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Laurent Hay wins the 2024 Finn World Masters at Centro Velico Punta Ala

by Centro Velico Punta Ala 14 Jun 14:48 PDT 7-14 June 2024
Final day of the 2024 Finn World Masters © CVPA

The Centro Velico Punta Ala and the PuntAla Camp & Resort provided the perfect stage for one of the best editions of the Finn World Masters ever.

The 2024 Finn World Masters in Punta Ala celebrated its 75th anniversary in the best possible way. After years of dedication and determination, Laurent Hay finally achieved his long-desired title. The Centro Velico Punta Ala surpassed all expectations, creating an event that seamlessly blended sport, class, and elegance, offering high-level fairplay challenges at sea and numerous opportunities for sharing and socializing on land.

Since the 2011 edition, the Finn sailors had longed to return to this charming location in the Maremma Tuscany, renowned for its passion for sailing and warm hospitality. From the very first day of this edition, it was clear why. Each day was surprisingly better than the previous one. The 285 sailors from 30 different nations enjoyed themselves immensely on the two race courses in the clear waters of the Gulf of Follonica, even sailing until sunset.

"It was amazing. We had everything, we had wind, big days for the big guys and soft days for the other guys. We got 7 races in. The Gala Dinner was pretty much the best we had. Super! We will love to come back" commented Andy Denison, President of the Finn World Masters.

Thomas A. Daddi, President of the Centro Velico Punta Ala, stated: "We are honored to have hosted such a significant event and to have contributed to making this anniversary unique. We thank all the participants for choosing the PuntAla Camp & Resort, and we hope to see you again soon."

The organization, managed with great professionalism by the team of the Centro Velico Punta Ala under the guidance of Maria Luisa Cionini, was impeccable both at sea and on land. A group of twenty young volunteers supported the skippers daily in the operations of launching and retrieving boats from the beach, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free experience. The numerous social occasions, such as the evening Happy Hour at the Beach Bar, the Opening Ceremony, and the Gala Dinner, which saw the participation of over 500 people, helped create a welcoming and family-like atmosphere.

The participants felt at home at the PuntAla Camp & Resort, reinforcing the community spirit that is the heart of this event: a true paradise for all, participants and companions alike.

Howard Sellars, the English Super Legend, born in 1941, said: "It was a well-organized event. I met some wonderful people who took great care of me and all of us sailors. I don't know how many years I have been participating in the Finn World Masters, certainly more than 20, including the one here in Punta Ala in 2011. This year, the effort has started to take its toll, especially when launching and retrieving the boat. But on the water, the race was super fun."

Ideal weather conditions played a crucial role in the success of this edition. Throughout the week, participants enjoyed sunny days, increasing winds, and pleasant temperatures. In the final days, the wind reached speeds between 14 and 18 knots, leading to exciting challenges and a competition fought until the last leg!

After seven races, Laurent Hay finally won the title of the Finn World Masters, a goal he had been pursuing for several years. Hay lifted the Golden Cup, thus fulfilling his dream.

In second place, just one point behind, was his fellow countryman Valerian Lebrun, Lebrun did not make it easy for Hay: he was constantly on his heels throughout the competition, ready to capitalize on any opportunity to overturn the standings. In the final race, Lebrun won in the red fleet, while Hay, with great determination, finished second in the green fleet, allowing him to maintain his lead.

Martijn van Muyden, the Dutch sailor in the Grand Master category, consistently performed well throughout the week, earning a well-deserved third place on the overall podium. He also fought hard for the victory until the very end, finishing just three points behind Hay.

However, the Finn World Masters is not just a competition. Dedicated to sailors over 40, it is a unique opportunity for exchange among enthusiasts and experienced skippers, a moment for sharing opinions and ideas that fosters the growth of the sailing sport. It's no surprise that many brought their families, who were able to enjoy the amenities offered by the campsite and explore the beauty of the Maremma, such as the Morisfarms wineries and the pristine Cala Violina beach.

The Centro Velico Punta Ala would like to thank the Municipality of Scarlino, the Municipality of Castiglione della Pescaia, Morisfarms, and Decathlon Grosseto for their invaluable support in organizing the event. A special thanks also goes to the PuntAla Camp & Resort and the entire team, including the Beach Bar Punta Ala and the Isolotto Caffè & Restaurant, for their warm hospitality. Finally, heartfelt thanks to Chef Michele Cocola, President of the Restaurant Association of the City of Follonica, and to lady chef Beatrice Tosi, who, with their Bottega team, delighted all guests with the wonderful Gala Dinner on Wednesday evening.

