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Cyclops 2022 May LEADERBOARD

2022 Wetsuit Outlet UK Moth Class Nationals at the WPNSA - Day 2

by Mark Jardine for IMCAUK 10 Jun 14:58 PDT 9-12 June 2022

There's an old phrase that gets wheeled out at major events... "It's not normally like this here," but this week the local sailors at the WPNSA will happily tell you it is normally like this in Portland Harbour. A perfect day of sunshine and 18 knot winds powered the foiling Moth fleet to complete four more races.

Race Officer David Campbell-James decided against sending the fleet out into Weymouth Bay as the four races in a day, two lap format was proving popular with the fleet, even if the leaders were getting round the track in 15 minutes. The event is providing valuable intel ahead of the Moth Worlds in Weymouth next year, where David will have to manage a far larger fleet and the possibility of flights being needed to avoid having too many boats on the course at the same time.

Dylan Fletcher continues to lead, but by no means did he have it all his own way, recording a win and three second places. His race win would have been a second if Brad Funk had come to the competitor briefing and seen that the racecourse was changed to a windward gate, from the windward mark and spreader mark from day one of the event. A costly mistake, but it didn't stop him smiling.

Dylan reflected on his day, rueing his missed chances to take race wins: "I had two battles with Simon (Hiscocks) and two battles with Brad (Funk) today. It was a bit annoying to be honest as I was very close to winning all of them. I made a few too many mistakes which ultimately cost me winning a couple of races, but I feel like I'm sailing quite conservatively and consistently, which is hopefully going to work, but there's so many discards with a 16 race series, that it might not be the case."

Visually the Aerocet Moth that Dylan is sailing is very different from the Bieker Moth that Simon Hiscocks and Brad Funk are sailing. Dylan is enthusiastic about the Aerocet's future:

"It's a testament to the class to see the evolution in design. The Bieker took three years to win its first Worlds, which shows it takes a long time to find the pace of a new boat. I think with the Aerocet it's incredible to be going this fast in production boat number one. Long term I think we're going to find more and more pace - there are so many tweaks that we can do."

With the speeds already shown, it seems incredible that this is just the beginning of the production Aerocet story and so much more is yet to come...

Amongst the sailors getting to grips with a new boat is past Moth European Champion David Hivey, sailing his new Xploder Moth. Each design has its own characteristics, and often needs a bit of getting used to, and the odd modification, to get the best out of the boat:

"I haven't had the boat that long and I've been struggling a bit downwind. Upwind I've been nice and fast, touching 20 knots at times while sailing a high angle. I've played around with the settings, foiling a lot higher today, putting my bow down more and changing my angle of attack a bit which has made a real difference. I also sailed digitally today, putting my Sailmon on and sailing by the numbers, which I don't usually like, but it seemed to help."

It isn't just boat speed which can cause difficulties when moving to a new design. The deck layout can be very different, as David is finding with his new steed:

"I'm finding this one harder to tack and gybe than what I'm used to, because the deck is really smooth. Transitioning across is really hard as there's no fixed place to put your feet all the time. I'm now grabbing the toe strap through the tack to make it the same every single time. Each boat requires a different technique."

Jason Belben is also having moments of brilliance and moments where it isn't clicking, sailing a prototype version of the Aerocet:

"I'm getting to grips with the boat to be honest as it's the first regatta I've done in the P2 Aerocet, I'm slowly getting to grips with how it works. As all the races today were very similar I was trying different things, and towards the end I found out what worked, knocking in a third in race 7."

Jason has seen it all in the Moths, having been around the class since the lowriding days:

"I'm actually finding it easier to sail, especially in lowriding mode as it's wider, and because it's lower it's easier to get into, so waterstarting is a lot easier. The production Aerocet has a bit more volume in the back of the hull, so it does look more like a Magnum design from the 80s or 90s to be honest!"

Amongst the female sailors, Josie Gliddon is leading in 21st place overall with Emily Nagel just 20 points behind in 25th. At 52kg, Josie is proving that size is no barrier to competing in the class. For years she's been asking where the other female competitors are; she's convinced if more joined in then the standard would only improve. The enjoyment is second to none, and lining up on the start line with the likes of Tom Slingsby, Paul Goodison and Checco Bruni is an experience which is unrivalled.

