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Selden 2020 - LEADERBOARD

Savills Gill UK Optimist Open National Championships 2023 at Weymouth & Portland Sailing Academy

by S Ramus, B Welfare, A Kerr & S Wright 18 Aug 10:40 PDT

Main fleet - Seniors and Juniors

Last week we saw the Savills Gill Optimist Open and National Championships held at the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy. After a week of storms and carnage at the 29er Worlds we were wondering what Portland would have in store for us. However, the forecast looked good and as the sailors started to set up, the warm August sun started to shine.

The format again this year was for four fleets: two main fleets (Junior and Senior) and two regatta fleets, coached and racing. The great thing about the Oppie Nationals is that there is something for everyone. The number of sailors competing was up 20% on last year and has bounced back above pre-Covid levels, with 276 sailors competing from 11 countries. I was great to see 15 youngsters from the USA.

Day 1 saw a gentle 8-12 knots with star performances in the seniors coming from Felix Garlick who nailed the shifts and took the first race by some way. Leo Gosling from Lymington got the second and Ties De Ruiter from The Netherlands took the third. The Junior Fleet demonstrated some great race strategy with a lot of place-changing, eventually, Finn Ramus from Hayling took the first race, Patrick Di Salle the second race and Charles GANIVET of France the third.

Day 2 AKA "Big Tuesday" was set to test the mettle. Racing started in 20-25knts but by the final leg of the 3rd race the committee were getting readings topping out at 31knts - proving that Oppie kids are made of the right stuff. Maurits Melens of The Netherlands, showed the Brits how it's done with a convincing 1,2,1 while the legendary Lila Edwards taking the 2nd in the Seniors. The Juniors was Finn Ramus's with a 1,3,1 with Jonny Rodgers, again from Lymington, showing what he's got what it takes in a big breeze, taking the 2nd race.

The safety boat teams were kept busy, picking up any sailors who retired from the racing and ensuring they were safe and warm. Anyone out on the water on Tuesday would have been impressed by the spirit and determination shown by all the sailors in challenging conditions. To reduce the length of the long beat back to shore PRO Ian Bullock wisely finished the final races at the windward mark. Even so, many of the sailors could barely pull their boats up the rain-drenched slip, a testament to how hard they had worked during five hours on the water.

Day 3 was back to sun and lighter summer breezes. It was great to see so much place changing at the top with Dylan, Joe and Ties all taking a bullet-a-piece. In the Juniors, Charles GANIVET, Luca Nueschen of the USA and Maeve Donagh of the Republic of Ireland all took line honours, as the leading British sailors realised that their overseas friends were going to be tough to beat in the light stuff.

Day 4 and Ian Bullock the PRO made the call to head to Weymouth Bay, knowing this was the best chance to get out all week. On arrival the race committee found a good sea running and building breeze and by the time the seniors set off there was 10-12 knts of beautiful sailing breeze and a tricky chop to work with. The first race of the day was won Ties de Ruiter in Seniors and Charles GANIVET in Juniors. Sadly, the thermal breeze then cancelled the pressure and course was reset in the harbour. The Race Management Team worked quickly to fit in two more races in a shifting breeze and late afternoon sunshine.

In the Seniors, Ties took race 11 with Worlds team member, Hugo Fletcher, taking race 12. In the Juniors, Maeve got her second bullet of the championship and Charles GANIVET won the final race of the day before the fleet headed home after a long day on the water.

Day 5 again saw a lighter breeze with the smaller sailors making big gains, especially in the Junior Fleet. Dylan Creighton took the first 2 races in Seniors leaving him just to sail Joe Wimpory down the fleet to win the regatta. The American sailors were especially strong on the final day, with Daniel Skutch Tyson taking the first race and Pedro Irurita the second race in Junors. Ben McEwan from Lymington took the 15th and final race. Final positions in Juniors, saw France's Charles GANIVET take first place with Arthur Baker of Spain in 2nd and Maeve Donagh in 3rd. The first Brit was Finn Ramus.

