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Predictwind's Offshore App supports Redport Optimiser - get a deal now

by NZL on 10 Apr 2016
Optimizer Redport - PredictWind Offshore PredictWind
Predictwind have announced their Offshore App now supports the RedPort Optimizer.

For the next seven days Predictwind have negotiated a 20% discount on the Optimizer and XGate for all PredictWind customers.

PredictWind - The World Leader
20% off the Optimizer by Redport!

Why buy an Optimizer?

The Optimizer can be connected to a Satellite Phone (or any other Satellite System) to create a Wifi hotspot. The Optimizer contains all the software device drivers, so all software interface issues to your laptop are eliminated.

The Optimizer contains a firewall to prevent unwanted windows downloads (for example) over a satellite connection.

Offshore App Integration

Get weather downloads directly and seamlessly into the PredictWind Offshore App.

Xgate Integration

The Optimizer works with XGate, the world’s leading independent satellite email service.


NOTEThese features are already contained in the Iridium GO, so Iridium GO customers do not benefit from the Optimizer.

For the next 7 days we have negotiated a 20% discount on the Optimizer and XGate for all PredictWind customers.


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Use the promo code OPTIMIZER20 at checkout to claim 20% Discount

Offshore App

2x Offshore App Data Speed!

Based on customer feedback we have been working hard at optimising the weather downloads, and now have DOUBLED the data speed for weather downloads in the Offshore app.

In addition there are less dropped data calls, and better reliability. Try it now to experience the difference.

Download the Free Offshore App

Iridium GO! The Choice for Offshore Sailors

The Iridium GO has proven itself to be the first choice for Offshore Sailors for these requirements:


The new need for essential services - Voice, SMS, Email & Accurate Detailed Weather Forecasts.


Satellite Coverage
Full global satellite coverage so you are connected and in touch wherever you are, whenever you need.


With the main unit priced at only US$799 (US$1,150 with Marine Kit including external antenna, cabling and wall mount) and an unlimited plan at US$125/month for Unlimited data, Unlimited SMS text messages, and 150 minutes for voice calling, the Iridium GO is an incredible deal.
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