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Not Dead...

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John McConaghy with his Lifetime Achievement Award - photo © Gregg Porteous

Dear Recipient Name

A terrific Statesman of yachting had Australian Sailing's Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed upon him on Friday night. In his acceptance speech, John McConaghy noted that usually they hand these out just before you departed, which he certainly hoped was not going to be the case with himself.

An enthusiastic, vigorous and energetic man, he certainly left those qualities behind in the company he founded: the one that still bears his name today. Quality, strength, and lightweight would be other notable hallmarks for the organisation that start4ed out making timber skiffs and cats, but moved into far larger craft as composites, and for their time, other super-exotic materials took over the whole scene.

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Black Jack's new bowsprit has a carbon bob stay. - photo © Crosbie Lorimer
Black Jack's new bowsprit has a carbon bob stay. - photo © Crosbie Lorimer

So thankfully neither John, nor the company, are not going anywhere, albeit that the Australian operation has physically moved from Mona Vale to Gosford a little while back. The proud heritage includes many of the world's greatest ocean racers, and one of them recently ducked in, and nearly as quickly burned back out, after a makeover.

Black Jack's modified and fuller bow section, and shorter tail, along with her rig further aft as a result, then her aft deck flare to widen the sheeting angle, and larger separation of her for'ard sails, is immediately evident when you look closely at her. You would think they have gained a smidgeon upwind in anything other than dead light, and she will be noticeably swifter off the breeze.

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Exiting the McConaghy facility in Gosford, you can see Black Jack's new lines. - photo © McLeish Group
Exiting the McConaghy facility in Gosford, you can see Black Jack's new lines. - photo © McLeish Group

Wild Oats XI has certainly dominated Line Honours in the Sydney Hobart race since McConaghy made the near sisterships originally in 2005. Indeed, now that Black Jack has had her major refit taking her away from her Alfa Romeo II form, the two will once again look very similar. It is felt that WOXI will also go back to the single canard for'ard of the stick, so apart from colour, and Black Jack's more brutal bow, they will be close both up and downhill.

Bradford says, "You see it in many classes. The ones who put in the time rise to the top, eventually. Half of our crew has sailed supermaxis all year on either Black Jack or Rambler 88, and that amounts to 11 or 12 regattas. One thing I can say is that we are faster than we were in 2018."

Above it all there is the dedication of Peter Harburg to the sport and his campaign with Bradford and the crew. That faith means it was a collection of very familiar names that produced Black Jack 100 V2. They are all known entities for their skill and quality, to say nothing of overall speedy timing that ensured Black Jack popped out of McConaghy's Gosford facility, pretty much bang on time.

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Black Jack buried in the Molle islands race - Hamilton Island Race Week 2017 - photo © Andrea Francolini
Black Jack buried in the Molle islands race - Hamilton Island Race Week 2017 - photo © Andrea Francolini

So you had Reichel/Pugh create the naval architecture, Brett Ellis doing engineering, Sydney Rigging, Tim Webster (Sydney Composite Solutions), North Sails, as well as Alex Nolan, and Liam Wolf from Black Jack Racing, all combining to produce the end result. Importantly, even though 19 years have passed, so many of the team were there in various capacities for her birth way back when, and delighted to once more create a maritime work of art.

On that very point, and with many thanks to the entire team, I can personally attest to the thinking, the workmanship, the drive, the foresight, and the appreciation that has delivered this outcome. Being granted full access twice during her update was both a delight and eye opening. No matter what you might think, having this sort of quality presented before you is magnificent, and to those who sail on her, you know that she will be as light and strong as possible, so giddy up!

There is a video of it all which you can watch here.

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Shearwater: 57-foot performance cruiser built by McConaghy - photo © Andrea Francolini
Shearwater: 57-foot performance cruiser built by McConaghy - photo © Andrea Francolini

Art and water do mix

In 2015, as the then President of the Art Gallery of NSW and leading the planning of the Art Gallery of NSW's doubling of capacity through the Sydney Modern Project, Guido Belgiorno-Nettis would go on to take a key element of that over to the creation of Shearwater. His newest boat would arguably be one of the finest works of art this side of the great liners, SS Normandie, France, or United States.

Already the owner of a glorious performance cruiser, Satori, Belgiorno-Nettis had been pondering for some seven years, as to how he would go about it all again. He had developed a detailed specification that amounted to several pages. It looked at sail plan, keel, materials, length, draft, internal layout and so forth.

