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Nov 2. 2018 - AC75 Surrogate..Anti-Trust hit ...Youth champ wins OKs


Sail-World NZ e-magazine - Nov 2, 2018 - Cup latest...Anti-Trust escalates..

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American Magic - AC75 Surrogate - October 27, 2018 - photo © Amory Ross

Dear Recipient Name

Welcome to's New Zealand e-magazine for November 2, 2018

There's plenty going on in the sailing world over the past 10 days.

Our lead story seems to be exclusive, with World Sailing being given notice of a possible investigation by the European Commission an Anti-Trust agency. The complaint was lodged by Devoti Sailing, who has won the Gold medal in every Finn class event in the Olympics since 1996. We have been waiting for this development which hinges around the use of single suppliers for Olympic classes. This investigation may come to nothing, on the other hand, it could be cataclysmic for the Olympic side of the sport. Classes other than Olympic are not affected in any way.

As you may be aware at Sail-World we run story readership statistics, which we don't publish. Let's look at what has made the top four in New Zealand over the last ten days.

America's Cup always dominates the news in New Zealand, and the same is true for the other seven Sail-World racing news regions around the world.

#1 American Magic launch AC75 surrogate

The top-ranked story, is on New York Yacht Club's team American Magic and the launch of their surrogate AC75. It was only posted on Sunday - so it has picked up readership fast.

For all the negative comment said about the AC75, there is no doubt that the boat has traction amongst sailing fans. Looking back over the last 99 days, the highest ranking story is on INEOS Team UK's T5 surrogate AC75 sailing in the Solent.

Second highest ranking story over the past 99 days is that of the second AC75 surrogate sailing story, with video which was posted at the end of August. The latest AC75 surrogate story - just up for 72 hours sits at in fourth place.

That's three out of four for the America's Cup.

American Magic - Surrogate AC75 - launched October 27, 2018 - photo © Amory Ross /American Magic
American Magic - Surrogate AC75 - launched October 27, 2018 - photo © Amory Ross /American Magic

We can say for sure that there is real public and fan interest in the AC75 - despite the fact that to many eyes it appears to have come straight out of university sailing engineering project.

The New York Yacht Club entry - a name which sadly for American Magic, resonates much better with Cup fans - is the first surrogate to be launched that has come out close to the Protocol allowed length overall limit of 12 metres (39ft 4").

The word on the Cup Rialto is that the NYYC's surrogate is an MC38 - or a standard hull built by McConachy Boats.

That was the option touted in the early days with several teams said to have been in the market for that option. The MC38 has a useful hull shape being large flat and wide.

But the issue with the surrogates is how well they scale up to an AC75.

Former Viaduct Events Centre now ETNZ base - Auckland - October 25, 2018 - photo © Richard Gladwell
Former Viaduct Events Centre now ETNZ base - Auckland - October 25, 2018 - photo © Richard Gladwell

Certainly, when ETNZ launched their AC45 Surrogate and with an extended rudder gantry, they cleverly managed to stretch the 45fter to have the foiling geometry of an AC50.

The other approach is for a team to invest their money on a simulator instead of a surrogate AC75. The advantage with the simulator is that you can sail 8hrs a day - and there is nothing to say you can't sail at night as well - but you need to have confidence with the correlation between the virtual AC75 and the physical AC75.

Maybe Emirates Team NZ have a big advantage in that area, and could well go straight to an AC75 launched in May 2019, rather than having to launch an interim boat.

Click here for the full American Magic launch Surrogate AC75 story

F-50 First test Sail - The money shot - absolutely flying in what appears to be a 15kt breeze - photo © Beau Outteridge
F-50 First test Sail - The money shot - absolutely flying in what appears to be a 15kt breeze - photo © Beau Outteridge

#2 Look aboard SailGP's F:50

Staying with the same theme, the second highest rating story on Sail-World New Zealand looks at SailGP's F:50 sailing at speed on Bream Bay.

Posted a few hours later than the NYYC's surrogate AC75 story, the F:50 attracted less than half of the readership of the AC75 story - in New Zealand - and even more so worldwide.

Not much has come out of the SailGP camp despite having a major build underway for many months. It has been clear that while there is fan interest in the way the AC50 has been morphed into the F:50, that SailGP is not the same event as when Larry Ellison had the America's Cup on the mantlepiece of his superyacht.

