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PredictWind: The perfect complement to your Starlink

by PredictWind 18 Sep 00:48 PDT
Power Usage Starlink © Predictwind

We at PredictWind are thrilled to announce our latest initiative that aims to reshape the way mariners use their communications devices. Recognizing the importance of power, safety, redundancy, and speed in offshore internet connectivity, we are introducing GO! exec 5MB plan which is the perfect companion to those using Starlink at sea.

Starlink's advanced satellite communication paired with the GO! exec offers unmatched redundancy offshore. Now, with the GO! exec and our new 5MB plan, sailors can benefit from hourly GPS tracking around the clock, using minimal power. Safety remains of paramount importance, and we're proud that the GO! exec's emergency capabilities provide both safety and peace of mind, making this package a value proposition that's hard to resist.

Launching at an attractive price point of US$69.95 per month, the GO! exec 5MB plan has been tailored as an emergency backup for Starlink users, offering a number of tangible benefits:

Power Efficiency: With Starlink's notable power consumption, having it on continuously isn't feasible on most boats. For services requiring 24/7 communication, such as GPS tracking, AI polars, and the PredictWind Anchor App, the GO! exec - consuming a mere 5W - is the ideal choice. This minimizes power usage and allows Starlink to be switched on only when needed.

Emergency Preparedness: A power outage or lightning strike can render Starlink ineffective. In such critical scenarios, the GO! exec's backup battery can be a lifesaver, especially with its dedicated satellite voice capabilities, ensuring you're never left stranded

Robustness and Reliability: The GO! exec boasts an IP65 waterproof rating, standing in stark contrast to Starlink's routers and antennas, which have a comparatively lower rating and susceptibility to failure in challenging conditions. Furthermore, Starlink's functionality can be compromised in heavy rainfall.

More details about the GO! exec 5MB Safety Plan are available on our website.

PredictWind is a leading provider of accurate forecasts and advanced marine weather tools, offering innovative solutions for marine users and adventurers across the globe.

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