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Cup news, Vendee Globe update, US Sailing staff changes - USA Newsletter


Cup news, Vendee Globe update, US Sailing staff changes

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Zhik 2020 Vendee competition - LEADERBOARD

In flight Te Rehutai appears to be an aircraft - Emirates Team New Zealand AC75 - Te Rehutai - November 20, 2020 - photo © Richard Gladwell /

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Daylight and warm temperatures might be in short supply these days in most of North America, and rainfall might be abundant here in the Pacific Northwest, but that sure doesn't mean that the international sailing news cycle is in hibernation. Far from it. From Auckland to the South Atlantic, news is buzzing, giving those of us who are adjusting to the norms of a "different" kind of Thanksgiving something to focus on, aside from a still raging virus, a changing administration, and the long list of family and friends that we'd all love to see. While I can't speak for you, dear readers, I'll personally take comfort in any port in this storm, even if it means some vicarious living.

For Cup junkies, Emirates Team New Zealand made international headlines last Thursday when they unveiled Te Rehutai, their second-generation AC75, at a ceremony in Auckland. The boat's lines look considerably different than their first-generation AC75, with a flared bow, a pronounced "bustle" on her undercarriage that's intended to ease the transition between displacement mode and foiling mode, and even sleeker aerodynamics.

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Emirates Team New Zealand launch Te Rehutai - November 18, 2020 - photo © Richard Gladwell /
Emirates Team New Zealand launch Te Rehutai - November 18, 2020 - photo © Richard Gladwell /

"We've been searching for the perfect balance between hydrodynamic and aerodynamic performance," said Dan Bernasconi, ETNZ's head of design, in an official team press release. "An AC75 that was optimized purely to accelerate and take-off would look very different to one which was optimized for steady flight, and that's reflected in the huge variation we see between our competitors' yachts in the fleet. Te Rehutai is designed to excel in both domains - the water and the air - and we're confident she'll be competitive across the range of wind speeds we may see in the America's Cup."

True to form, the Kiwis wasted almost no time in sailing the boat for the first time less than 24 hours later. This began with a test tow en route to the Hauraki Gulf, where the crew promptly lit her afterburners.

Emirates Team New Zealand AC75 - Te Rehutai - November 20, 2020 - photo © Richard Gladwell /
Emirates Team New Zealand AC75 - Te Rehutai - November 20, 2020 - photo © Richard Gladwell /

"It was great to get commissioning under way," said Peter Burling, the ETNZ's helmsman and a gold (2016) and silver (2012) Olympic medalist. "The boat felt really nice. We're happy with day one, but have got a lot of hard work ahead."

While it remains to be seen which team cracked the design rule to create the fastest AC75, the Kiwi's second-generation boat certainly seems to check all of the right boxes.

Speaking of Burling, the 29-year-old wunderkind helmsman was awarded the Magnus Olsson Prize 2020, which is given annually by the Mange Olsson Foundation, for Burling's contributions to the sport of sailing. It should be noted that, in addition to his Olympic campaigns, Burling also circumnavigated the world to a third-place finish with Team Brunel during the 2017-2018 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race (now called The Ocean Race) and won the 35th America's Cup with ETNZ in 2017 (becoming the youngest helmsman to have won the Cup).

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Peter Burling helming Team Brunel in the North Atlantic during the 2017-18 edition of The Ocean Race - photo © Sam Greenfield / Volvo Ocean Race
Peter Burling helming Team Brunel in the North Atlantic during the 2017-18 edition of The Ocean Race - photo © Sam Greenfield / Volvo Ocean Race

"It's a great honor to be acknowledged by the Mange Olsson Memorial Foundation for this award," said Burling in an official statement. "Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to meet Magnus but his epic race in Ericsson 3 in the 2008-09 edition of the Ocean Race definitely inspired my round-the-world path."

Burling now joins the rarified ranks of other recipients of the Magnus Olsson Prize, including Torben Grael, Sir Ben Ainslie, Stan Honey, Santiago Lange, Grant Dalton and Carolijn Brouwer.

The next edition of The Ocean Race may still be over a distant horizon, but ocean-racing fans have been getting their fix and more as the race leaders in the 2020-2021 edition of the Vendee Globe prepare to enter the Southern Ocean.

