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North Sails Performance 2023 - LEADERBOARD

North welcomes Ernesto de Amicis to the international team

by North Kiteboarding & North Foils 15 Jun 08:14 PDT
Ernesto de Amicis © Laci Kobulsky

North proudly welcomes Ernesto de Amicis to its International Team, marking a significant milestone in the world of Wingfoil Racing.

Known for his tenacity and raw talent, the 15-year-old Ernesto is stepping up his game from the North Italian National Team and is set to make waves as he embarks on this exciting new chapter.

Brand Director Mike Raper comments, "Ernesto has been a valued national rider with North Italy for many years, his ascendance on the podium reflects his amazing passion for racing and developing race winning products with North. We are very proud to have him join our international team and excited to see where he can take this. We are right behind him all the way and can't wait to see how fast he can go."

Hailing from the vibrant Italian city of Naples, Italy, Ernesto's journey into Wingfoiling began with a simple curiosity and a love for the water. "Naples is an amazing city to see from the sea and I always wanted to stay in the water and live the dream." From his humble beginnings he has swiftly risen through the ranks, with a trail of victories:

  • Became the Italian champion in 2023
  • Won 1st place in the U19 category at World Championships in 2023
  • Achieved 16th place overall at Defi Wing in 2024
  • Is ranked 5th overall in the world

"My favourite thing about Wingfoiling is that you can peacefully fly on the water with no stress and no distractions."

Ernesto's passion for water sports began with windsurfing at the age of 5. Three years ago, he was about to start a windsurf session when he saw a friend preparing to Wingfoil. "I curiously went to ask him if I could give it a try. He said yes and on my first attempt, I got up on the foil. That day Francesco Coppolino, who saw me Wingfoiling, invited me to his spot that summer to teach me. He gave me a 2-day course, where I learned everything properly, and 2 months later I entered my first race."

What sets Ernesto apart is not just his racing prowess, but his versatility on the water. He excels in pumping and Freestyle, with a myriad of tricks up his sleeve. "I am a very determined person who is ready to make sacrifices to stay on track. I really like helping others. I am very cheerful and kind but at the same time I demand a lot from myself."

His unwavering support system includes his family, particularly his dad, his mentor Francesco Coppolino, and his club teammates. His favorite kite spots are Jericoacoara, Lake Garda, and his home spot in Naples.

Ernesto's driving force is his desire to improve daily, fueled by a strong competitive spirit. "I would like to fight to become overall world champion. It's really hard, but I know if I train hard, I can do it in the future."

After competing in his first World Cup and securing first place in U15 and U17 overall, Ernesto realized his potential. "After that race, I understood I could become much stronger in both speed and strategy. So, I started training more and more, and now I'm in the International Team of North, and I'm really glad for it."

With quality gear to match Ernesto's potential, North is excited to see what he will achieve. In the warmup alone for Defi Wing, Ernesto clocked a top speed of 36.1 knots on the Mode Ultra 3.5m. "I'm so proud to be joining the North International team. It's a dream for me to become part of such an important brand."

Ernesto's Gear:


  • Mode Ultra Performance Race Wing
  • Seek Wing Foilboard (4'4)
  • Sonar HM Carbon Mast (105cm)
  • Sonar Carbon Fuselage (C700)
  • Sonar Carbon Fuselage (C600)
  • Sonar HA750 Front Wing
  • Sonar HA650 Front Wing
  • Sonar HA550 Front Wing
  • Sonar S178 High Speed Stabilizer
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