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Wetsuit Outlet and Zhik International Moth UK Open Championship 2023 at the WPNSA Overall

by Mark Jardine for IMCAUK 9 Jun 2023 14:52 PDT 8-9 June 2023

While we all hoped that the wind on Friday was going to be a solid 15 knots, and all the forecasts suggested as much, Easterly winds on the south coast of the UK are notoriously unreliable.

After Thursday's jam-packed schedule of eight races, only three were possible on the final day of the Wetsuit Outlet and Zhik International Moth UK Open Championship which, due to the racing being held in flights, meant that the final race for Yellow Fleet in the morning had to be scrubbed from the results to make sure everyone had done the same number of races.

Jacob Pye, the young Kiwi from Manly Sailing Club, managed to hold off the charge from Tom Burton and seal the event win by a single point, thanks to a second placed finish in Yellow Fleet race 5. While Burton won Blue Fleet's only race of the day, and won three races in total, it wasn't quite enough to overhaul Pye.

"I came here not expecting much, and to win this pre-Worlds regatta is a huge confidence booster," said Jacob after racing. "I really have to put it down to the group of guys I sail with; we're all putting in and we're all making each other go faster. We all had a good chance of winning or doing really well, and we've all come out pretty good."

One of the difficulties for the youth squad from Manly Sailing Club is lack of experience in big fleet racing, but the group is well supported as Jacob explains:

"We're really, really lucky because we've got a good mate of ours here, Alex Mitchell-Barker, and he's helping us out with keeping all the boats under control and making sure that all of our ropes and bolts and blocks are well maintained. He's a rigger so he knows what he's doing. He's looking out for all those little things.

"I also really have to thank Russell Coutts, who's brought us here, and has put in all this time, money and effort to help us get to where we are now. I put a lot of my result and my performance down to his coaching and help."

The afternoon racing for Blue Fleet was held in a faltering breeze, which made life difficult for the sailors and became a headache for the race management team.

Local sailor David Hivey, who finished seventh overall, filled us in with what was vital in these conditions:

"I think the most important thing in the Moth is just staying foiling, even if you're late for the start. I tried - on the start line - to get up as much as I could, but I was a bit too aggressive and ended up dropping off the foils; if I had started a minute late, I'd have probably been three minutes ahead of where I was by the time I got to the top mark. Basically, staying foiling is everything in that stuff.

"Today it was about starting late, at the starboard end and tacking immediately, getting over to the right-hand side where the pressure was, tacking your way up the right-hand side, trying not to drop off the foils again. Then round the windward mark and gybing immediately, heading straight out to that breeze."

As to what the experience is like when you do go into a light patch and drop off the foils, David explained what goes through your mind...

"It feels horrific! There's nothing you can do about it. And you've probably got to lowride, and you think that carrying on might see the wind get a little better, but it never does, and it just keeps getting worse and worse. I made that mistake yesterday - not to the point of dropping off - but went out too far; I just got pinned too far left all the time. I thought I was doing well... then tacked back and I wasn't winning, I was in tenth."

David has a lot of boatspeed at the moment, so I asked him if this gave him confidence going into the Worlds:

"Yes and no! I'm pretty happy with my speed. Certainly upwind I'm going pretty quick, but errors that I really shouldn't be making, I'm making too many times, both yesterday and today. But I'm still enjoying it - flying around in these things is amazing! Competing against these guys is unbelievable for an overweight physics teacher, so I love it!"

On the young New Zealand squad, David added:

"The Kiwis are sailing unbelievably well. I think they all live in Coutts' house, and they train pretty much every single day, but they absolutely love it. I've never seen anyone hike so hard in a Moth in my life! Jacob is impressive to watch. It's really impressive in the way they sail."

Kyle Stoneham, who has often put so much into organising Moth events, has been enjoying just competing this year, and finished ninth overall. He updated us on his sailing over the two days:

"Boatspeed has been getting me out of trouble actually. The starting has been a little bit difficult, especially yesterday. I'm not quite used to how the fleet approaches the start. It's been a while since I've really raced with more than ten or twelve boats. Luckily, those ten or twelve boats are very good that we sail with down here, the Portland Moth squad, so you have to be fast to even have a chance. I've managed to get my Exploder together and peak around about the right time... for a change."

