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2024 fill-in (top)

Frensham Frenzy 2024

by Megan Pascoe 3 Mar 23:17 PST 3 March 2024
Frensham Frenzy 2024: Bruce Hill wins overall © Kate Hedley

I don't think you could say that this year's Frensham Frenzy was frenzied, but even light winds at Frensham fry brains. The forecast wasn't looking good but in true Frensham style everyone rigged and chose their boats for the conditions.

The Feva sailors decided to upgrade to RS200s as did one Cadet. Clive decided that he would put his big boy pants on and change to the big rig on the 100. Back to the ice and no windy early morning. It was very picturesque as there was steam coming off the boats and their was a mirror over the pond. Luckily we had Andy Shorrock as race officer and he postponed and rang the wind gods.

The wind filled in an hour or so later to a nice 5 knots. Nice is relative, but at Frensham you take what you can get. There's a reason why we have many National and World champions who have and do call Frensham home.

The races were started with Ned, Sam, Holly and Finn in their Cadets leading us off. The 2.4 group of Paul, Kate and Bruce stole the show (5-8 knots is what they do best) and wouldn't be caught by many all day. The Solos always go well with Simon Lomas Clarke winning the last race and special mention to John Barton who I would say was having a great day out. Nice to see a few GP14s out and Tony and Paul always make it go fast.

Special mention to Adrian and Nick for getting round both races and we hope to see them out more and more. The Lasers weren't many. Rebecca spent her day going round with Kat and Jen in the Enterprise. Edward swapped his Norfolk Punt for his Laser. Thalya and Jago were in the Radial rigs going round nicely. Hannah was showing some real improvement in the Europe leaving the Solos behind and nearly winning the first race.

The Larks saw Vicky off doing other things and letting John go and play with Andy for the day. Nigel and Matt in the other Lark were leading John and Andy for some of it. Next was out biggest contention of visitors with Sophie and Sammy in their Aeros from Maidenhead, Hilly in his K1 (although he is still Frensham in our minds) sailing under Datchet and Nigel in his new K1 up from Porchester.

The Pascoes had brought two Scorpions up from Castle Cove and Weir Wood and now at least some people can say they did what very few at Sailjuice could do and beat Sam at a pursuit race. Although with a single pole and me in the front I think he was slightly handicapped.

There wasn't much between the 200 fleet of Will, Will, Zoe, Mark, Monty and Immy and a group to watch when they are big enough to go and do the 200 National in a few years. Richard was the lonely Phantom although we are very much looking forward to the Phantom Open in April with e resurgence in fleet numbers.

It was tight for the top 4 overall with Simon and Paul in Solos and 2.4s respectively taking 3rd and 4th. Kate had a great day in the 2.4 coming back to Bruce many times and but for a boat length in the first race she could have won overall. But count back let Bruce take the win. Bruce spends a lot of time in second so it is nice that he finally took the trophy home.

Nothing happens without volunteers from the galley, to on the water, to entering the race results. Thanks to all and to the Commodore Rob for sorting the prize-giving and many other things throughout the day. Never trust a forecast you might just have a nice sunny day and the breeze does appear even in the most unlikely of synopsis.

Next we are looking forward to the Cadet Open in a couple of weeks.

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