The story we published on Sunday came about after SailGP posted a short 26 second video. Half of that video was SailGP logo, so viewers got a whole 13 seconds of F:50. With HD video, and the ability to slow down to quarter speed on Youtube, the result is reasonably high-quality video for study purposes, and the ability to freeze-frame on particular points of interest.

Windfoil showing easy flight even in light, funky breezes - photo © Richard Gladwell
Windfoil showing easy flight even in light, funky breezes - photo © Richard Gladwell

From the slow-mo video, it is plain that there has been a lot of design work and thinking put into the F:50 and it appears to be a very good boat. There are a lot of very subtle features on the boat and the F:50 should perform very well on the SailGP circuit. It will be very fast, challenging to sail and probably very forgiving.

Without seeing the F:50 sailing in person, or seeing live or unedited video, we can't tell the flight properties of the F:50 - but in the very limited video available she looks fine. But so did the teams when they released videos of their AC50's in the build-up to the 2017 America's Cup. But on the water one boat was clearly superior in many respects - which were easily detectable with an objective eye and ability.

Click here for the full SailGP Onboard details revealed of F50 story

World Sailing - Meetings are in progress daily to go through Submissions and make recommendations to the WS Council - photo © Daniel Smith
World Sailing - Meetings are in progress daily to go through Submissions and make recommendations to the WS Council - photo © Daniel Smith

#3 World Sailing makes an 11th hour move on Olympic Events.

This story, on the Board of World Sailing's decision to try and introduce a Mixed Keelboat into the 2024 Olympics, ranked #3 in New Zealand. But worldwide was #1 story in UK, #2 in Asia, USA and Europe, #3 in New Zealand and #9 in Australia. In terms of the total story reads worldwide, World Sailing's admission was a clear second bouncing the F:50 story into third on the basis of total world readership.

For many months, we have been following and covering the selection saga of the 2024 Sailing Olympics Events and Equipment, or in sailing parlance the Olympic classes to be sailed in the 2024 Olympic Sailing Regatta in Marseille.

The process is nearing a self-imposed decision point being made at this week's Annual Conference in Sarasota, Florida.

The reality is that the International Olympic Committee don't need final confirmation of events until mid-2021. However, with seven of the ten Olympic events slated for a possible change it is not fair to Olympic organisers to leave confirmation of the decision until two months before the start of the Olympic Regatta in Enoshima .

On Monday, World Sailing did an about-face on a decision made five months earlier and decided that the wacky Mixed One-Person Dinghy event was not viable in the Olympic context. The decision has been lampooned from the time that it and two others of similar ilk were made.

Frank Racing Zhik - Start - PIC Coastal Classic - October 19, - photo © Richard Gladwell
Frank Racing Zhik - Start - PIC Coastal Classic - October 19, - photo © Richard Gladwell

World Sailing said nothing of the other events in the same novelty category - the Mixed Kiteboard Relay, and the Mixed Two-person Dinghy. World Sailing's Regulation requires "that each Event at the Olympic Sailing Competition is, and will be likely to remain, the pinnacle Event for that discipline or area of sailing."

You can hardly say argue that an event which is not sailed at World Championship level "is...the pinnacle Event for that discipline or area of sailing," as stated in World sailing's Regulation 23.1.2 which is in the section covering Events and Competition Rules.

After ditching the Mixed One Person Dinghy event, World Sailing's Board came up with a proposal for a Mixed Two-person Keelboat. That idea was rejected in the May Mid-Year Meeting which selected the 2024 Events, which can only be changed at a Council level with a 75% majority.

The offshore keelboat move reeked of some playing politics.

A day later Ng Ser Miang, a former World Sailing Vice President, and now a member of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee ripped into World Sailing Board proposal.

Writing on his Facebook page, Ser Miang made it clear as to what he thought of the proposal - both as a sailor and from the Olympic body's perspective.

V5 - Start - PIC Coastal Classic - October 19, - photo © Richard Gladwell
V5 - Start - PIC Coastal Classic - October 19, - photo © Richard Gladwell

It should be remembered that the Summer Olympics are the International Olympic Committee's property and it is they who are mindful of how new events enhance their property. The 28 summer Sports come into the IOC property by invitation, not by right.

