed an unmatched level of consistency over nine races that featured a little bit of everything to win the first New England Sunfish Regional Championship of 2107 on June 10-11.... [more]

Dan Hardy's plan for Clipper Race success
Clipper Round the World,
Being physically fit is all in a day's work for former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Dan Hardy, but he had to adapt his training for a very different challenge when he decided to take on the Clipper Race.... [more]

Zhik 29er Worlds 2018 - NoR and welcome video available online
Come and experience the best sailing Hong Kong has to offer with its breezy and warm winter conditions on our world-class race tracks. The official welcome video and Notice of Race are now available online for the 2018 Hong Kong Zhik 29er Worlds.... [more]

Dragon Worlds - Day 2 - Anatoly Loginov closes gap on Andy Beadsworth
Jonny Fullerton,
Anatoly Loginov sailing Annapurna with his Russian crew of Vadim Statsenko and Alexander Shalagin closed the gap on regatta leaders Andy Beadsworth's (Provezza) with a sixth and third on day two of the Dragon Worlds in Cascais.... [more]

TeamBDA light-up Bermuda as they headway into Red Bull Youth AC Finals
America's Cup,
Light winds again greeted the six international Red Bull Youth America's Cup Pool B teams who returned to day two of Qualifiers fleet racing action on 13th June on Bermuda's Great Sound. However, the wind speed did not stop the day producing huge tension, real drama and a fantastic story for Bermuda, home of the 35th America's Cup with TeamBDA, the local favourites... [more]

America's Cup - Artemis Racing aim to come back stronger
Artemis Racing,
The final race in the Louis Vuitton America's Cup Challenger Playoffs final was held late in the afternoon after an abandonment of the first race of the day due to extremely light winds. With winds at just around the minimum wind speed of six knots, it was uncertain if racing would be held today. Artemis Racing and Emirates Team New Zealand did start a race at the scheduled start time... [more]

BoatUS looks at accuracy of 22 Years of hurricane season predictions
With most 2017 storm forecasts now predicting average to above-average storm activity for the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season (June 1 – November 30), just how accurate are these predictions, and do boaters need to adjust their hurricane prep plans this year?... [more]

Caffari to lead a team with sustainability message in Volvo Ocean Race
Volvo Ocean Race,
Caffari's ambition is to build a multi-national, 50-50 male/female squad, with the majority under 30 years of age. As part of the sustainability focus, the messages around diversity in age and gender will be strong themes of a campaign that in sporting terms may not start as a favourite, but could easily surprise on the water.... [more]

Speed and Innovation in the America's Cup
Farr Yacht Design,
Over the past 30 years the performance of sailing yachts has improved exponentially driven by rapid technological advancements in aero and hydrodynamics, advanced design tools, material science, boat building technology and onboard systems.... [more]

Burling punches Kiwis' ticket to America's Cup against Oracle Team USA
America's Cup,
It was a nerve-wracking afternoon for the New Zealand team and its fans. With their team on match point, the first attempt at sailing race seven was abandoned after the wind died with Emirates Team New Zealand holding the lead.... [more]

Andy Beadsworth opens Dragon World Championships Day 1 with a bullet
Jonny Fullerton / Grand Prix Sailing,
70 Dragons from 19 nations tackled the challenging waters off Cascais, only 20 km down the coast from the Portuguese capital of Lisbon.... [more]

Red Bull Youth America's Cup – Pool B Qualifiers Day 1
America's Cup,
The Pool B teams competing on day one included TeamBDA, the hometown favourites, taking on Land Rover BAR Academy (GBR), Next Generation USA, Spanish Impulse by Iberostar, Candidate Sailing Team (AUT) and NZL Sailing Team.... [more]

America's Cup – 35-Challenger Playoff Final
Paul Cayard,
Again, Peter Burling should good control of the pre-start and led at Mark 1. The Kiwis showed superior speed right away and that was the story of this race.... [more]

America's Cup - Artemis' wild ride is over
John Curnow,
The wild ride for Artemis supporters came to an end in Bermuda yesterday. The could have been champions having been beaten by Emirates Team New Zealand by just 1.3 seconds on the last race the previous day, were facing match point. How did they start? Fast...too fast by a second, they overcame that penalty, only to suffer another one at the top mark,... [more]

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