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Sail-World NZ - May 5: America's Cup surprise...Bieker Moth... ETNZ goes sailing


Sail-World NZ - May 5: America's Cup surprise...Bieker Moth... ETNZ goes sailing

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'A shower of spray and we're away' - Te Kahu sends it marking the end of the Alert Level 4 Lockdown - Waitemata Harbour - May 2, 2020 - photo © Richard Gladwell /

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Welcome to's New Zealand e-magazine for May 5, 2020

For sailing fans, the first sign of the end of the lockdowns was the sight of Emirates Team New Zealand trialling their test boat Te Kahu, last Thursday and again on Saturday. ETNZ is functioning as commercial operation going about its regular business. Construction of the race boat restarted on Tuesday.

The second piece of great news is that New York Yacht Club's Challenger American Magic is about to be loaded for Auckland, and will arrive in early June. Ironically Defiant may beat Te Aihe to be first to arrive in New Zealand - it will be close.

American Magic's "pivotal" decision, as Executive Director Terry Hutchinson describes the move, puts increased certainty into the America's Cup in Auckland which is a very strong and positive signal to the sailing world, and New Zealand generally.

New York Yacht Club's AC75 Defiant testing - January 2020 -  Pensacola, Florida. - photo © Will Ricketson
New York Yacht Club's AC75 Defiant testing - January 2020 - Pensacola, Florida. - photo © Will Ricketson

What happens next is largely in the hands of the Coalition Government, who now have to pull/assist New Zealand out of the lockdown applied six weeks ago after a couple of days notice. In the America's Cup context, that means finding a way for the teams at least to be able to enter New Zealand, undergo a 14 day supervised quarantine period, and then get operational and sailing.

Next is what happens, if anything, with officials, media and fans.

Fortunately, the America's Cup operates largely outside the ambit of World Sailing and can make or change its rules subject to the provisions of the Protocol.

Providing the teams are allowed into Auckland, at a pinch the event could be run using New Zealanders only - in the same way the New York Yacht Club ran the event for around 100 years. Or in the connected world, with a Race Director supervising by video and simulator, and Int Jury and Arb Panels conducting Hearings by Zoom. Don't forget that most of the umpiring decisions in the last two Cups have been made by officials working in a simulator booth ashore. New Zealand does have a good 5G network - why not use it and minimise any latency issues?

Britannia is unloaded after returning from Cagliari - INEOS Team UK - April 2020 - Portsmouth UK - photo © INEOS Team UK
Britannia is unloaded after returning from Cagliari - INEOS Team UK - April 2020 - Portsmouth UK - photo © INEOS Team UK

The TV and media staff could also be sourced entirely from within New Zealand, and have produced world-class coverage in the past - including the Sky TV coverage of the 2019 Hyundai World Champioships.

International journalists would have to cover the event remotely (as many already do) with interactive Media Conferences being run using Zoom or similar technology.

That is a bare-bones event - but one that can be guaranteed to take place. Currently, the New Zealand Prime Minister is saying that the closed borders will be in effect "for a long time to come". However, legislation is expected that will create legal mechanisms for controlled entry through the New Zealand borders. That aspect is a work in progress, but overall the situation is becoming more flexible.

Obviously, there are plenty of enhancements that can be added to the 36th America's Cup to bring it up to the standard that fans and media expect, but the sailing world can be assured that as matters currently stand the event will proceed. It will not follow the path of other events which have been cancelled/postponed, including the Tokyo Olympics without any real certainty that those regattas will take place even on their new dates.

Luna Rossa out for an early morning sail - Cagliari, Sardinia - photo © Giulia Caponnetto
Luna Rossa out for an early morning sail - Cagliari, Sardinia - photo © Giulia Caponnetto

For sure, running a bare-bones America's Cup will not give the economic benefits to New Zealand that were expected, but that is part of the collateral damage of COVID-19. Again it comes down to what the Government of the day will allow (remembering that there is a General Election in mid-September), as to how New Zealand will benefit from the America's Cup.

Sailing out of the COVID Alerts

The short-term chaos of COVID will propel the sport of Sailing through a series of changes that would have taken forever otherwise.