So the comments of Ser Miang must be taken very seriously. That doesn't seem to be the situation, with second-hand reports coming out of Sailing's Annual Conference saying they thought the Singaporean's Facebook account must have been hacked!

Also in this edition, we have a four-part interview series with World Sailing President, Kim Andersen (DEN), none of them made the top 10. But there is a lot in there for those who want to understand the sport, its issues and future.

And if you are are in the Olympic classes, on a progression that leads to the Olympic classes, or are a few steps away from the level, then you too, need to start coming up to speed on these issues. If they haven't already, it will cost you a lot of money if there is a change or choice.

Having been caught several times in these situations during a competitive sailing career, these decisions are never easy to swallow and move on.

Click here for the full Keelboat proposal slammed by IOC Exec Com member story

Tanks waiting to be crushed - Repairs and Rectification - Wynyard Wharf - Auckland - October 25, 2018 - photo © Richard Gladwell
Tanks waiting to be crushed - Repairs and Rectification - Wynyard Wharf - Auckland - October 25, 2018 - photo © Richard Gladwell

#4 Tank farm clearance gets underway

Rounding out the top four stories of the last 10 days is about the America's Cup bases being a few tanks closer to completion. It received good interest in NZ, Australia and USA.

There's plenty of images in there of an 80-year-old eyesore being removed. And while taking the images it was a great feeling to be able to form an impression of how Wynyard Point will look, denuded of those dreadful tanks.

Fortuitously Emirates Team New Zealand posted up a time-lapse video of the tank clearances which gives another view of the project.

For sure Wynyard Point will be a great asset for Auckland and New Zealand when the tank farm is finally levelled and the country receives a multi-functional piece of a prime real estate and which we understand will be legally locked away from developers and others who have commercial designs on the area.

Click here for Clearance of America's Cup base sites underway

OBS provide the pictures for the Host TV broadcast - Rio de Janeiro 2016 - photo © Richard Gladwell
OBS provide the pictures for the Host TV broadcast - Rio de Janeiro 2016 - photo © Richard Gladwell

All these stories and more follow below.

Between newsletters you can follow all the racing and developments in major and local events on by scrolling to the top of the site, select New Zealand, and get all the latest news and updates from the sailing world.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

TV camera boats - Olympic Sailing Regatta - Qingdao - photo © Richard Gladwell
TV camera boats - Olympic Sailing Regatta - Qingdao - photo © Richard Gladwell

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Ben Ainslie - 2012 Olympic Regatta with large on board camera for Medal Race in the Finn Class - photo © Richard Gladwell
Ben Ainslie - 2012 Olympic Regatta with large on board camera for Medal Race in the Finn Class - photo © Richard Gladwell

Naiad NZ250   Pittwater to Paradise 2019 600x500

Windfoil - remarkably this is all that is required to lift an adult on a windfoil in light winds - October 2018 - photo © Richard Gladwell
Windfoil - remarkably this is all that is required to lift an adult on a windfoil in light winds - October 2018 - photo © Richard Gladwell

Yamaha 300 x 250 - August 2018 250 - 2014

Windfoil - the equipment is open to a variety of manufacturers avoiding Anti-Trust issues and puttuing a competitive edge on quality issues Wakatere - October 2018 - photo © Richard Gladwell
Windfoil - the equipment is open to a variety of manufacturers avoiding Anti-Trust issues and putting a competitive edge on quality issues - Wakatere BC - October 2018 - photo © Richard Gladwell

C-Tech Emirates TNZ 250   Hyde Sails 2017 March 300x250

JP Tobin exits a foiling gybe in light airs - Takapuna Beach - October 2018 - photo © Richard Gladwell
JP Tobin exits a foiling gybe in light airs - Takapuna Beach - October 2018 - photo © Richard Gladwell

Anti-Trust probe could put 2024 Olympic classes on hold
World Sailing has confirmed that it has received a request for further information from EU Anti-Trust Commission in regard to a complaint first lodged with its Italian equivalent. The complaint has emanated from a European Olympic boat manufacturer.

