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Team Windcraft Team Windcraft

When you buy a new yacht you are not simply investing in a boat, you’re investing in a new on-water lifestyle. Buying the yacht is about the new memories you’ll create cruising beautiful bays with family and friends or rounding buoys with your racing crew.

It’s about turning off the phone and feeling the wind blowing through your hair. It’s about enjoying a few sundowners with sunburnt cheeks and an infectious smile on your face.

We are here to make sure your dream lifestyle comes true, and to do that you need a quality yacht, a first class commissioning process and a professional service support team who have the passion and experience to keep your yacht ready for anything.

At Windcraft we really enjoy looking after our owners. Our team has the experience, enthusiasm and knowledge essential to supporting your boating interests and needs. We have built a team of energetic and passionate individuals who between them know every aspect of the boat and yacht world. They have the experience to set you up with perfect boating package and importantly to help ensure you get the very most out of it.

If you are a keen cruiser, check out Richard below - he has cruised with his family for 5 years to areas as remote as Alaska and even further across the globe. Speak to Ross, who has spent 10 years commissioning and testing the latest sailing yachts and power boats to arrive in Australia and NZ and has sailed across the Atlantic and as far as The Galapagos Islands in his own Hanse 458. If you’re a racer - Ric is your man - his experience and success at world-class sailing events makes his an enviable asset on any performance yacht. Our yachts are known for quality of build and Dave Griffin our 5th Generation shipwright will give you the nuts and bolts on why.