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2024 Tasar World Championships Sandringham Yacht Club, Victoria, Australia - Overall

by Ben Solly 8 Jan 23:36 PST 3-9 January 2024

It is not unusual for citizens of Melbourne to start a conversation with a reflection on the weather, it's actually a sport in its self to predict what will the day will bring and what has happened?

Our city of Melbourne has rolled out all seasons... Hats off to every sailor as they have managed the amazing range of weather thrown at them over the series. But today was Port Phillip at its best with a perfect uninterrupted southerly race track with an oscillating 12 to 15 knot breeze. All final 3 races hit off with un bias lines and clear starts, switching on game face immediately as the class flag was dropped. Each side showed promise and spikes of brilliance but it was never for long... Together with constant gear changing, trim, working the varying sea states, the current, pressure and angle, today's racing injected all sailors with emotions of a text book yacht race. We say yacht racing is one of the highest decision making disciplines in the sporting platform, and today was no exception.

USA2981 Dr Beverly Jonathan Mckee and Libby Johnson Mckee displayed extreme consistency and calculated professionalism throughout the whole series, an incredible result in winning the Championship. Their best race a 3rd and worst a 13th they approached every race as a new beginning and managed each start with what was delivered. Congratulations to Jonathan and Libby.

AUS2967 Skippy, Harrison Sly and Zara Challis were an outstanding second overall, they are a powerful example of the new and younger generation of sailors, I watched them burst off the start line at the port end of race 8. Their boat was shinning with energy and performance, they sailed flat and fast working ever available gust and wave, their trim was perfect! 50 metres away on the media vessel I could felt their passion and will to take control... and they did just that to convincingly win that race and race 10. Bravo you two, we look forward to experiencing your next sailing challenge.

AUS2976 Magic, Chris Dance and Peter Hacket can only be described as the silent achievers, Chris and Pete are polite gentleman where there experience and preparation has developed an internal confidence to earn a position at the top. There Race 7 was notable by a calculated downwind comeback chopping out 20 places from 24th to 4th by picking an early gybe to take clear air all the way to the bottom gate.

There have been so many wonderful stories across the championship, but family and friendships are the clear winners. I have played Beau Outteridges Day 3 highlight many times. Koki and Yuu's happiness is infectious, the supportive culture of the Tasar community is also infectious... I love the thought of every human being smiling at each other for no reason !

Congratulations to all sailors... we hope all visitors have enjoyed our hospitality and thank you for visiting Sandringham Yacht Club, our state and our country. Take care with your travels home. There are a couple of things that make our sport of sailing a stand out, we never age out... leaving a life of experiences to continually grow and when we travel you can always guarantee a warm welcome by visiting a yacht club.

Overall Results:

PosBow NoSail NoBoat NameHelmCrewClubNatR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10Pts
1812981DR BEVERLYJonathan MckeeLibby Johnson MckeeSYC/CYCUSA344545[8][13]3331
2762976SKIPPYHarrison SlyZara ChallisSYCAUS7[12]52[48]11219138
3802980MAGICChris DancePeter HackettSYCAUS9[11]24114442[20]40
4702970PIEWACKETJames SlyEliza SollySYCAUS13[35][25]2314145446
51122982OLEJay RenehanLisa RenehanSYCUSA[108B]10786[20]2715863
6482948BLUEROCKJon HolroydTom JohnstonSYCAUS65[48][50]10626261273
7312971BALANCEMark BulkaOliver BulkaMcCraeAUS[108B]217[45]3159329583
8972994ROCINANTEAlyosha Strum‑PalermAnalucia ClarksonSYCUSA517151712[27][45]101784
9252969WACHeather MacfarlaneChris PayneSYCAUS11833[31]820625[32]84
10922992MAGIC ELEMENTRick LongbottomDarryl BentleyRANSA/CYC/GRSCAUS8631[33]1311[48]208299
11282848COOLLITRobert DouglassNicole DouglassJBSC/CYCAUS[108B]181211713[22]122016109
12302930TOO SHIFTYLachlan HeathCarmen WalkerMBSCAUS[108B]11437525427[108Q]113
1362983SKOOKUMMichael KarasMolly KarasSYCUSA107618[48Y][41]782831115
14572857ROLL YOUR OWNCraig McpheeWayne HaleGACAUS13132913[30][108B]1616169125
15962398DOPPIOStasi BurzyckiSophia KasperPMYCUSA2142630[33]19259[34]6131
16872987MEGAPTERA IISatoshi KamiSaori KamiHMYCJPN[78][50]1117121223148133
1772907RUBYBrad JonesAllegra JonesSYCAUS16[37]1091533[38]151917134
18222842MANGO CHILLIJoshua FaddyPaula CumminsBSCAUS1792321[35]10[52]113015136
19712871RIDGIGIDGEStephen CockerillSarah CockerillSBSCGBR12222112[37]21[31]181813137
20992799A TEAMAaron LintonJay WhittemTscAUS41540[42]138[43]29410141
21442844BUS RIDEDavid ChapmanEliza DavisRSYS/ SYCAUS15[39]2231[52]911341311146
22912991RIDGIDIDGEPaul RidgwayBronwyn RidgwaySYCAUS[108B]24[28]148718252725148
23162916SUPER BADChris LanzingerMolly LanzingersycUSA[108B]30[108U]32362515211014183
24112911ANOTHER ROADYPeter DaviesPia Lehtonen‑DaviesBSCAUS26328622[108B]3531[41]38198
2552941AL CAPITANAlistair MurrayMischa SudaSYCAUS28[54]38740[70]27192219200
26882392CRUZNEllie UngarJackson MccoyCYCUSA1820273619[108B][47]243224200
271112811DEFINITE MAYBEAlan RileyGeoff SmithMcC YCAUS39231826421713[45][49]28206
28662966GOOD NOT GOODLuke OwenMegan RidgwayHYCAUS2544[53]41231417[46]2418206
291082968REBEL REBELClaire MeddSimon MeddSYCAUS192716[40]39[59]39273321221
301032703WORKING DOGMat HimsonCarly PotterSYC / PMYCAUS2119[54]512840[73]52145230
31522852FAR OUTMurray O'BrienLiam O'BrienMcCYCAUS[47]3836462635[62]171227237
3232903VIVACEBrad StephensJennifer OvertonGRSCAUS3129[42]27[70]2328323739246
33232823GOES TO 11Philip PotterArmando DistefanoSYCAUS41[108C]1934204921[75]1452250
3442904CRACKER JACKChristopher BatenburgLeo BatenburgDSCAUS27[52][46]28323129263546254
35642964RATZ3Gary RatcliffeRobyn RatcliffeGRSCAUS14[108Q]3252[57]1856402322257
36832883SMACPeter DavisKaren DavisRYCTAUS4016[49]1918[57]49494226259
37752972WINDFIXStephan HeimImmanuel SchwickertPbYCGER2035332054[108B][65]354540282
38242924LODDON CALLINGChas ThompsonPeter MartinCCSCAUS23216339[73]50[76]302635287
391092749HA‑CHANAkihiro MoritaTomoyo MoritainageJPN4456[108U]222729352[63]56289
40212861PRIMEYuya NakamuraTatsuya YamadaWSCJPN[74][81]2015473271361753291
41172617WAIMUKABOUTAndrew MartinAurelia MartinSBSCAUS46363716[50]34[74]394443295
42392829AMATURE HOURJeremy HawkinsSuzanne HawkinsPorthpean SCGBR46G[60]4524[53]5341471129296
43742984POOKADerek BottlesBecca GalferSYCUSA2234344414[108B][66]575244301
44452192SWEET POTAYTOIan TaylorWilliam TaylorHSCAUS3828[108U]4325365348[56]30301
45942826AQUAPLANETom CobdenToby ClarkeAWYCAUS2931304841[108B]37[58]4642304
4692709JPN2709Yuu FujimotoKoki TakahashiNAJPN53571329662232[93][75]34306
47602860UNLEASHEDDean DixonRoger JacksonGBYCAUS45255038[71]4510[62]4860321
48592959DESTINOMahoro SekiguchiRyo UematsuHMYCJPN545891055[108B]24[63]5458322
49562956THE WEEKENDNeil LongWendy HideSPASCAUS37[78]52602430[63]385923323
50102710TRUE BLEWAndy WhartonJade ColeJBSC/IYCAUS3049[108U]354658592340[108R]340
511192719LA BRIZE BLEUMitsuteru IshikawaAtsushi InoueHOKKOJPN5041[108U]2379[108B]6555336343
521161016DUCK N WEAVEMegan ThomsonFergus ThomsonRNZYSNZL5140[108U]61[63]2451373850352
53132913THE HONEYMOONJordan ComminsMadeleine ComminsSYCAUS3326[60][65]584860435537360
54472847SLAM DUNCNatalie GrayIngrid VinotGRSCAUS43452564[74]373359[65]61367
55772977EDGE OF EQUANIMITYJohn BalassHeather FortonBSCAUS[108B]6241[84]804423534333379