Racing Regatta fleet

On Monday morning, after a briefing with Race Officer Imogen Gibb, more than 60 eager Racing Regatta Fleet sailors launched on time, certain where they were going thanks to their distinct yellow committee boat. Sun and wind greeted them in the harbour and racing quickly got under way. Two races and in for lunch, then a further two races as the wind picked up. It was a long beat home but sailor's spirits were lifted by the company of dolphins as they entered the marina. Charlie Holland started in style winning three out of the four races on day one.

Tuesday dawned with considerably more wind. After a briefing, and rendition of Happy Birthday for the RO, the fleet launched. Everyone showed great determination with 49 sailors completing the race which was won by Sean di Salle. With the wind building, Imogen made the sensible decision for no further racing and sailors returned to shore - many thanks to the safety boat teams who then headed out to offer extra support to Main fleet.

On Wednesday, the RO got six races in with two breaks for 1st and 2nd lunches on the water and support from ribs afterwards to put lids back on tubs and rescue hats. There was sun and wind, and a good day was had by all.

On Thursday there was less wind. After a helpful session from the jury about racing rules, the fleet launched to their race area in the centre of the harbour, as main fleet headed out to the bay. It was a tricky day as the wind shifted around and then finally settled to give 5 races and 4 wins for Charlie Holland (GBR 6454). Zoe Green's win was followed by an impressive celebratory dance!

For the final day, there was a gentle breeze, allowing for 4 more races and arrival ashore by 14:30 ready for pack up and prize-giving. Charlie Holland cemented his victory, with Sean Di Salle in 2nd and Finn Byrne taking the win in the final race of the event to finish 3rd, despite an emergency rudder replacement on Thursday. Kornelia Pajak, from the UAE, was 4th overall, 1st girl and 1st international sailor.

It was excellent week of sailing for all the sailors, with huge progress and lots of individual ups and downs experienced across the fleet. Thank you to Race Officer Imogen Gibb and her committee boat team - a 20-race series all started on P flag is quite an achievement! Many thanks also to Safety Lead Steve Davis and his teams, as well as beachmaster and the shore team for making it such a success.

Coached Regatta fleet

Racing at large National Championships can, for the uninitiated, be a daunting experience. Coached regatta is the Optimist introduction to big event sailing, helping the youngest sailors gain confidence and knowledge to tackle the big racecourses and 70+ boat fleets in the future. For the 2023 IOCA Nationals, 36 sailors aged between 7 and 10 yrs headed to the hallowed waters of Portland Harbour for their first taste of Nationals sailing. Guided by 12 experienced coaches they worked hard to refine their skills and push themselves, sometimes out of their comfort zones, to complete a series of five races on the same course as Racing Regatta sailors.

Day one and two proved a tough introduction to the week with winds over 20 knots, all sailors did especially well just to get out sailing. Tuesday afternoon proved to be the windiest of the week with winds over 25 knots and much to the super-keen Xenia Hudson's disappointment no sailing took place. Rigging and paddle races provided opportunities for the sailors to form friendships that will last for longer than they sail Optimists.

Wednesday brought a three-day spell of sun with gentle breezes, perfect to establish a routine of race training in the morning and joining the big racecourse in the afternoon. Well done to all that managed their first Nationals races. Winner of the series was Konstancja Pajak, of Poland, who's awareness and ability to judge the lay line in to the windward mark always saw her in the top few upwind. Most improved sailor went to Billy Bubb who charmed the coaches with his determination and enjoyment for sailing.

IOCA would like to say a huge thank you to WPNSA for hosting the event, the Race Officers Ian Bullock and Imogen Gibb, to the race management teams and to all the volunteers who organised the event and help run it so smoothly. Also, a massive thank you to our ever-important sponsors for their commitment and support of Optimist sailing - Savills, Gill, Xtremity Sports, Spinlock, AR design Studio Architects, Pinnell & Bax, Marlow Ropes and Predictwind.

See you on 5-9 August 2024, at the Welsh National Sailing Academy, in Pwllheli for another memorable Savills Gill Optimist British and Open Championship.