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Charlie Dalin on Apivia takes the lead in the Vendée Globe - photo © Apivia / #VG2020
Charlie Dalin on Apivia takes the lead in the Vendée Globe - photo © Apivia / #VG2020

As of this writing, skipper Charlie Dalin, sailing aboard Apivia, was leading the chase by almost 30 nautical miles, followed by Thomas Ruyant aboard LinkedOut and Jean Le Cam aboard Yes we Cam!, who was some 250-plus nautical miles astern of Ruyant, who recently had to climb his mast to contend with a broken halyard.

It's important to note, however, that former race leader Alex Thomson, sailing aboard Hugo Boss, was forced to slow down his charge southeastwards after discovering a damaged longitudinal beam in his bow section during a routine vessel check.

"The problem is fairly significant," reported Thomson in an official race video. "The central longitudinal is broken in several places. The good news is we carry so many materials to fix this kind of thing, c plates, solid panels, and even girders, we have plenty of materials to fix it and the other bit of good news is that I am not in the Southern Ocean.

"I am in the middle of the Saint Helena High and so have good conditions to be able to do the job and the other good news is I feel super positive and happy to crack on to get this job done and get back in the race as soon as possible," continued Thomson. "It could take another day or so to do the repair and the engineers and designers are absolutely confident the boat will be as strong if not stronger than before."

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Alex Thomson on board Hugo Boss - November 15, 2020 - photo © Alex Thomson Racing
Alex Thomson on board Hugo Boss - November 15, 2020 - photo © Alex Thomson Racing

While this puts Thomson in an obviously disadvantaged position compared to the fleet, the 46-year-old veteran Vendee Globe racer is no stranger to comebacks, and while he has not yet won the Vendee Globe, no serious student of ocean racing would count him out of the hunt just yet. After all, a month-long steeping in the windswept waters of the Southern Ocean remains, and this is a place that Thomson knows well.

Finally, much closer to home, US Sailing recently announced that Jack Gierhart has left the organization in his role as CEO. "Jack guided the association through some challenging times, especially this past year after the pandemic forced US Sailing to pivot to meet the challenges of a new environment," said Cory Sertl, President of US Sailing, in an official press release. "Looking forward, the association is confident that change will enable us to meet our commitment to excellence."

Additionally, US Sailing announced two new and important hires as part of their strategic plan for 2021-2024. Jill Nosach will work as the organization's new chief development officer, while Heather Monoson will serve as chief financial officer.

May the four winds blow you safely home,

David Schmidt North American Editor

Zhik 2020 Vendee competition - MPU   Allen 2020 - A2031XHL - 600x500

ORC World Championship 2021 open for entries
Organizers from Kalev Yacht Club and the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) are pleased to announce the opening of entries to the ORC World Championship 2021 to be held over 6-14 August 2021 in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Tallinn, Estonia.

Vendée Globe Day 17 morning update: Bang, bang, chop, chop, busy, busy, Thomson on the nightshift
Overnight only race leader Charlie Dalin (Apivia) is the only skipper among the top 10 to have managed to hold speeds in double figures as the leaders of the Vendée Globe continue their slow but steady progress south.

Jules Verne Trophy: The crew of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild switches to Code Yellow
After a long weather briefing carried out remotely with the router Marcel van Triest, the entire crew of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild gathered alongside Cyril Dardashti, director of the five-arrow team, has taken the decision to switch to code yellow.

Highfield Boats - Sailing - MPU   Vaikobi 2020 - MPU 3
Alex Thomson 'sailing once again' aboard HUGO BOSS
Just 48 hours after he unearthed structural damage to his HUGO BOSS boat - on day 13 of the Vendée Globe round-the-world yacht race - British sailor Alex Thomson has confirmed that he is sailing once again.

Martin Keruzoré wins the Mirabaud Sailing Video of the Century
The 2020 edition of the Mirabaud Sailing Video Award has been adapted to reward the best videos filmed since 2000. Martin Keruzoré (Air Vide et Eau Productions) wins the main prize with his video Vues du Large, selected by the international jury.

Vendée Globe Day 16: Charlie Dalin takes the lead on Apivia
On a sequence of gybes stepping downwind underneath the Saint Helena high pressure system in the South Atlantic, Charlie Dalin (Apivia) became the new leader of the Vendée Globe this morning.

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Award winning disabled sailor from Cowes sets off for the Atlantic
Islander Natasha Lambert BEM, multi award-winning disabled sailor and adventurer from Cowes, Isle of Wight set off from Gran Canaria yesterday (Sunday 22nd November) at approximately 13:00hrs for her latest challenge, the Atlantic...

