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Zhik 2024 February Outlet - LEADERBOARD

ILCA 7 World Championship at Adelaide Sailing Club - Overall

by Harry Fisher, Down Under Sail 31 Jan 02:46 PST 24-31 January 2024

Australia's Matt Wearn claims back-to-back ILCA 7 World Championships after dominant Medal Race

Australia's Matt Wearn has put himself in the conversation as one of the top ILCA 7 sailors of all time after clinching his second ILCA 7 World Championship in the last 12 months after a big week of sailing in Adelaide.

Wearn had a consistent event from start to finish, only once falling outside the top six in any given race, and finished it off with a dominant victory in the 10-boat medal race today.

He said he had a great sense of relief after the win today and that it was also great to be able to celebrate the win with his Mum and Dad, who made the trip to Adelaide to support him.

"It's always pretty surreal this soon after the race, but I certainly got a few tingles there during the race as well, especially when I rounded the top mark in first," he said.

"I figured I obviously couldn't go into cruise control, but the job was almost half done then.

"It's surreal, to win a World Championship in itself is incredible, but to do it back-to-back and in the Olympic year as well makes it feel even more special.

"There's definitely a little bit more emotion in it being in Adelaide and in Australia, not many people can say they've had a home World Championship and this is probably as close as I'm gonna get to it, so it feels incredible."

The wins sets Wearn up neatly for the Paris Olympics as he eyes off the potential of back-to-back Olympic Gold Medals.

Finishing with Silver at this regatta was Norwegian Hermann Tomasgaard, who also had a consistent regatta and slid into second ahead of Great Britain's Micky Beckett on the penultimate day.

"I was guaranteed a medal and of course it always would have been a little bit annoying losing the second place, but at the end of the day my goal was to take a medal here," he said.

"So I was coming into today knowing I would be happy with whatever result, which is kind of a good feeling going into the medal race.

"I knew Micky (Beckett) and Matthew (Wearn) had been almost unbeatable all season last year, and now I finally managed to split those two up, but Matthew in the medal race was just unbeatable, he was going so quick off the line."

After a second at the 2023 World Championships at The Hague, Micky Beckett finished in Adelaide with a Bronze medal in what he said was a challenging medal race.

"Obviously everybody's come off the back of five pretty large days and today it's just one little last bit," he said.

"The race time is about 20 minutes where normally we have a target time of 50 minutes, so you cannot sit up for one second, it's a real bash and you just give it everything you've got.

"It's quite an unforgiving race, there's absolutely no space, no one's giving any quarter, but it's good fun to do because it's something different."

A number of sailors also earned Olympic qualification for their countries at this World Championship, pending formal confirmation by World Sailing, meaning Guatemala, Montenegro, Chile, Denmark, India, Turkey and Sweden will all be represented in Paris.

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Overall Results:

PosNatSail NoHelmQ1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6F1F2F3F4Medal RacePts
Gold Fleet
1stAUS199015Matt Wearn612213‑11124224
2ndNOR224454Hermann Tomasgaard111557163‑21434
3rdGBR210139Michael Beckett(30%)61311321221041
4thGER191131Philipp Buhl315511‑38109611465
5thNZL219921Thomas Saunders4119424913‑1931271
6thCYP212431Pavlos Kontides1438101012(BFD)518879
7thFRA216112Jean‑Baptiste Bernaz624611412‑1713101886
8thCRO216063Filip Jurišic23411615‑3931526691
9thIRL222017Finn Lynch846856(BFD)122191695
10thAUS219896Luke Elliott12510181018‑2051220101
11thNED223054Duko Bos111415102‑19131586 94
12thHUN213119Jonatan Vadnai13723(BFD)24102532 98
13thGUA211981Juan Maegli6105‑31113722727 98
14thGER211241Nik Aaron Willim19410755(BFD)27417 98
15thNZL214137George Gautrey330%318651411(BFD)20 99
16thPOR223215Eduardo Marques‑2966614112171018 99
17thCRO212013Tonci Stipanovic23613163102199‑51 101
18thGBR223102Sam Whaley710141772829(BFD)16 110
19thFIN222065Valtteri Uusitalo292122241‑35141414 112
20thAUS211556Ethan Mcaullay59182232826‑3613 115
21stMNE191715Milivoj Dukic16481487(BFD)162025 118
22ndAUS199088Zac Littlewood125164126(BFD)183215 120
23rdAUS214418Finn Alexander9711122826‑414177 121
24thCHI211771Clemente Seguel Lacámara253926142924‑4511 123
25thDEN210987Johan Lundgaard Schubert71118211323‑278185 124
26thIND218191Vishnu Saravanan151972696‑492833 125
27thITA216159Lorenzo Brando Chiavarini5201916422023‑3831 140
28thTUR213512Yigit Yalcin Citak517711201131‑422222 146
29thNOR218563Uffe Tomasgaard14141027328162511‑34 157
30thSWE219489Emil Bengtson13179198332843‑46 161
31stHKG171979Nicholas Halliday1713101910122‑443536 163
32ndFIN214111Kaarle Tapper1081914829173424‑40 163
33rdMAS214989Khairulnizam Mohd Afendy41528201205‑483141 165
34thBEL214116William De Smet291632‑312715213030 173
35thHUN213095Benjamin Vadnai152215730530‑352328 175
36thNOR223393Christoffer Srrlie4721624926‑474444 176
37thESP211710Joel Rodriguez Perez13535121415‑40322723 176
38thARG222111Francisco Guaragna Rigonat381715(BFD)1019333742 184
39thMNE224085Ilija Markovic18182411718443016‑47 186
40thCAN221811Luke Ruitenberg2151391640244040‑48 199
41stIRL216101Ewan Mcmahon2499633173636‑4129 199
42ndSGP222980Ryan Lo19302118232537‑4643 207
43rdESP211436Leopoldo Barreto Haschke10251418101623‑504249 207
44thUSA221715Ford Mccann261714(BFD)443731BFD24 209
45thGBR224124Daniel Whiteley109722(BFD)24BFD462619 215
46thUSA218131Marshall Mccann7331217212232‑393438 216
47thARG222148Facundo Olezza12(DSQ)123132234DSQ3337 218
48thSUI191817Gauthier Verhulst830111225174338(BFD)39 223
49thPUR214311Pedro Fernandez1716454027‑42413935 224
50thAUS198098Stefan Elliott‑Shircore16182094212(BFD)432945 234
51stTUR191719Berkay Abay22351821693845(BFD)50 244
Silver Fleet
52ndESP211309Joaquin Blanco Albalat926174‑34291276 101
53rdSLO214148Zan Luka Zelko211625‑28711913161 119
54thGER224211Nico Naujock25151310%‑42187129 131
55thSWE222506Ludvig Lindqvist33820(BFD)1681324510 137
56thNOR224254Theodor Middelthon2619(DSQ)21153185103 138
57thITA221118Dimitri Peroni143521(BFD)32648919 139
58thGER223181Julian Hoffmann172533(BFD)26292342 141
59thFIN224484Nooa Laukkanen‑381181429281172312 143
60thGBR219895James Percival‑Cooke‑372428112821186615 157
61stECU197116Matias Dyck2320333122166‑4935 159
62ndTHA213137Arthit Mikhail Romanyk11‑35238213010231421 161
63rdFRA203855Alexandre Boite182316241413201631‑43 175
64thGRE210600Anastasios Panagiotidis2626262521326‑391814 176
65thDEN218174Nikolaj Borch222138233312512‑3922 188
66thJPN204996Yoshihiro Suzuki2223241920‑4314181929 188
67thGER221387Justin Barth2823‑442210%30341117 189
68thGER211217Tim‑Felipe Conradi2712312535‑421231124 189
69thPOR217531Santiago Sampaio112531321524‑42152611 190
70thUSA218111Chapman Petersen30271920325371021‑42 192
71stCHN211513Ning Zhao35322923‑4162917813 192
72ndGBR221582Finley Dickinson‑32102117293219252220 195
73rdESA210211Enrique Arathoon161229(BFD)312117212923 199
74thBRA171171Bruno Fontes32‑362213271421112733 200
75thCRO222212Bruno Gaspic20192213(BFD)2131192531 201
76thGER191899Philip Walkenbach83130‑443335389118 203
77thCAN217218Michael Leigh27272027171525‑382025 203