Main fleet Senior Results:

Audrey Spalding Trophy British Under 14 - GBR 6632 Eliana Edwards
ORCA Senior Girl Trophy - GBR 6632 Eliana Edwards
Otter Trophy 1st Overseas Senior Girl - BAH 114 Eliza Denning
Platt Tophy Best Senior Boy - GBR 6630 Dylan CREIGHTON
Overseas Senior Boy Plate - NED 3444 Ties de Ruiter
Overseas Senior Severine Rees Jones Trophy - NED 3444 Ties de Ruiter
Optimist National Champion Trophy - GBR 6630 Dylan CREIGHTON
British Open Champion - GBR 6630 Dylan CREIGHTON
Spencer Trophy British Under 14 - GBR 6632 Eliana Edwards
Top Boys - GBR 6630 Dylan CREIGHTON
Top Girls - GBR 6632 Eliana Edwards

PosNatSail NoNameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12R13R14R15Pts
1stGBR6630Dylan Creighton3292871131‑1815511‑6768
2ndGBR6608Joe Wimpory8448723134(DSQ)3427‑7078
3rdNED3444Ties de Ruiter1251‑47‑5132128112317287
4thGBR6632Eliana Edwards697‑191115542621574‑1793
5thNED3440Joost Pfeiffer1371556127106‑356‑22936105
6thGBR6620Lila Edwards‑218871519‑291212312568106
7thNED3472Maurits Melens5142121881026‑3310148‑27109
8thGBR6531Hugo Fletcher76621161926529‑36162‑31126
9thBAH114Eliza Denning4‑2934532115172424‑362879164
10thGBR6612Dirk Rogers111323334142118‑4327268‑617178
11thGBR6496Leo Gosling915‑4626847397581545‑68179
12thGBR6628Harry Draper19211726‑481717174‑302942511189
13thNED3475Maud van Rooij262214646‑409‑491982520314194
14thNED3476Felix Mulder181511179‑251019221322111716‑30200
15thIRL1663Lily Donagh1510403931‑422252624625(NSC)18243
16thNED3453Lenno Leefmans272834222424‑382315319‑5012103244
17thUSA6576Amelie Mudry2173027‑343313‑363491019182414250
18thGBR6547Thomas Dempsey3131249(DNF)20301121‑5491723919254
19thGBR6618William Moss17‑402116122725282931‑427191410256
20thGBR6624Andrew Perratt16232025253118241314‑351322‑5123267
21stGBR6635Freya Hutchinson30181612102231131421‑43‑39392129276
22ndIRL1668Rory Whyte‑4230‑4815133420421981728291226293
23rdGBR6517Thomas Saunders37122923‑39(BFD)291627101623273215296
24thNED3438Luc van Rooij‑44‑4427101510162033363033322312297
25thGBR6621Hector Davies1419132930379(UFD)(UFD)51227241571305
26thFRA2658Rose Kelly24(DNF)28‑4342391525352539921251328
27thGBR6298Thomas Knight22473138(DNC)(DNC)63236111318133724328
28thGBR6623Ollie Atkin28‑4124182892337‑52171434373625330
29thUSA22483Benjamin White3211‑6945‑503512332516284830115331
30thUSA23153Ethan Wenokur2532371321184126‑632337‑56163413336
31stGBR6586Sebby Bailey‑453518111830343438344114(BFD)1328348
32ndUSA18490Kaden Virag20343934(DNF)112418372020‑49434122363
33rdAUS1858Lottie Griffith3616362427(DNC)351240282340‑562036373
34thNED3474Eefje Lemmers332526301416‑7039‑46462130332835376
35thIRL1670Max OHare354535283343‑46409151837(BFD)3321392
36thGBR6410Amelia Kent3826‑52402021282716‑492545471845396
37thGBR6574William McEwen10361014402337312341747(DNC)(DNC)DNC405
38thGBR6600Laragh Epstein‑473946203744‑691431443124312237420
39thUSA22473Bennett Glennon404222‑63174533‑5830455035103920428
40thUSA22862Mia Noritake‑5520(ZFP)322314454132273454494233446
41stUSA19149Nikolas Wiggins2924193344135050‑584738414419(UFD)451
42ndHKG255Jai Mutreja4346333766(DNC)444620(BFD)2644112942487
