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America's Cup and SailGP merge designs - Australia newsletter


America's Cup and SailGP merge designs

Pantaenius 2022 - SAIL & POWER 2 LEADEBOARD AUS

Zhik 2024 March - LEADERBOARD

Announcing the ACSGP 51.25 - photo © ACSGP 51.25 AI

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In negotiations reminiscent of the PGA and LIV golf, an agreement has been come to by the America's Cup and SailGP to merge the design of the yachts used on the two high-profile circuits. This cost-saving measure will ensure that teams only have to purchase one type of boat to compete in both events.

It has been a long and torturous path to reach this stage, as finding common ground between the F50 catamaran and the AC40 / AC75 monohull yachts was complex, but compromise was found, settling on the ACSGP 51.25 proa.

The main hull will have a foil arm, while the outrigger will have a T-foil, as has been tested recently in the SailGP F50.

There is a lot of leeway in the ACSGP 51.25 design rule, meaning designers can go wild - photo © ACSGP 51.25 AI
There is a lot of leeway in the ACSGP 51.25 design rule, meaning designers can go wild - photo © ACSGP 51.25 AI

X-Yachts X4.3   Pacific Sailing School 2020 - MPU

Sail configuration was another sticking point, with the double-skinned mainsail favoured by the America's Cup contingent, and solid wings by the SailGP representatives. In the end the solution was found in having a solid jib, combined with a longer section wing mast, still accommodating the twin main solution.

A joint statement from the ACSGP working group stated, "This was committee thinking at its finest. None of us went into the room looking for a middle ground, as we're an obstinate bunch, but by thinking out of the box, embracing blue sky thinking and pushing the envelope, we've managed to accommodate all of our favourite features into the new ACSGP 51.25. The outcome is beautiful... in its own way."

Could an ACSGP 51.25 look like this? Who knows! - photo © ACSGP 51.25 AI
Could an ACSGP 51.25 look like this? Who knows! - photo © ACSGP 51.25 AI

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The boat design was just the first hurdle for ACSGP. The courses were another can of worms, which ironically became a eureka moment for the working group. By opening said can of worms, and seeing how they fell, plus being inspired by the can itself, the solution became clear: around the cans racing.

"We've been wanting to be relevant to the weekend warriors for a long time, so by setting the ACSGP 51.25 proas on random courses around existing navigation buoys we will do exactly that. Everyone will relate to it," added a spokesperson for the ACSGP working group.

`Way to go`, or `Way to proa`? Scaled up versions of the ACSGP 51.25 will soon take on the mighty Ultim trimarans - photo © ACSGP 51.25 AI
`Way to go`, or `Way to proa`? Scaled up versions of the ACSGP 51.25 will soon take on the mighty Ultim trimarans - photo © ACSGP 51.25 AI

Navico AUS Zeus3S MPU   Zhik 2024 March - MPU

A favourite line of stadium racer commentators in the foiling age has been, "Look at the speeds", which hasn't always lined up with television production teams displaying the speeds on screen. This is a conundrum which until now has been tricky to overcome, as displaying the speed data in kilometres per hour, miles per hour, metres per second, feet per minute, as a percentage of the speed of light, and occasionally in knots, takes up a lot of screen space.

The new ACSGP 51.25 proas will have the speeds displayed on the solid jib, thanks to the latest in OLED display technology. You will literally be able to look at the speeds the entire time. Commentators will now be able to use the phrase with abandon, so expect to hear it far, far more often.

Sailing venues are always a point of contention, and the financial and environmental cost of shipping yachts is proving prohibitive, but the venues themselves are a vital revenue source for the circuit. How would it be possible solve this dilemma?

"The answer was literally screaming at us, or should I say screening - green screening," chuckled the working group spokesman. "We can hold the racing in one place, then superimpose the venue in the background."

It would seem that the ACSGP 51.25 can foil in no wind - photo © ACSGP 51.25 AI
It would seem that the ACSGP 51.25 can foil in no wind - photo © ACSGP 51.25 AI

Rolly Tasker Sails 2023 MPU   Vetus-Maxwell 2020

This does bring up the question of how the crowd and hospitality will be managed, but the spokesman explained all is in hand:

"With SailGP we're already used to having the commentary and umpiring being run remotely at Ealing in London. With Wembley Stadium just a couple of kilometres from our offices, we can put up a big screen and have remote supporters. These big stadiums are well set up for corporate hospitality as well. It is a simple and elegant solution, and we can record their reactions instead of using canned applause."

