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Oh Yeah. Giddy Up!!!

Pantaenius AUS 40 Years 728x90

North Sails 3Di 60 - 728x90

Hull form for the fully foiling FBVM 52 - photo © FBVM

Dear Recipient Name

At first, I really did think this was an April First kind of thing. Now even though it actually is April Fools' Day, this boat, and the story around it have been vetted. So whilst they are just renders, for now, the project is very much alive and kicking. Best of all, if you are dead keen, then it can be born in time for this year's 75th Hobart, but you will have to apply the defibrillator paddles, stand clear, charge and apply. Yes. That means money.

So on that point alone, it makes a lot of sense, for just two gorillas (USD 2m) gets you smack up the front of the fleet, with a tilt at Line Honours, even a Race Record, but you'd have to think that the Tatersall's Cup is off the menu. Still, stranger things have happened. Importantly, the Race Organiser has allowed her to compete, which is good considering that Europe may not be so positive. Some may say that's a lot of money for a 52-footer, and perhaps that's true, but it is well short of the $20m for a new supermaxi, and something in the order of $27m for a foiling supermaxi.

Rudder and elevator for the fully foiling FBVM 52 - photo © FBVM
Rudder and elevator for the fully foiling FBVM 52 - photo © FBVM

Race Yachts 2019 RP63   Ensign 2019 C57 Style 600x500

Alas, right there's the key. For this is no ordinary 52. She is a fully foiling beast. Yep. Fully. As in up, up, and away! Hence the use of the rudder and elevator CAD drawing at the start. So if you consider that a used TP can be had for something like AUD 300k, and you would need to spend that again to get her properly prepped, add in a few sails, and all of sudden, you're almost halfway there. Now it is apples against oranges, but if you are in that zone, then why not go the full slog, and really take it on?

Other positives to weigh into the deal are that she will have a smaller rig, and smaller sails, with no more than two bods required to handle them. On that point alone, you will sail with just seven or eight on board, so that means just the one raft, and also a lot less provisioning to be required. Not that you'll need much food and water when you may be in the 24hr bracket, or less. So if Sean Langman's ORMA tri clocked it off in 29 hours 53 minutes and 23 seconds, then you could be in a for a late lunch, or checked in and having a well earned nap at the MACq 01 hotel.

Rig and sail plan for the fully foiling FBVM 52 - photo © FBVM
Rig and sail plan for the fully foiling FBVM 52 - photo © FBVM

Harken AUS HL Snatch Block 300x250   MIA 2019 300x250 3

The deal is that she will do 28 knots from 16 TWS, having dragged it through to 35 AWA now that's an apparent wind machine! They say it can all be done, but they need to get into it now, as the plan is to have 30 to 40 days sailing beforehand. You'll need that too, for you would want to go and understand her behaviour in the delightful confluence of sea state in the Green Cape to Got-A-Bit-On Island area, where three overarching sea conditions can struggle to see which will prevail, and that's before you account for the wind, which is more often than not blowing a lot hence GABO!

Serious parties will need to be into it by early April, or else it's 2020. There are something like 6000 man-hours at Brett Van Munster's shop on the NSW Central Coast for the hull, and the deck will be done nearby and soak up another 4000 hours. Reminds one of the adage that there is never been a problem in sailing that throwing heaps of money at has not made go away... Still all the basic tech elements are sort off the shelf, but this could be the first offshore boat to be made like this.

The fully foiling FBVM 52 - this one has wheels, other renders have tillers - photo © FBVM
The fully foiling FBVM 52 - this one has wheels, other renders have tillers - photo © FBVM

Marine Auctions 2019 600x500   BandG AUS Zeus3 300x250

For now, her beam allows her to not require deck spreaders, as the staying angle is over 20 degrees, and at any rate, if she had them, they would have to be 5m long. So many items have already been evaluated, and therefore it is no longer a case of if you do this, you'll have to do that, and so on. This is why I found the rudder so intriguing. In the earlier drawings, there was a little post sticking down, and it was the trigger for the question. How so? This is what revealed the fully foiling nature, and as the tip is always the biggest point of effort, having the elevator further up saves on having a massive structure. The comment received was good partial endplate for both foils, and better structurally as well. Remember that at full noise that foil might be loaded to around 900kg! That would be Larry Load all right...