43rdBER87Evan Davis5427419192949‑60‑57524557404432498
44thGBR6349Felix Garlick131‑61482228574861374732(BFD)4651509
45thGBR6242Jacob Jull56484244‑60412738‑60574029263541524
46thGBR6610Nia Byrne623738(DNC)(DNC)DNC32307394916BFD5216550
47thIRL1604Fionn Hayes59‑65456232475544‑69224855353834576
48thGBR6639Rory Armstrong(DNC)(DNC)DNC5143DNC422211BFD1121362669590
49thGBR6605Gughi Ceccatelli484354574626475941‑723258(BFD)4747605
50thGBR6461Adam Craig46563241(DNC)3861522840‑7459634061617
51stGBR6606Noah Mathers233347(DNF)53582635243859(BFD)BFD54RET622
52ndGBR6500Henry Blades‑7354514254‑65435143425365344846626
53rdGBR6231Ewan Hamilton34384336414665434575‑7843(BFD)6560634
54thGBR6524Daisy Fuller52492531(DNC)(DNC)594942534673674356645
55thGBR6270Harry Ramshaw49‑6964‑685561674748325763383038649
56thIRL1582Rian O'Neill4163‑6759365154555666‑7120415555652
57thIRL1602George Doig5855‑6552524052456458524650‑6959683
58thIRL1659Aoife McElligott5362635365(DNC)6254‑70336331455750691
59thGBR6449Harry Whelan606750353554‑7663‑74505461626440695
60thGBR5451Fyn Britton‑7050555659(DNC)365750616253427049700
61stGBR6558Niamh Epstein615756‑6963603956476744‑74515352706
62ndGBR5837Dominic Bowden575357‑665759‑725355656438536343717
63rdGBR6360Emily Leary‑7161446156494865‑68486066545065727
64thGBR6418Tristan Shaw6366‑72‑703852636744556751485963736
65thGBR6368Merryn Wealthy3958716545506672655956‑7570‑7344760
66thBEL6578Oscar WingateOODOODOOD556748‑7462715655625549‑72761.5
67thGBR6395Meg Thomas655270644953‑7571‑75606542466073770
68thGBR6343Molly Martin74515860(DNC)56687353(BFD)5171666253796
69thGBR5131Oli Bone‑Knell68596658(DNC)66‑777759516869596739806
70thGBR6527Logan Brown766853735855‑8075‑77736152576848817
71stGBR6355Robin Wright696462504736516651(BFD)7580(DNC)DNCDNC823
72ndGBR5251Poppy Armstrong51717375(DNC)(DNC)566173686679525854837
73rdGBR6476Joshua AylingOODOODOOD67296464(ZFP)‑81648176717457850.4
74thGBR6591Dougal Jackson667068(DNF)64636070‑80695870726664860
75thGBR6229Kit Bentall64607972(DNF)(DNC)536962787260587666869
76thGBR6432Oscar Coates‑7574745461577374‑79707372607575892
77thGBR6460Monty Levell77787871(DNC)(DNC)716472636968617158901
78thGBR6404Edward Taylor507560(DNC)(DNC)DNC588078628067737978926
79thGBR6570Charlotte Self727775746262‑79‑7976717764647876928
80thGBR6503Angus Millar79735976(DNC)(DNC)788154747981687274948
81stSWE4504Noah Carter787277(DNS)(DNF)DNC827667777078655677961
82ndGBR6317Amelie Fairhead677676(DNF)(DNC)DNC817866767677697762967

Main fleet Junior Results:

Wywern Cup 10 year Old - GBR 4702 Edward West
Junior Challenge Trophy 11 year Old GBR - 6593 Fraser Hakes
IOCA(UK) British National under 13 Trophy - GBR 6553 Finn Ramus
Best Junior Girl Trophy - GBR 4940 Rachel Elms
Gul Trophy 1st Overseas Junior Girl - IRL 1586 Maeve Donagh
Saxton Tophy Best Junior Boy - GBR 6553 Finn Ramus
1st Overseas Junior Boy - FRA 3075 Charles GANIVET
Junior Overseas Trophy - FRA 3075 Charles GANIVET
Optimist Junior National Champion Trophy - GBR 6553 Finn Ramus
Ranson Trophy British Open Junior Champion - FRA 3075 Charles GANIVET
Top Boys - FRA 3075 Charles GANIVET
Top Girls - IRL 1586 Maeve Donagh

