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Optimist Open 2023 at Hayling Island Sailing Club

by Sandy Ramus and Lizzy Edwards 27 May 02:08 PDT 20-21 May 2023

We were again blessed with perfect sailing conditions for the Hayling Island Optimist open.

Main Fleet

The main fleet set sail 14 knts heading for the Bracksham Bay race track. It was a decent length sail for the 58 Optimists but on arrival we could see that the steady breeze and flat water was going to make it worth it.

With a small amount of tide pulling the fleet off the start line we could see it wasn't going to be hard to get clean starts. Race Office Sandy Ramus went straight in with the U and got them away first time. Thomas Saunders showed the fleet the importance of a good transit starting 5 boat lengths to weather of the drifting pack and led at the windward mark. He couldn't hold off the ever dominate Lila Edwards and finish 2nd with Joe Wimpory taking the 3rd.

Races 2 and 3 saw building breeze with a maximum gust on the committee boat of 18.6 knts. It was another great start by Thomas and home grown HISC sailor Amelia Kent. Amelia rounded 2nd at the top mark and manage to get through Thomas to take a well deserved bullet.

With the tide getting stronger and the wind more gusty, with some decent shifts, it was eyes out the boat that would take Hugo Fletcher, Sebby Baily and Lila Edward to the front in that order in race 3.

Hayling house laid on a great BBQ and the early finish meant that children and the parents could enjoy the lovely beach and the club bar.

Waking up early on Sunday morning we could again see clear blue skis and the trees bending. It was going to be another great day.

The fleet were greeted with 23-25knts from the NE. After an exciting sail out the wind settled down to 18knts with plenty of shifts for the fleet to work with, this was not going to be a corner banging day.

Without the tide the fleet were pushing the line harder and 3 boats fell foul of the U flag. It was Joe Wimpory at the post with local lad Finn Ramus reeling in a couple of boats on the last leg to get the second. Harry Draper from Parkstone sailed a solid race and got the 3rd.

By race 5 the wind was getting shifty again as the land heated up. There was a big lull on the first beat that put the cat amongst the pigeons before it filled in again. The rich got richer and it was Lila, then Finn and Eliana Edwards taking the top spots.

A huge left shift in sequence 6 meant the Race Committee had to reach for the AP. It came back and another clear U start got the fleet off. Memorable moment of the week was seeing the fleet coming into the leeward gate with a 20knt surprise gust. Some made the gybe and some didn't.

The final podium went to Lila, Eliana and Finn.

Regatta fleet

57 young sailors gathered on the Hayling beach for the Regatta fleet. We had champagne sailing conditions on West mud, close to the beach. 15 knots NE, full sunshine. Race 1 saw a crowded pin end & individual recall. Charlie Holland (HISC) had an excellent pin end start. First to the top mark was Flynn Grant (CYC). An early gybe on the run saw Holland move into 1st and win race 1, second place to Chloe Davis (PYC). Race 2 saw a drop in breeze at the start and a right shift, the fleet split half right, half left. Holland pulled through from the right taking first at the windward mark, with a close second Sean Di Salle (Gurnard SC). The breeze increased on the Trapezoid course with the sailors plaining down the bottom reach. Sean Di Salle squeezed ahead of Charlie Holland, and finished first with a comfortable lead, second Finn Byrne (HISC & Pevensey).

Race 3 saw some big gusts coming down the course and some great resilience was shown by many inexperienced racers down the fleet... lots of good bailing out! The wonderful Hayling parent team, excelled themselves both on the water and on the beach, giving these young sailors lots of enthusiastic support.

James Ward (Race Officer) skilfully beat the tide with race 3 & 4 completed in time.

Race 3 saw Holland get to mark 1 first. On the second, and last upwind leg Di Salle pushed through to win the race. A very closely fought third place saw Felix Palmer Ward (HISC) take it.

Race 4 saw the winner coming out the right side of the course, Di Salle & Byrne fought it out downwind, and Sean Di Salle taking his third win of the day.

Sunday started breezy (20 knots + N) and a progression over to Pilsey race area. The fleet were safely lead over the tide to the race area, and an outer trapezoid was the course of choice. The first start saw a left shift and tide underneath the sailors, spotted by many who made a nice port tack start. 15-18 knots. Holland pulled through Byrne in the second upwind leg to gain his second first of the event. Some brave sailors further down the fleet saw a very windy gybe mark with some big gusts, well done for all those who completed the race.

Race 6 saw 2 general recalls with tide underneath the fleet. In a decreasing breeze we saw a left shift. Jack Ward (HISC) took a convincing lead with Charlie Holland second. The tide swept him onto the leeward mark. Swiftly taking his penalty turn he kept his lead, the stretched it out by half a leg.

The last race saw Chloe Davis getting a cracker of a start at the pin end, now tide against. Charlie Holland took his third first of the event.

With one point in it after discards, Sean Di Salle took first overall, with Charlie Holland second and Finn Byrne third, and one point behind, Chloe Davis fourth and first girl. Second girl Amelia Reynard (15th overall), third girl Annabelle Scott (HISC, 16th overall). Endeavour prize to Zoe Green. Thank you to all the visiting sailors, and well done to those completing their first open meeting.