Outlaws Tom Quick (right) Julian Plante (middle) on day 1 of the Farr 40 MHYC One Design Trophy - photo © Jennie Hughes
Outlaws Tom Quick (right) Julian Plante (middle) on day 1 of the Farr 40 MHYC One Design Trophy - photo © Jennie Hughes

Zhik 2018 Kollition 300x250   Hyde Sails 2017 March 300x250

Tacking now. Been a lot of talk about real sailing after the Sayonara Cup. So check this one out. Thomas Quick recently won the Farr 40, Sydney 38, and MC38 Australian Championships in consecutive weeks. Now he and father were part of the Sydney 38 department for nine years. Their best result in that class was second to a very commendable crew that had a handy sailor, and former Contender World Champion in one Mark Bulka on the helm. Yes, they were the late Lou Abrahams' mob from Challenge.

The Quicks then went over to a Beneteau First 40 for a while, before picking up the Farr 40, Transfusion. So in this last period, they won in a chartered Sydney 38, of which Tom Quick said, "...they are undergoing a bit of a re-birth currently, so it was good to get a win there." The very next week they won the Farr 40 nationals, with David Chapman back on as tactician, and dropping just two points along the way.

For the final part of the trifecta, Tom then filled in for Neville Crichton on Maserati to take out the MC38 title. Here, it was a win at the last post kind of affair, which would have kept the adrenaline going.

Outlaw and Nutcracker going head-to-head - Farr 40 Australian Open Series National Championship - photo © Jennie Hughes
Outlaw and Nutcracker going head-to-head - Farr 40 Australian Open Series National Championship - photo © Jennie Hughes

Jeanneau AUS 2019 SO319 MPU   Musto AUS 2017 300x250 1

"A good season as an owner/driver. A real joy," was how the understated Quick referred to it as. "Dad does cameos now, and follows it all on Facebook religiously. He still enjoys the twilights, like tonight. We had a good time in the Sydney 38s, but it was a bit harder, as we had some fill-in crew. The Farr 40 was a bit easier, as we had the regular crew. We were well prepared, and you can't beat preparation, even if it is a lot of effort. We're lucky to have a phenomenal team, and practising to get it all sorted and bedded in."

"It is a great bunch with experience and youth. David Chapman is awesome and Phil Armstrong organises things so well. We have talented sailors on board, which is brilliant. From Rob Greenhalgh - and he fitted in so well - and then also some youth, like Jess Angus. It is good to have that kind of spread of participation, and we all benefit from it!"

Maserati Act 1 winner - 2019 McConaghy 38 CYCA Regatta - Act 1 - photo © Lisa Ratcliff
Maserati Act 1 winner - 2019 McConaghy 38 CYCA Regatta - Act 1 - photo © Lisa Ratcliff

Race Yachts 2019 RIO 100 600x500   Nanni Diesel 2019 MPU

"It means we have a good standard on board, and we support each other, which really makes a difference. It is all about fit, and matching people to roles, and we have three female members of the crew too. So I am sailing with good people, for it reminds you that the worst day sailing is better than a top one in the office."

As for the McConaghy 38s, Quick said, "It was a learning curve after first time on Pittwater late last year, which was great. It was an excellent challenge. We just tried to be consistent, overtaking where we could. It also means you're always still in with a chance, as you can plane. Neville's team are a great bunch of guys. They're quiet, stick to their roles, are positive and have a can-do attitude, which is a delight. Doing something like this is wonderful. Great sailors such as Guido Belgiorno-Nettis, Martin Hill, and Andrew Hunn have managed to put together fantastic programs to win Australian Championships in multiple classes. Hopefully we can continue on, and match some of their other successes."

Close racing during the Laser Masters at Notts County - photo © David Eberlin
Close racing during the Laser Masters at Notts County - photo © David Eberlin

Little boats now, and seeing as the contenders for the Olympic Singlehander have been having their evaluations in Spain of late, I could not help but notice this latest furore over the Laser. Naturally, you would think that this is not a good time for one of the builders to have their licence revoked, given that a lot of the criteria around the choice will involve Anti-Trust issues.

In talking with an expert who has followed the Olympics, and their classes, for over 20 years it seems that is not a new thing, but the result of an ILCA inspector being turned away from Laser Performance (LPE) quite some time ago, and that LPE was warned as far back as 12 months ago. It is further alleged that LPE principal, Fazhad Rastegar, has written stating that the Police would be called if said inspectors turned up at the factory again. As inspection forms part of the terms of agreement to build, the outcome seems sort of obvious. Little wonder Chris Caldecoat's Performance Sailcraft Australia will be looked to for continued supply.

Celestial at Sailfest Newcastle - photo © Mark Rothfield
Celestial at Sailfest Newcastle - photo © Mark Rothfield

racegeek 600x500   Sailing Raceboats 2016 RS Aero 300x250

Right oh, here today there are some gems for you to review. We have information about the skippers for the next Clipper, IMOCAs, America's Cup, GC32s, Golden Globe, RS Aero, racing from Tasmania, Newcastle, and South Australia, Mirabaud awards, Superyachts in Sardinia (yes please), and certainly there is much, much more. Also very good to see that the Fremantle Sailing Club picked up Maiden with engine failure and brought her in to Perth with all on board safe and well. She had sought help at around 0230hrs on Sunday morning local time and was towed in the 40nm from Ledge Point.