PosNatSail NoHelmR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12R13R14R15Pts
1stFRA3075Charles GANIVET2212(DNC)3168131102‑1142
2ndESP3443Arthur Baker74136411‑153325‑2023972
3rdIRL1586Maeve Donagh99‑22‑4111182211014591293
4thGBR6553Finn Ramus1104131514203‑2114167‑2199
5thUSA19983Brandt Adams458820‑21(UFD)10566231516108
6thUSA23690David Porzecanski131615‑5267104138106128‑36128
7thUSA23661Luca Nueschen3‑1911101341316111219‑451615134
8thGBR6611Jonny Rogers12212312713‑387‑44346294141
9thUSA22418Pedro Irurita22‑25171717612‑387132317117151
10thUSA9550Morgan Rosenthal‑28112451912915‑3151674526158
11thUSA22212Daniel Skutch Tyson11814‑59‑58103123994211623161
12thGBR6593Fraser Hakes1912572‑3026202147237‑2713166
13thGBR6316Patrick Di Salle24161416172325‑36‑69171114198195
14thGBR4940Rachel Elms1733498‑37192732‑339203218201
15thGBR6546Wilbur Palmer Ward‑4514162510‑4516811169ZFP232114205
16thGBR6572Oscar Hoyle161526‑477‑323222412181526142209
17thGBR6636Isla Hutchinson8222336(DNC)14417‑4021141619233220
18thGBR6622Laszlo Drummond513271531‑37171115148222818‑34224
19thUSA23471Jonathan Porzecanski6712‑34189192829262533214‑35237
20thGBR6516Callum Marshall21179‑5315‑4024926182024152025243
21stUSA23632Caitlyn Flynn‑41‑71181351630391222191881331244
22ndNED3479Julian Lhoest2367(DNC)(DNS)DNC18721732813376261
23rdGBR6582Ben McEwen‑483233‑4830436162239151011111269
24thIRL1629Emily Donagh42182040‑45(DNC)20371924112518175296
25thIRL1580Basile Dion152628‑5442(DNC)35231428131294522312
26thGBR6644Tom Keegan182821‑42‑442011353323243025387313
27thGBR6631Alex Saunders2524311126‑468311015(BFD)37313333315
28thGBR6454Freddie Pank292025352423‑5830‑56203513292228333
29thNZL4804Sofia Turner442310181435282132‑493649‑614819377
30thGBR6529Henry Cruse31343037394114537(ZFP)39352424‑44390
31stIRL1667Patrick Fegan3245199(DNC)53442‑60294038444120398
32ndIRL1407Aurele Dion303047‑7138‑54223217342731362846418
33rdGBR6163Stella Davey102936‑66355039182836503232‑5324419
34thGBR6515Rupert Garlick403841‑6550‑5925349302817305030422
35thGBR6472William Shaw2047‑5238283144‑4934334127431041437
36thESP2983Mia Mateu Eberhard53‑60352027272726‑58482628542648445
37thGBR6640Pippa Knights47272916362536471843‑68‑64483156459
38thGBR6453Alice Atkin‑605542443422292743193148‑763532461
39thGBR6403Zach Eastham Fisk38564021(DNS)(DNC)212435612951272540468
40thGBR6595Lizzie Hudson263538‑58213446‑5955382258475110481
41stIRL1618Holly Cantwell34444950‑5347382916‑542342493651508