Special recognition also goes to the Port Authorities of Castiglione della Pescaia, Piombino, and Porto Santo Stefano for their essential support, and to the Red Cross for their assistance at sea.

In conclusion, this edition of the Finn World Masters was a success from every perspective, and we are confident that the Finn class will soon return to this beautiful location.


1 FRA 75 Laurent HAŸ 9.0
2 FRA 111 Valérian LEBRUN 10.0
3 NED 6 Martijn van MUYDEN 12.0
4 NED 98 Nanno SCHUTTRUPS 13.0
5 NED 148 Peter PEET 20.0
6 GER 711 André BUDZIEN 21.0
7 GBR 790 Nick CRAIG 24.0
8 GBR 5 John GREENWOOD 24.0
9 HUN 50 Akos LUKATS 26.0
10 GBR 74 Lawrence CRISPIN 28.0


1 NED 8 Rodrick CASANDER (1944) 258
2 GBR 777 Howard SELLARS (1941) 291
3 FRA 23 Daniel CHÉDEVILLE (1944) 299


1 NZL 9 Rob COUTTS (1954) 130
2 NED 11 Hendrik de JAGER (1949) 149
3 AUS 68 Jay HARRISON (1952) 154


1 NED 148 Peter PEET 20
2 GER 711 André BUDZIEN 21


1 FRA 75 Laurent HAŸ 9
2 NED 6 Martijn van MUYDEN 12
3 GBR 790 Nick CRAIG (1974) 24


1 FRA 111 Valérian LEBRUN 10
2 NED 98 Nanno SCHUTTRUPS 13
3 POR 21 Filipe SILVA 29


1 AUT 852 Claudia Maria GRABER 217
2 AUT 330 Tina WEINREICH 377

Overall Results:

PosSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Pts
1 FRA 75Laurent HAŸ170131‑4121229
2 FRA 111Valérian LEBRUNVPG3‑62211110
3 NED 6Martijn van MUYDENKWVL232131‑612
4 NED 98Nanno SCHUTTRUPSWSVHWH2134‑101213
5 NED 148Peter PEETKWVDK‑2326115520
6 GER 711André BUDZIENSYC1102512‑1721
7 GBR 790Nick CRAIGSCP51732‑12624
9 HUN 50Akos LUKATSSVSC1443‑337726
10 GBR 74Lawrence CRISPINStone SC737623‑1228
11 POR 21Filipe SILVACNC‑16111342829
12 ITA 788Roberto BENAMATIFraglia Vela Malcesine841110STP731
13 DEN 21Otto STRANDVIGKongelig Dansk Yachtklub‑2658555331
14 NED 41Karel van HELLEMONDWSVHWHSTP2101224333
15 CZE 3Rudolf LIDARÍKLS Brno5158‑3951034
16 GBR 2Allen BURRELLThorpe bay YC48‑15838435
18 BEL 7Sebastien GODEFROIDOSTEND S‑143347STP1336
19 ITA 115Roberto STRAPPATI321‑13713774139
20 SWE 32Olof LUNDQVISTMSS938676‑1739
21 NED 703Eric BAKKERWSVHWH10133492DSQ41
22 ITA 202Giacomo GIOVANELLICLUB NAUTICO FANESE "G. VIVANI" 19535‑2342183142
23 CZE 5Roman TEPLY210174102‑2191143
24 ITA 6Enrico PASSONILega Navale Anzio12161111‑19445
25 SUI 7Christoph BURGERTYC1289934‑1845
26 NED 117Thierry van VIERSSENKWVL761‑35591947
27 NED 1Jelte BAERENDSWVR41018DSQ83447
28 AUT 3Florian RAUDASCHLUYCWg39UFD19411248
29 FRA 38Audoin McHELCNLR‑161612268549
30 BRA 32Pedro LODOVICIYCI1317BFD5261154
31 CZE 70Václav CINTLYCCL‑2151710912255
32 HUN 211Attila SZILVÁSSYMVM SE18683DSQ13755
33 AUT 7Michael GUBIUYCMo10515‑17147455
34 GER 501Fabian LEMMELSV 031374‑211411655
35 UKR 7Vladimir STASYUKOMC Odessos Varna‑Black Sea Y/C10STP111276‑1556
36 HUN 30Kantor ZSIGMONDMB Sailing5‑169135101557
37 SVK 1Peter MOSNY135127STP96DNF1157
38 FIN 233Sami SALOMAAHSK2STP10718131060
40 NED 1037Jan Willem KOKRMYC15‑356173101263
41 SWE 5Fredrik TEGNHEDKSS311255614DSQ64
42 HUN 7Székely ANTALOVE Orfui Vitorlás Egxesület‑3682212817168
43 NED 43Ronald van KLOOSTERWSVHWH8‑30969271675
44 ESP 71Xavier PENASClub vela Palamós1910121111‑201275
45 FIN 201Kristian SJÖBERGNJK1112‑241013161375
46 HUN 1Geza HUSZARSiraly VSC625BFD7527777
47 ITA 2Marco BUGLIELLICircolo Vela Roma922108‑2719977
48 NED 68Joost HOUWELINGKWVDK21114251512‑3279
49 GER 193Thomas SCHMIDBSC614‑25141372579
50 SWE 12Stefan SANDAHLMalmö Segelsällskap‑191812181310980
51 CZE 2Zdenek GEBHARTYC Cheb615161824‑28281
52 NED 66Ewout MEIJERWSVHWH‑2861881817STP81
53 AUT 333Gerhard WEINREICHUYCNf12‑4113131818882
54 HUN 88Zsombor MAJTHENYITHE‑YKA249722156DNF83
55 FRA 66Philippe LOBERTCENTRE NAUTIQUE D'ARRADON9144272211‑3487
56 GER 8Jürgen EIERMANNRCR31119BFD15202189
57 NED 81Gerko VISSERWVR18912BFD2624392
58 GBR 635Simon PERCIVALChristchurch Sailing Club24102213‑38151094
59 SUI 41Wälchli DOMINIQUERCO1712‑24181821995
61 DEN 7Søren HOLMJægerspris Sejlklub14153516118UFD99
62 NZL 15Greg WILCOXBERND221211‑3710103499
63 GBR 90Richard SHARPEmsworth Slipper221918419‑2419101
64 BRA 11Robert RITTSCHERYCI21165BFD43818102
65 FIN 22Ville VALTONENTPS417891423BFD102
66 ITA 4Francesco FAGGIANITriestina della Vela27141127915DNF103
67 AUT 73Markus SCHNEEBERGERUYCMo1114STP2913929105
68 FIN 269Mikko TIILIKKAHSKSTP2116BFD42819106
69 HUN 180Gergely GERENCSER824119RET152720205106
70 GBR 8Tim CARVERWarsash Sailing Club23‑34231516823108
71 GBR 567Martin HUGHESWARSASH SC14DNF2615211420110
72 SVK 271Tomas MIHALIK10114‑31STP16282324115
73 ITA 67Gino BUCCIARELLIAssociazione Velica Bracciano26‑42512192333118
74 HUN 150Zoltan CSANYISirály VSC112219‑33STP278120
75 BEL 18Sigurd VERGAUWEVVW GA92424173511‑37120