World Youth Champion wins OK Dinghy Rum Bucket at Wakatere
Early indications of local form were put to the test at the recent OK Dinghy Rum Bucket, held at Wakatere Boating Club, Auckland, over the weekend of 20-21 October. A strong fleet of 35 boats was entered, and the forecast was for light airs and fine weath

Collinson FX: November 2, 2018 - Markets rally on several fronts
While the NZD rallied to trade 0.6650. The AUD was aided by a record trade number out in Australia, with both imports and exports improving strongly, reaping the benefits of many trade deals negotiated by the current Government.

Insun - AC - Promo   Collinson and Co 100
America's Cup: ETNZ sailors have training camp for A-Class Worlds
It has been a busy week in Australia for some of the Emirates Team New Zealand sailors. Ray Davies, Peter Burling, Blair Tuke have all been camping out at Glenn Ashby's place in preparation for the 2018 A-Cat Worlds

America's Cup: Skippers talk about sailing the AC75
America's Cup Q&A Episode 1: What are the teams looking forward to? Episode 2: The teams discuss the AC75 monohull boat and the challenges the new craft design brings. Episode 3: the Challengers discuss Auckland as the 36th America's Cup match venue

World Sailing: Events Committee votes for offshore keelboat
Following the Equipment Committee's meeting on Paris 2024 Equipment the day prior, it was the turn of the Events Committee to talk about the Events.

Honda Free Rigging 250x300   Race Yachts 2018 RIO 100 600x500
Foster's Ship Chandlery having clearance sale on this Saturday
Time for some teak? Seriously in need of shackles? Want a bargain on brass, bronze and more besides? You're in luck - Foster's Ship Chandlery is having a huge warehouse-clearing sale tomorrow Saturday November 3 from 8am-1pm.

100 days to 2019 OK Dinghy World Championship at Wakatere Boating Club, Auckland
The 2019 OK Dinghy World Championship is due to begin in just 100 days time in the iconic sailing area off Takapuna on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand. The championship will run from 7-15 February 2019 and will be based at Wakatere Boating Club.

World Sailing Annual Conference: 30-31 October Recap
Equipment for the Paris 2024 was a hot topic in the Equipment Committee and the Development and Regions Committee reported on another busy 12-months of activities related to growth of the sport.

racegeek 600x500   upffront 2018 Millionaires Tape 300x250
DHL partnered Susie Goodall arrives into Storm Bay, Tasmania on day 120 of the Golden Globe Race
DHL partnered Susie Goodall arrived into Storm Bay, Tasmania on the DHL Starlight at 23:30 local time (12.30 UTC), 30 October. Susie is the fourth competitor to reach the gate behind Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, Mark Slats and Uku Randmaa.

Statement from the International Finn Association
IFA is very concerned that the late and unannounced submission (037-18) by the World Sailing Board to overturn the extensively discussed and democratically voted Submission M22-18 in May is further driving our sport into expensive elitist Olympic events

Rooster to Showcase New and Pre-Release Innovations at METSTRADE 2018
Rooster® are thrilled to welcome members of the trade to preview our full range of products at this year's METSTRADE Show from the 13th – 15th November. Visit us on stand 12.907.

WindBot-PRO-300x250   Kiwi Yachting - Lewmar
Charter a Platu for Phuket King’s Cup
Level rating, level racing – in other words, One Design. Sail in Asia are offering seven identical Platus, fitted with identical suits of sails, for charter at Phuket King's Cup (1-8 December 2018) at USD2,150 each

Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe: Flight, the great unknown of offshore racing
In five days, time, the 11th Route du Rhum will set sail. The start is scheduled for 13:00 GMT on Sunday 4 November offshore of the Pointe du Grouin, unless the weather decides otherwise!

L1 wins eSailing World Championship final at Florida, USA
France's L1 won the inaugural eSailing World Championship Final after a tense winner-take-all final race at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall in Sarasota, Florida, USA.

BandG NZ Zeus3 300x250   Harken Winch 300x250
Red Bull Foiling Generation World Final to be held in Miami
A global lineup of top young sailors from 16 countries and five continents are feverishly preparing to face off in the second-ever Red Bull Foiling Generation World Final

Greg Wilcox maintains OK Dinghy World No. 1 position throughout 2018
With the 2019 World Championship heading to New Zealand in just over three months, Greg Wilcox, maintains his lead at the top of the final OK Dinghy World Ranking List of 2018 as the only Kiwi in the top 20.

