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North Sails Performance 2023 - LEADERBOARD

2024 Queen Mary Sailing Club Championships

by Chris Ellyatt 7 May 22:27 PDT 5 May 2024

Unusually for Queen Mary, the forecast proved highly accurate for Sunday's racing as a gentle 5-6 knots arrived at 10.30am and built steadily thereafter - in force if not in direction - for the 3-race club championship. The ILCA fleet, despite lacking some obvious frontrunners, still managed to turn out an impressive 26 boats of a combined handicap fleet of 41.

Following a quick reset of the course, race 1 got under way with a decent pin bias and a reasonable amount of friendly start line banter across the fleet. Your editor had a fine viewpoint of the start from some distance back, having assumed wrongly that the ILCA fleet would have a second and separate start. The left initially looked fabulous, but with ¾ of the beat completed the left collapsed and the right came in famously with pressure and a 30-degree lift. Paul Beard led at the windward mark from Tony, with John Curran and Steve Pears also prominent.

Just getting clear around the windward mark rounding was lively, and while it is apparently very hard to reach the situation of a perfect vacuum, the area directly to leeward of slow-moving RS400 with spinnaker hoisted is probably not far from 0 pressure, and zero humour if sailing an ILCA! As ever in such racing, the leaders stretched away over the 3x triangle course and Paul/Tony were closely matched in phase with regular pulses of pressure, with any shifts mostly favouring the left. Tim Crook had a storming second beat the join the leading pack. Tony finally slipped away to finish comfortably ahead of Paul, Chris, John and Steve.

Race 2 saw a Windward/Leeward course set as the breeze tried to settle in. The start line resembled an Ikea car park on a Saturday morning - holding a lane was tough and a fair amount of luck came in to play in getting clear of the larger handicap fleet boats. Tim Crook nailed the right to lead around the top mark from Guy and a tight group of John C, William McD, Chris and Commodore James Baxter, regaining his mojo after a first race to forget. Guy passed Tim on the second beat to ease ahead and sailed nicely to lead until the finish. James Baxter worked the shifts best of all to move into second place followed by John C, Chris and a slightly disappointed Tim C, who had clearly buckled under the pressure of leading at such a prestigious event. Mark roundings provided unusual entertainment at times, with a couple of flying 15's demonstrating the power of momentum in clearing a path through a packed ILCA grouping.

Race 3 was over a trapezoid course in a building breeze, perhaps gusting to 12-14 knots, or 24 knots on the Nobleometer. The start can best be described as carnage for some (see photos) with a few impromptu capsizes and assorted tangles. A number of race hopes ended on the spot, although John C staged a remarkable comeback from being upside down on the gun to finish in 8th place. The left paid significantly on beat one (and each subsequent beat) allowing a tight bunch to squeeze away, led by Mike Bean around the top mark. The 3rd trapezoid downwind leg caught a few out in locating the mark allowing Tom Nash, sailing smart and straight, from 6/7th into the lead to extend nicely up the next beat. Tom then sailed flawlessly through to a very comfortable win. Behind him a group of 6/7 boats swapped positions over following laps until a final beat lefty put paid to the challenge of James B, while Tony suffered from having to throw some turns after a port/starboard. The legend that is Stick Daring held second place until the final leg when he was distracted by a couple walking their dog on the reservoir bank. Stopping for a quick chat cost him a place and allowed Chris through, followed by Stick, Mike Bean, and a fast-moving QM Laser Open champion Michael 'Micky' Pryer finally showing his true form.

Mixed fleet handicap racing delivers some unique challenges for sure when compared with one design fleet racing, and future races might trigger PTSD in some of our fleet - but it was racing all the same and we finished overall Chris/Tony/John C. The true winner though was undoubtedly Stick Daring, who was invited home for tea and cakes by the dog walking couple and invited to pitch his tent in their garden. If you haven't yet read his fabulous book, you're missing out. Visit

Overall Results:

PosClassSail NoHelmCrewHandicapR1R2R3Pts
1stRS200463Edward JonesRuth Law1047354.512.5
2ndILCA7214415Chris Ellyatt 110458215
3rdILCA7214610Tony Woods 1104111719
4thILCA75933John Curran 1104771226
5thMusto Skiff568Griff Tanner 8431921132
6thILCA7222201Guy Noble 11041811433
7thILCA7222559Steve Pears 1104916934
8thILCA7222558Tim Crook 11041091736
9thILCA7183153Mike Bean 110416184.538.5
10thRS200974Adam WickendenAnais Bramall10478221040
11thILCA74130Tom Nash 11042417142
12thILCA7135850Neil Peters 11042019342
13thILCA7215412Andy Omasta 110412122246
14thILCA7212201Dick Soderbury 110414131946
15thRS4001286Paul StainsbyJackie Wand‑Tetley94811201849
16thRS Aero74542Dan Venables 107364DNC51
17thILCA75380James Baxter 1104RET3853
18thILCA76367William Macdonald 110429101554
19thILCA7212396Adrian Elwood 110413212054
20thILCA72316# 11043023659
21stRS Aero74543Matt Venables 1073415DNC60
22ndRS4001432James AlsopSimon Edwards94817331363
23rdFlying 15 Silver3593Charles Wand‑TetleySteve Bell1036256DNC72
24thILCA7213616Bernardo Gollo 110423262877
25thILCA790Francesco Anichini 110427252678
26thILCA4216887Max Duggan 121328282379
27thILCA4219357Archie Duggan 121333311680
28thILCA7182230Harry Palmer 11042614DNC81
29thILCA78433Arkady Granic 110432242581
30thILCA73# 11042DNCDNC84
31stRS2001265Julie HarrisonMarion Heron10471530NSC87
32ndFlying 15 Silver3900Chris HarrisSarah White10362229DNC92
33rdRS4001134Andrew ColeJules Thorne94835.5322794.5
34thILCA7218279David Surkov 110434DNC2499
35thRS Feva XL7056Alexa FryAlistair Fry12483127DNC99
36thILCA74964Simon Sydenham 1104DNCDNC21103
37thILCA7207089Peter Young 110421DNCDNC103
38thILCA6163614Martin Duffy 115437NSC30109
39thRS7001041Simon Hawes 84539NSC29110
40thILCA757943Daniel Rieger 110435.534DNC110.5
41stHadron H2129Tim Hardy 104538DNCDNC120

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