After their success in merging events in sailing, the ACSGP working group have turned their attention to golf, to help conclude the stalled negotiations between the PGA and LIV. They have already designed a 'one size fits all' golf club, which can be used for any type of shot, negating the need for caddies. Their attention has now turned to the ball, which their focus group says needs to be bigger. Much bigger.

"Sailing and golf are just the beginning of our sporting revolution. Tennis has turned to padel and pickleball, athletics has become the rebooted TV series Gladiators, so I think football (or soccer for our American friends) will be our next challenge. After the obvious first step of introducing multiball, the sky's the limit!" concluded the ACSGP spokesman.

Mark Jardine and Managing Editor

Race Yachts 2024 v1   Flagstaff 2021AUG - Excess 12 - MPU
38 South / Jeanneau AUS SF30 OD - MPU   MIA 2024 / Marinas 24

Happy Go takes the Double - winning Line Honours and IRC Overall in the 2024 Rolex China Sea Race
For the first time in 14 years, the Line Honours winner of the Rolex China Sea Race has 'done the double' and picked up the IRC Overall as well.

Chile World Cup breaks rider numbers record
The Chile World Cup will be the biggest 5-star international wave event in South America's history, with around 100 competitors expected.

12ft Skiff Australian Championship at Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club - Overall
Defending champions Brett Hobson and Peter Nicholson (Geotherm), won the last race of the 12ft Skiff Australian Championship sponsored by Your Move Conveyancing

Pantaenius 2022 - SAIL MPU AUS   Sydney International Boat Show 2024
Riccardo Tosetto fourth in the Global Solo Challenge
Riccardo Tosetto made history today as the sixth Italian to have completed a solo and non-stop around-the-world sailing circumnavigation.

2024 505 Euro Cup in San Raphael - Day 1
The fleet endured a challenging first day with very shifty winds gusting sometimes over 30knots and unpredictable waves.

12ft Skiff Australian Championship at Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club - Day 2
Defending champions, Brett Hobson and Peter Nicholson (Geotherm) have extend their lead on Day 2 of the 87th 12ft Skiff Australian Championship at Lane Cove, sponsored by Your Move Conveyancing.

Whitsunday Holidays 2018 MPU   Boat Books Australia
2024 Rolex China Sea Race Day 4 - Happy Go takes Line Honours
The battle for Line Honours in the Rolex China Sea Race between defending champ Standard Insurance Centennial V and Happy Go was settled in the early hours of the morning when Happy Go edged out her rival by a squeaky five minutes.

America's Cup: Antonov Airlines deliver American Magic's AC75 to Barcelona
Antonov Airlines have announced they have completed the transportation of the "flying" yachts AC75 for the American Magic team and accompanying cargo from Providence, RI, USA, to Barcelona. Luna Rossa has confirmed an April launch date.

Two horse race as the IMA's 2024 Caribbean Maxi Multihull Series heads for its BVI conclusion
Next week the International Maxi Association's inaugural Caribbean Maxi Multihull Series (CMMS) has its deciding event in the BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival, taking place out of Nanny Cay, Tortola.

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12ft Skiff Australian Championship at Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club - Day 1
With two races away on Day 1 of the 87th 12ft Skiff Australian Championship at Lane Cove, sponsored by Your Move Conveyancing, reigning champions, Brett Hobson and Peter Nicholson (Geotherm) own the top of the leaderboard

Iconic Cape to St Helena Yacht Race returns - Entries now open
This event offers a unique challenge and the allure of reaching one of the world's most remote inhabited islands.

Clipper Race 10: The Ultimate Test of Perseverance - Crew embark on 5000nm race across North Pacific
Race 10: The Ultimate Test of Perseverance is a 5,340nm race across the North Pacific from China's Sailing City of Qingdao in China to Seattle in the USA.