76 NED 67Remko BOOTKWVDK‑3693011242620120
77 DEN 117Peter BØJEEgå Sejlklub18375‑391426STP122
78 ITA 872Nicola MENONICircolo Vela Gargnano263314‑38121621122
79 DEN 246Jens Kristian ANDERSENVallensbæk Sejlklub27‑46143230713123
80 POL 100Marek JAROCKIPSRKF38STP1410251922128
81 ITA 11Paolo CISBANIX‑1457202818STP2614‑43129
82 FRA 373Harri VEIVOCYC‑4220402020273130
83 NZL 9Rob COUTTSMission Bay YC47191114DSQ1821130
84 DEN 80Michael STAALDragør Sejlklub31152614‑402420130
85 CZE 43Ladislav HYRS240816STP266203231131
86 NZL 20Chris WELLSNaval Point Club Lyttelton292925‑30121324132
87 GBR 33Kieron HOLTWarsash Sailing Club271820142429DNF132
88 SUI 83Jürg WITTICHSVB33281925STP245134
89 GER 157Frank DINNEBIERWSU1627‑3226302114134
90 SVK 6Milan LOUKOTAYacht Club Slovan Bratislava3513STP2017‑4226135
91 GER 909Udo MUREKYCBL2929‑312182131139
92 FIN 50Freddy MARKELINNJKUFD3142STP111415142
93 HUN 972Gyula MÓNUSARSC43212872321DNF143
94 ESP 86Paco CASTANERCNLL22STP22231735‑41143
95 CZE 63Kamil SCERBA2405‑54172937192814144
96 NZL 5Brendon HOGGCharteris Bay Yacht Club304420151620‑51145
97 BRA 108Cristiano RUSCHMANNBL3 ‑ Ilhabela283117223118‑40147
98 AUS 10John CONDIEYBSC DSC6‑432728281742148
99 ITA 60Riccardo de SANGROCRV Italia451216‑53211243149
100 NED 11Hendrik de JAGERWSVHWH22241334‑403323149
101 ITA 29Pasquale OROFINOCircolo nautico punta imperatore35STP15233117BFD150
102 AUS 68Jay HARRISONWoollahra Sailing Club3613‑4123373114154
103 GER 188Michael KLÜGELSCSZ2536‑4313232535157
104 BEL 41Tony DELAVAKLYC211838‑57262827158
105 CHI 21Felipe GILCYH2319‑5832262236158
106 FRA 87Stephane MARCELLI17 000 La RochelleSTP34209‑613134159
107 FIN 93Alexander NORRGÅRDNJK25STP3717333117160
108 DEN 6Lars HALLKongelig Dansk Yachtklub3417‑42222240STP160
109 HUN 27Szabolcs ANDRIKAlba Regia Sport Club18‑45625413041161
110 CZE 75Vladimir SKALICKYLK Stechovice24303228‑452523162
111 NED 027Paul KAMPHORSTWVH38401311BFD1844164
112 NED 818Albert KROONWSVHWH15363324‑422235165
113 DEN 321C Joe SCHUBERTEgå Sejlklub7‑403033373826171
114 NED 31Hans ZUURENDONKWSVHWH25‑422140362227171
115 SUI 12Franz BÜRGITYC31153539‑503715172
116 NED 126Maarten GODSCHALXWVH20‑5032304022STP172
117 GBR 61John HEYESWarsash SC213919233239DNF173
118 TUR 12Sinan SÜMERGS Istanbul3235352423RET30179
119 ITA 80Martin ATZWANGER38685630284315DNC180
120 NOR 55Arild HELDALRØYK2326383036‑4728181
121 SUI 21Attila SZABOYCRo‑46314331172634182
122 ITA 147Carlo VARELLIFIV29STP23‑331223DNE183
123 HUN 51Istvan RUTAITHE352427BFD353033184
124 RSA 51Philip BAUMZVYC27‑513415293446185
125 FIN 145Mathias TALLBERGTPS‑39263632363322185
126 GER 334Andreas GILLWALDVSAW‑383417161929DNE187
127 GER 488Andreas FRANKERCR242139‑63393529187
128 NZL 19Denis MOWBRAYNPCL342233‑61384318188
129 SUI 99Laurent CHAPUISCNM4030DSQSTP124132189
130 NED 974Gideon MESSINKWSVHWH‑45263740353516189
131 ITA 8Florian DEMETZSegelverein Kalterersee3623STP193230DNC189
132 USA 19R Phillip RAMMINGNewport Harbor Yacht Club313344‑62163235191
133 CZE 67Josef JOCHOVIC12034039‑4925372525191
134 NED 115Gerrit Jan van OMMENWSVHWH5029282422DNF39192
135 SWE 61Micke NILSSONEkolns Segelklubb333945352516DNC193
136 SUI 25Till KLAMMERTYC‑50324737293118194
137 HUN 21Bence Karoly SIPOSARSC301954‑56333623195
138 NED 49Jan‑Mark MEEUWISSEWSVHWH432731‑44391937196
139 NZL 81Paul BAMFORDNaval Point Lyttelton412525‑49412639197
140 ITA 920Alberto ROMANOLega navale Anzio‑57352447561621199