On the Wetsuit Outlet and Zhik International Moth UK Open Championship, Kyle said:

"This event has been incredibly useful; it's an opportunity to get some of the basic mistakes out of the way, and to realise that you can get quite cold out there, even when it feels warm on shore. I've learned not to underestimate the wind shadow of the fleet, how easily it can bunch up and you just get locked up. So, I definitely will take a lot of what we've done in the last few days forward to the Worlds and, hopefully, not make the same mistakes again."

On the Antipodean sailors at the top of the event Kyle added:

"We've had some good training with them. They're doing all the basic things very well, which sounds obvious, but you must realise when you don't do the basics well, how much you are on the back foot. They're getting off the start line well, making their first tacks, second tacks, going the right way.... and they've got some pace as well."

Bermudian sailor Emily Nagel has been sailing Moths for a number of years, and explained that while she is looking forward to the World Championship, and the battle for the ladies title will be intense, it's not her primary focus:

"It's going to be a brilliant fight for the Ladies trophy, but to be honest, I don't think any of us are that focussed on that title. The thing I love personally about the Moth fleet is that we are racing everyone - against the guys. I have a really good training squad here in Weymouth, and I'm just as keen to beat all of those boys as I am to compete for the Ladies title. There's some really good women here to race against, but that's not the focus for me."

On sailing Moths, and getting more female competitors in the fleet Emily added:

"Just get out there and try it! I know there are a lot of women who are put off by the fact that it is a weight-dependant class. It does help being heavier. If you are sub-70 kilos you have to hike a lot harder, but it's some of the best racing I've ever done. Regardless of whether you're at the front of the fleet, or mid-fleet, it's competitive all-round. You don't have to break the bank to be involved in racing. It's really good fun.

"There are Exocets and plenty of Rockets on the market, and Mach2s that have been done up a bit. From £10k to £15k you can actually get a pretty decent boat out there, which makes it almost more affordable than a WASZP.

"The feeling of sailing a Moth is the reason I'm here every week. I'm just addicted to it! It's so much fun, and you don't really get fleets this big in anything else."

This pretty much sums up why so many sailors are attracted to the Moth class, and why the Worlds will be such a huge event for everyone. At the end of next week there will be winners crowned, trophies presented, and those in the top ten will proudly present their single-digit sail number until the next Worlds, but every single one of the sailors will have that 'Moth smile'.

Overall Results: (+3 indicates tally penalty. Age shows zero for boats built in 2023.)