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Satori - 50ft McConaghy built performance cruiser - photo © Satori
Satori - 50ft McConaghy built performance cruiser - photo © Satori

Having completed the architectural competition for the selection of the designer for Sydney Modern, he thought it would be a good thing to take this idea to yachting. Belgiorno-Nettis had already selected his builder, McConaghy Boats Australia, for they had done such a good job with Satori. In a stroke of good fortune, John McConaghy himself, who had retired by now, was able to become his owner's representative, and together they assembled their thoughts and sent the documentation out to five naval architects for their consideration.

What they had was really a specification for a mini superyacht; so very unique, very challenging to build, and requiring great skills to deliver to the standards required. Mani Frers was selected, for as Belgiorno-Nettis says, "When I started to talking with Mani, he just got it. He had the ideas and aesthetic that I loved."

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Shearwater, 57 foot performance cruiser - photo © Andrea Francolini
Shearwater, 57 foot performance cruiser - photo © Andrea Francolini

What ensued was a three year cycle from inception to launch: the hull form got signed off so that McConaghy could begin on that, and then there were items like rig configuration, sail plan, and all the myriad of details that make her special. Belgiorno-Nettis says he was the last word on weight saving, something McConaghy is well known for across the board, along with strength, stating, "We saved tonnes. Normally a 57' cruising boat would be around 18 tonnes, but we are just 13.5."

"This was the last boat Steve Moxham worked on before retiring. His artwork can be seen in the companionway steps, wheels, pedestals, steering systems, as well as input on all the special and elegant elements. Andy Pether will follow Steve and will be another genius soon enough. But all the boatbuilders at McConaghy were special for me."

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Shearwater, 57 foot performance cruiser - photo © Andrea Francolini
Shearwater, 57 foot performance cruiser - photo © Andrea Francolini

"Michelle and I go out every weekend on Sydney Harbour and Pittwater. We are still intoxicated with her, even though she has been in the water for a year. I've had time to sort out the little things to make her just right, and indulge in perfecting the innovations. I want to get more confident with her functionality and sailing systems, before we go too far away from home."

"Next June we will race her from Sydney to Noumea with Adrienne Cahalan, Chris Nicholson, Michelle and a couple of friends on board, which should be very special. Michelle and I will then cruise New Caledonia, and give Shearwater the real cruising christening she deserves! The year after is the new Sydney to Auckland race ahead of the America's Cup, and then we'll wander around the Bay of Islands."

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Shearwater, 57 foot performance cruiser - photo © Andrea Francolini
Shearwater, 57 foot performance cruiser - photo © Andrea Francolini

Not dead, nor buried

So if you are only as good as the project you are working on right now, as opposed to the ones you have finished, then a brand new Harry Dunning penned 44-foot racer for a US client is a pretty good mark of your status. This craft is being built to what can only be described as the Nth degree. For that reason alone, you know the owner made a prudent choice, both from a craftsmanship and financial POV.

Speaking of good calls, and with Chinese and Vietnamese warships facing off against each other, then you could imagine that roaring along in the South China Sea is not entirely prudent. The organiser went from race to rally, and imposed a massive exclusion zone, but barrelling in at over 30 knots could have a trigger-happy naval gunner looking for the missiles. Not so good if you are on board Scallywag/FUKU that won the rally BTW.

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Bomby and Diamond - Sun Fast 3300 from Jeanneau - photo © Carlo Borlenghi
Bomby and Diamond - Sun Fast 3300 from Jeanneau - photo © Carlo Borlenghi

Right oh - here today there are some gems for you to review like Team INEOS on foils, IDEEC Sport heads into the Indian Ocean, 2.4m, Australian Sailing Awards, the new Jeanneau 3300 Sun Fast goes for a yacht, the Hobart, 18-Footers (which I saw today from the delightful Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in Point Piper, The Ocean Race, The Golden Globe, Festival of Sails, and certainly there is much, much more.

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Finally, keep a weather eye on Sail-World. We are here to bring you the whole story from all over the world...

John Curnow
Editor, Sail-World AUS

Barz Optics 2019 Cabo MPU   MIA 2019 300x250 4

Joan joins Alexia for Transat Jacques Vabre 2019
The progress of equality in sailing can often resemble the turning of an oil tanker rather than a carbon fibre racing boat, but there are some new grounds for optimism at sea.

Allianz Championship for Optimist, RS Feva & 29er - Overall
In the 29er class, the Corentin Goulon and Valentin Alakiletoa crew won the Allianz Championship. Emilie Bouchet and Robin Chantrelle's crew, although they had given everything to catch up with their four points behind, were unable to pass in front.

North Sails Weekly Debrief: The Nations Trophy, Dragon 90th Anniversary, Sailing on repeat
Three podium sweeps, two world titles, and one European champion for North Sails clients in Palma at the Swan Mediterranean League Grand Finale.

