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Ocean Outlook - Atlantic

by Noonsite 11 Aug 08:42 PDT
Noonsite Ocean Outlook - Caribbean, Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea © Noonsite

Although Noonsite predominantly covers only coastal ports, we realised some time ago that there is little information out there regarding the Intracoastal Waterway and Great Loop specifically for international visitors to the USA. Consequently, we pulled together an Introductory Guide to the ICW and Great Loop for those cruisers who might be considering this inland option for some alternative summer cruising.

Regular Noonsite contributor Maryanne Webb has transited the Erie Canal in upstate New York twice now. This Canal runs east-west between the Hudson River and Lake Erie and in her article "Transiting a Historic Waterway" she provides a multitude of suggestions and useful information.

Some good Brazil clearance feedback from regular contributors Floris and Ivar from Sailors for Sustainability, who are nearing the end of their circumnavigation and recently cleared into Natal.

UK cruisers clearing in to Norway in Bergen have been given a reminder by the Immigration authorities that yachts from third countries (including UK yachts) should report to the authorities immediately on arrival at a Port of Entry. Since Brexit it appears they have been having problems with UK visitors arriving by sea and not checking-in, and Norwegian Law requires it.

At this time of year the Azores are becoming more popular with cruising yachts. Ex-cruiser Linda Lane Thornton who lives in the Azores, has written an informative article for Caribbean Compass about this archipelago as a cruising destination in its own right.

As the logical "jumping off" point for an Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean, many yachts planning on a crossing in November are starting to arrive in the Canary islands. Those that have time take a cruise through the island chain, although cruising here in the summer can be challenging with the prevailing NE wind being strongest in July and August. When the NE trades are blowing strongly, an opposing wind usually blows on the other side of the island, varying in strength with the strength of the trade wind. A funnelling effect is also felt along the coasts of some of the mountainous islands and the trades can be accelerated by up to 15 knots in places. The persistent trade winds flowing from the NE to the SW around these mountainous islands create a phenomenon known as "von Karman vortex streets", which are the swirling vortices that occur downstream (as shown on the satellite image). There are a total of three streets caused by each of the larger Canary Islands. Find out more here.

It's not just the winds that can be challenging in the Canaries. Gaining access to some of the smaller harbors can be tricky as many are government-run and not particularly yachting-friendly. Fabian Eder reports on his negative experience in Los Gigantes in Tenerife, when he was turned away when trying to find space outside of business hours.

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