42ndGBR6424Beth Llewellyn50363726251951444250‑64‑71375558530
43rdGBR5461Wilbur de la Haye5762434933(DNC)4543‑63405326343427546
44thGBR6446Sam Machell373750451213425147454263‑6863‑71547
45thIRL1547Dylan O'Sullivan14486062(DNF)(DNC)313357314557461263559
46thGBR6514Kate Charlesworth644245193728414823‑75486053‑7760568
47thFRA2883Gregoire GANIVET4950531232395452‑61565444‑735838591
48thGBR6374Freddie JONES39‑63565629384856444451‑66633929592
49thGBR6484Isabella Deas5146553982664‑66‑66425252654053593
50thIRL1626Abigail O'Sullivan3341642259(DNC)333630‑686529575768594
51stGBR6523William Fuller46315960542952502551464151‑68‑66595
52ndGBR6522Ruby Coster59493431(DNC)(DNC)404649373745676543602
53rdGBR6617Finley Browne625346575157‑65‑6351275536334939616
54thIRL1476Tomas A Coistealbha5439486143444955‑7052384642‑6649620
55thGBR6512Darcy ODonnell66523923(DNC)2456‑7224676268403070621
56thGBR6147Gracie Allsopp52575828(DNF)5143‑6759463040386465631
57thTHA1771William Marsh614332512242‑704545556370‑775262643
58thGBR6563Rupert Purnell366163634760(UFD)4154‑645854354737656
59thGBR6480Natalie Ayling‑704054324958‑725864635939414367667
60thGBR5990Rufus de la Haye746851462333(UFD)‑7867585765397845704
61stNED3455Benthe van Rooij555461555549606846535653‑6944‑77709
62ndGBR4702Edward West58587830(DNS)(DNC)697441353450606957713
63rdGBR6464Ryan Surguy273344(DNF)(UFD)36UFD6950417661745474724
64thGBR6560Dominic West‑7751723357(DNC)636453734756597150749
65thGBR6282Finlay Ritchie‑756469685255686271‑746173664242793
66thGBR5500Alex Welfare68597024414866716871‑77‑75.5627373794
67thIRL1452Tara Hayes‑80656543(DNC)15757978624962727561801
68thGBR6039Jacques Kent65666769(DNC)(DNC)474065596655716072802
69thGBR6596Lucy Whorton567468(DNF)(DNC)DNC506152767543566147804
70thGBR6551Elvi Coates67757164(DNC)(DNC)596048666972555952817
71stIRL1638Alex Butcher7272736740535765626073‑795867‑78819
72ndIRL1462Clara McElligott797774(DNC)(DNS)DNC615377576075.5224654820.5
73rdGBR6434Will Keys‑Batson71676229(DNC)(DNC)557369727280506264826
74thIRL1564Hugo Breen‑7869577346526757724771‑78757276834
75thGBR5464Hector Jackson73‑797770485653547578‑7969527075850
76thGBR6013Lochlyn Grant63787572(DNF)(DNC)DNCDNCDNC654347645669887
77thGBR6423Holly Cox‑8376762756(DNC)717080777867817959897
78thGBR6569Charlie Knights4370(DNC)(DNF)DNCDNC627773707059707680920
79thGBR5997Isaac Thomas698382(DNC)(DNC)DNC737674806777788055979
80thGBR6344Finlay White768079(RET)(DNS)DNC7475768174748074791007
82ndIRL1601Lucy Scott81818074(DNC)(DNC)7680797980817981811032