Emily Nagel wholeheartedly agrees with Josie and is enjoying their on the water rivalry:

"I'm faster upwind and she's faster downwind, so there's a lot of back and forth. If you're thinking about foiling then 100% just do it. It's one of those things where yes, women are typically smaller, but Josie and I have both shown that we're in the mix, early to mid-20s position-wise, which is competitive in a fleet of 50. We're both sailing with full rigs, the same kit as the guys - there's no reason not to do it! Obviously weight is a huge advantage, but if you sail the boat smart, and set up for your size, you can still get around the course fast."

On the event so far, Emily said: "It's been absolute glamour. Weymouth's my home club now and I just love being down here and racing in this venue. Great water and good breeze!"

Simon Hiscocks continued his good form of 2022, knocking in a bullet in race 6 and the final race of the day, just as he did on day one. He's moved up to second on the leaderboard, and when asked about his spectacular performances at the end of each day, as everyone else seemed to be tiring, he just replied, "Witness the fitness!"

Saturday's forecast is looking superb again with sunshine and maybe a bit more breeze in the gusts. There may well be some tired sailors, but they're all grinning from ear to ear.

IMCA UK would like to say a massive thank-you to the event sponsors, who have been very supportive to the Moth class, especially during the challenging times over the last 2 years:

  • Wetsuit Outlet - Wetsuit Outlet is Europe's largest technical watersports clothing and equipment retailer. Priding themselves on friendly, expert customer service, Wetsuit Outlet stock a huge range of the top watersport brands including Zhik, Gill, Musto, Sail Racing, Gul and more.
  • Optimum Time - Optimum Time, design and build timing devices that are precise, practical, and robust enough to perform in the competitive sailing environment. Pioneers of the game-changing sync function, their 'big yellow timer' is the badge to wear out on the water.
  • Lennon Sails - Lennon sails have been at the forefront of Moth sailing since its formation in 2014. Winning multiple World, European and National titles. Working with cutting edge design tools the latest materials and some of the best sailors on planet. Lennon Moth sails are made to fit any moth design - Mike lennon is at many events and happy to discuss moth developments any time!
  • Blueteq - Blueteq develops bespoke software for the NHS as well as many private healthcare providers. Its systems are used in every NHS Hospital Trust in England and Wales as well as 75% of the Commissioner Organisations which includes National systems for NHS England. Blueteq is proud to have been involved with the class over so many years, providing the membership and entry systems as well as financial support.
  • Maguire Boats - Builders of the Exocet Moth, Simon and the team are in the process of producing the Aerocet. Dylan Fletcher says of the Aerocet "Its exciting to get the first production Aerocet racing, Simon and the team at Maguire boats have put in a huge amount of time developing this concept alongside Kevin Ellway. P1 has racked up over 7500kms of sailing since it first hit the water, testing every last detail. The goal every year is to win the worlds, the nationals will be a great shakedown for the boat as I start to find the potential within the boat."
  • Allen - UK manufactures of performance sailing hardware. The Allen design team works closely with many of the World's best Moth sailors and builders to design, create and produce race winning hardware that meet the demands of the International Moth Class.
  • Shock Sailing - Shock Sailing is located in the heart of the Osprey Quay development adjacent to the National Sailing Academy. Specializing in high performance sailboats, the Moth Class is in our dna. We have an extensive range of parts and accessories.
  • Mainbrace Rum - Born in Cornwall, Sourced in the Caribbean.

The class encourages Moth sailors to support our sponsors wherever possible, since they are so good at supporting us.

For all UK Moth class event updates and news on how to enter, follow us on our FB events page at or on our UK class website at

Results after Day 2:

PosNatSail NoHelmClubManufacturerModelYear
1GBR10Dylan FletcherWPNSAMaguireAerocet2022211‑3122211
2GBR4772Simon HiscocksWPNSA/PMSMackayBieker2019332131‑6114
3NOR4882Nicolai JacobsenRoyal Hong Kong YCMackay BoatsBieker20224544235‑827
4GBR4546Alex AdamsWPNSAAardvarkRocket SSD20185855554‑937
5AUS4771Max GodfroyRoyal Freshwater Bay YCMackayBieker20216767‑32413447
6GBR4635Jack WetherellWPNSAAardvarkR220199‑15896911557
7GBR4676Henry WetherellWPNSAMaguireExocet2019‑12671210118660
8GBR4826Eddie BridleBrightlingsea SCWhite FormulaThinair202189‑16134891061
9GBR4823Bradley FunkWPNSAMackayBeiker20201232(NSC)DNC1363
10GBR4906Kyle StonehamWPNSAMaguire BoatsAerocet P12022‑15129687151269
11GBR4894Mike LennonHayling Island SCExploderExploder2022‑1713131171071677
12GBR5061David HiveyWPNSAOvingtonExploder202211111015(UFD)6171181
13GBR4637Paul GliddonNetley SCMaguireExocet20181010111413‑15101583
14GBR4838Jason BelbenStokes Bay SCMaguireAerocet P2202213201410‑291331386
15GBR4548James GrayStokes Bay SCAardvark TechnologiesRocket SSD201874128(DNC)DNC127101
16GBR4839Christian HamiltonNetley SCMaguireExocet2021161415‑1712141614101
17GBR4869Ben CleggBrightlingsea SCGraham EelesVolant20211440171691214(DNC)122
18GBR4874Ed RedfearnBristolWhite FormulaThinair V22022‑1916181918181817124
19GBR4525Gareth DaviesBlackwater SCMaguireExocet20191817192115‑252118129
20GBR4673David JessopHayling Island SCMaguireExocet2019201821181617‑2520130
21GBR4522Josie GliddonNetley SCExocetExocet2017‑3122252317262221156
22GBR4780James PhareQueen Mary SCLennonThinair202030212022‑33193025167
23GBR4589Adam GoldingHayling Island SCMaguireExocet20182128292425(DNC)2322172
24GBR4765Jeremy HartleyStokes Bay SCMaguireExo20202327‑282527202628176
25GBR4483Emily NagelWPNSARocketRocket2016242430‑3222212827176
26GBR4808Sam CurtisBSCWhite FormulaThinair V2202035‑36232614312930188
27GBR4715Rhos HawesWPNSA/PMSRocketRocket201926(RET)DNCDNC11161919193
28GBR3169Brad GibsonMYAGibsonBG ‑ Bladerider2021/
29GBR4048Joe AdamsOxford SCMaguireExocet20132930‑323021272732196
30GBR4036Paul MyerscoughDerwent Reservoir SCMaguireExocet2014‑3725243435322426200
31GBR4721Andrew JarvisOxford SCWhite FormulaThinair20192219222019(DNS)DNSDNC204
32GBR4852Chris WhiteRestronguet SCWhite ‑ AardvarkChocket R2202133232731(DNC)303823205
33GBR4590Chris JeevesBraass-
34GBR4817Philip ReesMumbles YCMaguireExocet2019‑3929363336363131232
35GBR4479Adrian CoatsworthRYAAdrian CoatsworthHascot Mk12015‑4134343531233938234
36GBR4705Alex BaroneCardiff University SCAardvark BoatsRocket SSD R220163226262823(DNC)DNSDNC237
37GBR4764David SmithwhiteHayling Island SCMaguireExocet202025(DNC)DNCDNC282220DNC248
38GBR45Paul BeardQueen Mary SCMaguireExocet2017383337(DNC)303334DNC256
39GBR4545James SainsburyRutland SCMeValkyrie20183641(DNC)DNCDNS243324260
40GBR4758Eddie GatehouseHayling Island SCMaguire BoatsExocet2020‑4437393939383735264
41GBR4669Steve McLeanHayling Island SCMaguireExocet2019‑4538413838394436274
42GBR4492Nic StreatfeildRutland SCMaguireExocet2016343131(DNC)26DNCDNSDNC275
43GBR4779Orkun SoyerDraycote SCShock SailingShock202040‑43383742374140275
44GBR4361Donald SmithAberdeen & Stonehaven YCMach 22.32016‑4242423637404237276
45GBR3730Jonathan PeatsCastle Cove SCMach 2Mach22011‑4339404041424339284
46GBR4208Tom LambertWilsonian SCAardvarkRocket SSD201446(DNC)DNCDNC34343534285
47GBR4096Tim FreemanWarsash SCMaguireExocet20134744(DNC)DNC40414542310
48GBR4534Graham Bridle    (DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNC354041320
49GBR3959Kay MyerscoughDerwent Reservoir SCMcConaghyMach2201348454341(DNC)DNCDNSDNC330
50GBR4778Rachael JenkinsBowmoor SCShockChock2020(DNC)DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC357

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