141 NZL 43Nicholas WINTERSCBYC‑53253634273641199
142 ITA 72Gianluca MONTELLACRV Italia3720365043‑5214200
143 ITA 3Massimo PACCOSI156441339‑48344626202
144 ESP 39Jose Maria PUJADASREAL CLUB NAUTIC BARCELONA25‑492832443736202
145 CZE 211Martin KALOŠCERE Praha48202938BFD3930204
146 GER 43Ingo SPORYSCWW354129193943‑46206
147 GBR 9Tim TAVINORStone SC3432UFD202029DNC207
148 GBR 18Jonathan PYKEHayling Island Sailing Club3923212648DNF52209
150 GER 19Andreas BOLLONGINOJSR433334342838‑47210
151 GER 226Uwe FERNHOLZYCL1343BFD302232UFD212
152 USA 1138Scott GRIFFITHSMissouri Yacht Club51‑572256283422213
153 DEN 212Jan PEETZVallensbæk Sejlklub3738373429‑4338213
154 GER 960Klaus ANTRECHTSCMa3328‑4845414127215
155 GER 122Holger KRASMANNLYC45STP411855DNF8216
156 ITA 44Juan Ignacio CATANEO1235293939‑59373438216
157 AUT 852Claudia Maria GRABERUYCWö324338521537DNF217
158 ITA 131Gregor STIMPFLYCB Bolzano17‑4840361736DNE218
159 ESP 555Juan GRAU CASESClub Naútico Vilassar de Mar46523424DNC3035221
160 FRA 100Laurent CAMUSSONCENTRE NAUTIQUE D'ARRADON1234‑5448494437224
161 ITA 73Luca TARUSCHIO30238502037‑544138224
162 NED 82Roel LUBBERTSWVR505229RET253632224
163 GUA 1Juan E MAEGLICVVT4454306316STPDNC225
164 NED 56Rick BOMERWSVHWH603826‑61513416225
165 ITA 168Germano LUCCHETTASVKS373828414239DNF225
166 ARG 1Ricardo REYES ANDERSONYacht Club Olivos‑53223949214748226
167 FRA 27Pierre LALLEMANDSNLC5532‑5731463329226
168 GBR 20Andy DENISONCSC374623‑65333751227
169 GER 236Andreas LOHMANNTSVH464442‑5238STP28230
170 NED 35Bas PROPERWSVHWH49474722STP‑5733233
171 UKR 0Igor PIETUKHOVOdesa Black SeaYachtclub53STP2735244549233
172 POL 2Andre SKARKAYKP K‑604221STP314248234
173 ITA 64Filippo PETELLA161583733214244DNF235
174 NED 939Willem van WALT MEIJERMAAS‑59274446495020236
175 CHI 6Marco MONTALBETTICYC‑51243647474936239
176 GER 17Kai SCHRADERBSCSTP2935416552DNF242
177 GER 62Uwe BARTHELSCD492844‑645441STP243
178 ITA 33Bastiaan BROUWERClub Nautico Fanese3940325945DNC28243
179 ITA 85Klaus HEUFLER13820STP37364845DNC246
180 AUT 340Michael HOFFMANNUYCNf30STP38445054UFD246
181 AUT 323Christian HOFFMANNUYCNf‑56STP4640235532248
182 NZL 94Tony BIERRERoyal Akarana Yacht Club‑54545226304442248
183 AUS 14David CHAMPTALOUPCYCA/WSC4250‑5536513930248
185 CZE 8Jiri OUTRATAYCT‑54533352524317250
186 NED 942Remmelt STAALKNZRV‑6437STP19464653251
187 GER 477Harald LEISSNERJSR‑58504643343345251
188 CZE 222Petr VINKL121361STP40STP293244252
189 GBR 78Robert TEMPLETrearddur Bay Sailing Club40‑4843STP444039252
190 ITA 22Mauro FRAGIACOMO435 XV ZONA3042464546‑5747256
191 FRA 63Alain RENOUXVLG28625628RET5627257
192 BEL 81Jan GODERISKLYC42415336‑614540257
193 NED 8Rodrick CASANDERrandmeer325534‑56533549258
194 NED 159Jan BIJLEVELDWSVHWH4756443947‑6029262
195 AUT 11Bernd MOSERUYCWg262523DNF45RETDNF263
196 ITA 62Lorenzo TESEI348443640465344DNF263
197 AUS 31David CLAYTONAdelaide Sailing Club5037‑6142413855263
198 ITA 50Norberto FELICI30233595629‑615236265
199 SVK 14Roman HLADNY1015744STP48504028267
200 ITA 7Antonio PITINI05155481627DNFDSQ269
201 AUS 6Bob BUCHANANBERND‑62455852444230271
202 GBR 40Russell NEWChristchuch Sailing Club‑6333554247STP49271
203 BEL 76Paul GOOSSENSVVW I‑O52‑565235484044271
204 SUI 13Peter KILCHENMANNTYC4545514843‑5640272
205 SUI 39Hans STÖCKLISCMd52‑564751345043277
206 GER 202Rolf ELSAESSSERSTSC643048BFD575326278
207 AUS 25Kerry SPENCERRoyal Queensland Yacht Squadron51464541DNF51STP282