Lifting rudder now an option on OK dinghy, thanks to Sea Sure and Ovington Boats
Sea Sure, the Warsash based manufacturer of dinghy transom products like pintles, gudgeons and rudder stocks, has collaborated with Ovington Boats to design and manufacture a lifting rudder to fit to an OK dinghy.

Bermuda and Italy selected to host first SailGP events of second season
SailGP today announced an updated schedule for the first half of its second season, with the opening events now set for the island of Bermuda and the southern Italian city of Taranto.

Rooster 2020 - Impact BA - MPU   Sea Sure 2020 - MPU
America's Cup Rialto: November 23 - A weird day on the Waitemata
Monday was a day in waiting. Waiting for a weather system to pass through with strong easterlies predicted for the following day.

Update direct from Alex Thomson on Hugo Boss repairs
Alex Thomson spoke to his team early this Sunday evening to give an update on his thoughts and progress as he seeks to repair a damaged longitudinal frame near the bow of HUGO BOSS.

America's Cup: Suzanne McFadden begins adding another chapter on 25 years of Cup coverage
Top Kiwi sailing journalist, Suzanne McFadden catches up with key Cup players at the launch of Emirates Team NZ's Te Rehutai on Thursday evening. "It's been a year since I last saw Emirates Team New Zealand. Granted, we've both been busy....

North Sails 2019 - Helix Top-Down Furling 600x500 250 - 2014
There's a place called Hobart
It's pretty special all year round. Hobart is also a marvellous springboard from which to leap into history, culinary delights, nature's gifts of both flora and fauna, all manner of beverages, trails, bushwalking...

Peter Burling awarded Magnus Olsson Prize 2020
The Mange Olsson Foundation has today announced Peter Burling the 2020 winner of its prestigious Magnus Olsson Prize.

GKA Freestyle Super Grand Slam 2020 in Ilha do Guajiru - Overall
In slightly lighter winds on this final day of the competition, the focus of the judges was on quality and attention to detail when it came to the execution of the tricks.

C-Tech 2020 C-Tech 300x250   Mackay 250
18ft Skiff NSW Championship on Sydney Harbour - Race 1
The Australian champion tech2 team of Jack Macartney, Charlie Wyatt and Lewis Brake took out Race 1 of the NSW 18ft Skiff Championship today after three boats were ruled out of the race for being over the start line within one minute of the start.

America's Cup Rialto: November 20 - Kiwis throw down the gauntlet to Challengers
America's Cup champions, Emirates Team New Zealand, turned on an impressive first sail performance in their Version 2 AC75, Te Rehutai just over 18 hours after her Thursday evening launch ceremony.

Vendée Globe: Boris Herrmann deploys scientific data collection system beacon
The North Atlantic is finally behind them. A week and a half after the start, the majority of Vendée Globe competitors have crossed the equator without a hitch.

ETNZShop-SUPPORTERRANGE-300x250 HR   KZRaceFurlers
New Tech Working in Harmony
Isn't it frustrating when your computer doesn't connect to your printer? Few of us enjoy the experience of technology malfunctions, at least when sailing you don't have to as the leading technology brands are making sure their technologies work together.

PlanetSail AC75 first sail of second boats analysis
One minute they were being wheeled out of secrecy to face the public for the first time, the next they were flying around the Hauraki Gulf.

ETF26 series attracting top international sailors
The EFT26 class completed a shortened 2020 season, despite the cancellation of a number of inshore sailing events, giving valuable on water time to top professional sailors, up and coming youth foilers and amateur racers.

Official-Event-Store-Red 300x250   Southern Spars Recruitment 300x250
New Allen Inboard End Batten Adjuster and 60mm Dynamic Block Features
The inboard end batten adjuster – A.951-10 – has been developed alongside one of the worlds leading sailmakers. 60mm Dynamic Blocks feature Allen's patented Dynamic bearing technology.

11th Hour Racing Team provides unparalleled career stepping-stone for aspiring US sailors
11th Hour Racing Team has renewed its partnership with Oakcliff Sailing to provide a career-shaping internship program for aspiring American sailors.

Offshore Doubles celebrates rapid growth in its first month: 1600 members from 66 countries
Offshore Doubles is pleased to announce at the end of its first month of operation we have 1600 members from 66 countries with all six continents well-represented.