Racing Regatta fleet Results:

Mouse Trophy Winner - GBR 6451 Charlie Holland
Shamrock Bowl 9 year old and under - GBR 5813 Felix Palmer Ward
Emerald Cup 10 year old - GBR 6451 Charlie Holland
Open Boys - GBR 6451 Charlie Holland
Open Girls - UAE 30 Kornelia Pajak

PosNatSail NoNameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12R13R14R15R16R17R18R19R20Pts
1stGBR6451Charlie Holland‑71113411‑141211‑811531331
2ndGBR63Sean Di Salle13321312‑169210232‑18‑16615469
3rdGBR6594Finn Byrne2‑494326108‑1313435(RET)221226185
4thUAE30Kornelia Pajak9788101347376‑153392‑218‑1998
5thGBR6381Carwyn Parry66520(DNC)26324388‑2417‑2816188123
6thBRA163Lucca Herve112‑25‑2389217851710177213‑2725135
7thGBR6352Chloe Davis139255876211212524138‑25‑2610‑25142
8thGBR5512Flynn Grant121614‑22‑23194918620‑2320454532152
9thGBR6505Guy Kent411117‑37155111814944129‑24211313‑24181
10thGBR6277Roisin Epstein‑21127‑28‑381219106211121112154712910198
11thGBR5051Isla Armstrong‑3551712(NSC)26115129‑35101719126268712214
12thGBR5813Felix Palmer Ward34(NSC)4‑461324151562919195626‑4025418235
13thGBR6350Charlotte Davis2324‑33271120152424‑3314610‑3032415129243
14thGBR6520Edward Judson14151510410‑3328517‑34281627142213‑39177262
15thGBR6271Theodore Fox81321‑51(DNC)281412177172622919‑3311301511280
16thGBR5961Zoe Green‑36171024‑41‑42223324101322912627224116281
17thRSA1281Iain Coward53813156253514‑452759131310727‑4734‑40296
18thGBR6394Josie Clark27101913(RET)78732815‑3321‑31163130171629297
19thGBR6439Jack Ward29236620527221626‑30151811‑32172022‑3615298
20thGBR6416Emily Franklin168121616312531‑3316163112152112‑387‑4021306
21stGBR6626William Percy102116914272023111820241471529(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC346
22ndGBR6646Max Ellis‑Asquith152291712113921‑5423431376282341‑46‑4532362
23rdGBR6346Amelie Renard‑5519301118222326‑5319223829‑54111029112328369
24thGBR6414Monty Remfrey19‑393434261636‑442222‑381225148118203727371
25thGBR6643Finnian Keegan17252714152313203215‑41‑4331342718‑44362017384
26thGBR4273Leon Grundy3314293721‑4894019(DNC)(DNC)112725333516192113402
27thGBR5498Huxley Lock26‑43‑37313214163210372625‑4416353219183014413
28thGBR6354Hugo Thomas34342818‑42183219‑42342318‑4632392018162223428
29thGBR5378EJ Ayton25‑412633273430‑36313625‑40283024343292830482
30thGBR6105Sam Wealthy18‑462046362118(ZFP)3035313738282025‑57233526487
31stGBR5892Henry Finch‑5036‑52(DNC)17404429393214393323223628102422488
32ndIRL1496Arthur Fegan282623(DNC)9‑56‑5439202944164539433817282643513
33rdGBR5664Sam Taylor43273825291745‑4935312829‑52362914153546‑48522
34thGBR6210Olivia GRANT20454021193817‑50263042‑4934‑55343734243135527
35thESP3000Loris Mateu Eberhard4020‑512622363818481182324ZFP414645‑52(ZFP)50534
36thIRL1654Ava Molloy‑54‑554543433321452747184840‑52381514291420540
37thGBR5916Clarissa Jackson2230‑48‑49402931132825392743‑51374143332734542
38thGBR5388Annabel Scott243122‑533543‑58‑61503321173229534310442538550
39thGBR6382Jack Harding382918354444‑473436‑46273226353640‑49342931568
40thGBR5086Freddy Hemingway32372430132426372940405042(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)55585316606
41stGBR6532Luke Moore‑5928‑5732(DNC)452946525019452041231356144846607
42ndGBR6510Henry Williamson374035(DNC)(DNC)354335404136343026484447‑613347651
43rdGBR6571Fraser Smith4147414547‑514227253947‑5447444419373141‑53664
44thGBR5178Felicity Knibb4542‑555034‑53284137202451‑5543425346483937680
45thGBR5881Tamsin ROWNTREE‑61‑61‑583833494154235654303746314739424233695
46thGBR5708Elsie Munro5135434028‑5548383443‑554239‑59524223455541699
47thGBR6552Amelia Browne52324742244153‑63‑64545347414745‑5533411936707
48thGBR5312George Duff‑60563229(DNC)50‑6424593850465622545036513844735
49thGBR4581Robby Mayo58595319747512544(OCS)49‑63‑6142505651324951743
50thGBR6334Cara Lynch3033394825‑62‑60564152465350532548‑61535054756
51stGBR5556Finn Neal3953445449323748‑564851‑605156473052‑604356790
52ndGBR4636Felix Glanfield475236413060‑61555559‑624436575539315757‑61811
53rdGBR6306George McCormick465854474530‑623046455657‑60‑60605848374752816
54thGBR6393Cameron Ritchie484842363952‑6342‑6057325958584054‑60385960822
55thIRL1524Amy Whyte31183144(DNC)394043474437(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC850
56thGBR6454Ollie Glanfield‑63604639(DNC)4656584353‑61355449495158505255854
57thGBR5026Leo Hemingway425449(DNC)(DNC)‑634947574248365948585954496045856
58thGBR5988Camilla Garlick535750(DNC)(DNC)585253‑615145584938514550435449856
59thGBR5754Phoebe Phillpot4944(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)374652636057524840574959544457868
60thIRL1454Penny Doig(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)DNC31615059625558565733565235555658902
61stGBR4630Jake White64625652486455645861606153(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)9405159917
62ndGBR5693Maximillian Murphy5664(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)593462514952646245616042565842917
63rdGBR5687Charlotte McGaughey6263(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)57576038585962DNC5059DNC5359DNC39980
64thGBR5672Florence Deacon5751(RET)(DNC)(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC4135374657DNCDNCDNCDNC1004
65thGBR5679Teddie Ramshaw4450(DNC)(DNC)(DNC)54595749DNCDNC55RETDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC1048