I would like to thank Hayling Island sailing club and all the staff for a great event and to the sponsors Savilles Estate Agents and AR Design Studio Architects for their continued support of the class. Lastly a massive thank you to all the helpers who made this event possible.

Overall Results:

PosNatSail NoHelmClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Pts
Main Fleet
1stGBR6620Lila EdwardsParkstone YC1‑133614 15
2ndGBR6583Eliana EdwardsParkstone YC‑734431 15
3rdGBR6553Finn RamusHISC11‑2172212 34
4thGBR6608Joe WimporyBewl / HISC31461‑2611 35
5thGBR6517Thomas SaundersWarsash4214(UFD [60])79 36
6thGBR6636Isla HutchinsonRoyal Lymington YC10‑2411852 36
7thGBR6410Amelia KentHISC‑1611051016 42
8thGBR6292Hugo FletcherRoyal Southern YC8‑35172010 46
9thGBR6444Pippa ShepherdBSC1268‑21617 49
10thGBR6516Callum MarshallBlackwater SC1511‑251187 52
11thGBR6530Fraser HakesParkstone YC1889(UFD [60])913 57
12thGBR6316Patrick Di SalleGurnard SC‑2191312158 57
13thGBR6430Isla HillHISC‑2512189146 59
14thGBR6631Alex SaundersWarsash SC2195‑281223 61
15thGBR6610Nia ByrneHayling & Pevensey134‑3524173 61
16thGBR6605Guglielmo CeccatelliIsland Barn17‑271215135 62
17thGBR6546Wilbur Palmer WardHISC‑2451918418 64
18thGBR6271Will HainesGurnard SC5181610‑3627 76
19thGBR6586Sebby BaileyBurghfield91721435‑39 77
20thGBR6628Harry DraperParkstone YC622343‑3914 79
21stGBR4940Rachel ElmsHISC20‑3117172815 97
22ndGBR6349Felix GarlickBurghfield141015(UFD [60])3722 98
23rdGBR6515Rupert GarlickBurghfield22152619‑2720 102
24thGBR6522Ruby CosterRoyal Lymington YC2672126‑4630 110
25thGBR6446Samuel MachellHISC2720242219‑41 112
26thGBR6270Harry RamshawPapercourt28‑4223162529 121
27thGBR6231Ewan HamiltonNewhaven & Seaford SC233432‑431625 130
28thGBR6490Pippa KnightsBurghfield1937‑40233421 134
29thGBR5844Lizzie HudsonRoyal Lymington YC‑342928292128 135
30thGBR6529Henry CruseBurghfield Sailing Club39‑4136331119 138
31stGBR6368Merryn WealthyWarsash29402025‑4124 138
32ndBEL1209Oscar WingateRoyal Lymington YC3025‑37203234 141
33rdGBR5527Kate CharlesworthHISC3216294124‑43 142
34thGBR6484Isabella DeasParkstone YC‑402638361831 149
35thGBR6449Harry WhelanNSSC/RSYC3136313031‑42 159
36thGBR5461Wilbur de la HayeHISC433022‑452944 168
37thGBR6190Felix GladmanBosham3833433230‑51 176
38thGBR6524Daisy FullerHISC(DNC [60])DNC [60]DNC [60]132226 181
39thGBR6320Caedon Faulkner ‑ LeaskRSrnYC ‑ HISC3539‑41314038 183
40thGBR6424Beth LlewellynHISC4149‑50392340 192
41stGBR6404Edward TaylorIsland Barn4428452751‑53 195
42ndGBR6476Joshua AylingRoyal Lymington YC4523‑47384347 196
43rdGBR6569Charlie KnightsBurghfield37‑4846443337 197
44thGBR5990Rufus de la HayeHISC42473340‑5236 198
45thGBR6229Kit BentallNBYC‑503827424548 200
46thGBR6480Natalie AylingRoyal Lymington YC4646‑48344733 206
47thGBR6523Will FullerHISC333230(DNC [60])DNC [60]DNC [60] 215
48thGBR6374Freddie JonesCYC3645424749‑50 219
49thGBR6596Lucy WhortonHISC‑494349494435 220
50thGBR6397Darcy ODonnellRoyal Southern YC47‑5244354846 220
51stGBR6549Hector DaviesRoyal Lymington YC(DNC [60])DNC [60]DNC [60]373832 227
52ndGBR6048Harry OCallaghanHISC(NSC [60])5139464249 227
53rdGBR6230Finley BrowneHISC4853(RET [60])505045 246
54thGBR6423Holly CoxHISC51505148‑5352 252
55thGBR5425Meri GreenawayRoyal Southern YC(DNC [60])44RET [60]DNC [60]DNC [60]DNC [60] 284
56thGBR5312George DuffHISC(RET [60])DNC [60]RET [60]DNC [60]DNC [60]DNC [60] 300
56thGBR6298Thomas KnightCYC(DNC [60])DNC [60]DNC [60]DNC [60]DNC [60]DNC [60] 300
56thGBR6393Kit LesterRoyal Harwich YC(DNC [60])DNC [60]DNC [60]DNC [60]DNC [60]DNC [60] 300
56thGBR5665Ludo KameenBosham SC(DNC [60])DNC [60]DNC [60]DNC [60]DNC [60]DNC [60] 300
Regatta Fleet
1stGBR6508Sean Di SalleGurnard SC‑311132311
2ndGBR6451Charlie HollandHISC132‑414112
3rdGBR5608Finn ByrneHayling & Pevensey6252(OCS [63])5525