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18ft Skiff Spring Championship on Sydney Harbour - Race 2
The Noakesailing 18ft Skiff team of Sean Langman, Ed Powys and Nathan Edwards produced another brilliant exhibition to score their second consecutive win in Race 2 of the Australian 18 Footers League's Spring Championship on Sydney Harbour today.

The Ocean Race: Building a team for a dream
Last week, the Austrian Ocean Race Project launched its campaign for The Ocean Race with the christening of its VO65 race boat at a ceremony in Portopiccolo, in the Gulf of Trieste in Italy.

SB20 Australian women take on the World
The 2019 SB20 World Championship starts in Hyeres on Monday and Tasmanian women's and youth team, Essence of Athena, is ready to take on the world's best SB20 sailors.

Festival of Sails 2020 - MPU   SYC Sail Paradise 2020 - MPU
Mauritius Route record: Francis Joyon is on his way
At 0911hrs UTC on Saturday 19th October, the skipper of IDEC SPORT crossed the start line off the Citadel of Port Louis (Morbihan). Ahead of the boat, a complicated 8000-mile long solo voyage to the island of Mauritius.

Soon time to share life on board the MACIF Trimaran
The search for performance is a key phase in offshore racing, because it is both the goal and the guideline. For the Brest Atlantiques, knowing how to live together will be essential.

Farr 40 One Design Trophy at Middle Harbour Yacht Club - Day 1
With just one point separating the top four boats, Farr 40 sailing has never been closer and Tom Quick's Outlaw is regatta leader at the end of day one of the first point score regatta of the season.

Tourism Whitsundays 2019 Welcome MPU   BandG AUS Zeus3 300x250
Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Nha Trang Rally: FreeFire triumphs in IRC Overall
Joachim Isler and Andrew Taylor's Mills 41 Ambush was the final boat to sail into Nha Trang, Vietnam last night (18 Oct) at 22h 40m 42s(HK Time), putting her in 1st place for IRC Race 1 division.

2019 2.4 mR Class World Championship at Yacht Club Italiano: Overall
The worlds of the small metre class ended today after a week of very rough weather. A female podium, two women among the first three. England's Megan Pascoe dominated with a perfect week, second was Finland's Marko Dahlberg and third Fia Fjelddahl

Dynamic duos dominate 2019 Australian Sailing Awards
Two 470 pairings have dominated the top honours at this year's Australian Sailing Awards, held at a gala dinner at Sydney's Sofitel Hotel.

Anyport Ewincher 2019 MPU   Raymarine AUS Element S MPU
America's Cup: Italian and British teams reveal first sailing AC75 images
In the past day, two of the recently launched America's Cup teams have released images of their first AC75's sailing, and foiling. The four AC75's yachts now launched fall into two categories - the Skiffs and Scows.

Take-off! INEOS TEAM UK's AC75 takes flight
The British team for the 36th America's Cup, Sir Ben Ainslie's INEOS TEAM UK have been enjoying their first week of foiling on Britannia in the waters off their Portsmouth base.

First race for the Sun Fast 3300
This dynamic duo just finished up the very first race for the Sun Fast 3300 here in North America. The AYC 24-hour Double-Handed Distance Race took place a few weeks back here in Annapolis.

X-Yachts Xp50 300x250   Predictwind - Iridium 250
Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Nha Trang Rally
American entry J/V Maxi 72, Lucky, sailed into Nha Trang, Vietnam on 18 October at 8h 40m 10s (HK time) to take the Monohull Line Honours for the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Nha Trang Rally in an elapsed time of 41h 30m 10s.

Big 2019 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race fleet builds; one week until close of entries
A total of 157 entries have been received one week out from close of entries for the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - and, in addition to a smattering of international entrants, nearly half the field is made up of yachts representing Australian states

18ft Skiffs: The Kitchen Maker-Caesarstone looks set for a big season
Since the young The Kitchen Maker-Caesarstone team of Jordan Girdis, Lachlan Doyle and Tom Quigley came together last year, their progress in the highly-competitive Australian 18 Footers League fleet has been spectacular

Hooper Sails 300x100   Boat Books Australia
2020 Hansa SKUD18 Australian Nationals to be held at the Bartercard Sail Paradise Regatta
Its official, the "2020 Hansa SKUD18 Australian National Championships" is approved by the International Hansa Class Association.

Itajaí returns as host city for The Ocean Race
The Ocean Race 2021-22 will stop in Itajaí, Brazil, marking the fourth consecutive time the city on the Santa Catarina coastline will host the iconic event.