SCIBS 2024 MPU   J Composites J/99
Mackay Boats acquire designer rights on VX range - plan to expand the VX classes
Mackay Boats have announced they acquired the IP [Intellectual Property] rights to the VX range of boats from Bennett Yachting, in March 2024. Both companies have worked closely over the last decade along with Ovington Boats on the VX ONE and VX EVO

X-Yachts Australia Newsletter - April 2024
28 yachts set off on the 226 nautical mile CAT 3 race from Pittwater to Coffs - just three finished. We are proud to report that XS Moment (an Xp 44) took Line Honours in Ray Hudson, the Owner/Skipper proudest moments in his illustrious sailing career.

Jeffrey Petersen (USA), Cole Tapper (AUS) and Liam O'Keefe (USA) commit to 2024 Governor's Cup
Governor's Cup will be July 22-27; World's match race skippers under 23 invited to file a Request for Invitation.

Barz Optics 2023 SW 1   Ensign 2023 November C46 MPU
Australian Olympic Committee announces Paris Olympics skiff selections
Olivia Price will return to the Olympic stage after being selected to the Australian Olympic Team by the Australian Olympic Committee this year's Paris Games, 12 years after becoming the youngest female sailor to win an Olympic medal.

WASZP US Nationals at Kaneohe Yacht Club - Overall
The 2024 US Nationals in Kaneohe Bay have paved the way for an electrifying Americas Championship, marked by the exceptional performance of Denmark's Magnus Overbeck.

Hat-trick for Warrren-Myers at Victorian Hobie Cat State Championships
In what can only be described as some of the most profoundly erratic, fluky and taxing wind conditions the Australian Hobie Family has ever seen on the Championship Tour, the 2024 Victorian State Championships was one of the best we've seen yet!

C-Tech 2020 Tubes 300x250   Colligo Marine 2024 MPU
Thirteen from Fourteen
Not races in a sprint series. We're talking years! Yes. That's over a decade. Bruce McCracken's Beneteau First 45, Ikon, has just won Division One of the Range Series on Melbourne's Port Phillip to amass this most brilliant of achievements.

Colligo Marine Torque Rope Receivers
Our Torque Rope Receivers are easy to install and can be removed and reinstalled to get the line length correct. Not that any of us have ever gotten the line length wrong the first time!

Meet the Henri-Lloyd Sail Jacket - designed for inshore and coastal sailing
Drawing inspiration from Henri-Lloyd's original market-leading jacket, the SAIL jacket has been designed for inshore and coastal sailing. With its versatility, durability, and unmatched protection, the SAIL is destined to be your go-to waterproof.

Cyclops 2024 February MPU   Rooster 2023 - MPU
First ever Windsurfing Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony to be held at Defi Wind
The Windsurfing Hall of Fame is to stage its first ever induction ceremony at the famous Defi Wind event in Gruissan, south of France, an event that will see many of the sport's legends honoured for their achievements over the years.

Entries open for the RS Venture Connect World Championship 2024
RS Sailing is pleased to announce that registration for the 2024 edition of the RS Venture Connect Class World Championship is now open.

Lead sail designer for Alinghi Red Bull Racing dies of heart attack at 47yrs
It is with immense sadness that we share the news that our friend and North Sails colleague Gautier Sergent passed away after sustaining a heart attack.

Selden 2023 CXe   North Sails Performance 2023 - MPU
Emirates Team New Zealand's Women & Youth Sailors begin on water AC40 Training
Emirates Team New Zealand's Youth and Womens sailors had a challenging three-hour workout in fresh conditions on Auckland's Waitemata Harbour on Tuesday.

Magic start to the Rolex China Sea Race 2024
A lovely 10 to 12kts north easterly breeze made for an exciting start to the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club's Rolex China Sea Race 2024. All 21 boats got off to a clean start today at 1120hrs in the stunning Hong Kong Victoria Harbour.

Swap Day - The happiest day of the year at Manly 16ft Skiff Club
Former Manly 16ft skiff sailing champion Joe Turner thought he had his day all mapped out when he woke Saturday morning.

MPU July August September   Henri-Lloyd - For the Best Days of your life
Team Malizia's IMOCA race yacht is back in the water with a new set of foils
Spring has made its way to Lorient. The first flowers are blooming and the IMOCA racing boats are, just like the blossoms, gradually appearing, emerging one by one from their sheds after three months of winter refit.