4thGBR6583Chloe DavisParkstone YC27438‑10226
5thGBR6626William PercyParkstone YC447‑866633
6thGBR6505Guy KentParkstone YC15‑2295211446
7thRSA1281Iain CowardHISC99612(OCS [63])7750
8thGBR6439Jack WardHISC/Warsash‑23218991856
9thGBR6579Felix DobjrevicHISC101315‑16491263
10thGBR5813Felix Palmer WardHISC176315(OCS [63])131468
11thGBR6415Edward JudsonHISC215‑2561416971
12thGBR5033Stefano MarangioBurghfield121213710‑181771
13thGBR5664Sam TaylorIsland Barn191514‑36532177
14thGBR5086Freddy HemingwayCCSC8101718‑26211185
15th 1314Amelie Reynard ‑241910111881985
16thGBR5388Annabel ScottHISC1323122012‑271595
17thGBR5760Max Ellis‑AsquithWarsash SC2881114‑322328112
18thGBR6039Jacques KentParkstone YC2524‑3210231713112
19thGBR6105Sam WealthyWarsash16‑302025151225113
20thGBR5665Finn KameenBosham SC518262821‑3116114
21stGBR5512Flynn GrantCYC728271713(DNC [63])22114
22ndGBR5026Leo HemingwayCCSC201718192422‑29120
23rdGBR6532Luke MooreHISC11‑471922111946128
24thGBR5498Huxley LockNSSC26‑362832171418135
25thGBR5961Zoe GreenNetley SC18351623(DNC [63])2920141
26thGBR6210Olivia GrantRoyal Lymington YC‑45142227282431146
27thGBR6352Charlotte DavisParkstone YC4227231320‑4323148
28thGBR5378E J AytonChichester YC27‑402124292530156
29thGBR5998Cameron WilsonHISC14‑492445193026158
30thGBR5202Evan HannabyTSC(DNF [63])163129272838169
31stGBR6324Madeleine WhiteHISC3011(DNC [63])31313237172
32ndGBR6271Theodore FoxEmsworth SC29(DNF [63])DNC [63]DNC [63]71510187
33rdGBR5556Finn NealHollowell SC3225353033‑4936191
34thGBR6537Jack AddisonEmsworth SC4833(DNC [63])39252624195
35thGBR4581Robby MayoLymington Town SC22344021(DNF [63])4535197
36thGBR647Cara LynchHISC/Warsash36262934‑423339197
37thGBR4273Leon GrundyHISC3531303836‑4433203
38thGBR6306George McCormickParkstone YC333933263935‑47205
39thGBR6202Elsa KelseyHISC373738‑42163742207
40thGBR624Eva BrindleyHISC313234‑44434140221
41stGBR4636Felix GlanfieldHISC4050(RET [63])DNC [63]222032227
42ndGBR5158Zac CarvethHISC3420(DNC [63])DNC [63]403834229
43rdGBR5221Vlad KingHISC392944433739(DNC [63])231
44thGBR5178Felicity KnibbHISC‑47444333414244247
45thGBR5957Ella KaneHayling41463935(DNF [63])4641248
46thGBR4669Sophia TilleyHISC464537404447‑48259
47thGBR5377Robbie JudsonHISC(DNF [63])414241464850268
48thGBR5732Emily TyrrellHISC38383637(DNC [63])DNC [63]DNC [63]275
49thGBR5312George DuffHISC(DNC [63])DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]303427280
50thGBR5693Maximillian MurphyHISC4348(RET [63])DNC [63]345049287
51stGBR5988Camilla GarlickBurghfield4951(DNC [63])DNC [63]455143302
52ndGBR6217Henry WilliamsonRoyal Lymington YC(DNC [63])DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]353645305
53rdGBR5679Teddie RamshawPapercourt(DNF [63])DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]3840DNC [63]330
54thGBR6246Oscar StephensBosham SC4443(RET [63])DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]339
55thGBR5164Jack WoodHISC(DNF [63])DNF [63]41OCS [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]356
56thGBR6470Freya RickardsHISC(DNF [63])42DNC [63]DNC [63]DNF [63]RET [63]DNC [63]357
57thGBR6179Raffaella SartiHISC(DNF [63])DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]378
57thGBR4443Amelie RenardHollowell Sailing Club(DNC [63])DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]378
57thGBR5719Daisy AppsHISC(DNC [63])DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]378
57thGBR6070Rory ButterfieldEmsworth(DNF [63])DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]378
57thGBR5955Annabelle KentHISC(DNF [63])DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]378
57thGBR6575Arthur PattisonItchenor(DNC [63])DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]DNC [63]378

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