1stNZL4841Jacob PyeManly SCBieker2Moth3 1 1 5 2 12
2ndAUS4897Tom BurtonBSCSwift1Swift1 5 5 1  113
3rdESP4947Joan CardonaRCN PalmaExploder0Exploder 8 2 1 2 922
4thFRA4961Jean‑Baptiste BernazCNSMBeiker0Beiker5 2 2 11 6 26
5thGBR4944Eddie BridleBrightlingsea SCExploder0Exploder 6 5 6 4 728
6thNZL4845Henry HaslettWakatere Boating ClubMackay2Bieker6 8 6 7 4 31
7thGBR4968David HiveyWPNSAMaguire1Aerocet7 7 8 8 8 38
8thAUS4900Jack FergusonRoyal Sydney Yacht SquadronCawthorne1Swift 7 11 7 6 839
9thGBR5010Kyle StonehamPMSExploder0MD3 5 3 5 8 2041
10thITA3Simone SalvàFraglia Vela MalcesineMaguire1Aerocet 11 6 15 9 647
11thNZL4842Seb MenziesMurrays Bay SCMackay2Beiker 13 7 11 1313 57
12thNZL4959Mathias CouttsManly SCBieker1Moth BFD 1 3 13 58
13thFRA9Enzo BalangerLa Pelle MarseilleMackay1Bieker 3 4 4 DNC1 62
14thUSA4986Riley GibbsSt. Francis YCMackay0Bieker2 4 4 3 DNC 63
15thUSA4847Ben RosenbergSail NewportMackay1Bieker10 14 11 13  1563
16thNOR4998Nicolai JacobsenRoyal Hong Kong YCMaguire0Aerocet11 9 16 9 16 61+3
17thGBR4946Michael LennonHayling Island SCExploder0Exploder 12 17 22 11 365
18thGBR4992Dan WardStokes Bay SCMaguire0Aerocet13 23 15 10 5 66
19thAUS4988Otto HenryWSCMaguire6Exocet17 16 14 16  568
20thUSA5Richard DidhamAlamitos Bay YCMackay3BiekerDNC 3 3 2  1169
21stGBR4906Alex AdamsWPNSAMaguire2Aerocet P1 14 15 10 12 2172
22ndGER5000Kai AdolphBYCMackay1Bieker 15 23 20 17 479
23rdGBR1Dylan FletcherWPNSAMaguire0AerocetUFD 6 7 6 11 80
24thAUS5001Max GodfroyRoyal Freshwater Bay YCMaguire0Aerocet 31 18 8 7 1781
25thIRL4848Ronan WallaceWHBTCBieker1M2 25 9 14 24 1082
26thGER4763Philipp BuhlSCAIMaguire3Exocet BFD 13 9 57 84
27thNZL4774Jack BennettManly SCBieker1Moth 2 UFD 2 328 85
28thARG4880Mario SegersCNSIManta1Manta20 15 22 15 15 87
29thPOL4674Michal KorneszczukYacht Club GdanskMaguire4Exocet 9 22 29 21 1394
30thARG4849Franco GreggiYacht Club ArgentinoMackay1Bieker BFD 10 13 10 1295
31stUSA4770Brooks Reed Mackay3Bieker Moth21 25 18 17  1495
32ndJPN4769Yukinori KeitaHayamaMackay2Beiker16 18 23 19 20 96
33rdGBR4637Paul GliddonNetley SCMaguire5Exocet 24 27 23 169 99
34thPOL4950Robert GracyzkNavigo SopotExploder0Bryt9 11 9 DNC 23 102
35thUSA4987Dylan DimarchiKaneohe YCMackay0Bieker Moth15 21 24 14  31105
36thUSA8Harry MelgesLGYCMackay1Bieker4 40 12 4  DNC110
37thUSA4846Lucas CalabreseLauderdale YCMackay2Bieker 17 21 26 3710 111
38thGER4983Markus SteegSCRMackay0Bieker22 13 13 DNC 14 112
39thJPN4598Hiroki GotoSailfastMackay4Bieker 20 34 17 1526 112
40thUSA4Brad FunkWPNSAMackay3Beiker 4 8 DNC DNC 2114
41stAUS4899Les ThorpeBalmoral SCCawthorne1Swift12 34 17 28  23114
42ndGER4853Lisa SchweigertSegler Verein WörthseeRocket2sd 18 32 27 19 19115
43rdSUI4829Jann SchuepbachThunersee YCMaguire2Exocet BFD 20 21 1412 117
44thITA4907Fabio MazzettiCircolo Vela ArcoMach 21Mach 2.619 28 21 24 27 119
45thAUS4985Keagan YorkSt. George SCMackay2Bieker 19 14 18 20DNC 121
46thSUI4675Linus RindsfüserThunersee YCMaguire5Exocet26 24 26 25 21 122
47thUSA4734Ravi ParentNew York YCMackay3Bieker 10 16 25 RET 22123
48thIRL4747Ewan McmahonHowth YCMaguire3Exocet14 20 19 22  BFD125
49thGBR4676Andrew BridgmanGuernsey YCMaguire4Excocet 27 28 16 26 28125
50thFRA4728Leo MaurinBrest Bretagne NautismeMaguire3Exocet 16 19 24 18DNC 127
51stGBR4772Simon HiscocksWPNSAMackay4biekee8 10 10 UFD  DNS128