IOC Exec Com member slams latest WS Board Proposal
Former World Sailing Vice President Ng Ser Miang (SIN) has hit back at the last minute Submission introduced yesterday by the Board of World Sailing. He is now an Executive Committee member of the International Olympic Committee.

Mackay 250   Zhik NZ 2018 VOR yacht 300x250
The World Sailing Show: Programme 10
The biggest and most powerful offshore sailing machines in the world prepare to rise up out of the water as they take to hydrofoils for the 40th anniversary of the singlehanded Route du Rhum transatlantic race.

2018 Optimist World Championship Documentary
Italian Marco Gradoni wrapped up an impressive victory with nine bullets in 11 races, followed in second place by American Stephan Baker and Thailand's Panwa Boonnak.

Andersen Interviewed: Conflict of Interest, Television, World Cup's Richard Gladwell, interviewed the President of World Sailing, Kim Andersen (DEN) covering a number of issues ahead of the just started world governing body's Annual Conference Olympic Commission report, Conflict of Interest - Television

Bailey Insurance - 250 Yacht   Doyle-Hugo-300x250  NZ site
Ninety two yachts entered for 2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia's (CYCA) is pleased to announce 92 yachts have entered the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, one of the nation's greatest sporting events - and when the start cannon fires on Boxing Day, 26 December at 1pm local time.

Windfoil submission gets Medalists' support for 2024 Windsurfer slot
One of the more interesting submissions at the World Sailing Annual Conference is a proposal for the RS:X Windsurfer to be replaced with a foiling windsurfer, conceptually known as Windfoilers. It is supported by several nations and classes.

America's Cup: Grant Simmer explains the T5 and AC75 design
INEOS Team UK CEO, Grant Simmer explains: “We decided to build T5 for several reasons; firstly this concept of boat - the AC75 - is an entirely new concept, there hasn't been another boat sailing like this and we wanted to be out there."

HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-solaris-68   Hella Sea Hawk-470 - 300x250
World Sailing 2018 Annual Conference – 28 October Recap
World Sailing's 2018 Annual Conference is underway in Sarasota, Florida, USA and Sunday saw the meeting of the Classes Committee as well as the Youth Events, International Measurers, International Judges and Race Management Sub-Committees.

World Sailing Board makes 11th hour move on Olympic Events
In a desperate move on the eve of the Annual Conference of World Sailing, the Board have lodged two late submissions which look set to add more confusion to an already fraught Olympic class and event selection process.

18ft Skiff Club Championship Race 1 on Sydney Harbour
In a fading SSE breeze, the Finport Trade Finance team of Keagan York, Matt Stenta and Charlie Gundy hung on to win a heart-stopping Race 1 of the Australian 18 Footers League Club Championship on Sydney Harbour today.

QMC - Ross & Whitcroft - SLAM - 300x250   Sealegs - On the Water 300X250-3
SailGP: First look aboard F50 sailing at speed on Bream Bay
Very short but spectacular video from SailGP, plus analysis of changes made from AC50 along with still images and analysis from onboard the Foiling 50's first test sail off Whangarei, New Zealand

America's Cup - Second team launch Surrogate AC75
A second America's Cup team have launched a Surrogate AC75 - this one appears to be closer to the maximum length allowed. The New York Yacht Club's team American Magic have posted images of the new boat being launched.

2018 Etchells World Championship Overall - A perfect final day's sailing
Seen a lot of water. Been to a lot of places. Today, Brisbane pretty much offered the classic mix of sun, and just enough wind for the last two races of the 2018 Etchells World Championship.

KZRaceFurlers   Rooster GETSEASMART 300x250
Narcos Mexico with Sam Goodchild at the helm tackles the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe
One of the favourites in the huge 53-strong Class40 fleet for the 3,542-mile marathon from Saint-Malo in Brittany to Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe, Goodchild is sponsored by the Netflix mini-series Narcos Mexico which is shortly to be released in France.

2018 Etchells World Championship Day 5 - When two is just one
It is always nice to be on station, on time, and with the prospect of racing getting underway near enough to the schedule. Tick. Tick. Even Huey, the God of Wind had delivered a wonderful Northerly in the ten-knot zone for the fleet to enjoy.

