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China Coast Regatta 2022: Lost in Translation

by Guy Nowell 12 Oct 2022 20:55 PDT 134-16 October 2022
China Coast Regatta: the Criminal Operation © RHKYC / Guy Nowell

There’s really no reason to hit ‘Translate’ when there’s an RHKYC press release on FB. After all, it is produced in both English and Chinese by the ever-efficient PR and Media people at Kellett Island. So why did I click today? Search me. But in doing so I uncovered a gem; one that carries some fairly strong lessons about trusting AI translations!

RO Dave Norton is now a criminal mastermind, and (sadly) the Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta has been reduced to a trivial event. Commiserations. Anyone know about Yugenamoto Station? Something the MTR aren't telling us?

Here we go:

The 30th Central Coast Shipyard will be launched on October 14. Distance opening date and the next day, "Central Coast Shipyard" is the first large ship in Hong Kong Yugenamoto Station. Twenty-seven ships dispatched separately TP52 groups, IRC groups 1, 2, 3 groups, and HKPN five groups, and Hong Kong's eastern and southern waters are intense.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Crimea's arrival. The ship's ability to control the Hong Kong midway island base. The three-day operation of the Criminal Operations combined various landmarks as well as the island's surface. The ability to control the fleet completely.

The Central Coast Shipyard was founded by Steve Ellis for three years. The Central Coast Ship Cruise was postponed to the revival festival in eight years due to the "Central Coast Shipyard Shipyard" and thus the new addition replaced the original "Central Coast Cup". The "Central Coast Shipyard" annually ? Northo Seasonal Wind Festival, the most suitable for sailing in October, ? Hope that the trivial event "Raja Muda Sailing Shipyard, the Buddha King Cup, and the Singapore Coast Shipyard merge, become a part of the Australian Sea.

A total of four TP52 type sail ships were added to IRC Zan 0 organization, including the Ker 46 type Zannekin boat.

The IRC- ?1 pair of ships have several new underwater performance sail ships set off, including last year's assembly champion Andrew Taylor, with Hong Kong's latest Cape 31 "Capitano" boat, plus Glenn Smith's Grand Soleil 44 "Wild Card" boat, Li Hui-min's new boat - the all-round Neo Roma 430 "Next boat" and the newly purchased Mat 1245 "Arcturus + Iron" from Hong Kong, I believe there will be the best boat.

IRC "Two groups of each unit" can't be overlooked. Last year's separate forces, including "Nightshift" by Stephen Jones and James Verner, "Rampage" by Liu Yang, "Jinn" by Nicholas Cohen-Addad, "Juggerknot" by Carey Jack and "Victoria" by Carl Law. IRC ??3 teams are having a fierce competition this year, with the challenge of the first female player ?Tezhang Miho's "Dexter II" and Nick Southward's J/109-type "Admiralty Harbour Whiskey Jack" and Andrew Pidden's "Juice Jack".

HKPN Group refined on Friday, three locally-known sailing vessels including three ships "Carbon 3," "Blowers Daughter," "Jibulai," and "Lisa Elaine," added to the weekend trivia. No matter the size of the ship, hope all players enjoy the amazing comparison of the seven.

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