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North Sails Performance 2023 - LEADERBOARD

North launches Horizon Downwind / SUP / LW Wing Foilboard

by North Kiteboarding 11 Apr 08:00 PDT
Rider: Chucho Nonnot © Mathys Fraile

When we look to the horizon, it ignites our desire to progress and a thirst to overcome challenges; it awakens the voyager within.

The new full-carbon Horizon foilboard is engineered to get up on foil early and often, with minimal effort. To explore endless downwind swell with a paddle, wing or tow-kite. It's also ideal for SUP foil-surfing and light wind wingfoiling.

Watch Horizon Video: Awaken the Voyager within

The faster you move in the water, the quicker you lift onto the foil. The Horizon generates board speed efficiently. Its long and narrow design with reduced volume in the tail enables the board to get up to speed fast while you are connected to the water - so your foil can take over.

The hull design allows the nose to penetrate the water without slamming, so you can pump the board in sync with the pumping of the foil.

"With downwinding, the enQre ocean becomes my playground - it's an evoluQon of surfing," says North pro rider Chucho Nonnot.

"I'm surprised how much speed I get on paddleups with this board - it's crazy how easy it is! It also feels super light under your feet, pumping."

Brand Director Mike Raper says: "We wanted to pay respect to the first downwind board designs developed in Maui. Working in the South Pacific Ocean with our legendary shaper, Jaimie Scott, we've been able to refine those concepts to improve efficiency even further. I'm really excited for our riders to experience this amazing new sensation."

Pair the Horizon with the new Downwind Front Wing Series (coming soon) or the SF Surf Series.

View 2024 Horizon Foilboard online

Horizon Foilboard
Downwind / SUP / LW Wing
6'10 | 95L, 7'5 |105L, 7'10 | 75-85L, 8'4 | 125L

  • Efficient displacement hull design for quick pump-to-foil
  • Lightweight, strong and durable full-carbon construcPulled-in tail for tracking and efficiency on takeoff and touchdown
  • Forgiving forward rails, sharper behind the foil for fast-release
  • Slightly concaved deck under the standing section for stability
  • Comfortable EVA deck pad with raised rail edges and extended tail pad for wingfoiling
  • DropBox adjustable fast foil mounting
North Sails Performance 2023 - FOOTER