2023 Ocean Globe Race attracts first entries
Hundreds of sailors and many yacht clubs have become excited at the prospect of becoming involved, and commitments to enter now outweigh available places with sailors from France, Finland and the UK dominating the list.

Yacht Racing Forum 2019 - MPU   Naiad 300x250px_Tourist
America's Cup: 'Almost full' sign goes up in Auckland
Despite earlier media reports to the contrary, 130 superyachts have registered an interest in attending the America's Cup events in Auckland in 2020-2021. All 73 berths have been booked with a deposit of one month's rental paid

ANOC World Beach Games: Golden Gruber grabs victory in kitefoiling nailbiter
Former world and European champion Florian Gruber (GER) won two consecutive races in the final to become the first men's Kitefoil Racing ANOC World Beach Games champion.

Family affair at 2020 Festival of Sails, as countdown to regatta begins!
The countdown to the 2020 Festival of Sails has well and truly begun with 100 days to go until the regatta.

HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250 cnb66   Protector - 300x250
RS Aeros at Sail Sandy held at Sandringham Yacht Club, Melbourne, Australia
Both the temperature and the competition are hotting up in Australia for the RS Aeros. The first event of the season has kicked off at Sail Sandy hosted at Sandringham YC just down the shore from Black Rock

Discover Sailing Public Open Day at Albert Sailing Club Melbourne
This is a good opportunity for people at all ages and levels of experience to try sailing on a monohull dinghy sailboat and to find out more about the club and its activities.

Chief Executive of World Sailing, Andy Hunt, to step down after 4 years in the role
The Board considers that Andy has made an important contribution to the modernisation and commercial development of World Sailing, and the Board thanks Andy for his service during an intense and challenging period for World Sailing.

MP - BALTIC AUS 300x250 Sailing   Marine Shield - Rescue boat - 300x250
2019 China International Women's Match Race in Shanghai - Overall
The racing at the day 5 of inaugural China International Match Race took off in perfect racing conditions. Spectators along the shore of Dishui Lake could follow the matches as the sailors maneuvered right in front of the docks under a sunny Shanghai sky.

18ft Madness: The ultimate boat in the ultimate location
The 18ft Skiff class has always been a passion for Hartas Productions, with our director, Ollie, steering and in Sydney for six consecutive seasons, helming the now famous ILVE Silver Bullet!.

Leg one Mini Transat debriefing, Dragons and J/80 North Americans
While the sailing world is aglow with images of the four newly launched AC75 class yachts, the 1,350 nautical mile Mini-Transat La Boulangère race is also unfurling.

C-Tech 250   Weta-Marine-600x500-forgiving
Sail-World NZ e-magazine: October 14 2019 - All four AC75's on show - video and images
Read the latest newsletter from Sail-World New Zealand, with the Top 50 stories covering the America's Cup action and other sailing news from NZ and elsewhere. There's all the latest reports, images and video on the four AC75's

Yacht lost in storm off north NZ, respected yachtie dies
A person has died after a 47ft yacht sank 20 nautical miles off Cape Brett on the east coast of Northland, NZ, in winds gusting over 60kts and heavy seas. Updated story with images and video shot from the Auckland Rescue Trust helicopter.

Windsurfing tips from the World Champion Nick Bez in Tasmania
Bez, who races out of Parkdale Yacht Club in Victoria, won the title after a sensational regatta on Lake Garda in Italy in July. Bez will be the star attraction for the windsurfers at Opening Day of the Sandy Bay Sailing Club (SBSC) on Saturday.

Southern Spars Recruitment 300x250   Doyle-Hugo-300x250 AUS site
The 2020 Atlantic Cup announced
Although the leaves are turning and the weather is getting colder, preparations at Manuka SEM are heating up as the 2020 Atlantic Cup, is shaping up to be the biggest one yet!

Fierce competition in Australian Women's Match Racing Championship at Mooloolaba Yacht Club
India and her crew, Jess Tavener, Emma Byrne and Chelsea Williams went into the Championships as favourites, and maintained a clear lead throughout the three days of one-on-one tactical short-course racing.

CYCA crowned Australian Women's Match Racing Champions
The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia's Youth Sailing Academy (YSA) team of India Howard, Jess Tavener, Emma Byrne and Chelsea Williams have been crowned national champions following their success on the weekend at Mooloolaba Yacht Club (MYC) in Queensland

Sunsail sets sail with Festival of Sails 2020
Royal Geelong Yacht Club has today announced its 2020 Festival of Sails early bird prize of a bareboat yacht charter in Phuket, Thailand on a beautiful Sunsail charter yacht worth $5000.

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