208 AUS 94Guy MAEGRAITHAdelaide Sailing Club48234549RETDNF46283
209 FIN 70Derek BREITENSTEINESF44‑535350484642283
210 CZE 18David HENEŠJK Olomouc48‑584839425850285
211 AUT 358Markus BOESCHUYCAS31‑68STP41565446289
212 GBR 777Howard SELLARSWarsash S C6363542752DNF31290
213 ITA 976Roberto GIROMETTI5815553‑60384748STP291
214 CAN 8688Robyn CULPBrockville Yacht ClubSTPSTP56DNF454742291
216 HUN 33Zoltan HORVATHFVE5648575131DNF52295
217 ITA 25Stefano THERMES18341DNFBFD405751STP295
218 SUI 97Philippe RAEMYTYC5558553359‑6038298
219 GER 92Detlev GUMINSKIDSCL4953493866DNF43298
220 ITA 46Luca MARASTONIAssociazione Vela Lago di Caldaro43STP51STP56‑6239299
221 FRA 23Daniel CHÉDEVILLE3540039645150BFD4550299
222 NED 34Gillis JONKWVR57‑594959434645299
223 NED 72Lacus‑Jan GROENHOUTWSVHWH‑67614153365555301
224 NED 4Ruurd BAERENDSWVR5759593159DNF40305
226 FRA 307Xavier LACOMBE1701342495246STPDNF54306
227 HUN 64Balázs SZÜCSTHE55‑705944555341307
228 ITA 871Umberto RICCI/0462445653‑635044309
229 FRA 511Claude GOTCLUB NAUTIQUE CANET PERPIGNAN47‑655155524955309
230 CZE 82Radek VITJKCL61434944STP48DNF313
231 GER 5Herbert STRAUBYCSS565450504459DNF313
232 ITA 18Massimo GROSSI137674143RETSTPDNF37314
233 POL 26Boguslaw NOWAKOWSKIKW GARLAND‑68455855535152314
235 GBR 44Simon PHILBRICKChristchurch Sailing Club48‑62525554STP52317
236 GBR 1Sander KOOIJThorpe Bay Yacht Club20DNFBFDSTPDNF25DNC318
237 NZL 3Ben WINTERSCBYC655160603849BFD323
238 CZE 77Paul MUŠÁLEK2422‑70625045654754323
239 AUT 17Christoph ASTEKYCK466450585848DNF324
240 HUN 2Peter SIPOSARSC5963535154DNF45325
241 AUS 69John ALEXANDERRoyal Ocean Racing Club47473160DNFDNFDNF329
243 AUT 777Gerald KRAMMERUYCWöSTPSTP60STP586347333
244 AUT 337Rudolf GERZERKYCK5266455940DNFDNF334
245 FIN 112Seppo AJANKORPS‑66655457555648335
246 NED 9Jobs ISSELMANNWVR6557644552DNF53336
247 GER 432Michael KÄSTNERSC0376059‑6458554858338
248 GER 505Dirk‑Udo EISSERSLRV60STP41DNF595859340
249 NED 156Pim BROUWERKNZRV64‑68STP54565053340
250 AUS 169Jason WILSONRMYS636753604952DNF344
251 ITA 32Luca SALVESTRINIClub Velico Castiglione della Pescaia62‑666265575149346
252 GER 89Guenter KELLERMANNVDMYS6852644264DNF58348
253 SUI 4Jiri HURACEKTYC6260634646RETDNF349
254 GER 467Stefan PRELLSWVW6565574962RET51349
255 USA 99Stephen FUCCILLOCoco Nut Grove Sailing Club58UFD61RET59DNFSTP350
256 SUI 55Philippe MAURONYCB49525947DNFDNFDNF351
257 ITA 809Oriano LANFRANCONICompagnia della Vela Forte dei Marmi66DNF5958654954351
259 ITA 79Giuseppe LINO63536163RET5153DNF353
260 GER 161Ralf KRATZSV BIBLIS64DNS50RET496257354
261 NZL 64Maurice DUNCANNaval Point Club Lyttelton63‑676157606350354
262 FIN 229Henrik ANDERSSONHSK‑685863586155STP354
264 ITA 833Stefano ANDRENACCI302‑65616255636154356
265 NED 255Jan‑Hein HABESKNZRV66636351‑676155359
266 GER 383Björn ARNOLDAFW‑67586564605757361
267 GBR 43Paul PEGGSSolo Offshore Racing Club61STP57566359DNF364
269 AUT 47Ernst MAIERUYCWöSTPSTP64625754DNF366
270 GER 123Udo BENGSCHSV 0359646657DNFDNF56374
271 ITA 926Paolo PITTONI5816765666068DNF50376
273 ITA 111Bruno CATALAN349595155BFDDNFRETDNC382
274 POL 127Jan KOMINEKMOS 2666062DNF58DNFDNC390
275 CZE 149Vladimír VOGLTANZYC KladnoRET66655363DNFDNF391
277 ITA 881Fabio PANAROL.N.I. Porto San Giorgio69STPDNFDNF58DNFSTP400
278 GER 297Volker RINGYCSS696961DNF64DNFDNC407
279 ESP 321Charles HEIMLERSailing Club of Kavala6964BFDDNF60DNFDNC409
281 GBR 91Bill CHALKEREmsworth Sailing Club68RETDNCDNC62RETDNF418