The priority is to get the sport restarted and stage as many of the postponed events as possible and practical.

Bieker Moth by Mackay Boats -  - photo © Adam Mustill Photography
Bieker Moth by Mackay Boats - - photo © Adam Mustill Photography

There looks like there will be four 'bubbles' in the sailing world when the alert brakes come off.

The first will be the "club bubble" where travel restrictions still apply - maybe limited to staying within your region. That means that club sailing should be able to start up, and provincial regattas like Auckland Championships should be able to be held between Auckland sailors.

The second "national bubble" will occur when all travel restrictions within New Zealand have been lifted, which will mean that national championships can be recommenced.

Then it would seem that a "Trans-Tasman bubble" will come into play quite quickly to get at least some level of tourism running in New Zealand. For sailors in both countries, this is an opportunity to reset the way sailing run and go back to what used to be known as "inter-dominion" competition. The advantage of this is that there are some very good sailors on either side of the Tasman who deserve the opportunity to be able to compete against each other - ideally using charter boats with their own sails - which gets costs down, and increases the opportunities for competition.

Bieker Moth by Mackay Boats -  - photo © Mackay Boats
Mackay Boats have put their own stamp on the Bieker Moth - photo © Mackay Boats

There is a solid line of thinking that before taking on the best in Europe - you should be able to win at an Interdominion level. Of course, this level of competition is one down from the top, but is infinitely more affordable and should be a good option for sailors trying to run a university degree alongside a manageable sailing experience which is not too expensive in time or dollars.

Then there is the "World bubble" or a return to the international regatta and world championships conducted pre-March 2020. There is no knowing when air travel and more basically when national quarantine restrictions will end. The identification of a vaccine will not be the end of it, as governments and particularly those who place health outcomes way higher than economics will decide at a national level how high their inbound visitor bar will be.

Understanding these situations is vital to reshaping sailing so the sport can get functioning again on the water.

RS Feva offers a fast ride downwind - essential to keep young sailors in the sport - RS Feva Nationals, Torbay SC, March 2019 - photo © Richard Gladwell
RS Feva offers club ownership of a fleet to be chartered to members - RS Feva Nationals, Torbay SC, March 2019 - photo © Richard Gladwell

Short term, there will have to be some adjustments made to accommodate social distancing. Rather than all carrying some new gadget or phone app, that may mean that people go sailing off the beach or ramp without congregating in yacht clubs - and revert to getting changed in the boat park, have a shower at home, and launching and retrieving your boat without the assistance of others. It is not that hard.

The benefit of the lockdown over the past six weeks is that people have been propelled through a period of change and practical adoption of technology that wasn't going to happen quickly, and many wouldn't move outside their comfort zone.

Oliver Cowley - Gold fleet - 2nd overall with a Doyle Cross Cut - Auckland Optimist Championships - photo © Richard Gladwell
Club and Regional sailing needs to start as soon as possible - and bugger the weather - Auckland Optimist Championships - photo © Richard Gladwell

Hopefully, most will realise that this new connected world is not too bad. In fact, it has a lot of possibilities.

COVID has also managed to turn the America's Cup inside out.

In this edition, we have a summary of the various team's status as we know them.

Interestingly the spies all seem to have disappeared - from New Zealand at least. That means that the America's Cup design development processes for each team will go ahead without having a big lens from a reconnaissance boat aimed in their direction.

That means that the 36th America's Cup will be a traditional one, where the Challenger and Defender really have no idea of how the other performs until about five minutes into the first race, and after they have had the first cross.

Can't wait!

Mens 29er start - Aon Youth Worlds 2016, Torbay, Auckland, New Zealand, Day 3, December 18, 2016 - photo © Richard Gladwell
Mens 29er start - Aon Youth Worlds 2016, Torbay, Auckland, New Zealand, Day 3, December 18, 2016 - photo © Richard Gladwell

For all the latest news from NZ and around the world see the Top 50 stories below.