52ndAUS4730Harry PriceWSCBieker3Moth 22 12 12 UFD 32128
53rdCAN4887Andrew WoodRoyal Vancouver YCMackay4Bieker18 29 31 27  24129
54thSUI4896Antonin RadueSNRMcconahey4Mach 231 12 25 12 DNC 130
55thUSA4643Ripley ShelleyLGYCMackay5Bieker24 32 34 18 22 130
56thNZL4644Stuart GoodesMurrays Bay SCMackay4Bieker37 17 20 34 24 132
57thSUI4350Aymeric BlinCVVTMaguire0Exocet 23 24 38 2918 132
58thUSA4850Helena ScuttSt. Francis YC / Richmond YCMackay1Bieker23 19 32 32  26132
59thFIN4895Antti KeurulainenESFCawthorne1Swift 32 26 28 31 16133
60thGBR4673David JessopGWSCMaguire4Exocet25 30 33 20  25133
61stBER4805Emily NagelWPNSAMaguire3Exocet28 26 30 26 25 135
62ndGBR4522Josie GliddonNetley SCMaguire6Exocet30 22 36 21  27136
63rdGBR4967Christian HamiltonWPNSAMaguire1Aerocet 21 31 31 22 34139
64thSUI4404Adriano PetrinoHellerup SCMach 28Mach 2.6 28 35 30 2819 140
65thGBR4525Gareth DaviesBlackwater SCMaguire5Exocet29 35 29 31 17 141
66thGBR4976Hattie RogersRoyal Lymington YCMaguire1Exocet 33 30 33 27 18141
67thUSA4738Michael MenningerSTFYCMackay3Bieker 1 25 19 DNCDNC 145
68thSUI4591Philippe SchillerSNGMaguire4Exo7 29 29 35 30 30153
69thGBR5011Joe AdamsOxford SCExploder0Exploder32 31 28 35  29155
70thGBR4721Andrew JarvisOxford SCWhite Formula3Thinair 30 36 39 3429 168
71stGBR4713Isabelle FellowsYealm YCMaguire3Exocet 26 37 34 25DNC 172
72ndGBR4837Doug PybusQueen Mary SCWhite Formula2ThinairUFD 27 27 33  36173
73rdGBR4817Phil ReesMumbles YCMaguire2Except 35 38 37 3331 174
74thGBR4951James PhareWPNSAExploder1Exploder 42 33 32 23DNC 180
75thFRA5014Gaetan Le GuilYacht Club de FranceExploder0EXPLODER35 37 38 36  41187
76thGBR4036Paul Myerscough Maguire10Excocet33 36 39 30 DNC 188
77thGBR4590Chris JeevesBraasse-
Maguire5Exocet27 33 DNC DNC 30 190
78thGBR4442Robert PikeESSCMaguire7Exocet 37 40 40 35 40192
79thGBR4758Ed GatehouseHayling Island SCMaguire3Exocet38 38 41 38  38193
80thGBR5012Ben CleggBrightlingsea SCExploder0ExploderDNC DNC 35 29  33197
81stNZL4964George Lee RushWakatere Boating ClubBieker0Bieker 36 39 DNC 32UFD 207
82ndGBR4534Bridle GrahamBrightlingsea SCMaguire4ExcocetNSC 41 42 37  39209
83rdGBR4874Ed RedfearnBristol YCWhite Formula1ThinairDNC DNC 37 23 DNC 210
84thGBR4669SM     40 42 42 36 DNC210
85thGBR4545James SainsburyRutland SCHomebuild1Quarantini34 42 DNC DNC  35211
86thGBR4343Joe WaltersSouthampton University SCHomebuild8Lunar36 39 40 RET  DNC215
87thGBR4485Dan HolmanNetley SCMaguire6Exocet 34 DNC 36 RETDNC 220
88thGBR4096Tim FreemanWarsash SCMaguire10Exocet 41 41 41 DNCDNC 223
89thGBR4902Jack Hawkins Fluid Composites1Maverik DNS DNC DNC DNC 37237
90thGBR4589Adam GoldingHayling Island SCMaguire5Exocet 38 DNC DNC DNCDNC 238
91stGBR4710Ricky TaggHayling Island SCMaguire4Exocet 39 DNC DNC DNCDNC 239
92ndGBR4361Donald SmithAberdeen & Stonehaven YCMach8Mach 2.3/4/5DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC 250
92ndGBR4966David SmithwhiteHayling Island SCMaguire1Aerocet DNC DNC DNC DNCDNC 250
92ndGBR4854Matthew LeaRutland SCAardvark1Rocket V3 DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC250
92ndGBR3959Kay Myerscough Mach10MACHDNC DNC DNC DNC DNC 250
92ndGBR4905Jeremy HartleyStokes Bay SCMaguire1AerocetDNF DNC DNC DNC DNC 250
92ndGBR4705Alex BaroneCardiff University SCRocket7R2DNC DNC DNC DNC  DNC250

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