39BEN: High Performance, Low Hassle Family Cruising
How do you design a cruising boat that's fast enough to get your competitive juices flowing, but without scaring the family? That's been the challenge for Alex Vrolijk, who has drawn the lines for the radical - but not too radical - 39BEN.

RS Sailing - Explore 300x250   Festival of Sails 2019 300x250
Zhik's ECO wetsuits shortlisted for METS DAME Design Award 2018
For the third year in a row, the innovative Australian apparel brand Zhik is up for a DAME Award at METS 2018, with its new line of ECO Wetsuits.

America's Cup bases a few tanks closer to completion
Various projects are underway or in start up around the Wynyard Point area to create bases for the 36th America's Cup. The obvious task is the clearing of former oil and hazardous substances tanks from Wynyard Point is well underway

James Dorron eyes the 18ft Skiff big prize in Team Asko Appliances
James Dorron and his Asko Appliances team of Paul Montague and Harry Bethwaite were Australia's top team at the 2018 JJ Giltinan Championship last March, but the trio are determined to turn that performance into victory on Sydney Harbour in March 2019.

North Sails 3DiNORDAC 300x250   Pantaenius AUS 40 Years 300x250 JPG
America's Cup: Top US Olympic sailor to focus on American Magic
Well respected US Sailing website, reports that two of the USA's top Olympic hopefuls, Bora Gulari and Helena Scutt, have pulled the pin on their 2020 campaign. Gulari will focus on the American Magic US America's Cup campaign

Instrumentation Market Disruptor: We speak to Racegeek's Ric Morris about the d10
We spoke to Ric Morris at Racegeek, the innovative instrumentation company, making devices for yachts ranging from sportsboats to top-end racing yachts.

MACIF set for St Malo and the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe
It's time! Time to deliver the MACIF trimaran from the south of Brittany to the north of Brittany. Time to set sail for the magnificent surroundings of a route du Rhum that looks as though it will be epic and exciting.

Protector - 300x250   Southern Spars SouthernFurl 300x250
Andersen Interviewed: Council went past IOC on Gender Equality
Much of the discussion on the Olympic Sailing rialto since the Rio Olympics has centred around the angle of a couple of phrases attributed to the International Olympic Committee. The first was "Change or be Changed". The second was "Gender Equity".

50th Rolex Middle Sea Race update: Smaller yachts begin to dominate
The 2018 Rolex Middle Sea Race has seen further changes to the leaderboard as the steady stream of finishers continued overnight and during the fifth day of the anniversary event.

Profurl ND Electric Furlers available through Kiwi Yachting
The new ND motorised furlers from Profurl are the highlight of more than 30 years of experience in motorised sail furlers. These new models have been designed to give you enhanced convenience, performance and reliability every time you sail.

Sealegs takes High Court action against Tectrax alleged copy
Amphibious production boat manufacturer, Sealegs has filed a High Court claim against New Zealand company Tectrax Limited for alleged infringement of copyright in the unique arrangement of features in the Sealegs amphibious system.

Andersen Interviewed: Anti-Trust and Olympic class Selection
Richard Gladwell interviews the President of World Sailing, Kim Andersen (DEN) covering a number of issues ahead of the world governing bodies Annual Conference starting this weekend. This piece covers Anti-Trust and Olympic class selection.

Golden Globe Race - Day 114 - Loïc Lepage rescue successful
The rescue, which took place in the South Indian Ocean some 670 miles SW of Perth Western Australia, commenced shortly after first light once the Australian P-8A search and rescue plane was overhead.

Portuguese photographer Ricardo Pinto, winner of the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2018
109 photographers representing 25 nationalities took part in the 9th edition of the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image photo competition.

GAC Pindar celebrates GAC-owned office now open in Panama
Superyachts and yachts transiting the Panama Canal can now do so with the assurance of the quality service synonymous with GAC, after the Group opened its own company in the country.

Karl Kwok, Preparation, Seamanship, and Tactics
Beau Geste, a MOD70 trimaran, skippered by Gavin Brady and with owner Karl Kwok on board, has set a Multihull reference time (or record, call it what you will) for the Hong Kong to Hainan Race: 24h01m59s. Sail-World Asia went for a spin round the harbour

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