Doyle Sails 2020 - Redefining Boundaries 300x250   Gul 2020 Tri-Laminate Spraytop MPU
In Conversation with Andy Rice
Mark Jardine chats with Andy about the Draycote Dash, which would be taking place this weekend if it weren't for Lockdown 2.0, the Seldén Sailjuice Winter Series, the Vendée Globe, the build-up to the 36th America's Cup and his 'Road to Gold' series.

The Ocean Race's award-winning learning programme to launch in six more languages
Ahead of World Children's Day, The Ocean Race is recognising the crucial role that future generations have to play in supporting our seas by announcing that it will be making its award-winning learning programme available in six more languages.

The John Westell Centenary
Whatever your favourite dinghy or boat may be, they all have one thing in common! At some point back in the past, someone sat down and drew the lines for the boat, normally with a particular purpose in mind!

Seldén official supplier for Farr X2
We are happy to announce that Seldén Mast has become the official mast supplier for the new Farr X2. The mast will feature T800 carbon pre-preg fibre wounded on a mandrel for an optimized mix of low weight, stiffness and strength.

Te Rehutai ticks off day one testing
A first sail is not usually a year in the planning, but when Te Rehutai hit the water for her first outing today, that was exactly the case with many areas of her new design having been locked in over nine months or more ago.

J/99 'Jedi' scores another stunning trifecta
J/99 'Jedi' scores another stunning trifecta win, racing offshore out of Royal Prince Alfred YC in Pittwater, near Sydney. The top mark was 8nm offshore, conditions were light 5-10knots ESE.

2020 World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award finalists announced
Four exceptional finalists have been shortlisted for the 2020 World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award, showcasing the depth of global sustainability initiatives within the marine industry.

US Sailing hires new Chief Development Officer and Chief Financial Officer
As part of US Sailing's ongoing implementation of the Strategic Plan for 2021-2024, the organization announces the hiring of a new Chief Development Officer and Chief Financial Officer to the staff.

New Board elected for the Caribbean Sailing Association
Last weekend the Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place via Zoom. The group unanimously re-elected President Alison Sly-Adams to serve her third term.

The Henri-Lloyd Mav HL Hooded Liner Jacket - Our go-to jacket this winter
Take a look at why the Mav HL Hooded Liner Jacket has been a firm favourite amongst the team at Henri-Lloyd this season.

America's Cup: Emirates Team New Zealand launch radical Cup Defender
America's Cup champions revealed their Version 2 AC75 today. The 75ft radical foiling monohull is quite a design departure from most pundits expectations, which was for a development of their team's first AC75, Te Aihe, launched in September 2019.

Emirates Team New Zealand launch 'Te Rehutai'
Emirates Team New Zealand revealed its second generation AC75 to the world this evening at its base in Auckland's Viaduct. It is the boat that will be used to defend the 36th America's Cup presented by Prada in just over 100 days' time.

RS Aeros at the Turkey Bowl Regatta at Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle
The annual Turkey Bowl Regatta of November 14-15 gave the first taste of winter. However conditions were great for racing and everyone was excited to be on the water in this well attended regatta with 73 competitors in total including 23 RS Aeros.

History made as Stephanie Roble wins New York YC's Mosbacher Trophy
The award, which is named for former Commodore and two-time America's Cup champion Emil "Bus" Mosbacher, is most coveted of the Club's annual trophies and traditionally the last award at the Club's Annual Awards ceremony in the Model Room at 44th Street.

Gladwell's Line: The Cup accelerates
As we have said in a couple of the Rialto stories, the Challengers' Version 2 AC75's are all very similar in performance - and to our eye don't look like they are any quicker than Emirates Team New Zealand's Version 1 AC75, Te Aihe.

An interview with Kevin Morin on MarkSetBot's new RaceOS technology
I checked in with Kevin Morin, the founder and creator of MarkSetBot, via email, to learn more about RaceOS technology and how it can improve sailboat racing.

ZHIK's new INS200 range redefines inshore & coastal gear
Zhik's new INS200 range takes a new approach for inshore and coastal wet weather gear, with a streamlined design that easily transitions to the street.

Shenzhen announced as new host of World Match Racing Tour Finals 2021-2025
Organisers of the World Match Racing Tour today announced a new agreement with the People's Government of Bao'an District of Shenzhen, China to host the World Match Racing Tour Finals from 2021-2025.

Tasmanians strong contenders to lift Tattersall Cup again
When the cannon fires 1300hrs Boxing Day, signalling the start of the 2020 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, a strong deputation of six Tasmanian entries inclusive of two previous overall winners will have their sights set on winning a trophy

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Selden 2020 - FOOTER

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