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Finally, keep a weather eye on Sail-World. We are here to bring you the whole story from all over the world...

John Curnow
Editor, AUS

Raymarine AUS 2018 Aug - Axiom - MPU   Vaikobi 2019 - MPU 2

Golden Jubilee record fleet ready to rumble in the Trofeo Princesa Sofía Iberostar
As probably the most popular annual Olympic classes regatta in the world it is no surprise that the 50th anniversary Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofía Iberostar has drawn a record fleet to the Bay of Palma.

North Sails Weekly Debrief: Bucket Podium, Speed Reading, Spinnaker Season, New Mainsail
Winning North inventories piled onto the podium and outfitted the St Barths Bucket overall winner Hetairos. We partnered with Carlo Borlenghi to capture the action.

SailFest Newcastle - Day 3: Hooligan and Koa capture top TP52 honours
The inaugural TP52 Gold Cup resumed in earnest on the final day of SailFest Newcastle, with the seven-strong fleet completing four windward-leeward races in challenging offshore conditions.

RS Sailing 300x250 AUS   Pantaenius AUS Smooth Sailing 300x250 JPG
Clipper 2019-20 Race: #ReasonToRace: Melanie and Jasmine Morris
In this special Mother's Day edition of our #ReasonToRace Meet the Crew series, we are getting to know a mother and daughter duo, Melanie and Jasmine Morris, who will be taking on Legs 5 and 8 together in the Clipper 2019-20 Race.

Long Beach Yacht Club Ficker Cup - Day 2
Chris Poole (USA) edged past Harry Price (AUS) in the final match of today's Ficker Cup round robins, to cap the leaderboard at the conclusion of two days of Stage 1 racing.

Clipper 2019-20 Race returns to Fremantle
Hundreds of people from all over the world are set to experience all the city of Fremantle has to offer when the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race returns to the Fremantle Sailing Club this December.

upffront 2018 GFM 300x250   Whitsunday Holidays 2018 MPU
America's Cup champions return to Olympic circuits
America's Cup champions and Gold medalists in the 49er class at the 2016 Olympics, Peter Burling and Blair Tuke make their international return to the 49er class at this week's Princess Sofia regatta in Palma Spain.

SailFest Newcastle - Day 2: Survival of the fittest, not fastest
Principal Race Officer Denis Thompson was forced to cancel TP52 and IRC/PHS racing for the day after the Bureau of Meteorology issued a gale warning for Hunter coastal waters.

World Sailing Presidential Newsletter: March 2019
I hope you are enjoying the Spring weather and getting the chance to get out on the water or enjoy watching some sailing as a spectator! It's a very busy time as we work on delivering the changes which will take our great sport forward.

Rooster GETSEASMART 300x250 AUS   North Sails 2019 - Helix - 600x500
Combined Club Summer Pennant Race: Young Lion roars on river in Tasmania
Derwent Sailing Squadron Commodore Steve Chau today sailed his Young 88 Young Lion to victory in the final race of Division 3 IRC of the Combined Clubs Summer Pennant, scoring an outstanding eighth win out of nine races over the season.

Meet the Clipper 2019-20 Race skippers: Guy Waites
With the full line up of Clipper 2019-20 Race Skippers revealed, we caught up with Guy Waites, who will be one of the eleven professionals leading a team around the world in our next edition.

Teen swaps 420s for Brigantine
Sailing on a 40 metre tall ship is a little different to sail an international 420, So when Sandringham Yacht Clun awarded Henry Johnstone a Young Endeavour Scholarship funded by the Melbourne to Osaka Yacht Race, the 17 year old jumped at the chance.

Anyport 2018 eWincher 300x250   Rolly Tasker Sails 2019 728x90 MPU
52nd Fisher Peterson Tillett Regatta - Preview
South Australia's longest-running junior sailing event returns to its roots next weekend when the 52nd Fisher Peterson Tillett Regatta takes place on the Patawalonga Lake on Sunday 7 April.

SailFest Newcastle - Day 1: Favourite toppled in TP52 opener
Anyone who thought the inaugural TP52 Gold Cup would be one-way traffic for Marcus Blackmore's Hooligan didn't factor in a two-way breeze off the Newcastle NSW coastline today, which handed Sam Hayne's Celestial and Peter Wrigley's Koa the major results.