Coached Regatta fleet Results:

Little Nipper Plate 9 year old - GBR 6328 Reubyn storey
Little Charger Plate under 9 - POL 111 Konstancja Pajak
Regatta Coached Fleet Boys - GBR 6328 Reubyn storey
Regatta Coached Fleet Girls - POL 111 Konstancja Pajak

PosNatSail NoNameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Pts
1stPOL111Konstancja Pajak11512‑8414
2ndGBR6328Reubyn storey‑621513517
3rdGBR6415Robbie Judson54‑9741122
4thGBR3813Hettie Hutchinson3322‑127623
5thGBR6587Josie Rist‑Heppell256395‑1230
6thGBR5399Barney Rhodes‑868466232
7thIRL1493Zoe OHare‑141246521342
8thGBR6289Rory Bubb411314104‑1546
9thGBR6519Elsie Hutchinson12‑18138314353
10thGBR6264Thomas Peats13810121310‑1666
11thGBR6048William Foster‑16131511811967
12thGBR5765Joshua Johnston11(DNC)1691491473
13thGBR641Annabelle Kent‑1510111511151173
14thGBR6641Isla Percy9712107(DNC)DNC82
15thGBR5792Xenia Hudson1097(DNC)DNC13783
16thGBR5222Rowan Brown7222117(DNC)171094
17thGBR4998Evelyn Rogerson18141719(RET)1919106
18thGBR6092Lucy Eeles‑23152013162322109
19thGBR6051Daphne Drummond‑24202220181617113
20thGBR4907Billy Bubb2223‑2416152020116
21stGBR6307Oscar Purnell201614(DNC)DNC228117
22ndGBR6066Edward Deas21‑242323172421129
23rdNED3208Floor van Rooij1719192519(DNC)DNC136
24thGBR6179Raffaella Sarti25212518(DNC)2523137
25thGBR4443Clemency Renard191718(DNC)DNCDNCDNC165
26thGBR6253Lucy Armstrong(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC1218178
27thIRL945Caoimhe Duane(DNC)DNCDNC24DNC2725187
28thGBR5590Lila Coates(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC1824190
29thIRL826Alex Breen(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC2127196
30thIRL1555Kate Donagh(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC2626200
31stGBR6169Mary Peats(DNC)DNCDNC21DNCDNCDNC206
32ndGBR5752Charles Bickford(DNC)DNCDNC22DNCDNCDNC207
33rdGBR4437Leonie Fairhead(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC222
33rdGBR5931Matthew Marshall(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC222
33rdGBR5411Veronica Bickford(DNC)DNCDNCDNCRETDNCDNC222

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