78thITA219281Giacomo Musone341325(BFD)293515261716 210
79thCAN178611Fillah Karim243126193625‑41291517 222
80thCAN216264Ryan Anderson182433322714304(BFD)44 226
81stUSA199796Malcolm Lamphere252134(BFD)362834141324 229
82ndBER222411Campbell Patton2331262625‑392736308 232
83rdCZE221935Ondrej Teply21221729(BFD)3124204327 234
84thJPN217704Haruto Kuroda‑4612397322339223330 237
85thCAN215011Liam Bruce21381524307‑48274134 237
86thSWE216181Wilhelm Kark2418273018204034(BFD)28 239
87thAUS181887Sam King20292726‑361922333236 244
88thGRE221449Georgios Papadakos122016(BFD)27193237BFD35 250
89thGRE212521Dimitris Papadimitriou1914284217312845‑4626 250
90thAUS217316Michael Compton1532231522303543‑4439 254
91stCAN219066Norman Struthers403822231926163536‑41 255
92ndBER223238Sebastian Kempe34286184038363224(DNC) 256
93rdUSA157851Leo Boucher92830%15(RET)2043403440 256
94thJPN216228Kazumasa Segawa‑40293234351723282832 258
95thLTU223708Martis Pajarskas433327132518‑44303538 262
96thISR214931Maor Ben Harosh283432201237‑45423745 287
97thAUS221956Isaac Schotte31261830(BFD)4433484237 309
98thARG220573Juan Pablo Cardozo3624(UFD)29232447443848 313
99thMON221812Jeremy Moutout314030302334464640‑47 320
100thCRO219759Stipe GaspicSPI4137289165051(DNC)46 323
101stTHA211027Chusitt Punjamala4944312812135150(DNC)DNC 330
102ndAUS217539Lachie Weber424232241337494745(RET) 331
Bronze Fleet
103rdLCA214113Luc Chevrier3921‑402639251423 160
104thAUS219891Lawson Mcaullay20RDG34‑3934364211 161
105thUSA221611Daniel Escudero343324(BFD)34343172 172
106thNZL218101Luke Cashmore313444(BFD)9336745 173
107thCAN217718James Juhasz28133839‑434026311 180
108thDEN222816Andreas Krabbe‑Christensen3037383320‑415566 180
109thNZL219221Luke Deegan3322‑422737321031212 188
110thNZL212259Caleb Armit322923‑414133161197 201
111thAUS222155Jack Eickmeyer303237(BFD)48447854 215
112thJPN220186Kenji Nanri35‑36343110%27242988 224
113thFIN215016Fredrik Westman‑40363532282822161415 226
114thNZL220054Dylan Forsyth3637403817‑4312211617 234
115thAUT191101Clemens Kuebber4344‑4635154615221113 244
116thIVB208841Thad Lettsome33303625‑393621192524 249
117thUSA222516James Golden4740253742(DSQ)19101023 253
118thAUS166789Edward Reid27‑442934194427233616 255
119thSAM216199Eroni Leilua‑4441433737322313219 256
120thAUS224626Will Sargent‑4743354045359271810 262
121stCAN191126Ben Flower35413633‑453611122434 262
122ndCHI214730Ricardo Seguel Lacámara3842‑4744442214142919 266
123rdDEN218709Kenneth Frederiksen373430(BFD)313713253437 278
124thSGP214170Wonn Kye Lee4443‑4536323420241927 279
125thUSA200404Robby Meek3939‑4240304130202318 280
126thSRB203013Nikola Banjac39374143434689(BFD)21 287
127thAUS222421Patrick Scally41453929‑464528172231 297
128thNZL222172George Pilkington2546443524462628(BFD)33 307
129thCHN211313Yulong Qiu382736(BFD)18332530DNCDNC 309
130thAUS217820Daniel Costandi36384638‑483918263236 309
131stBAH213428Joshua Higgins41(DSQ)4737465017422014 314
132ndAUS209514Alexander Bijkerk424243‑45244029313132 314
133rdAUS221522Julian Taylor453945383838321527(DNC) 317
134thITA221411Valerio Cassanmagnago4647484539(RET)44181520 322
135thBER215024Malcolm Benn Smith3740433538‑4835373325 323
136thIND212161Mohit Saini414539332142363240(DNC) 329
137thAUS223666Tom Holmes4345‑4746264531362838 338
138thAUS211566Thomas Farley‑48394143444533343030 339
139thJPN208222Ao Higuchi4248423437‑4940442628 341
140thAUS216359Otto Henry454649(DNC)494239391722 348
141stCHN221231Jindong Kong484740414441374013(DNS) 351
142ndAUS217361Patrick Cummin46‑474636383942413726 351
143rdAUS216366Hamish Gilsenan4546‑4942354338383529 351
144thJPN217058Shusuke Takeuchi474341(BFD)474741333835 372
145thAUS221957Hamish Crabb4949374641473435(DNC)DNC 389
146thAUS202847John Gordon‑50494939474745464240 404
147thAUS224558Steve Gunther484848484048434339(DNS) 405
148thUKR216369David Surkov50505048‑514946474139 420
149thJPN220060Yuta Irie495048405048484843(DNC) 424
150thAUS224557James Quentin Burns5048454750494745(RET)RET 432
151stAUS199224Chris Thorpe‑515151474950494944DNS 441
152ndPOL213213Vincent Peter‑5151504943505050DNCDNC 445

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