America's Cup: DutchSail Challenge 167 years in the making
Not once in the hour-long interview in downtown Auckland, does skipper, Simeon Tienpont talk about the economic benefits to Holland if the Dutch score a statistically unlikely America's Cup win

Gul 2018 October - Code Zero AUST MPU   X-Yachts Xp50 300x250
International Laser Class Association removes Laser Performance as Approved Builder
Managers of the world's most popular racing sailboat class are seeking new builders to complement their existing network of manufacturers, the International Laser Class Association (ILCA) announced today.

Australian Sailing Team prepares for Palma
Members of the Australian Sailing Team have arrived in the Spanish coastal town of Palma, Mallorca, where they are preparing for the first European Olympic classes event of the season; the 50th Trofeo SAR Princess Sofia in Palma.

2024 Olympics: Laser Class Assoc drops builder bombshell
In an interesting piece of timing, the International Laser Class Association has announced that it has removed Approved Builder status from the European manufacturer of the class, Laser Performance

Boat Books Australia   C-Tech 250
Ten plus teams to compete on 2019 GC32 Racing Tour
With the GC32 flying catamaran racing circuits this year amalgamated on the GC32 Racing Tour, so at least 10 teams, including the GC32 teams from the Extreme Sailing Series, are due to compete on this season's five event circuit

Tenth edition of the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award hopes to set a new participation record
Proud of its success, the event hopes to set a new participation record and is looking forward to once again discovering the best sailing photos of the year.

Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta: Impressive fleet announced for Porto Cervo
Owners who wish to join the fleet, including simply for the Rendez-vous aspect, without competing in the racing, have until 2 May to register.

Naiad 300x250px_Tourist   HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250 cnb66
L30 adopted for World Sailing Offshore World Championship
World Sailing is pleased to announce that the L30, a 30-foot one design keelboat, has been selected as the supplied equipment for World Sailing's Offshore World Championship from 2020.

Remembering John Fisher
It's one year since we lost one of our Race family – today, we honour John Fisher.

Royal Perth Yacht Club - Dinghy updates
There was an amazing atmosphere for the Monkey Fist Night Race on Saturday with a big crowd on the lawn, music playing, entertainment for the smaller kids with the DD ice cream stand being a big hit!

MP - BALTIC AUS 300x250 Sailing   SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-melges
Two additional skippers complete the Golden Globe Race 2018
While it's tempting to get sucked into the latest round-the-buoys results from destinations exotic or far removed, it's also important to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the Golden Globe Race 2018 skippers.

Gul Hikers = Happy Crew
As a traditional trapeze crew, changing from the Fireball to the Merlin Rocket (an out and out hiking boat) was quite a shock!

New foiler design with 2019 Rolex Sydney Hobart in mind
Twelve months work and investment from a highly experienced Australian group has led to the development of a 15.2 m fully foiling design intended for the 2019 RSHYR.

Doyle-Hugo-300x250 AUS site   Predictwind - Iridium 250
Shake up Your Perception, It's a Rite of Passage
Rooster's team has brought its wealth of sailing intel to the world of bigger boats, heavier loads, fiercer waves and longer passages. This kit is intricately designed to repel the spray, fight the cold and last.

Former Clipper Race circumnavigators return to paradise for China's biggest offshore event
British Clipper 2017-18 Race Circumnavigators, Mike Miller (50, from Windsor) and Glenn Manchett (53, from Cambridge), who raced on board the winning Sanya Serenity Coast team, have returned to China's tropical paradise this month

America's Cup: Video promoting first World Series event
Promotional video posted by America's Cup on Cagliari, Sardinia as the first venue for the America's Cup World Series for 2020 - but no date on the event, which is tipped for April 2020

Protector - 300x250   SilverFern_300x250px_v2
Leading marine software brand navigates renewes partnership with global sailing race
The eleven strong fleet of 70 ft ocean racing yachts will be equipped with TZ Professional for the 40,000 nm circumnavigation.

RS Aero Victorian State Championships 2019 at Mount Martha Yacht Club
The fleet contained a broad range of age and experience with Tabitha Stevenson and Michelle de Blaquiere and Tim Bardon bringing their experience from other classes and jumping into the RS Aero for the first time.

Butler Cup at Long Beach Yacht Club - Overall
Australian Harry Price, the 23-year-old No. 3 Ranked Match Racer won the Butler Cup, an event in which so many highly-experienced sailors and rated match racers participated, competitors were wondering if they were really competing in a Grade 1 event.

IDS--Bruce-300x250   Hella Dual Colour Floodlights - 300x250px - 002 gif

Vaikobi 2019 - Footer 3

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