56382748JPN2748Takashi YonemotoTomoyuki MiyashitaDelamancha YCJPN[108B]72247329[108B]19714755390
57952687PTERANODONBrian JohnsonJenny SorensenNATAUSA[108B][108C]1177341658766159392
58822882IN THE GROOVEKym FlintKaren WestlakeWSCAUS3233[73]5745[108B]70445767405
59852885ICEBERGTim AlexanderStephen PennyNSCAUS3548[82]494464445470[78]408
60192819FIREFLYDerek HadwenLaurie HoffmanbscAUS[108B]43[80]74622630606651412
61552598WHY NOT?Mark ReedKate LanzingerCYCUSA345539[78]613961[74]7272433
62142954FEARLESS FROGLudovic LabatMarie LabatSYCFRA244261[79]60[108B]69693975439
63502950JOUSTRod WarrenJeff CasleySycAUS[108B]7059[83]98242508049441
64582658CRISPDennis DixonZac BruceGBYCAUS56[74]4747644272[77]6057445
65182818UNDER PRESSUREKen WallerCj WallerGBYCAUS576555[76]56[75]46416462446
66612461FRENCH CONNECTIONJonathan RossJacqueline BangeCYCTAUS69476259[108C]55546850[108R]464
67402830OOGY WAWAStuart TempletonNicole KidmanSomerton YCAUS[108B][108U]6956657684283664478
68652965INDEFENSIBLEBernard StreaterVan James StreaterGRCSAUS[108B]68[84]63677940565847478
69262926CHUCKLING AGAINGreg HeathJudy HeathMBSCAUS63616762[81]286470[71]66481
70512993HEI HEIDamien SmithLorelei Barnes‑SmithMBSCAUS625371[97]217779[89]7954496
71682868BOBSteven FloydVivienne FloydMcCYCAUS[108B]5964[82]786377645141497
72722872ELUSIVENeil TemperleyDavid TemperleyDACAUS42694366[82]60[92]796870497
73902990COOL CHANGEMalcolm HandelBeatriz CalveteNSCAUS6663[78][94]776550337771502
74462946SUMMER LOVERichard MackinnonTony CreakRPPYCAUS[108R]7377[87]434336828365502
75342734SOMETHING COOLMurray SpiersDerek BrookerSYCAUS5867747049467867[84][83]509
76332323MISSION IMPOSSIBLEPhilip SchwarzMaureen CooperSYCAUS64764453694768[94]91[93]512
77792579LOST IN TRANSLATIONInnes KirkwoodSarah MccullySYCAUS59[83]5175[108F]5180516780514
78412905JEDI MIND TRICKSOllie RoodhouseBen RoodhouseGBYCAUS36466568[90]83[86]617684519
7910526052605Nana OkimuraYuki KasedaSSCJPN65[108F]855875[108B]55656273538
80632963SAIL A VIEBlaise VinotKate VinotHSCAUS52667072515275[108C][108C]108C546
811152790QUICK STICKSDaniel MccutcheonClaire GustavssonSsYCAUS6164566768[108B]818373[88]553
8227777LET IT GOJamie RichardsonLeigh RichardsonSYCAUS48517669[91]746786[87]86557
83542854WATER RATCary PediciniPat PediciniSYCAUS73[108C]5855766282[87]8574565
84422742HYDROFOBIKJohn LawtonSarah AllenBCSCGBR[108B]8283713858N[88]817876567
85492349LIKE LIGHTNINGChris JohnsonPetra JohnsonGRSCAUS71[86]818183563485[95]81572
861002800SPLIT PERSONALITYFelix DuellMatilda FieldSYCAUS708457[93]8484[108R]727479604
872902LOTIONS & POTIONSSeb Van AakenWilliam BrownHSCAUS497587898771[96][95]9263613
88152915ZAILINGTrevor DateSammual NashMOFSCAUS5571798672[108B][108C]669492615
89432943COPTHATCampbell MartinEmma MartinSafety BeachAUS[108B]7786805972[94]738187615
90531953SHINDIGJosh GriffithOliver Van Der SlotSYCAUS678772[91]8673[108R]846985623
9112601DREADNAUGHTAndrew HaysReuben HaysPYCAUS64N80[108C][108C]108C6689808268637
92692569DR SUESSFiona McmanusDarren WatkinsDSCAUS[108B]916685[108C]7857908889644
93322532DITTOPeter ListrupVirginia AyliffeTANSWAUS68799292926791[96][96]82663
94732843JACLynden RobertsKatrina HarrisSsYCAUS7290[93]88886987[99]8690670
95892789HIGH MAINTENANCEIan ScholesDoina Canta‑HillSYCAUS[108B]9375[95]898090928977685
96982898FALKORMeika WrightSean AhernDSCAUS[108B]8568549461[108C]108C108C108C686
97861886FRANKSGIFTPeter WardeFiona ChisholmDACAUS75948896858593[100][98]95711
98372890WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNERPaul StampHolly SavageESC \ HSCAUS769291909386[97][98]9794719
99202320RED E SET GO!Rod AustinMary MccauleySYCAUS778890[108R][108C]108B95919391733
100361836HIGH NOTEBrian ClarkeMartin BurdESCAUS[108R][108C]9498108C6885889996736
1011012901BLAYSERWarren BlayAshton BlayMOFSCAUS[108R]8989999581[108Q]78108C108C747
102622642YUGEEIsobel BuchananRobert BuchananSYCAUS[108C][108C]108C108C108C108B83979069771
103292729EXPRESSODan FlynnJennifer FlynnCYCAUS[108C][108C]108C108C108C108C108C108C108C108C864
10382608RENEGADESean HoganWill HoganSYCAUS[108C][108C]108C108C108C108C108C108C108C108C864
103117917ROCKETSHIPNick WatsonJamie WatsonSYCAUS[108R][108C]108C108C108C108C108C108C108C108C864
1031212691SPONGE BOBDieter CreitzSam Bushsyc/cycUSA[108C][108C]108C108C108C108C108C108C108C108C864
103122942PETRAMatthew PatonJohn HooperSYCAUS[108C][108C]108C108C108C108C108C108C108C108C864

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