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Robline rope configurator - New customisable products from even include splices

by Calanach Finlayson 12 May 04:00 PDT
New customisable products from even include splices © recently added a range of Robline ropes to the configurable product range, allowing you to choose splicing options and purchase finished sheets and halyards directly online. In this article we look at how to use the 'configurator' and give an overview of the new products.

Configure your own lines

Our range of customisable ropes allows you to specify the required colour, length and splicing options to meet your needs. These orders then get passed to the rigging shop where the custom lines are built on spec.

Finished length

For help on calculating the required length of a sheet or halyard, have a look at our handy calculator:

Splicing options

Splicing options are shown for each end of the rope. For example, on a standard cruising halyard you might choose a covered eye on end 1 and a Flemish eye (reeving eye) on end 2.

The splices available depends on the type of rope. More info on splicing options can be found via the link at the bottom of the product description.


The configurator also gives you the option to have a shackle, stopper ball or other hardware added to the rope.

The item of hardware should be specified when configuring the rope, and then added to the cart separately.

Robline ropes - Admiral 10000

A trusty Polytech. Low stretch SK78 core with polyester / Technora cover is the bread and butter of modern performance yacht ropes. Polyester offers affordability & UV resistance while Technora brings heat resistance and grip to the party. Great for all halyards and sheets, particularly where speed (and therefore heat) is involved; for example, a spinnaker sheet.

Finishing options include a standard covered eye splice or the possibility to strip down to an exposed core with a singlebraid eye to reduce weight. Alternatively the core can be re-covered with Dyneema for improved abrasion resistance on sheet/halyard ends. A non load-bearing Flemish eye or reeving eye is recommended on the inboard end for attaching a pilot line.

Core: Dyneema SK78
Cover: Polyester/Technora
Available diameters: 10mm, 12mm
Uses: Sheets, halyards

Robline ropes - Admiral Pro, 8,10mm

Admiral Pro is an up-spec'd version of Admiral 1000 featuring Robline's STS (Stronger than Steel) Dyneema core technology. The specialised heat stretch process results in a higher break load and lower elongation making this ideal for more demanding applications such as genoa halyards or runner tails on performance race yachts. The cover offers the same all-round properties as Admiral 1000 meaning this can be used in a range of applications.

Finishing options are the same as for Admiral 1000 including covered eye, stripped length, re-covered with Dyneema and a Flemish eye on the inboard end.

Core: STS/Dyneema
Cover: Polyester/Technora
Available diameters: 8mm, 10mm
Uses: High load halyards and sheets

Robline ropes - Coppa 5000

Another all-rounder, the Coppa 5000 features a Dyneema core with a soft polyester / Technora cover. Polyester which has been specially treated to be soft and grippy makes this best suited to control lines and sheets on sportsboats & dinghies. Works well on winches and in ratchet blocks / cam cleats.

Coppa 5000

Finishing options include a stripped length where the cover is tapered into the core. This reduces weight & friction for control line and sheet ends. Additionally, a singlebraid eye can be added to the stripped core.

Core: Dyneema SK78
Cover: Polyester/soft polyester/Technora
Available diameters: 4mm, 5.5mm, 7mm
Uses: Control lines, dinghy / sportsboat sheets & halyards

Robline ropes - Dinghy Star Pro

A specialist line for halyards on 49er and other high performance dinghy classes. The SK99 core ensures minimal stretch while the high-tech cover blend offers abrasion resistance and grip in cleats. Using Dyneema as a cover material provides excellent abrasion resistance and UV stability but very little in the way of grip. The addition of PBO balances this out perfectly to bring controllability and holding power in cleats.

Finishing options include stripping / tapering the cover with the possibility to add a singlebraid eye.

Core: Dyneema SK99
Cover: PBO/Dyneema
Available diameters: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
Uses: Halyards on high performance dinghies

Robline ropes - Racing Pro

A specialist sheet material for dinghies and sportsboats. This single braid rope features thick twisted yarns of Taslan/polyester/Robtec. The braiding style and fibre mix make for a super soft and grippy rope which is ideal for mainsheets on performance sportsboats and dinghies or other control lines on larger vessels. The soft structure provides good grip in V-cleats as well as cam cleats.

Finishing options include eye splice or whipping.

Material: Taslan/polyester/Robtec
Available diameters: 7mm, 9mm
Uses: Sportsboat / dinghy sheets, control lines

Robline ropes - Sirius 500

An all-round cruising rope which does the job without breaking the bank. Polyester offers the best balance of cost vs performance and can be used as an affordable core material or as a cover material with good all-round grip and UV stability. This entry level line features double braid polyester (core and cover) and can be used for sheets and halyards on cruising boats where stretch is less of a consideration.

Finishing options include a covered eye splice, whipping and Flemish eye.

Core: Polyester
Cover: Polyester
Available diameters: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm
Uses: Sheets, halyards, control lines

Robline ropes - Sirius 1000

Closing the gap between cruise and performance. The Sirius 1000 achieves reduced stretch and higher break load than a polyester cored rope while keeping cost down. This is thanks to its low stretch Robtec/XLF (polypropylene) core with affordable polyester cover. For long distance or performance cruising this rope is a fantastic option.

Finishing options include covered eye, whipping and Flemish eye.

Core: Robtec/XLF
Cover: Polyester
Available diameters: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Uses: Sheets, halyards, control lines

Robline Ropes

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