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World champion drove from Portugal to Norway trailing 8 boats World champion in Finn dinghy sailing, Filipe Silva, is in Stamsund, Norway, to organize the world's first Finn dinghy regatta north of the Arctic Circle. He himself has driven up the participating sailboats from Portugal. Posted on 19 Jul
Rooster British Finn Nationals at Hayling Island
Strong winds throughout the three days of the championship 49 Finns gathered at Hayling Island over the 4-6 July with a forecast of strong winds throughout the three days of the championship. Posted on 13 Jul
Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy concludes
The festival of sailing was contested by 700 sailors battling across seven classes The annual Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy, which took place in Cascais, Portugal, came to a close on Sunday evening after two days of close and intense racing. Posted on 9 Jul
Laurent Hay extends Finn World Rankings lead
The latest list now includes 1,342 sailors from 40 nations New Finn World Masters champion, Laurent Hay, from France has extended his lead to almost 200 points in Issue 006 of the Finn World Ranking list. Posted on 9 Jul
Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy Preview
700 sailors ready to race in the 5th edition The annual Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy event is set to get under way this weekend from 5 to 7 July in Cascais, Portugal. Posted on 1 Jul
Finn World Masters at Tuscany, Italy overall
World No 1 Laurent Hay is 2024 Masters World Champion Laurent Hay, from France, the World No.1 has won the 2024 Finn World Masters at the PuntAla Camp & Resort, Italy. It his first ever major championship in the class after three times coming second and three times third. Posted on 15 Jun
Finn World Masters at Tuscany, Italy Day 4
All to play for at epic event The 2024 Finn World Masters at PuntAla Camp & Resort is going down to the wire for an epic finish to an epic event. Posted on 14 Jun
Finn World Masters at Tuscany, Italy Day 3
Perfect sailing day as Laurent Hay extends lead After five races, French sailor Laurent Hay maintains the lead at the 2024 Finn World Masters, having scored another win in Wednesday's only race. Posted on 12 Jun
Finn World Masters at Tuscany, Italy Day 2
Laurent Hay takes the lead World No. 1 Laurent Hay has taken the lead at the 2024 Finn World Masters at PuntAla Camp & Resort in Italy after two more races on Day 2 brings the championship to the halfway stage. Posted on 12 Jun
Finn World Masters at Tuscany, Italy Day 1
It doesn't get much better than this After years of waiting and preparation, the 2024 Finn World Masters finally got under way at the at PuntAla Camp & Resort on Monday. In total, eight group races were sailed, in four fleets over two course areas, with Finns filling the Gulf of Follonica. Posted on 11 Jun
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