Fleet Crossing Equator Fight for Every Mile in Leg 4 of the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race
It proved another 'challenging' week for the McIntyre Ocean Globe crews as they navigated their way through the potholed doldrums, crossing the Equator and sailing back to the NE trade winds of the Northern Hemisphere.

Waterhouse wins in masterclass performance at NSW Hobie Cat State Championships
With Jervis Bay's very own John Eastment stepping into the Principal Race Officer role for his very first time, 10 races were on the cards and it was all to play for as the wind's games ensured smart sailing was the way to go.

Barton Marine 2019 600x500   Allen 2022 - TiiTAN MPU
SailGP racecourse challenges and Season 4 leaderboard changes
For a two-day regatta, a lot of action went down at last weekend's SailGP Christchurch event (March 22 and 23), which took place on the waters of New Zealand's Lyttelton Harbour.

Sail like a pro with the Vaikobi VXI Pro Vest
New for season 2024 is the sleek VXI Pro vest from Vaikobi, designed to provide impact protection where needed as well as an ergonomic fit that makes you forget you are even wearing it.

Plymo – Weddings, Parties, Anything
What a guy. Andrew John Plympton AM may have had many nicknames, like ‘Cheese', ‘The Admiral', ‘Dingo', and ‘Prez', but there can be no doubt that it is ‘Plymo' which best describes his disarming smile and entertaining wit.

A+T Instruments 2024 MPU   2024 fill-in (side)
Pittwater Sailing Yacht Show - 5-7 April 2024
Ensign Yachts invite you to the 2024 Pittwater Sailing Yacht Show coming up on the 5th-7th of April at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in Pittwater, Sydney.

Hobie 18s brighten up Tanilba Bay for the Big Boat Regatta
Welcome to Tanilba Bay Amateur Sailing Club. Where the sun shines brightly through the graceful gum trees, onto the pristine rigging/camping lawn situated on the pristine shores of Port Stephens.

Entry opens for the International 14 Worlds at Lake Garda
The International Fourteen World Championships will be sailed on Lake Garda for the first time in class history. Circolo Vela Torbole will host the event from 1st to 9th August 2024.

37th AC Store 2024 - 300x250   Whangarei Marina Curious (300 x 250 px)
Kiwi Govt links capsized SailGP to lost America's Cup and hosting of other major sailing events
The leaders of three parties that make up the New Zealand Coalition Government have all backed SailGP, following the organisational debacle which resulted in the suspension of racing on Saturday, triggered by the appearance of a dolphin in the start area.

Combined Clubs Harbour Pennant Overall
Intrigue, IYKYK and Innovator finish as season Champions, but not without a final fight. The RYCT Race Management spun magic in the tricky conditions setting two courses that gave the competitors a tough final bout.

SB20 Australian National Championship at Port Dalrymple Yacht Club - Overall
Tasmania's world champion sailor Nick Rogers (Karabos), with his crew of Cole Dabner and Simon Burrows, has blitzed the fleet to win the 2024 Australian Championship on 13 points.

Armstrong 300x250 MA Foil Range   SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-AQUIJO
2024 Formula Kite European Championships at Mar Menor, Spain - Overall
Winds gusting close to 30 knots brought spectacular conditions for the climax of the 2024 Formula Kite European Championship in Mar Menor, Spain.

Pittwater to Coffs: Line honours to XS Moment – Jupiter wins overall
Fortune favoured the sticklers in the 2024 Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Yacht Race; just three entries hung on in the light to non-existent breezes, Ray Hudson's XS Moment taking line honours just after midnight last night.

Farr 40 Australian Nationals - John Calvert-Jones Trophy in Sydney
The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia's representative OUTLAW has won the championship title at the Farr 40 Nationals in Sydney, Australia, after two days of intense racing.

ETNZ Store 2024 300x250   Lloyd Stevenson - TTSkorpios 300x250px
PredictWind - Wave Routing 300x250   Line 7 - Master yacht - AllSail 300x250px
Rolly Tasker Sails 2023 FOOTER

Vaikobi 2024 FOOTER

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