Between newsletters, you can follow all the racing and developments in major and local events on or by scrolling to the top of the site, select New Zealand, and get all the latest news and updates from the sailing world.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

Te Aihe in a higher flight mode - again the degree of immersion of the rudder wing foil can be deduced by comparing the 'Steinlager' writing with the water level and referencing that back to the launch photo at the top of this story - photo © Richard Gladwell /
Te Aihe is expected back in early June - photo © Richard Gladwell /

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Silver fleet start - Day 6 - 2019 Toyota New Zealand Optimist National Championships, Murrays Bay, April 2019 - photo © Richard Gladwell
Silver fleet start - Day 6 - 2019 Toyota New Zealand Optimist National Championships, Murrays Bay, April 2019 - photo © Richard Gladwell

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New York Yacht Club entry in the 2020 America's Cup, American Magic will be the first Challenger to arrive in New Zealand. The team says their arrival time in New Zealand is "early June". Their AC75 is on its way to Auckland.

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America's Cup: Iain Murray appointed Regatta Director for third Cup
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America's Cup: Emirates Team NZ resume on the water testing after 5 weeks in Lockdown
Emirates Team New Zealand resumed their on the water development and testing program this morning after being forced off the water on March 23rd by the Alert Level 4 COVID-19 lockdown. Includes video of towing and then free-sailing on foils.

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Defending champion and two Youth Match Racing champions lead Grade 1 caliber Governor's Cup invitees
2020 and 2019 Youth World Match Racing Champions, Australians James Hodgson and Tom Grimes, respectively, along with "GovCup" defending champion Nick Egnot-Johnson (NZL), lead the field of skippers selected by Balboa Yacht Club

Back to the Future - OK Dinghy World Championship schedule gets reset
Event organisers and class associations worldwide are facing huge challenges of not only deciding whether to run events this year because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also deciding how best to reschedule them to a later date.

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America's Cup: 14 day quarantine likely entry requirement to New Zealand
A comment by NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern indicates that a 14-day supervised quarantine process could be applied to America's Cup teams wishing to enter New Zealand. Cup fans will have to wait until a more workable process for tourists is implemented.

America's Cup: Luna Rossa swap crew for electric engines to test sail in Sardinia
Leading Italian website FareVela says Luna Rossa skipper Max Sirena revealed during an interview that the Italian America's Cup Challenger had fitted electric motors, replacing six crew, and were able to sail from the teams base in Cagliari

Maxi Class: What does the future hold for professional sailing circuits?
Andrew McIrvine, medical man, and the driving force behind the International Maxi Assoc in recent years, shares his views on the immediate future of the marque regatta circuits and the impacts for owners, event organisers and professional sailors .

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America's Cup: American Magic prepares for move to New Zealand
Prestigious US sailing magazine Sailing World reports that the New York Yacht Club's America's Cup challenger is marking time at their winter training base in Pensacola, Florida, waiting for a travel window to New Zealand.

Leigh & Lowton SC junior teams virtual race Nelson Schools in New Zealand
Junior teams from Leigh & Lowton SC near Manchester, UK and Nelson Schools in the town of Nelson on the South Island of New Zealand went head to head on the Virtual Racing platform.

America's Cup: J class to merge as part of AC36 events program reshuffle
The J-class regattas will be merged with the superyacht events in the 36th America's Cup. Increased interest in other events will see some re-jigging of the ancillary 2020-21 racing program. A new inbound vessels policy has been agreed post-COVID19

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The Greed for Speed
With dinghy racing being a competitive sport, there has always been a demand for more power and speed as getting to the finish line faster than the rest is what it is all about, so that in some ways, the 'Greed for Speed' is nothing new.

Matt Watson demonstrates the features of the Evinrude E-TEC
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Emirates Team New Zealand use separation technology for work return
An enforced national lockdown in the fight against COVID-19 has sparked an impromptu technical innovation between Emirates Team New Zealand and Igtimi, to create personal separation and contact tracing tags so the team can safely return to work next week.

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Emirates Team NZ online clothing store - orders shipping on Tuesday April 28.
As New Zealand prepares to move to Alert Level 3, Emirates Team NZ online clothing store will be dispatching online orders from Tuesday, April 28. The physical stores remain closed until further notice.

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NZIODA can see bright future for the class
NZ International Optimist Dinghy Association have been encouraged by the support received since announcing the intention to hold the Optimist national championships at the Worser Bay Boating Club in November.

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